When Chen Qi woke up the next day, he found that he was sleeping on the straw mat that he had laid for Aze. Aze was sitting by the fire cooking rice paste according to his own method yesterday. Chen Qi, who was just awake, was a little confused. It took a while to think of the current situation. He jumped down from the straw mat in fright and jumped to Aze in three or two steps. He nervously asked, "Aze, how are you? Will you pull the wound when you move like this?"

Aze, who was about to say good morning to Chen Qi, was dazed. "It's all right, it's all right."

Chen Qi frowned. Although the wound showed signs of healing last night, how could it suddenly be all right after only one night? "Let me see your wound."

"Mmm." Aze turned his back on Chen Qi and let the other side untie the bandage.

Chen Qi cleaned up the plantain foam that had been covering the wound all night. He found that the wound healed much better than last night and showed no signs of cracking again. He changed the plantain again before tying up the bandage. He put on the animal leather garment that had served as a mattress for two nights.

After confirming that Aze was really fine, the two men hurried through the rice paste and decided to leave. There was nothing to tidy up in the cave. Chen Qi put the rest of the plantain into his coat pocket after putting out the fire. Yesterday he picked all the plantain found nearby. These needed to be replaced next time.

Aze originally wanted to hold Chen Qi, but Chen Qi naturally didn't want to go. How could he let a wounded person hold him? Aze couldn't resist him and was a little disappointed.

Some way out of the cave was the pool where the two men had fallen. thinking of the hide backpack under the pool, Chen Qi stopped, took off his coat and said to Aze, "wait for me here while I go and get the backpack back."

Aze was still staring blankly at Chen Qi's sudden undress, and Chen Qi had plunged into the water just as he was trying to pull him out of the water. Aze has never seen an Beastmen who can swim. He has seen an Beastmen who fell into the Chishui River and was drowned alive. But he also remembered that Chen Qi pulled himself to the shore before the two fell into the water. So although Chen Qi was a little worried now because he suddenly went into the water, he did not jump out of the water to pull Chen Qi out.

The pool was not deep, and Chen Qi soon found the hide backpack under the pool. the backpack soaked in water for two days became heavy. Chen Qi opened the backpack, and many fruits picked before inside had been swollen. Chen Qi grabbed the bottom of the hide backpack, turned the backpack upside down with one effort, and the wild fruits inside fell into the mud at the bottom of the pool. the originally clear water became turbid instantly, while Chen Qi emerged with the empty backpack.

"Are you all right?" Aze put his coat back on Chen Qi worriedly.

Chen Qi waved his empty backpack and said regretfully, "It's all right, it's just that all the things picked before were wasted."

"I'll come back in a couple of days."

Chen Qi patted him on the head. "What are you talking about? You are still injured. You are not allowed to come here until you are well."

Aze's eyes flashed, "Okay, I'll listen to you."

On the way out, Chen Qi felt the strength of the Beastmen again. It was not easy to walk in the primeval forest. Chen Qi had to take a sword to open the way. He was tired after a short walk. Aze looked unaffected instead.

"Chen Qi, why don't we take a rest? I'm tired." Aze looked at Chen Qi's forehead covered with sweat and panted heavily as he suggested aloud.

"Oh, good." Chen Qi stopped holding a trunk.

Aze heartache on the ground a few steps before holding each other to sit down, stretched out his hand and took Chen Qi back has become bulging backpack again, because lost before very not easy to pick things, Chen Qi all the way to see can eat all stuffed into the backpack, only a moment later the empty backpack was filled with Chen Qi again. Aze was injured in his back. His physical strength was better than Chen Qi's. He was going to help Chen Qi carry his backpack. Chen Qi insisted on carrying it himself, which is why this situation is happening now.

"Chen Qi, why don't I take the backpack?" Aze took out an apple from his backpack and handed it to Chen Qi. He asked hesitantly.

Chen Qi looked at Aze with his eyebrows slightly folded and a little uneasy expression. He sighed, "Good." He also knew that his strength was only a drag. He originally wanted to think that Aze was still injured. Although it was not obvious on the surface how serious his injury was, Chen Qi still didn't want to increase the burden on the other side. He didn't think he could even do so many things. Chen Qi took a big bite of the red apple in his hand and stopped talking.

At noon, they both used wild fruits to appease their hunger. After resting, they went on their way. When they were chased by the locust dragon, they were a little panicked and did not choose their way. They were both at a distance from the periphery of the forest. Chen Qi never picked any other wild fruits except milk fruits in the back journey. However, Chen Qi was surprised to find two chili peppers.

