Aze's room had been flooded by the smell of pickled meat for a long time because a lot of pickled meat had been piled up. The new house had been built and Chen Qi could not wait to move out of the room full of meat.

Aze first made the slate bed in Chen Qi's room, then spread two layers of soft skins to make a mattress. Chen Qi began to prepare dinner in his new home.

The two men went out this time and harvested two big bags of potatoes and sweet potatoes, so they did not need to save food. Chen Qi made a very rich first meal in the new house. Steamed a few sweet potatoes as the staple food, made a plate of potato stew, fried a large bowl of shredded potatoes, fried meat, and sweet water of sweet potatoes with milk and fruit. Afraid Aze would not like spicy taste, he cut a bell pepper to carefully remove the seeds inside, and added a little ginger and onion to fry a large plate of pork kidney. Don't say, this delicious meal makes Chen Qi feel like the most decent meal he has ever cooked.

It's a pity that there is no table. A few dishes on the floor always feel a little less homely. Chen Qi thought with some regret.

After dinner, Chen Qi began to make preparations for entering Loya Forest tomorrow. Although it is not very dangerous for Aze to follow him, Chen Qi's cautious character always makes him think the worst first.

Chen Qi hopes that if he can't help Aze in case of danger, at least he can't be a burden to the other party. At present, he can only defend himself with the sword angle knife. Although the sword angle knife is sharp, its attack range is too short. Chen Qi has zero experience in close combat with wild animals, and he doesn't think he can protect himself with such a knife. He needs a weapon that can attack from a long distance. At least if the wild animals are not close to him, his chances of escaping will be higher. And long-range weapons, they can do and can quickly get started, Chen Qi's first thought is bow.

Chen Qi only knew the general pattern of the bow weapon when he saw it on TV and movies, but he was completely unclear about how it was made. However, this did not discourage Chen Qi from making a bow.

Chen Qi found a wooden stick more than one meter long and as wide as an arm. Chen Qi chose it because the material was hard enough not to be afraid that it would break. He asked Aze to help break the stick into two halves, chose the thicker half, drew the approximate shape of the bow on it with charcoal, and then asked Aze to cut out the prototype of the bow according to the drawn shape while directing.

The bowstring Chen used is a string of whiskers, which is a little elastic and hard enough. Chen Qi made a slightly thicker rope to tie it to both sides of the bow, and cut several shallow scratches on both sides with a knife, enough to fix the rope. Then I found a long wooden stick, drew the bow into a certain radian, and stuck the long wooden stick in the middle to fix the shape.

After the prototype of the wooden bow was completed, Aze went to nurse the young wolf cub who had just woken up. The young wolf cub did not know whether it was too small or not, so he went to sleep after eating and snorted what he wanted to eat after waking up.

Chen Qi is cutting arrows. There is no metal here, and one night is not enough to polish stones or animal bones to make arrows. Chen Qi does not stir up trouble either. Instead, he uses a wooden stick to make do with the shape of arrows. The arrow feathers are made of bird feathers that were previously hunted back. The feathers are glued to the tail of the arrow with melted jelly. He is afraid that the glue is not firm, and he has tied them again with thread after thread. Chen Qi made two kinds of arrow feathers, two and three. The two feathers are fast, but the timing is unstable. The three feathers are slower, but the timing is more stable, which is also conducive to hitting the target.

"Aze, we are not here tomorrow, what about this little wolf cub? Let it be at home alone?"Chen Qi put aside the arrows glued with the arrow feathers and asked.

Aze washed the baby wolf's Xiao Mu dish after eating the milk fruit with water. "Take it to the tribe tomorrow and let Ka Luo take care of it. It's too small to leave it at home."

Chen Qi found that Aze's facial expression was especially gentle and his movements were much more detailed than usual when he was facing the pup. The pup immediately took out milk and fed it with two grunts. "It seems that you like the pup very much."

Aze paused as he held the wolf cub back in his hide nest.

The next morning Chen Qi went to check the bending of the wooden bow. It was only a night's work and the effect was not very satisfactory. Chen Qi found an unused hide and hung it on the fig tree outside the house. He tied the bowstring to it and pulled out a three-feather arrow to try. The first arrow missed the target.

Chen Qi coughed a little awkwardly and secretly looked at Aze's expression next to him. He found that the other party had not changed much from what he had just seen. He still watched intently as he bent his bow and took an arrow.

Beastmen who have never seen bows and arrows naturally do not understand the embarrassment of missing the target when they are full of confidence. Chen Qi withdrew his mind, drew out the second arrow, and the arrow flew over. This time, he was firmly on the edge of the hide. Chen Qi, who did not expect the second arrow to hit, happily handed the wooden bow to Aze. "Aze, you can also try it."

