Chen Qi looked at the little wolf cub, which was not as big as his palm. Then he looked at the huge giant wolf corpse beside him. What exactly does this creature eat to grow so big?

Aze carefully picked up the wolf pup and handed it to Chen Qi. "it can't live here. let's take it with us."

The little wolf cub was too small. Chen Qi was a little overwhelmed with this fragile life, for fear that he would kill the other party with too much strength.

Aze gave the giant wolf cub to Chen Qi and then sped away from the tall grass. Aze ran very fast this time. Chen Qi was worried that the little wolf cub would be blown away by the wind and could only be carefully gathered in his arms.

The little wolf pup was very quiet. His big round eyes stared at Chen Qi for a moment. He probably felt the smell of his mother getting farther and farther away. He sobbed mournfully and put his head into Chen Qi's palm as if seeking comfort.

Aze ran for a long time, and it was not until late afternoon that he found a tall acacia tree and stopped. He chose it because there was a small group of milu deer on the way to have a rest nearby. Judging from the leisurely manner of the elk herd, there should be no predators nearby, and one elk can be directly hunted for dinner.

Aze carried Chen Qi to the highest crown of the acacia tree before lowering the other party. Chen Qi came down from Aze's back and asked with a little worry: "Aze, is this little thing not going to live? It hasn't opened its eyes since just now." If it weren't for the soft and warm temperature of the pup, Chen Qi doubted whether it was dead.

Aze reached out his finger and poked at the head of the pup. The pup did not open his head slightly. small tongue, who was pink and tender, licked his insurrection finger on its head. When he found that he could not eat it, he snorted discontentedly.

"Don't worry, the cub of Giant Wolf God is not so fragile. It should just be hungry."Aze comforted that the two had driven most of the way and had not known how long the pups had not eaten before. "Chen Qi, bring out a milk fruit."

Chen Qi put down his heart and handed the pup to Aze. He quickly dug out a milk fruit from his backpack and opened a hole with a sword-horn knife. He looked at the milk fruit and then at the size of the pup. The milk fruit was bigger than the pup's head and looked at Aze with a little embarrassment. "How do you feed it?"

Aze looked at the bewildered Chen Qi with a little novelty and amusement. Since he met Chen Qi, Chen Qi has always given people a feeling of knowing everything with ease.

"I'll do it." Aze stretched out his hand to take the milk fruit, then picked off a young leaf of the acacia tree, poured a little milky milk fruit liquid onto the leaf and gathered it to the wolf cub. Perhaps it was because of the smell of milk. The pup, who had been still pretending to be dead, raised his head slightly, stirred up his nose twice, sniffed it, and held out small tongue to lick it. At the entrance of the food, the pup's movements suddenly became urgent, almost biting off the leaves. Unfortunately, the pup's deciduous teeth had just emerged with a sharp tooth tip and had little strength. He could only lick it with his tongue outstretched, hoping to eat more delicious milk.

Aze patiently fed the pups little by little. After all, the pups were too small to eat fast even if they were very eager. Aze was afraid that the pups would hold on and did not dare to feed too much at one time. He probably stopped feeding after feeding half of the pups. Feeling that there was no delicious food in front of him, the wolf whelp grunted discontentedly and opened his eyes slightly. he found that his eyes were indeed empty. water vapor slowly closed after turning around in his beautiful big eyes and continued to remain motionless in Aze's palm.

Aze returned the pup to Chen Qi. "It's getting dark, I'll go hunting first."

Chen Qi carefully took the pup over and told him, "Be careful."

Aze nodded and took out two ghost needle flowers from his backpack. He went to the tree and sprinkled the crushed flower juice around the acacia tree. The flower juice of the ghost needle flower not only repels mosquitoes but also covers up the smell.

Aze's target is the nearby herd of milu deer. His speed is fast and he approaches quietly. He hides for a while. He stares at a young adult milu deer and saves it directly. His left hand presses one antler, his right hand is spread out with five fingers. His sharp fingernails grow rapidly and are deeply inserted into the milu deer's tender neck. Before the blood can come out, the milu deer falls to the ground after struggling for a few times. The other milu deer had already spread their feet and run away at the moment they saw Aze rush out. They stopped slowly until they did not feel the danger and continued to gather together and eat dinner leisurely with their heads bowed. It seemed that nothing had happened just now.

Due to the addition of a fragile cub, Chen Qi was not in the mood to continue to wander on the plain. Their backpacks were already full of things, so he discussed with Aze to go home early. Aze naturally had no objection to Chen Qi's remarks, and set off the next morning after a hasty breakfast.

