Beasts have built houses before. All the materials were ready when the outer wall was built. Now it is only necessary to build the stone slab directly. The stone slab is very large and it doesn't take much time to lay the roof and floor. Under the command of Chen Qi, several people worked together to get it all ready by evening.

While it was still early, Azhang took Aze and Ake to hunt near Chishui River. This time was the peak time for the migrating army to cross the river. Although there were many prey, hunting became more troublesome than usual. Almost all the migration troops move according to ethnic groups, and even cheetahs, which are almost unique predators, start to form teams. Alone prey is not only the target of the Beastmen, but also the target of these groups of predators that migrate closely behind herbivores. After all, for tens of thousands of migrating troops of the same race, even strong as Beastmen females can only avoid their sharpness.

Of course, as long as the method is proper, it is not difficult for the beast people to hunt prey from the migrating army crossing the river. Aze carried back two warthog and a calf before the sun set. Chishui River is almost occupied by the numerous troops crossing the river. Aze can no longer deal with its prey by the river, but can only go home with water.

In order not to make the entrance of the house smell like animals, Chen Qi laid two stone slabs in the place where he often dealt with the prey, dug a small ditch to lead to the ditch not far behind the house, and in order to prevent blood from seeping directly into the mud at the entrance, he also built the small ditch again with glue and fruit mud.

Aze has long learned how to marinate meat. Chen Qi, who started to deal with prey from Aze today, did not gather together to help. He was holding a locust dragon's eye shell to study how to get the windows of the house.

Aze watched Chen Qi's movements while dealing with his prey. He saw Chen Qi frown and meditate for a while, then he pounded with several boards, then glued the melted jelly onto the boards, then he ran to the next new house with the transparent eye shell of locust dragon for comparison. Aze couldn't understand why Chen Qi did this, but looking at Chen Qi who was busy around him, his heart was calm.

Because Chen Qi has been tinkering with the windows, Aze cooked the dinner and Aze did not stir-fry, so he made a plate of bone broth and half a roasted antelope. After eating half a milky fruit, the pup went to his own nest and fell asleep. He was quiet and clever.

"Chen Qi, let's have something to eat first." Aze cried Chen Qi, who was seriously drawing something with a stone slab and charcoal.

Chen Qi stopped his movements and wiped his hands with a rag. He took the bone soup that Aze handed him and the roast meat that had been cut. Chen Qi took a sip of bone soup and praised it as "delicious."

Aze's good-looking thin lips slightly tilted. He likes to hear Chen Qi habitually praise delicious words every time he eats what he cooks. "Eat more if you like." Aze said that the newly cut roast meat was put into Chen Qi's bowl, which was already filled to overflowing.

"You too."


"Aze, help me make a window frame after eating."

Aze did not know what the window frame looked like, but he habitually agreed to Chen Qi's request first, "okay."

It is not difficult to do with Aze's hands-on framework. Chen Qi was eager to see the results when he thought about the plan, so he first found a window to do the experiment.

After all, the eye shell of Locust dragon is not square. Chen Qi built the wood board with glue fruit sediment to the left window wall. When the glue fruit dries, one side of the eye shell is embedded with a wood board with a cut specially made in the middle. After all, there is no steel. Chen Qi, the connecting piece for fixing the window, carved a substitute with wood. Only four small things took Chen Qi most of the time.

The four connectors were glued to the locust dragon's eye shell and window wall with melted glue. They were left to dry overnight. Chen Qi got up early in the morning the next day to check the dryness of the glue. When he saw it was strong enough, he pulled Aze together to install the window first.

After all, it is a simple thing to make, and the sealing is naturally not very good. Moreover, it is a screw replaced by wood, and there will be a sound of friction between the opening and closing of the window. However, Chen Qi is very satisfied with this simple window. When it is cold in winter, as long as the windows are sealed with animal skins, it will not be afraid of wind pouring in and will not affect the lighting.

When Azhang came, what he saw was Chen Qi, who had just finished finishing the window and was excitedly running inside and outside. What do you think of his satisfaction?

"Is this the window?" A few people gathered together to look at the transparent eye shell embedded in the wall. why didn't they ever think of making windows with locust dragon's eyes? In this way, even if you don't light a fire during the day, the house will be bright.

Chen Qi nodded and opened and closed the window several times to show several people how to use the window. Several Beastmen were very curious and pestered Chen Qi to install the remaining windows.

