When Aze came back, he saw a circle and a half meters of snow around the house from a distance. After entering the wall, he did not see Chen Qi. He was surprised when he heard a voice from behind the house. Aze put the huge dolphin carcass on the ground and turned to the back of the house. He saw Chen Qi and Ka Luo squatting on the ground pulling something.

Aze was about to ask aloud when he saw Chen Qi standing up and turning around. His muddy hands were carefully holding thick brown and yellow plant roots. Chen Qi saw Aze and hurriedly handed the roots in his hands to Aze. His beautiful black eyes were astonishingly bright. He looked forward to asking, "Aze, can you help me see if there is any problem with this thing?"

When Chen Qi usually asks like this, the implication is to ask if it can be eaten. Aze took the small root and looked up and down, then put it under his nose, handed it back to Chen Qi, and replied, "if you want to eat this, it should be no problem."

"Chen Qi, is this really the ginseng you mentioned?" Ka Luo asked. Today, after shoveling the snow in the yard onto the wall, Chen Qi looked at the withered and yellow weeds in the garden and planned to clean them up. Unexpectedly, he found a plant with green color in the back of the house. Originally, he just planned to dig it out to see what it was. Unexpectedly, Chen Qi shouted excitedly that it was ginseng when he dug out the roots.

In fact, Chen Qi is not 100% sure that this one is ginseng. After all, he has not personally dug up the wild newly unearthed ginseng. However, in this world lacking medical treatment and medicine, a plant that is abnormal like ginseng has been able to make Chen Qi happy for a long time.

Chen Qi carefully took the ginseng back to the room, cleaned up the dirt on the roots, cut a piece of clean cloth to wrap the ginseng and put it back to the top of the newly-made cabinet in his room.

After putting the ginseng away, Chen Qi remembered that he seemed to have seen Aze come back after hunting dolphin dragons. Chen Qi hurried out of the room. Ka Luo was helping Aze to unload his backpack, which was bulging with all kinds of materials Chen Qi would use to cook. Chen Qi saw that Aze was the only one and asked curiously, "Aze, why are you the only one back?"

"Uncle Azhang, they will take the dolphin dragon back to the tribe first, and later they will come with Ake to pick up Uncle Ali and Ka Luo." Aze answered Chen Qi's question while taking out the rice berries in his backpack. The size of the rice berries is too large, only a few can be brought back with a backpack, so Aze also found a lot of smaller things like chili and wild ginger, and used the space of the backpack as much as possible.

After collecting the last stitch, Ali bit off the whisker thread with his teeth and stood up with a smile. "Is the dolphin dragon you hunted back this year still the largest? Chen Qi, let's go out and have a look." Aze hunted a dolphin dragon for Ali last year, which was the largest prey in the tribe. Every time Ali talked about the dolphin dragon, Azhang looked at Aze like he was on fire and seemed to want to fight at any moment.

Speaking of his prey, Aze couldn't help but turn his eyes to Chen Qi. He never cared much about the size of the prey before, but this time he chose the largest male dolphin dragon specially, and he also wanted to show off in front of his newly-released mate.

Chen Qi was completely absorbed by the newly discovered ginseng just now. At this moment, he remembered about the dolphin dragon. He was still very curious about this creature that he had never seen before. After Ali came out of the house, he saw a huge pig not far away.

Chen Qi leaned forward and looked at it. He found that the so-called dolphin dragon looks very much like a domestic pig. Its fur is beautiful pink, its limbs are very short, and it is more than two meters high when it falls down. Its long and pointed tusks are the weapons they use to look for food such as roots and grass roots in winter.

Chen Qi's eyes shine. Although Aze has hunted warthog before, the meat quality of warthog, a wild boar, is relatively tough. It is naturally quite different from the taste of the domestic pig that Chen Qi is accustomed to eating. At this time, Chen Qi could not wait to make a big table of delicious food when he saw a fat and strong creature like the domestic pig.

The newly enclosed yard has been tidied up by Chen Qi. Aze didn't want to soil the yard, so he moved the porpoise dragon to the ditch outside the back wall to handle it. For convenience, Chen Qi also opened a door in the back wall. Fortunately, the wall is only half a meter high. Otherwise, the size of the door opened by the porpoise dragon would not be able to get out.

Chen Qi raised a fire beside the trench and took out several pottery to melt the snow water. This time, he did not need to worry about the water. Chen Qi asked Aze to dispose of all the internal organs, even the large intestine. He also took out some salt, grabbed the washed large intestine with salt and cleaned it again.

When Azhang and Ake arrived, Chen Qi had several large boxes in the storage room cleared out and placed outside the door. The processed dolphin meat was filled with several large boxes. Now the plain is like a big natural refrigerator. Chen Qi does not need to marinate dolphin meat with salt. He just freezes it outside the door and goes out to fetch it when he needs it.