Aze is very familiar with potatoes and sweet potatoes. His eyes are sharp. Even if the roots of these two plants are withered and yellow, they can still be accurately identified in a pile of weeds. On the road, the two men harvested dozens of potatoes and sweet potatoes. Aze wrapped them in animal skins and held them in his hand.

Two days ago, they were delayed in their journey to find something. In addition, they needed to stop from time to time to feed the cubs with milk. Even though Aze was very fast, the rest of the journey still took two and a half days to get home.

When they came back, it was just noon. Chen Qi first went back to the room to find a piece of soft hide and spread it into a pottery dish. He built a humble nest for the pups. The spirit of the pups was obviously much better than before. He looked at everything around him with beautiful golden eyes and was full of curiosity.

In the corner of the room were two big bags of salt stones, the two bags Chen Qi asked Azhang to help them to move back. The two shelves next door to the door that aired the cured meat were also strung with meat. They looked like rabbit meat, and there were also several birds. They all went to their heads and their paws were all strung on wooden shelves with ropes. They looked like they had been pickled for several days. Two white ones looked like they had just been pickled in the past two days.

Chen Qi knew without guessing that Ka Luo and his wife must have done this. He hoped Ka Luo would bring back the prey caught by the traps so as not to waste it. Unexpectedly, the other party directly helped him to kill the pickled food.

Chen Qi made a simple potato stir-fried meat for lunch. After the two of them simply finished eating, Chen Qi fed the pup half a milk fruit and went out to inspect the newly built house.

After a few days, the glue on the wall had dried out. Chen Qi knocked on the joint and made a dull noise. He turned around the house for several times. The more he looked at it, the more satisfied he was. The new house was completed when the roof and windows were laid.

"Hey, are you back?"

Aze has just checked around and has not been at home for several days. He wants to make sure that there are any predators who don't know enough to set up territory here. Although most animals have already started to migrate, Aze still dare not be careless. Just after the inspection, Ake was seen carrying a large backpack in front of his house.

"Why are you here at this time?" Aze asked doubtfully.

Ake rolled his eyes. "Uncle Azhang and his family came back yesterday. They didn't see you when they came to collect their prey last night. Ka Luo was worried and asked me to stop by when I finished hunting today."

Aze nodded apologetically, "It took a little time to find food on the way, so I came back late."

Ake was clear and asked curiously, "Have you found anything to eat?" He is out hunting now. He wants to dig back the roots of all green plants and ask Chen Qi if he can eat them. Fortunately, he knows that even if some plants are not poisonous, they can't eat them casually. He refrains from doing so, and only those that have been confirmed and eaten will be dug back. These days, he dug a large backpack for potatoes and sweet potatoes alone, but the food they made was not as delicious as Chen Qi's.

"Ake, there you are." Chen Qi came up smiling, "I plan to pave the roof and floor for a while. Are you free for a while?" Winter is coming, hurry up and fix the house, and find time to go into the forest to see. They still have too little food to store.

"Yes, I'll go back to the tribe and tell Ka Luo before I come back."

"Well, then please."

When Ake came back, he was accompanied by Ka Luo, Azhang and Ali. Several people were all helping to build the house. Chen Qi's house was very different from their tribe's. It was tall, big, bright and of strange construction. Several people wanted to see what Chen Qi's house looked like when it was finally built. They all came when they heard that Chen Qi wanted to build a roof.

"Elder brother, why do you have giant wolf cubs here?" As soon as Ka Luo entered the door, he saw the white wolf cubs sleeping soundly in the pottery pan by the fire. his eyes looked incredulously between the two. did they not go to the lion wolf tribal assembly? Don't also turn into the forest to steal a giant Wolf god cub back?

Aze was choked by his brother's incredible sight and explained to several people what happened to the giant wolf god. After listening to several people's expressions became dignified.

"It was very strange to hear that the people of the Flame Hill tribe were attacked by hyenas on the plain before. Now there is still the body of the giant wolf god. What is the problem estimated in Loya forest? You all try to store more food this winter." Azhang looked at Aze with a solemn face and said irrefutably, "This year's situation is too abnormal. Hyenas began to appear on the plain before winter. You should not go hunting dolphins and dragons in the forest alone in the early winter. Most of the people left in the tribe are familiar to you now. It is better for you to take care of them with us this time."

Aze moved his lips and looked at Chen Qi beside him. He finally nodded, "Good."

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