The next day Chen Qi opened his eyes and was awakened by a large head sticking out of shape because it was too close to the window. The people outside also obviously found Chen Qi awake and stepped back away from the window. Chen Qi only saw that it turned out to be a familiar face hole. A young adult female from the tribe, Ale.

Ale grinned at Chen Qi and smiled Xi Xi. He was just curious about this transparent window. He just leaned in and looked and found Chen Qi asleep in the room. Ale turned around awkwardly and disappeared behind the window.

Chen Qi went out of the room and saw several Beastmen sitting in the hall. Aze was cooking congee while talking to Azhang.

"Chen Qi, you finally got up. My brother said he would leave for the forest after eating congee." Ka Luo saw Chen Qi come out, hurriedly waved to Chen Qi recruit.

Chen Qi said hello to the crowd and sat down beside Aze. At that time, other Beastmen in the tribe also lifted the fur curtain and came in. As soon as Ale entered the room, he disturbed his head and apologized to Chen Qi. Seeing Aze's puzzled eyes, Chen Qi explained in a low voice.

"I also want to build such a house, which is big and bright." He was talking about a middle-aged female who had helped Chen Qi back from carrying salt stones from the Lion Wolf Tribe. His name was Asu.

(T/N: the pinyin for these names are really similar. Asu is actually also written as Axu. To avoid confusion, I changed the x to s. There's also another character name Ashu lol)

Ale nodded repeatedly. If he had such a house, he would surely have turned back the male that he saw in the lion and wolf tribe.

Ka Luo's interest is more on the congee that has already begun to emit fragrance, and he frowned when he saw Chen Qi cut some wild ginger foam into the congee. "Chen Qi, why do you want to put wild ginger in? The wild ginger tastes so bad that you even chopped it up."

Aze cooked two big pottery congee. Although other Beastmen came only after eating, they were obviously interested in this novel cooking method. They usually cooked rice berries directly for their children. This was the first time they saw Beastmen mixing meat foam into rice berries to cook.

"Wild ginger can dispel the cold. It's too cold outside. Eating a little wild ginger can make your body warmer." Chen Qi, seeing that the meat porridge was almost cooked, sprinkled some salt and filled a bowl for Ka Luo. Ka Luo took it and handed it to Ake.

There were not many pottery bowls in the house. Chen Qi could only use bamboo tubes as bowls. Everyone filled a bowl, worried that Aze would not resist hunger if he only drank porridge. He cut some pickled meat, added half cabbage and fried a large plate.

Several Beastmen who had eaten Chen Qi's cooking for the first time had unusually bright eyes. When they looked at Chen Qi, they seemed to have glowing eyes. They also silently remembered Chen Qi's cooking steps in their hearts and planned to go home and do it for themselves.

Although the taste of wild ginger is not used to eating, everyone is satisfied with it. After breakfast, several people felt warm all over. Everyone didn't want to waste time. After the meal, they were going to leave. Chen Qi put on the white cloak that he made yesterday and got a curious look. Only Ake gave them a thoughtful look.

After the crowd left, Ka Luo said to Chen Qi eagerly: "Chen Qi, please teach me how to make yesterday's fried meatballs." Ka Luo recalled what he had eaten yesterday and couldn't help swallowing.

Chen Qi couldn't help the black line. They had just finished breakfast and were thinking about the next meal? "I'll teach you how to do it at noon." Chen Qi's eyes swept over the place that Aze cleared yesterday outside the house. After one night, the place has been covered with snow again. Chen Qi hesitated for a moment and said to the two men, "Now let's clear the snow outside the door first."

Chen Qi said that it would not be as simple as Aze to clear the surrounding snow. Their house has no wall. Although there are no animals in the plain, there is no guarantee that hyenas will pass by and find people living here. Therefore, Chen Qi plans to build an ice wall based on local materials.

To build the ice fence naturally requires a circle. Chen Qi has expanded the area of the courtyard set aside earlier by more than double in order to make the place for activities bigger and the circle is very large. Chen used the root hair line as a ruler to determine the straight line of the fence. He was afraid that the root hair line would not be obvious in the snow. He sprinkled charcoal on it. Then he shoveled the snow around to a certain range with the wooden shovel he had made before. Each shovel of snow was tamped down with the wooden shovel, and then he continued.

"Chen Qi, what are you going to do with all the snow?"

"Build an ice fence that can be used as a defense."

"Uncle Ali, you will know what it is used for when it is built." Ka Luo, who did not understand the same thing, said that they did not understand a lot of things Chen Qi did at the beginning, but Chen Qi could easily understand them after he did them. Therefore, what Chen Qi does now, Ka Luo is the first reaction to finish first.

Ali wanted to think, too, and he also found a piece of wood to join the snow shovel.