Aze has already known about the use of wooden bow after seeing it twice. "Is it to shoot the hide?"

Chen Qi nodded, "It's best to hit the hide center."

Aze did not understand the difference between two and three arrows. He casually picked up the nearest two arrows. He bent his bow to build an arrow. The arrow flew out and plunged firmly into the hide, hitting the middle of the hide. Chen Qi was surprised to see the quivering arrow at the end of the arrow. He went over to check it and found that the arrow had broken the bark and plunged into the wood.

"Maybe you are more suitable for this bow than I am." Chen Qi said in a somewhat complicated mood. In the future, we may be able to make a wooden bow well. If we can hunt with a bow, we can also greatly reduce Aze's burden.

After breakfast, the two took the pups to Ka Luo's house and set off for the forest. Loya Forest is not far from Yanshan Tribe. It will only take half a day at the speed of a female. Aze does not plan to spend the night outside. He will go home after picking up all the skins and backpacks of the two men. As long as Chen Qi takes himself to know the plants that need to be picked, he can often go into the forest to look for them later.

Loya forest is very different from the plants in Dora plain. Most of the plants in Dora plain have withered early, but the forest is almost large green, and some trees with withered and yellow leaves are also covered with numerous fruits, which surprised Chen Qi.

Aze checked the surrounding conditions before putting Chen Qi down. the trees here are not as tall as those on the plain. they are more like the small trees in the park beside Chen Qi's former neighborhood, but there are some differences between the plant species and his own understanding. Chen Qi looked at the one-man tall tree with clusters of grapes on it, much like those Ake picked back before.

Chen Qi did not dispute whether the grape was a vine or not. After confirming that the fruit was indeed a grape, he promptly took off all the fruits from the vine and filled up half of the backpack instantly. Chen Qi took off one and wiped it with his sleeve and stuffed it into Aze's mouth. He ate one himself. It was a little sweet and a little sour. I don't know if it can be used to make fruit wine. I don't know what happened to the lactulose that Chen Qi found before he remembered the fruit wine. I have been busy recently and forgot its existence. I have to go back and see it this time.

"We can find some of everything instead of picking so many at once." Aze took over the backpack stuffed with more than half a bag of grapes and warned. Grapes can be picked in the forest by themselves at ordinary times.

Chen Qi secretly vomited his tongue. He was so excited to see the trees bearing so many fruits for the first time that he almost forgot that the main purpose of entering the forest this time was to pick milk fruits for young wolves and find other plants that can cook.

The forest is indeed a treasure. Chen Qi found many kinds of wild fruits only a short distance away. He also found several wild cabbages. Cabbages are very big. Chen Qi cut them all off directly and tied them with ropes for Aze to carry. He hasn't eaten vegetables for too long. Besides, cabbages can be stored for a long time and pickled if they can't be eaten. Chen Qi doesn't want to miss them.

"Chen Qi, do you need this kind of rice berry?" Aze asked, pointing to a fruit tree that looked a bit like a coconut tree, covered with green fruits the size of a basketball.

Chen Qi's ears moved. The names of plants and animals here are mostly the same as those originally existing in Chen Qi's original world. If a fruit has rice characters in it, then even if it is different from rice in appearance, it at least shows that it is the same thing. Chen Qi leaned over and said, "Aze, please pick one for me to see."

Aze picked one and handed it to Chen Qi. Although the shell of the rice berry looks very hard, it was broken with a slight stroke of a sword-horn knife. The inside was white and a bit like rice paste colloid. It felt a little sticky. He put it into his mouth and tried it. It had a little rice fragrance and a little strange taste.

"This kind of rice berry tastes better when cooked. Beastmen children will change into this kind of food when they are about one year old." Aze stopped Chen Qi from trying the taste again.

Chen Qi's eyes brightened and he finally found the staple food." Aze, let's pick some rice berries and go home."

"good." Aze neatly climbed up the tree and picked a few down. They only brought out three skins and backpacks. The rice berries were very big, and just a few packed a backpack.

"I wish I could pack more backpacks." Chen Qi a little disappointed.

"There are still several days to go before winter. I'll pick them again." Aze comforted.

"It's the only way."

While the two were talking, there was a deafening roar not far away, and then a group of Iguanodons were startled to fly. The trees fell to the ground with a loud noise, breaking the peace of the forest.

Aze was relaxed expression sank down, Chen Qi behind him, a pair of eyes staring at the direction of the sound.

Chen Qi felt a sense of crisis in his heart. He took the wooden bow behind his back to his hand and held the arrow firmly in his other hand. He asked anxiously, "What happened?"

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