The morning of the first day of winter is no different from that of the previous month. The sky also has no transition and changes from darkness to dawn in an instant.

On a moonless night, when it was dark and could not see anything, Chen Qi lost interest and went back to his room to sleep in a daze after midnight. There was no fire or pit in the room. In the morning, he woke up cold even if he had covered two layers of fur blankets. Chen Qi shivered and got up. Aze was already cooking rice paste.

Chen Qi went to the storage room and took a small hanging of pickled meat. He cut the pickled meat into dices and put it into rice paste to cook porridge. Young Wolf excitedly circled around Aze in the morning. Aze opened half a milk fruit to make breakfast for him. Aze brought back a whole backpack full of milk fruit yesterday, which was enough for young Wolf to eat for a long time.

Chen Qi curled his mouth, opened two milk nuts and poured them into a pottery bowl to warm them up. Only then did he take the hot water from the nearby pottery to wash. When Chen Qi came out, the young wolf had finished his breakfast and was sprawled in front of the pottery bowl filled with milk nuts. His big eyes stared at the steaming liquid inside for a moment.

"Chen Qi, the young cubs have already eaten, and eating them again will break their stomachs." Aze thought that Chen Qi had prepared the milk fruit in the pottery bowl for the young wolf, so he warned aloud.

"Who said it was for this little brat?" Chen Qi stretched out his hand to play the little wolf cub's head. The little wolf cub rolled twice on the ground, away from the pottery bowl.

Chen Qi picked up the bowl, and a smell of milk came right at him. He took a sip of the bowl. The smooth and tender milk tasted much better than the boxed milk he had drunk before. Chen Qi handed the bowl to Aze. "Taste it, it tastes quite good."

Aze was a little surprised. It was the first time that he saw an adult Beastmen eat the milk fruit of his cub. However, he didn't refuse Chen Qi's kindness. He took a sip from a pottery bowl. His mouth was sweet. Aze couldn't say he liked the milk fragrance, but he didn't hate it either. Little Wolf pups are not willing to, it thought Chen Qi was preparing food for himself, I didn't expect to drink, awoo cried and jumped into Aze's arms, a pair of eyes filled with tears, very not poor.

Aze looked at the pottery bowl in his hand and at the little wolf cub in his arms. He was a little tangled about whether to feed the little wolf cub a little more. Chen Qi brought the pottery bowl over and three or two people finished drinking the rest of the milk. He licked his lips with satisfaction and proudly grinned at the little wolf cub. Little Wolf pups looked at Chen Qi with a face of shock. little ass twisted and jumped down from Aze's arms. He ran back to his nest with whispers. He got into the hide blanket and ignored the two men.

Aze looked at Chen Qi, who was robbing the beast cub with amusement, and handed the cooked congee to the other party. After breakfast, Chen Qi felt that the whole person was warm from inside to outside. Chen Qi planned to go outside and have a look at the first day of winter.

As soon as the thick hide curtain was lifted, a cold wind swept over and filled it. It looked just like what Chen Qi saw when he came to this world on his first day.

The withered and yellow weeds were almost bent by a foot of snow. Apart from the fig tree, which remained as green as ever, all the other plants on the plain seemed to wither overnight. The leaves of a nearby acacia tree had all fallen off, and only white snow covered the branches. Chen Qi really can't imagine how much snow fell last night.

Aze came out of the house and draped the hide he was holding over Chen Qi's shoulder. "You can't adapt to the sudden cold temperature just after winter. Wear more and don't catch cold." Then Aze took a board to clear the snow outside the house.

Aze has been wearing fur since last night. His hair is white, which is very similar to the fur of the giant wolf god. Only this year, he has not been wearing fur all over his body, as in previous years, but only under his neck will there be thick fur covering. He is still wearing a suit of fur that he usually wears. If you don't look carefully, you can't see that he has already become a beast.

Morning light sprinkled on Aze, softening the hard lines on each other's faces. Aze has always been silent in front of other people. However, he always speaks a lot of words naturally in front of Chen Qi and often laughs. This is the first time Chen Qi has observed Aze so seriously after knowing him for so long.

Aze's facial features are actually very delicate. He is half a head taller than Chen Qi and has a slender body. Only the crude fur clothing can make him wear a wild fashion taste. If he lives in Chen Qi's world, Aze will waste his good figure if he does not become a star.

Feeling Chen Qi's eyes, Aze, who had been busy all along, raised his head, his rosy thin lips slightly aroused, and asked with a smile, "What's the matter?"