The width of the fence is half a meter, which naturally requires a lot of snow. The snowfall in these two days is only half a foot thick. Chen Qi shoveled all the snow around the house and only built a short prototype that was knee-high.

Because of the snow, Aze no longer needs to fetch water from Chishui River these two days. Chen Qi melted some of the snow and sprinkled the water on the prototype of the wall. The wall, which was not high, was somewhat shorter.

Although it didn't look like much snow in the place where Chen Qi circled, it really took a lot of time to do it. The three men were busy until the afternoon to roughly encircle the wall. Ka Luo's stomach was already growling with hunger. As soon as the work was finished, Chen Qi was asked to teach him how to fry meatballs.

Chen Qi used a lot of oil in the meal he made yesterday. Naturally, he didn't want to fry the food any more today, so he asked Ali to help stamp half a plate of pickled meat with a sword-horn knife, cut some cabbage, then opened a rice berry, poured some fruit juice and salt into it to stir, then made the processed meat paste into a thin cake, added oil into the hot pottery dish, and fried the prepared meat cake in it. When both sides were fried golden, Chen Qi filled the first batch of finished products in a pottery bowl and handed it to the two people who had already swallowed saliva because of the fragrance.

Ka Luo handed a spoon to Ali, and he couldn't wait to scoop a large spoon. The entrance was crisp, much better than those already cold brought back by Ake yesterday. "Chen Qi, it's delicious." Ka Luo's mouth was full of food and he slurred his praise.

"Come and try it." Chen Qi handed Ka Luo the wooden spatula in his hand.

Ka Luo hurriedly swallowed the food in his mouth, straightened his face, recalled Chen Qi's steps just now, and fried several under Chen Qi's guidance. Unfortunately, the novice did not master the temperature very well for the first time, and all of them were fried.

Ka Luo took a bite of his fried patty, which smelled of paste and frowned with a little abandon.

The results of the second pan were much better, at least not all of them were burnt. Although the taste was not as good as Chen Qi's, Ka Luo was already very satisfied. His mind had already begun to plan to give Ake a consolation meal when he returned from hunting dolphin dragons. Ake would be taken aback.

Ali also fried a plate. After several demonstrations by two people, Ali has mastered the process almost, and the taste of the first plate is similar to that of Chen Qi.

"Why do the same things taste so different when made by different people?" Ka Luo shoved Ali's freshly fried meat pie into his mouth and could not help beeping.

"You will do better than Ali if you practice again." Chen Qi patted Ka Luo on the shoulder comfortingly.

So in order to let Ka Luo practice again, this lunch, everyone had a not very delicious burnt meat pie.

In the afternoon, it began to snow again. This time, the snow was much less, but it lasted longer. It didn't stop until the next morning. After several people had eaten a less delicious lunch, Ali asked Chen Qi to teach him how to make shirts.

Beast people's fur clothing is made by simply cutting out the position of the sleeve on a piece of fur. In winter, when the weather turns cold, other fur is tied to the arm to form the sleeve. Therefore, Ali was very interested when he saw Chen Qi's clothes attached to the sleeve. Unfortunately, he couldn't find time to learn from Chen Qi.

Chen Qi has had several experiences in making T-shirts, and tried to make a shirt yesterday. Although the materials now made have been changed into animal skins, the making method has not changed much.

Ali's first dress was made to her own size, while Ka Luo sat next to her and studied hard. Chen Qi taught the two men to cut the size of animal skins, because they were making shirts, but they didn't need to sew up the whole dress like T-shirts, they just needed to sew up the cuffs.

Chen Qi took out the shirt he had tried to make yesterday and gave it to Ali. Ali seems to be naturally good at making things. Chen Qi simply said it again and understood. After the experience of making backpacks, Ali was also very skilled at punching skins. It didn't take long for a shirt to be made.

A shirt is actually more like a coat. Chen Qi drew the shape of a button and asked Ali to make several of them out of wood. Then he sewed on the hide shirt and finished a piece of clothes.

Ali brought three or four skins, and after the first garment was finished, he made another one. this time he sewed the collar on. Chen Qi and Ka Luo also made a fur garment. although Chen Qi did better than Ka Luo, he obviously didn't do it well. after several sewing experiences, the effect made by Ali was almost the same as that of the coat he wore.

Chen Qi had to admire Ali's practical ability, so he dug out two pieces of cloth and two skins and asked Ali to help make some clothes according to Aze and his own size. Ali smiled and went down.

When the snow stopped the next morning, Chen Qi taught the two to fry potato cakes. The so-called potato cakes only replaced cabbage with potatoes on the basis of the meat cakes made yesterday. After several people had breakfast, Chen Qi and Ka Luo continued to pile the snow on the wall while Ali was sent by the two to sew clothes in the room.

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