The traps set around the house had not been caught for a long time before, so Chen Qi removed them. The Dora Plain began to become silent. The animals that were busy migrating and could be seen everywhere some time ago also disappeared. The chirping of insects was gradually lost at night.

Chen Qi was always worried that Aze's actions would tear the wound. He was not willing to let the other party go out hunting these days before winter. Anyway, there were many busy things in the family. The food stored before was enough for two people to eat for a month or two. In order not to let Aze go hunting, Chen Qi handed the two bags of salt stones exchanged back to Aze and let Aze refine the salt stones.

Apart from the newly-made two stone beds, only a few big bags of wild fruits were brought back from the new home. Chen Qi melted a plastic fruit and glued several wooden cases with wooden boards. The outside of the wooden cases was tied with several layers of roots. Chen Qi had already picked all the roots of the banyan tree near the home.

Chen Qi made a row of wooden shelves in the sundry room, with only one floor. The lower part was loaded with thick wooden piles. A shallow fixing groove was dug at the top of the wooden piles with a sword angle knife. The wooden shelves were coated with glue and then embedded with wood boards. Although the making was rough, it was very practical. Chen Qi also climbed up and jumped twice to try its load-bearing capacity. After feeling good, he also made a small one for his room and Aze room. However, the two were much more delicate. The wood boards were polished again, and the bottom and back of the shelves were also added with wood boards to see

Chen Qi cleaned up the skins of Aze's original house and stayed in the same room with the pickled meat for too long. The skins all smelled of pickled meat. Chen Qi made several clothes hangers outside the house and put the skins on the clothes hangers to dry out the smell while the sun was good. In order to exchange more salt stones, a lot of skins were used before. Now there are only less than 20 skins that can be used. They are the softest and warmest skins that Aze specially left behind. They also feel very good.

"Awoo." The wolf cub stumbled and ran out of the house. The little thing grew very fast. It only slept in its nest for the first two days. Now it can run a few steps.

Chen Qi crouched down to catch the wolf cub running towards him. The size of the wolf cub was still palm-sized. The hair was a little longer and fluffy. Coupled with its big round golden eyes, it looked like it was full of mist and wet. It looked like it would drop a few gold beans at any time. Chen Qi was adorable.

However, the pup was obviously not interested in Chen Qi's move. He stopped outside his reach, whined twice, and little ass twisted and ran home again.

"Chen Qi, have dinner." Aze came out of the house and crouched down to pick up the returning pup. The pup curled its head contentedly and held out a pink tongue and licked Aze's finger.

Chen Qi looked at the little wolf pup's flattering face and ground his molar teeth.

Today is the fourth month without a day after the first snow. The sun is still shining in the morning, and the temperature remains as warm and pleasant as usual. Chen Qi can hardly imagine that winter will begin here tomorrow. He will air the last piece of hide and follow Aze into the house.

Aze first carried the pup back to its special Xiao Mu dish and poured half a milk fruit into the Xiao Mu dish. The pup shook its tail merrily and then ate it eagerly.

Chen Qi could not help sobbing out of the corner of his eye. "Is this guy really a giant wolf god, not a dog?"

"Dogs?" Aze is a little confused, "it looks different from dogs, and the giant wolf god is not as cruel as dogs. they only hunt the prey they can eat, unlike dogs, and all creatures that can eat want to bite. Although the cubs are a little smaller now, they are not as big as dogs as adults."

There are creatures such as wild dogs and hyenas on the Dora Plain. They are different from domestic dogs. Their ferocity can even compete with lions. Of course, this competition is not about the strength of fighting alone, but about the group's attack power.

Chen Qi did not explain much either. He sat by the fire to see what food Aze had made in the morning. Breakfast is a small dish of rice paste and several boiled sweet potatoes. The rice paste is cooked from the rice berries picked before, only two of which are cooked after this meal.

Aze took a sneak look at Chen Qi and drank a mouthful of rice paste contentedly. He hesitated for a moment, then handed Chen Qi an unusually smooth polished wooden stick next to him. "Chen Qi, I have polished the prototype of the wooden bow."

Before the wooden bow was lost on the way to be chased by the locust dragon. Chen Qi always wanted to come and help when he was working on the wooden shelf. After all, most of the time, when cooking salt making stone, he just waited for the brine to burn out and did not need to stare at it all the time. Chen Qi saw that he was not idle, so he made another wooden bow. This time he was more comfortable and naturally needed to be polished more carefully.