It was too late, and others worried that it would snow again at night. They said hello to Chen Qi and packed up and went back to the tribe. In one day today, Ali made out several clothes Chen Qi needed, two cloth shirts and two fur coats. The rest of the skins in the family are of the plush and warm type, so the sizes Chen Qi asked Ali to help make are all too large, so as not to interfere with how many clothes to wear inside.

"Aze, come and try on your clothes." Chen Qi waved his clothes and said to Aze that the shirt he had tried to make before was not as good as that made by Ali, and Chen Qi planned to keep it for himself.

Aze's fur is still the same style that Ali used to wear, with a piece of fur wrapped around his arm as a sleeve. Aze hesitated when he took off his clothes. Now he has turned into fur in all parts of his body except his head. I don't know why he doesn't want Chen Qi to see himself turned into a beast.

"What's the matter?" Chen Qi felt a little strange when he saw Aze's hand on his belt and did not move. Aze should already have the fur of animals. It is impossible to be shy for fear of exposure.

Aze looked at Chen Qi, his eyes flashing for two times, but finally he did not take back the fur. He took off his shabby fur coat and changed into the two pieces of clothes handed over by Chen Qi. The cloth shirt was put on inside and the coat was put on outside. Although the color was different, the style was the same as the one he was wearing before. Chen Qi looked at Aze in his clothes and felt as if he had returned to the civilized world.

Seeing Chen Qi's stupidity, Aze asked with some trepidation, "Am I not looking good?" Or is it because the beast is ugly? I have heard before that some males don't like the appearance of females after they have been domesticated. Of course, Aze did not dare to ask the latter sentence.

Chen Qi recovered and smiled and shook his head. "No, you look good." Maybe you can try to make a suit. Aze must be very handsome in it.

See Chen Qi eyes, as always, Aze this just silently breathed a sigh of relief.

After a day's rest, Aze followed the people in the tribe to continue hunting dolphin and dragon. After Chen Qi discovered Ali's tailor's talent, he urged the other party to continue to do other things, from trousers, cape, hat, socks to scarves. All imaginable parts of his body were painted with charcoal. He explained to Ali while guiding the other party how to do it. Finally Chen Qi also gave his shoes to Ali for reference and made fur boots.

Thanks to Chen Qi, when Aze returned from his last hunt, several Beastmen whom Chen Qi knew well all got rid of their fur skirts and put on modern clothes. Although I am not used to it when I first put it on, the clothes made by Ali are relatively loose, which will not affect my usual activities. After several days of wearing, I still feel that this kind of clothes is convenient to wear. At least it is not necessary to tie the sleeves of animal skins with ropes every morning, and it is also warm.

The outside of Chen Qi's house has been neatly packed with 40 to 50 wooden boxes, many of which have been newly made one after another recently. If Chen Qi's appetite is used, this pile of things can be eaten for several years.

"Don't you need to hunt again starting tomorrow?"

"Mmm." Aze placed the last wooden box full of dolphin and dragon meat on the top and replied: "It should start snowstorm tomorrow and it is no longer suitable to go out."

At this time, it has been more than half a month since winter, and the month has passed without days twice. Chen Qi will record every month after coming here without days. now the word "Zheng" has been written in the second on the stone slab used for recording.

Indeed as expected in the middle of the night, snow began to fall with the wind, accompanied by the terrible howl of the wind, Chen Qi slept a not-steady sleep.

It snowed for a whole week in one fell swoop. The snow outside the door had almost piled up to the waist, but neither of them could go out to clean it up. This week they could only hide at home to enrich their furniture.

Chen Qi found that the rubber fruit is actually very waterproof, so he made a big bath tub by using the wooden box method, built a simple and short stove in the bathroom with a large stone slab on it, and then put the bath tub on it. In this way, when he needs to take a bath, he does not need to worry that the water temperature will cool too fast. As long as he lights a fire on the simple stove, the temperature of the water in the bath tub can be maintained.

Since the big bath tub was finished, in such a big winter, Chen Qi took one of the most comfortable baths in the world.

The wooden bow made before has also been shaped. This time it took a long time, and the shaping effect of the wooden bow is very good. This time, the re-made wooden arrow arrow uses polished bones, mixes the melted rubber fruit with plant ash to make glue, sticks the bone to the front end of the arrow, and sticks the arrow feather after the rubber fruit dries out. Needless to say, the wooden bow made this time is very good, Chen Qi is very satisfied. It's a pity that it's too snowy outside to go outside and try the bow.

