Not far from the pool, the two found a small cave suitable for hiding. The cave was located in a small mountain wall. The entrance was only half the size of a person and could accommodate one person, but the space inside was about 10 square meters. After Chen Qi helped Aze into the cave, he first gathered some soft branches and leaves around him and spread a simple mattress. Then he put some large pieces of cattail leaves on it before Aze lay on it.

Only after walking for such a short distance, Aze's wound oozed a lot of blood. Willow leaves probably have anti-inflammatory effect, but obviously the hemostatic effect is not very good, especially for such a large area of wound.

"I'm fine." Aze raised his head slightly. He spoke slowly but clearly. Now this lying posture makes him unable to see Chen Qi's expression, "this kind of injury will be fine after lying down for a while."

"Mmm." Chen Qi crouched down and patted Aze's hand as a sign of comfort. "Then why don't you lie down and sleep for a while?"

"good." Aze replied and closed his eyes.

Chen Qi gently poked through a wisp of hair with moisture sliding down Aze's forehead and turned and left the cave. He first found some thorny thorns and made some barriers to seal the hole tightly, leaving only a small hole near the mountain wall for ventilation. Then I found some dry branches and lit a small fire in the cave. Fortunately, the lighter Aze was carrying with him had waterproof function. Otherwise, if Chen Qi were to drill wood to get the fire, it would not have started for more than half an hour.

Not far from the river bank, there were many plantains. Chen Qi brought back a handful of them, crushed them with stones, and then replaced the willow leaves to apply to Aze's wound. The shirt bandage was always wet. Chen used fire to dry them before tying them back to Aze. Aze's original fur coat was dried by Chen Qi and then put under Aze to make a mattress. The cave was warmed by the fire, not afraid of being cold.

Aze did not sleep well. Chen Qi opened his eyes a little bit more to make sure Chen Qi was well in front of him and slowly closed his eyes to sleep. Chen Qi is a little helpless, can only put light movements, try not to make a sound.

It was getting dark after one round. Fortunately, Chen Qi found a rice berry and a milky fruit beside the cave. The fruit tree of the rice berry was relatively high. Chen Qi found a long branch and stabbed several times. As a result, the shell of the rice berry was not hard enough, and when it hit the ground, it broke two pieces. The white viscous liquid flowed all over the floor.

Chen Qi was somewhat helpless. He picked up the other two rice berries and milk fruits that had not broken and went back to the cave. It was completely dark. The trees in the middle layer of the forest covered the moonlight. The night insects started an unbridled night carnival.

Chen Qi tidied up the thorny curtain to make sure that the fire would not spread to the outside through the thorns. In such forests, sometimes fire is not a universal weapon to drive away predators, but it will become a bait to attract predators to come and see. Chen Qi is afraid to take risks.

When picking plantain, Chen Qi found a wild ginger. He cut the wild ginger into pieces, poured the rice berries into the water-based fruit shell, mixed the Jiang Mo into the water-based fruit shell, and slowly boiled it in the fire. If only the rice berries were boiled out, the rice paste was too thick. Chen Qi added a little water-based fruit and mixed it together. Soon the cave was filled with a rich rice fragrance. Chen Qi touched a little and tasted it. It was very similar to the rice porridge he had eaten before, except that the rice fragrance was thicker, and after adding the water-based fruit, Chen Qi tasted it.

Chen Qi let the cooked rice paste cool, then slowly fed Aze with a newly-made wooden spoon. Aze ate slowly, but as long as Chen Qi said to let him open his mouth, he would open his mouth, which was very different from the cold and hard image he usually gave people and very clever.

After eating less than half of the rice paste, Aze stopped eating it and turned his head slightly to show his refusal. Chen Qi could only let him continue to lie down and sleep. He ate the rest of the rice paste in a hurry and then cooked another one. He put it by the fire and warmed it slowly, intending to wait for Aze to feel better before feeding it to the other party.

Even though Chen Qi has been paying close attention to Aze's situation, Aze started to burn without warning in the middle of the night. After running around all day, Chen Qi was tired and fell asleep with his eyes closed. In a hazy state, he was woken up by a muffled and uncomfortable hum. He found Aze's face was flushed and reached out and touched each other's forehead. The temperature was surprisingly hot.

"Aze, Aze, what's wrong with you?" Chen Qi called Aze's name softly. Aze frowned miserably and did not respond to Chen Qi's call.

Chen Qi took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He cut off one sleeve of his coat with a sword and used it as a towel to wipe away sweat from Aze's fever.

After finishing it, he quickly made a small torch. He was very glad that they chose to live not far from the river bank. Chen Qi sharpened a wooden stick for self-defense, and took a milk and fruit shell to fetch water from the river bank.

The rest of the night was destined to be a sleepless night. Chen Qi made several trips from the cave to the river bank. Except for a few falls due to rough roads, he did not encounter any predators he could not cope with. As the morning approached, Aze's temperature slowly dropped. Chen started to use cloth strips stained with shea juice to moisten Aze's cracked lips.

