At noon, the sky began to swirl again with heavy snow, and the place Aze cleared in the morning was soon covered with snow again.

Chen Qi was wearing animal skins and sitting by the fire sewing wooden futons, while Aze was sent by Chen Qi to make round wooden futons. A wooden futon, in fact, is to make several flat round piers and then sew a layer of animal skins on them. Today is the first day of winter, but the temperature is falling too fast. Chen Qi can still feel a chill just by a layer of hide across the ground. This reminds me of making some futons.

Since the confession, Chen Qi's eyes have always fallen on Aze from time to time. He feels as if he had changed back to the boyhood of seed of love in an instant. The lovers in his eyes can't see enough. Aze instead calmed down after a good emotional outburst and did his work seriously. Occasionally, he found that Chen Qi's eyes looked up and smiled slightly at each other, shaking Chen Qi's heart for half a beat. Chen Qi did not open his face. He secretly complained that he had been with Aze for a month. Why didn't he feel that Aze was so charming when he laughed?

Chen Qi made a sumptuous lunch. He did almost everything he could do with the materials he knew now. He was busy for most of the day, cooking as many as 16 dishes. Only then did he stop. Fortunately, there were several pottery bowls that could be used to hold dishes before, but Aze was stunned by the almost full hall of dishes. Although Aze was helping all the way, he still could not understand how Chen Qi made such a lot of different things with so many materials.

Chen Qi put a croquette to Aze's lips and said proudly, "Aze, try and see if it tastes good." This kind of croquette is made by mashing warthog's pork belly and then wrapping it with rice berries and frying it in hot oil. Chen Qi, the prequel, boiled the fat into oil and stored it. There is a big pottery. The weather is not hot these days, but it has not changed.

Today I just finished showing off my white with Aze. Chen Qi is like a peacock that can't wait to show its tail to his partner.

Chen Qi fried not only meatballs, but also potatoes, sweet potatoes and cabbage, which Aze picked in the forest yesterday. At the beginning, Chen Qi cut the potatoes into strips and fried them in oil. He found that the middle of the fried potato strips was not ripe yet. He steamed the potatoes for a while, then took them out of the house to freeze a little bit harder and then continued to fry them. After frying, he fished them out and sprinkled salt on them directly. Chen Qi tried the taste. Although it was not as delicious as that sold in fast food restaurants before, it should still be novel to Beastmen who had not eaten this kind of food.

The size of the croquette can't be eaten in one bite. Aze bit half with the chopsticks handed over by Chen Qi. Before Chen Qi made it, he felt that the taste of it was very sweet. Now it tastes crisp and crisp, and it is very different from any kind of meat he has eaten before.

Chen Qi happily ate Aze's bite of the meatballs. Naturally, the taste was not as good as he had eaten before, but Chen Qi felt that this was the best meatballs he had ever eaten. Chen Qi took another chip to Aze's mouth. Aze paused, still biting half of it. After watching Chen Qi eat the remaining half, Aze's ear tip, which had not turned into fur, turned red unconsciously.

When Ake arrived, he saw such a shuffle when couples spend. He looked doubtfully at Aze and then at Chen Qi, but did not ask curiously what the situation was.

Chen Qi was the first time to see a completely beast Beastmen. When he met Aze for the first time, Aze was also in a completely beast state. Unfortunately, he fell into a coma too quickly at that time and did not see the beast of Aze clearly. Ake only wore a fur skirt around his waist. Except for his five facial features, he was covered with fluffy white fur, with black spots on the fur. He looked like a vigorous leopard.

Chen Qi coughed a little awkwardly, but Aze calmly asked Ake, who suddenly arrived, "Why are you here at this time?"

Ake gave him a look. "Uncle Azhang asked me to tell you that the tribe plans to hunt dolphins and dragons tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Aze frowned. Now the dolphin dragon hasn't come out of the forest at all. If you want to hunt the dolphin dragon, you must go to the depths of the forest. He won't be back in one day. He can't leave Chen Qi alone at home for so long. "Didn't they wait until the dolphin dragon came to the periphery?"

Ake had gathered to the fire, his nose stirred up, looked at the dishes lying all over the floor and then at Chen Qi. The meaning was obvious. He wanted to eat. Chen Qi handed him a pair of clean chopsticks. Ake took them and took a fried meatball unceremoniously. He took a big bite and was full of surprise. He also did not forget to answer Aze's question. "Uncle Azhang thinks there are too many abnormalities in the forest and plain now. We have hunted enough dolphin and dragon early and won't have to go into the forest in the deep winter."