In the afternoon, the two men came to the edge of the forest. Chen Qi's tense nerves, which had been afraid of encountering locust dragons again, finally relaxed. "Ake is here." Aze turned to Chen Qi and said that Aze was responsible for opening the road for the rest of the journey. Chen Qi always told the other party not to act too much to avoid tearing the wound.

Chen Qi looked along Aze's direction and saw the two figures getting closer and closer. Soon they appeared in front of each other. It was Azhang and Ake.

As soon as Azhang arrived, he tore at his throat and scolded, "What are you doing after running into the forest for several days? Don't you know winter is coming?"

Aze was about to speak when Chen Qi took the topic first and said, "We have met a locust dragon."

"Meet locust dragon what's the matter? The locust dragon is not a carnivorous predator, will it eat you?" These two days, the fear that the two had no response once they entered the forest turned into anger after confirming that the two were all right at the moment, even though they were still questioning Chen Qi and Azhang with a straight face.

"It's the angry female locust dragon." Aze stepped forward in front of Chen Qi and explained to the two men who came.

"The angry female locust dragon?" Azhang's anger turned to surprise and then to dignified. He and Ake looked at each other, "The mother locust dragon's anger should be that someone hurt its cubs. There are too many accidents in the forest and plain this year. Don't take Chen Qi into the forest alone these days."

"Well, I understand that I have never encountered such a thing before. It was my negligence."

"It's not your fault either. After all, this kind of thing has never happened outside the forest before winter comes. When you go back, tell the males not to enter the forest these days. We will also consider the dolphin and dragon hunting plan after winter." Azhang looked at Ake. Ka Luo was the only young male in the tribe. This also told Ake not to take Ka Luo into the forest these days.

"Go home, Ka Luo and Ali didn't see you back yesterday and were worried all day." Azhang said and turned to leave, Aze stopped each other's footsteps aloud.

"Uncle Azhang, I was wounded in the back by the locust dragon. Can you help me carry Chen Qi back?" According to his current situation, Chen Qi naturally does not want to let himself back, but at Chen Qi's speed, it is only possible that the two will not return home until tomorrow.

Azhang looked at Aze in astonishment. He didn't look too seriously injured like this. How could other females carry Chen Qi back? Instead, Ake approached Aze and asked anxiously, "Are you seriously injured?"

Aze shook his head. "A day's rest is almost over."

Ake knew that females would not endanger their lives as long as they did not lose too much blood.

So Azhang carried Chen Qi, Ake took Aze's backpack, and several people returned to Chen Qi's newly-built home in the evening. Ali and Ka Luo waited outside the door, and several people who came back were secretly relieved. Ka Luo's little wolf cub in his arms began to hum and struggle to climb out.

"Elder brother, you not is say yesterday morning will come to pick up giant Wolf god cubs? Why didn't you come back now?" Ka Luo stuffed the restless wolf cub back into Aze's arms and complained.

Aze carefully took over the pups. As soon as the pups arrived in Aze's arms, they quieted down, stretched out pink small tongue and licked Aze's fingers, raised his head and grunted twice, then nested in Aze's arms for sleep. "We had a little accident and delayed a little time."

Ka Luo didn't really want to blame his eldest brother either. After confirming that they were all right, he planned to return to the tribe.

"Chen Qi, I have recently made some more cloths and brought them to you. Please use them first." Ali looked at Chen Qi's beautiful coat, which had become tattered after a trip to the forest. Unfortunately, the cloth was not as durable as animal skins.

"thank you." Chen Qi said before that making quilts requires a large amount of cloth, but I didn't expect Ali to take time to help himself weave when he was so busy.

"I see you are all gaunt after coming back from a trip to the forest. Go to bed early when you get home. Winter is coming. Don't get sick at this time."Ali told them anxiously.

Two people one all, Ali and told a few words before and others back to the tribe.

As soon as Chen Qi entered the room, he collapsed on the fire pit and refused to move. Aze put the wolf pups on the fire pit, and then turned to make a fire for the fire.

Chen activated his finger to play the little wolf cub's head. the little wolf cub was bounced on the fire pit and rolled several times. he got up and bared his teeth to bite Chen Qi's fingers. unfortunately, his baby teeth haven't grown out yet. besides a few innocuous tooth marks, it won't do any harm to Chen Qi.

Chen Qi looked at Aze crouching in front of the fire and murmured, "I feel like a soft eater."

"what?" Hearing what Chen Qi said, Aze raised his head doubtfully.

"Nothing." Chen Qi covered his face in a few rolls over the fire pit for his sudden shame idea. He whined and got up and went to the fire to help.

Aze smiled helplessly, pulled out a cigarette lighter that he had been carrying and lit the fire.

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