Ai Li grabbed his partner who wanted to dispose of the carcass of the locust cub and frowned. "The locust cub meat is not delicious. Let's go find some rice berries." He knew that the cub lived with an adult female locust dragon. Although he did not know where the female locust dragon went and left the cub alone, it would be in trouble if the female locust dragon returned at this time.

Aqing was a little puzzled. "Didn't you just say you want to eat locust dragon meat?" Otherwise, why does a face of eager grinding let oneself kill this lone locust dragon cub?

Ai Li picked it from her brow with a little impatience. "I don't want to eat now. I'll go back to the tribe as soon as I finish picking rice berries. I've had enough of this broken forest." Say that finish also regardless of green, simply walked to the forest periphery, before he saw several meters berries over there.

Aqing touched his nose and felt a little helpless towards his suddenly changed partner. However, the meat of the locust dragon was really not delicious. This winter's prey was almost stored, so he didn't care much about the cub of the locust dragon that had been very difficult to hunt. It was the rice berries his son wanted to eat that was more important. He was also worried that Ai Li would have an accident if he walked alone in front. Aqing hurried after him.


Aze carried his backpack behind him to the front, bent down and said to Chen Qi, "locust dragon is angry. we must leave here at once."

Although Chen Qi did not know what would happen if the docile locust dragon became angry, he did not ask much about Aze's face. He quickly climbed up Aze's back and the two quickly ran to the periphery of the forest.

However, the two men still underestimated the speed of the locust dragon. The sound of the trees collapsing on the other side just now turned into a sound in front of the two, blocking the direction of the two men. Aze looked dignified and did not dare to be careless. He turned around and headed for the depths of the forest, intending to avoid the edge of the locust dragon for the time being.

However, I don't know if the angry locust dragon found two people. The sound of trees collapsing due to impact is getting closer and closer to the two people. Aze dare not make too much noise and can only proceed cautiously.

Chen Qi was a little worried. He looked back at the situation behind him from time to time. Before long, a monster with a body size of more than 3 meters appeared in the line of sight. Six huge eyes had turned into bright blood red. After discovering the Beastmen shuttling back and forth in the jungle, the roar in his throat smelled of bloodthirsty.

"Aze, Locust Dragon has found us." Chen Qi patted Aze on the shoulder and whispered in Aze's ear.

Aze face a fiercely, no longer scruple whether because made too much noise and attract other carnivorous dragon, speed suddenly accelerated a lot, hope to be able to stay away from the locust dragon attack range as soon as possible.

Angry locust dragon has found out how the two people like Aze, roars a straight toward the two people in the past, some trees on the road are not as tall as locust dragon, was instantly broken by locust dragon, these collapsed trees did not become obstacles to the locust dragon.

See locust dragon huge body is about to hit, Aze stretched out his hand and grabbed Chen Qi's arm, a hard, behind Chen Qi to the front, and back in front of the backpack before don't know when to be off, Aze will be full of things backpack to locust dragon's eyes hit, hug Chen Qi made a roll on the ground to avoid the impact, while locust dragon eyes eat pain, when the potential instability in a different direction to escape.

The skin of adult locust dragon is too thick, even the fingernails of the female cannot cause damage to it at one fell swoop, and its impact strength is huge, the twisting force of tentacles can easily crush the Beastmen, besides, Aze has Chen Qi with him, so naturally he will not choose to stop to fight with each other.

The locust dragon, which could not be hit, was obviously more angry. Although it was large in size, it did not turn slowly. Aze had lost sight of the direction and wanted to stay away from this angry locust dragon.

Chen Qi was very nervous. The feeling of danger approaching slowly calmed his mind. Since he fled, he had been looking at the situation around him. "Aze, go that way."

Aze looked in the direction of Chen Qi's finger. It was a small river. There were many such rivers in the forest. Aze ran to the direction of the river without saying anything.

Chen Qi chose this place because he found that the flow of water in the river became more and more rapid as it went forward. He speculated that there should be a cliff or a waterfall with a certain drop in front of it. Although the speed of the locust dragon would not be affected by its huge body, according to this body shape, if it suddenly fell off a high ground, it would be seriously injured. Chen Qi had seen Aze's jumping ability. As long as the front of the river was really a place with a large drop, the two men should be able to escape the puzzling locust dragon chasing behind.

After running along the river for a while, he found a small waterfall. Aze's eyes were delighted and he could escape from Locust dragon Dragons as long as he jumped off the cliff.