Chen Qi was stunned by this beautiful smile. Perhaps it was because the snow was too dazzling, or Aze's smile had a demagogic effect at this moment. Chen Qi replied, "Aze, do you want to be with me?"

As soon as he spoke, Chen Qi was frightened by himself, but when he returned to the gods, he found that he did not regret it. Chen Qi is not a straight man. He knew long ago that he liked men, but he was busy studying at first and then working. There was no similar kind around him until now.

Aze obviously didn't understand Chen Qi's slightly implicit words, "what do you mean? Aren't we already living together?"

Chen Qi gathered his expression, tightened his tight-fitting fur coat, walked up to Aze, stared at each other's beautiful eyes, and said it again earnestly: "I mean, do you want to try with me as a partner?" Chen Qi lived for nearly 30 years and was the first time to confess to someone. He didn't feel much when he just said it. After he finished speaking, the whole people became nervous and stared at Aze with good eyes, for fear that the other party would show even a hint of refusal.

"Don't refuse me with pregnancy marks. I never thought my partner could give me a baby." Chen Qi looked at Aze's expression of uneasiness and naturally knew what the other party was most worried about. He lowered his voice and said, "You should think about it carefully first. You don't have to give me an answer right away, but it's not too late."

"Mmm." Aze responded with an unknown voice, lowered his head to avoid Chen Qi's eyes, and danced his plank flying. The snow on the ground was pulled aside one after another, revealing the maroon land below.

Chen Qi looked funny at Aze's panic. The time he and Aze had known each other was one month, not much longer. He immediately said that love was impossible, but Chen Qi was sure that he liked each other. In this world, it is estimated that there will be no one better than Aze. Chen Qi, who has never been in love before, did not expect that he would be so decisive in this matter, even lost in the first snow in winter.

Aze's heart is not as calm as he seems, and it is too much to describe it as choppy at the moment. He thinks that he can only silently accompany Chen Qi until Chen Qi finds his own partner. He never thought Chen Qi would ask himself to be his partner.

Aze's confused thoughts made him unable to see his mood at the moment. He only felt his head was empty and asked himself silently over and over again, is he really qualified to be with Chen Qi? Is Chen Qi really happy with him? Can he really accept without children? Is Chen Qi really not injured with him? Aze remembered his father, his first destroyed tribe, his father, his second father, and the second destroyed tribe. Aze once believed more than once that if he had not left Ka Luo and moved to live outside the tribe, wouldn't Ka Luo have grown up as safely as he is now?

Feeling the sadness of Aze's overflow, Chen Qi got a fright. He grabbed Aze's cold hand and apologized confusedly: "Aze, I'm sorry, am I bothering you? If you don't want to be my partner, let's go back to our previous relationship. You can continue to be friends when I said nothing just now."

Aze shook his head and his eyes turned red.

"Can't even be friends?" Chen Qi was chagrined by his sudden confession. He didn't want to be separated from Aze because the confession was rejected. Although his affection for Aze was not yet to the extent of love, he had already begun to love each other's tenderness greedily.

"I am a man abandoned by the beast god." Aze whispered.

"I know." The absence of pregnancy marks the abandonment of the beast god. Aze has mentioned this more than once.

"I can't have children."

"Well, what I like is that you don't like you because you can have children." Chen Qi explained patiently.

Aze's eyebrow eye moved. "Chen Qi, why do you want me to be your partner?"

Chen Qi looked at him funny. Aze's hair was very soft. Chen Qi needed to raise his hand to rub each other's head. Although it was not very convenient, Chen Qi liked this move very much. "Do you need any reason to like you? Do Aze like me?"

Do you like Chen Qi? Aze can get a definite answer without thinking. He liked this male son from the first time he saw Chen Qi. Even if he knew he didn't have pregnant stripes, the look in his eyes had not changed as before.

Seeing Aze nodded lightly, Chen Qi looked at each other's eyes and asked again earnestly, "Aze, do you want to try with me as a partner?"

Aze looked back at him, Chen Qi's expression was solemn, never seen before, holding his arm muscles tight, estimated that the other party didn't realize how much effort he spent at the moment, almost to Aze's hand out of the red mark.

Aze's lips and jaw moved a few times before uttering a word softly for a long time, "OK."

Chen Qi felt that he had lived to be so big. For the first time, he felt that the pronunciation of the word "good" was so beautiful.

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