With the help of several people and the experience of making a window, the rest of the window did not take much time to make, but it took a while for the newly installed window frame to dry to a certain extent, otherwise even the locust dragon's eye shell could not bear its weight.

Waiting for the jelly to dry out, the three men responsible for hunting continued to hunt. Ka Luo took the initiative to feed the pups. When Chen Qi came back, he made a Xiao Mu dish out of wood for the pups. As long as the jelly was put into the Xiao Mu dish and put to the pups' lips, the pups would lick the milk inside very quietly.

"Chen Qi, you don't have much milk in your family. You'd better let Aze go to the forest to pick some before winter comes, or this young cub will have no food after winter."As soon as he had time, Ali took a cocoon of wool and sat on one side weaving. When he saw Ka Luo teasing the wolf cub, Ali began to warn him.

Chen Qi nodded. There are not many dairy fruits in the house. Even if the pups can only eat half a meal, they will not be able to eat for several days. "The house is almost built. I plan to go to the forest periphery with Aze tomorrow."

"Are you going too?" Hearing this, Ali raised his head in surprise. Ka Luo was giving the wolf cub a pat on the hand.

"We are only on the outside, not deep inside." Looking at the expressions of disapproval, Chen Qi explained.

"Even the periphery is dangerous. You must not leave my brother if you want to go." Although Ka Luo did not agree with it, he did not stop it. Instead, he repeatedly told Chen Qi about the possible dangers in the forest.

Almost in the evening, Chen Qi saw that the jelly was almost dry and took several people to install the window. After everything is done, I feel that the whole house has changed a lot. Ka Luo ran in and out excitedly. He was so fond of this tall, big and bright house that he almost cried out that he was going to have one.

"If you like, you can build one next summer." Chen Qi said.

"Can't we get up in winter?" Ka Luo was really glad and wished he could have a similar building now, but he also knew that winter would come in a few days. This was the busiest time for hunting, and naturally he would not commit tomfoolery at this time. But when winter begins, the Beastmen will be free.

"The land is frozen in winter, it is not good to dig the foundation. And you can also see if my house can survive the winter. If it can't, you won't be white."

After listening to Chen Qi's explanation, Ka Luo did not struggle.

Azhang thoughtfully turned around the house for a few times and then took the other three back to the tribe. Even if Chen Qi's food was better than theirs, they didn't have much time to stay for dinner at this time. There was still a lot of work to do to store food in the tribe.

Chen Qi carried several bundles of firewood into the new house. A rectangular pit was dug in the hall near the door. The floor was paved with stone slabs and covered with a thick layer of dry river sand. This was used by Chen Qi to keep the fire for barbecue.

Chen Qi lit a small fire with firewood in the pit, and then lit another in the back stove pit. The smoke passed through the fire pit and then through the bamboo chimney to the outside. Soon the slate bed on the fire pit gave out a warm feeling.

Aze looked a bit weak and weary through illness and stood aside to watch Chen Qi busy. Perhaps he was the only one who had no reaction after the new house was built. Even though the two houses were a few steps apart, he still felt bored.

"Aze, which of these two rooms do you like?" Chen Qi lit the fire and began to walk in the two rooms facing the door. The room had no door. Even standing in the room, he could see the situation clearly.

"Any room is fine." Aze replied a little perfunctorily.

Chen Qi thought for a moment, pointed to the room pointing to Yang and said to Aze, "Then you can stay in this room in the future."

Aze's ears moved, thinking he had misheard, "What did you say?"

Chen Qi remembered that he hadn't told Aze that he wanted the other party to move in since he started building the house. Now he was so hasty that he made a decision to the other party. He was even angry. So he turned his face straight and asked earnestly, "Aze, do you want to move in with me?"

Aze opened and closed his mouth several times and could not say anything. Chen Qi went on to say: "I have thought about this house since the beginning of planning. There are four rooms, one for you, one for me, one for storage and one for washing. I didn't tell you before that I was afraid that it would not make you happy. Now the house has been built and the space is large enough, so I want to ask you, do you want to live with me?"

Aze's heart was choppy. Something was overflowing. He lowered his head to collect the emotion exposed in his eyes. Chen Qi waited patiently for the other party's reply. For a long time, Aze replied in a low voice, "Good."

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