Chen Qi took over the wooden bow and started with a smooth grip, which was better than the previous one by more than a half. Aze see Chen Qi satisfied, secretly relieved. "Chen Qi, the rice berries have already been boiled. Although there are still rice berries after winter, the rice berries picked after winter will taste very bad. Then there will be dragons on the periphery of the forest. It will be very difficult to find the rice berries again."

Chen Qi looked funny at Aze, who wanted to go out in a roundabout way. Aze actually didn't want to go out at this time, but a large number of plants collected by the two men were lost when they were chased by locust dragons. He knew that Chen Qi didn't like that Dundon was all meat, and animals that could migrate on Dora Plain had already walked about the same distance. Even if Chen Qi stayed at home alone at this time, Aze would like to come back from the forest to pick some food on the last day.

"Let me see your wound." Chen Qi did not answer either. He put down his pottery bowl and said to Aze.

Aze sipped his lip and sat down in front of Chen Qi to take off his fur. Chen Qi carefully untied the bandage. The previous plantain had been used up. At that time, the crushed powder applied to the wound was replaced by artichoke. Chen Qi cleaned up the artichoke that had been covered all night. He had to lament the Beastmen' ability to heal against the weather. Chen Qi's fingers scratched across the pink scar. "Does it still hurt?"

Aze bowed for a moment, feeling that Chen Qi's fingers were still tingling. He shook his head in fear that Chen Qi would not be able to see. He said, "No pain, it's all right."

Chen Qi helped him to change a bandage again. As he did so, he reluctantly said to Aze, "You can go if you want, but you must come back before the sun goes down."

Aze's eyes brightened and he turned back suddenly. Chen Qi was bowing his head to tie a knot in the bandage. They were too close together. Aze's forehead just hit Chen Qi's forehead. "Dong" startled Aze. "Chen Qi, are you all right?" Aze asked nervously.

Chen Qi rubbed his flushed forehead and his eyes misted up with pain.

"Chen Qi, is it very painful? Sorry, don't cry, or I'll let you bump back."

Chen Qi looked at Aze at a loss and suddenly felt a little funny, "I'm fine."

"really? Don't lie to me, you are crying with pain." Aze does not believe it.

Chen Qi took a puff at the corner of his mouth. It was obviously physiological tears. Afraid Aze would not let go of this topic, he quickly changed the subject and said: "It's really all right, aren't you going to the forest? If you don't leave, you won't be back in the evening."

Aze repeatedly confirmed that Chen Qi was really fine before he took some skins and backpacks to go out. After eating and drinking, the pup went back to sleep in its nest. Chen Qi felt that the place was absolutely silent and terrible after sending off Aze. He could not hear the voices of other creatures except the occasional rustle of wind blowing through the grass.

"Young Wolf, if you go to sleep again, you will become a pig. Do you want to get up and play?" Chen Qi played the little wolf pup's forehead and asked.

Little Wolf pups don't buy his account, let Chen Qi how to do is not to open your eyes, still sleep sprawled.

Chen Qi had no choice but to find something to distract himself.

He first drew the wooden bow prototype to a suitable radian and fixed it. Remembering the lactulose left in the corner after he had done half of the work, he quickly turned it out and found that the colloid in syrup state had not known when it became solid. Chen Qi broke off a small piece and looked at it. the candy had a certain hardness, and the milky one had no tendency to deteriorate. Chen Qi used his tongue to lick a little bit and tasted it. it was very sweet and the taste was normal. Chen Qi was overjoyed. he used a bamboo tube to collect the candy together and even had a third of the amount of bamboo tube. there were still two or three lactulose in the home. Chen Qi was not stingy in taking the rest.

On the day when Aze was away, Chen Qi felt for the first time that the time was so long. His coat had been torn to pieces by himself, but Aze brought back the two sleeves he had torn off. Chen Qi moved several pieces of cloth to the fire, spread some large skins on the ground, put the cloth on top of it, and planned to sew the torn coat and make some new shirts.

Aze did come back before the sun went down, bringing back two backpacks they had lost before besides a few backpacks he brought out from home. Even the rough wooden bow he found was not known where he came from, and he brought back together. So many things were tied together with vines and picked back with a wooden stick as a pole. Fortunately Aze was strong enough to carry things several times heavier than him without any difficulty.

Chen Qi did not fall asleep at night. The fire in the room was burning very brightly. Chen Qi sat in front of the door, intending to see what winter would look like.

Near midnight Aze took two skins and draped them over Chen Qi. He himself changed into a thicker fur coat. A little cold fell on Chen Qi's nose. He stretched out his hand and touched it, and found it was a little water drop.

Aze sat down beside Chen Qi, looked at the dark night outside and whispered, "Winter is coming."

Chen Qi suddenly realized that the drop was not water but snow.

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