Aze slowly opened his eyes. After falling into the pool yesterday, he began to lose consciousness for a period of time. Later, even though his consciousness was clear with his eyes closed, he knew when Chen Qi left the cave and came back, when he changed medicine for himself, when he fed himself with food and water, when he wiped his burning hot body with cold cloth and so on. He wanted to wake up and tell the other party that he was okay, but his eyelids seemed to weigh a thousand pounds. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't open them.

"Are you awake?" Chen Qi's voice was a bit hoarse because he didn't have a good rest all night. Seeing Aze wake up at last, the stone in his heart finally fell after a night's rest.

"Mmm." Aze's voice was the same hoarse and ugly because of his illness. When he found the difference in his voice, he pursed his lips and stopped talking, but his eyes were stuck in Chen Qi's gaunt face with heavy black circles.

"Hungry? Do you want something to eat?" Chen Qi asked softly.

Aze nodded with complicated eyes. In his memory, even his father had never spoken so gently to himself.

Chen Qi brought over the rice paste that had been warm all night. He added some minced plantain. Aze was barely able to sit up after the fever subsided. Chen Qi asked him to lean on himself and feed him with a spoonful of food.

"You also eat some." Rice paste moistens the dry throat. Aze's voice is not as hoarse as before.

"I'll eat after you finish." Chen Qi coaxed.

Chen Qi's original good-looking coat had long been torn to pieces by himself. His exposed skin had several bruises. Aze saw his eyes and tail red. He shook his head and insisted that he would not eat it unless Chen Qi also ate it. Chen Qi had no choice but to feed Aze and eat one mouthful with a spoon. Naturally, the rice paste of a water-based fruit shell was not enough for the two adult men. Chen Qi let Aze rely on the cave wall to digest food and made another rice paste of fruit shell.

After the two men were full, Chen Qi asked Aze to rest first. He had finished eating the rice berries, and he wanted to pick some more during the day. Aze was a little worried, but his current physical condition couldn't stop him, so he had to be careful not to go too far away from the cave. Atzel closed his eyes and rested after Chen Qi got down. The fastest way to recover is to let the Beastmen fall asleep after being injured.

Chen Qi did not dare to go too far. On the one hand, he was worried about Aze, and on the other hand, he was afraid of predators. He cleaned up the traces he passed last night, and also found some thick-smelling weeds to pile up around the cave to cover the smell of the two men. After picking enough rice berries and milk fruits for today's meal, and then picking a handful of plantain again, he went back to give Aze a change of medicine. Chen Qi, who had been busy all day and night after adding new firewood to the fire, was too tired and fell asleep almost instantly by Aze's side.

Chen Qi woke up again at night, he didn't expect to sleep so long, in the forest he this kind of behavior without vigilance is almost fatal, fortunately, this period of time there is no sign of animals near here, Chen Qi heart couldn't help but rejoice.

Aze has been able to sit up on his own. He looks much better than in the morning. He looks at Chen Qi with burning eyes.

Chen Qi rubbed his arm, which was sore and numb from keeping the same movement to sleep for a long time, and asked apologetically, "Are you hungry? I'll cook you some rice paste to eat?"

Aze nodded, "Okay."

Chen Qi poured the rice berries into the fruit shell and went to check Aze's condition first. The wound actually began to show signs of healing. Chen Qi breathed a sigh of relief and changed the crushed plantain again and asked, "Do you feel any discomfort?"

Aze shook his head. "I'm fine."

Chen Qi smiled, "Nothing is good."

The two men ate rice paste again and Aze suggested going home tomorrow. Chen Qi was a little worried, "Are you not fit to travel now?"

"It is good to sleep for one more night, don't worry. In another two days it will be winter, and we cannot enter winter in the forest."

In winter, Chen Qi remembered the cold he felt when he first came to this world. The winter here is lower than the temperature at the beginning of the snow by more than a half-hour. The two men's equipment will only be frozen to death when they stay in the forest in winter. Chen Qi was silent for a moment and did not object. "Then you have a good rest and look at your physical condition in the morning. If you can act, we will go back."

"Mmm." Aze slowly crawled back onto the straw mat covered with fur and looked at Chen Qi again to see if his wound had any signs of tearing. He said in a low voice, "I'm sorry."

Chen Qi stun, funny rubbed his Aze soft hair, "say what? You have no need to apologize to me."

"I didn't protect you well." I want you to take care of me.

"You have protected me from Locust dragon." Chen Qi comforted: "Don't think too much, have a good sleep. I still need you to take me home tomorrow. I can't tell the direction to leave the forest."

"Well, well, I'll take you home tomorrow." Aze's mouth rose slightly, then fell asleep. He needed to regain his strength as soon as possible.

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