The winter here lasts for half a year. Ake refers to the deep winter not half a day after the winter, but half a month to a month after the winter, when the temperature will be a few degrees lower than now, and the snowfall will also increase.

Ake put another chopstick and fries in his mouth. It was the first time he had eaten fried food. The taste and taste were different from all the food he had eaten before, which made him fondle admiringly. "If you are worried about Chen Qi, I can bring Ka Luo and Uncle Ali to accompany him tomorrow." Ake took another chopstick to fry cabbage and turned to Chen Qi: "Uncle Ali seems to be very interested in your clothes. He has been busy storing food. Just tomorrow you can teach him how to make your clothes."

Chen Qi asked, "Will it take long to hunt dolphins and dragons?" Aze could not have worried about himself if he could come back and forth that day. Yesterday he stayed at home alone.

"Soon, it will take about two days and one night if it is fast." Ake swallowed the food in his mouth and reached out his chopsticks to another plate of cabbage patties, which were made by mixing mashed cabbage with mashed minced meat and then wrapping them with a layer of rice berries. This was Chen Qi's first dish. The patties were fried a little loosely and broke in one clip. Some of them were burnt due to poor cooking.

Chen Qi handed Ake a wooden spoon. "You can eat with this."

Ake took it and stuffed it with a large spoon. The meat flavor of the fried meat pie is much stronger than that of the fried meat ball. It is mixed with vegetables and will not feel greasy. "Chen Qi, how do you make all these foods? You can teach Ka Luo to do it when you are free."

Chen Qi also did not know how Ake could articulate clearly with food in his mouth. If he was with Aze, Ka Luo's identity would become his brother-in-law, and Ake would become his brother-in-law's daughter-in-law. Chen Qi was naturally pleased to see Ake like it. "The food is very simple. I'll teach Ka Luo to cook it if he comes tomorrow."

Ake nodded and continued to gracefully scoop a large spoon of meat pie with a wooden spoon and ate it.

Ake took the message and was ready to leave after eating and drinking. Chen Qi saw that he liked it, and then he fried several potatoes and the rest of some meat cakes and croquettes with most of pottery. He sealed the port of pottery with animal skins and let Ake bring it back to the tribe to give others a taste. After all, the food is fried with animal fat. Chen Qi also told Ake to heat the food a little before eating it.

Ake was also not at all polite. He took Chen Qi's instructions and held pottery full of food in his arms. As soon as he got out of the room, he started running and several ups and downs disappeared in the vast snow.

There is naturally no need to worry about Chen Qi's safety if Ali is in Aze. After winter, all the animals on the plain have migrated away, and the dragons in the forest will not extend their activities to the plain.

Interrupted by Ake's appearance, Chen Qi also had the audacity to continue feeding Aze a bite of his own game. Both were somewhat embarrassed to finish lunch, but Chen Qi did cook too much food and left more than half of the food unfinished. Chen Qi gathered the food in several ceramic plates, covered the port of pottery with clean wooden boards, and placed it in the corner near the door. When it was hot in the evening, it could be served directly as dinner without having to cook it again.

In the afternoon, Chen Qi made a fur cloak, using a white fur, which is very similar to the color of snow. Making a cape is very simple. After cutting out the size, you just need to sew on the hat and shoulder strap. With Aze in, it is also easy to punch the hide. Chen Qi finished it with little effort.

Chen Qi shook off his cloak. "Aze, come and wear it."

Aze walked over, Chen Qi put on his cape and pulled on his hat. The hat Chen Qi made was very big, covering half of Aze's eyebrow eye. Almost instantly Aze's whole temperament changed, becoming noble and elegant with a sense of mystery. Chen Qi looked from left to right and how satisfied he was. "You can go out tomorrow in this cloak. It's snowing so heavily now. The cloak can keep out the cold as well as the snow."

Aze smiled, "Good."

Chen Qi clutching his chest, he finally understood what it means to rely on clothes. Aze, wearing a cape, laughed several times more handsome than usual.

Chen Qi found another piece of all-black hide and made himself a black cloak.

In the afternoon, the snow stopped for a while. Aze went out again to clear the snow at the door. In the evening, the snow began to fall again. This time, the snow not only increased, but also accompanied by howling winds.

Skin curtain was covered tightly, Chen Qi looked out through the transparent window made of locust dragon eye shells. The white was all over the place, and the snowflakes were whirling round and round in the wind, blocking the view. Chen Qi could not see anything except the tall fig tree outside the house. It seems that there is nothing between heaven and earth except this endless white.

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