The locust dragon chasing behind did not know whether it was the purpose of finding the two men or their patience. Suddenly, tentacles as thick as two arms stretched out from both sides of the corners of the mouth. Originally, they wanted to catch the two Beastmen in scurry off. Seeing that Aze had already started to jump under the waterfall, the locust dragon was furious and changed its grip to patting. The tentacles were severely drawn on Aze's back. The beast's fur was instantly broken. Behind Aze there were two slits in the skin. Aze gasped with pain because of the impact of the slapping. The two men lost their balance in mid-air. Aze could only hold Chen Qi firmly in his arms and protect Chen Qi's head with both hands. When they were about to fall, Aze turned over to protect Chen Qi and crashed into the cold pool under the waterfall.

Although Chen Qi was psychologically prepared, he was choked by a mouthful of water. He felt that he was firmly imprisoned and sank into the water. He looked up and found Aze with his eyes closed. He did not want to surface at all. Chen Qi also smelled a faint scent of blood in the water.

Chen Qi was a little worried. He patted Aze on the arm and motioned for him to let go of himself. However, Aze was unmoved and still firmly locked Chen Qi in his arms. If they went on like this, they would drown without being killed by the locust dragon. Chen Qi's water quality is not very good either. Fortunately, his head is still not confused in this situation. After he calmed down, he pulled out one hand and put his other hand around Aze's waist. His feet kicked hard into the water and slowly went up the water.

After the water came out, Chen Qi felt his chest was going to explode. He came to see Aze with great difficulty. Aze's eyes, which had been closed all the time, had been opened. He looked pale and a little palpitated. Chen Qi was a little worried. He stretched out his hand and patted Aze's arm, which was always behind his head. "Aze, let go."

Aze smell speech relaxed strength.

Chen Qi was able to look up at the waterfall. The locust dragon was no longer visible, but its roar was still nearby. Chen Qi dared not be careless and took Aze to the shore.

Chen Qi always felt that Aze was powerful enough to do everything. He never thought that the other party could not swim. He almost fell into the water and choked several times.

"I'm sorry." I don't know whether it was caused by choking or the wound was soaked for a long time. Aze was very weak and almost ran out of strength to say a word.

Chen Qi rubbed his partner's wet hair and comforted him. Only then did he begin to examine the other's injuries.

As soon as he lifted the fur coat behind Aze, Chen Qi took a gasp. Two deep wounds almost crossed the entire back. The backpack was too heavy and was thrown away by Chen Qi when it fell into the water. Fortunately, he kept the sword-horn knife close to his skin in his coat pocket. Chen used a saber to cut off the skirt of a shirt, dipped some water to clean the wound. There were several willow trees on the bank. Before, people had heard that willow leaves had anti-inflammatory effects. Chen Qi took a handful of willow leaves and stuffed them directly into the mouth to chew. After chewing, he applied them to Aze's wound until the whole back was almost covered with thick willow leaves. Chen Qi stopped and took off the shirt and tore it into cloth strips for bandages.

"Aze, can you go?" Chen Qi asked softly. Aze was very quiet after landing. He heard Chen Qi raise his head slightly and then nodded gently, struggling to get up. In this forest, Chen Qi naturally can't carry an adult on his back like Aze. They can't continue to stay where they are. In case the locust dragon finds a way down the waterfall, the two of them can only explain Aze's current state here.

Chen Qi held Aze, carefully protecting the injured back of the other party and preventing the surrounding weed branches from touching Aze's wound. The two men slowly moved away from the small pool.


The roars of the locust dragon came from a distance. Ai Li, who was far away from the body of the locust dragon cub, became stiff, and Aqing's face became dignified. He carried the backpack full of rice berries to the front. The easy-to-use fur backpack was exchanged with the beasts of the Yanshan tribe at the rally.

"It is estimated that some locust dragons have found the bodies of their cubs and we are leaving." Aqing took over the hide wrapped in Ai Li's hand and crouched down to signal to the other party to lie prone.

Ai Li looked at his partner's nervous face and was a bit dazed. The distant painful memories became fresh again. "That locust cub killed my son."

As soon as the topic started to get easier, Ai Li looked straight into his partner's confused eyes and continued: "I told you that I had a partner before. after the destruction of the tribe, my partner and our son escaped. but when we came to the outer edge of the forest, we met the young locust dragon. the young locust dragon was very recognizable. one of its eyes was light blue. I recognized it at a glance. it ran after my son and then attracted hyenas. the hyenas ate both my partner and son."

Aqing heartache to pull AI Ali has been holding the white cold hand, "adult locust dragon is not easy to deal with, let's go back to the tribe, a few days no son should miss you."

Ai Li looked up at his man with a spoiled face, slightly lowered his eyes, and nodded gently, "hmm."

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