Chen Qi also rearranged the wooden bow Aze later found back. The wooden bow was shaped once before and the result was not very good. He spent too much time at home in winter. Chen Qi was not in a hurry and picked it up when he was free. He was patient and polished it slowly.

A week's time is neither long nor short. In addition to cooking, the two worked on all kinds of food every day. Several dolphin dragons brought back by Aze made Chen Qi boil out several big pottery's oil. Now Chen doesn't need to save the oil. Besides, it's cold outside and he's not afraid that the oil will deteriorate.

Such a leisurely and comfortable life is just like Chen Qi's retirement life, in which he worked countless overtime late into the night to mend his back. Chen Qi has an illusion that he and Aze have become old-timers. Well, the old-timers, who are only holding hands, have never even kissed one another. Chen Qi picked the snow on the wall in front of him, and his eyes flashed across Aze's pretty lips not far away, wondering when he would find a chance to taste it.

The snowstorm had stopped this morning, and the snow in the yard was so thick that it would not be able to get out of the door until the snow became strong. So they dressed up and continued to build the ice fence.

However, they thought that the snow that had stopped had begun to swirl again in the afternoon, and the work of clearing the snow in the yard had to stop again. Chen Qi cooked a bowl of ginger tea and let Aze drink half of it. He also drank the rest to dispel the cold.

"Aze, will it always snow like this in winter?" It is already depressing that the temperature continues to drop. If it keeps snowing all the time, then even if you don't want to stay at home this winter, you must stay at home and wait for the end of the winter.

Aze shook his head. "This snow should not last long."

However, the snow continued late into the night, and the weather was getting colder and colder. Chen Qi had moved his sleeping place to the fire pit outside the hall. The young wolf only opened his eyes when eating. Aze built a small nest for it with a piece of hide on the fire pit. At the moment, he was sleeping in a mass. Chen Qi seriously doubted whether the creature Giant Wolf God had the habit of hibernation.

After almost tidying up today's work, Chen Qi, who was preparing to nest back in bed to tease the pups, found Aze standing at the door, lifting a corner of the thick fur curtain and looking at the outside with a dignified look.

"Aze, what's the matter?" Chen Qi stopped climbing into bed and asked.

Aze looked back, frowning and worried. "I seem to have heard the warning signal from the tribe."

The warning signal in Yanshan Tribe is wolf howling. If it were on weekdays, Aze would not use this ambiguous statement. Now he is blocked by snow and wind, and his voice is not far away. He also does not know if he heard wrong.

Chen Qi came over. The outside of the house was dark, and only a small piece of snow and wind nearby could be seen through the lifted curtain. It was impossible to check the situation in the tribe on such a night. He squeezed Aze's hand and comforted him: "Don't worry too much, it's probably just the wind. Let's go to the tribe tomorrow morning to see the situation."

Aze nodded. It was the only way to go now. Just as he was going to return to the house with Chen Qi, Aze's ear tip suddenly moved and he dropped a sentence: "Don't come out." He rushed to the outside of the wall.

Before long, Chen Qi saw Aze holding something in his arms, followed by Ka Luo, who turned pale. Chen Qi rushed up and took off his cape to cover Ka Luo. Ka Luo was very cold. Chen Qi asked anxiously, "What is going on? Why are you here at this time, Ake?"

Ka Luo's lips moved a few times and his eyes turned red. Aze explained for him: "Hyenas are coming. Ake will send Ka Luo back to the tribe to help. Chen Qi, please help and see if the child can be saved."

Chen Qi discovered that Aze was holding a child with no color in her arms. She looked seven or eight years old. Chen Qi was startled and said hurriedly, "It's so cold outside, let's talk about it in the room."

After entering the room, Aze carefully placed the child on the hide blanket spread by the fire. Chen Qi discovered that the child was tightly wrapped in Ake's hide cloak and uncovered the hide cloak, which was full of blood.

"His stomach was cut by the hyena. In order not to let his blood drip on the road, Ake had to wrap him in his cloak." Ka Luo voice trembling tunnel.

Chen Qi carefully opened the fur coat on the child. He saw a long incision made under the fluffy navel and it was still bleeding. Chen Qi gasped, "Isn't this child a little female? Why is the wound still bleeding after being injured for so long?" You should know that Aze stopped bleeding automatically soon after his previous injuries. In most cases, it is not the miraculous hemostatic effect of the herb he is looking for.

"Hyenas have a toxin in their claws and teeth that will prevent their prey from healing until they bleed to death." This is also the reason why the beast people will die a lot when they encounter the hyenas. Almost half of them died because they were injured by the hyenas in the battle, but could not prevent the bleeding of the wound. They died of excessive blood loss and weak body a few days after the battle ended.

Chen Qi knew, looked at the child's paler and paler face. I'm afraid the child will not live until he stops bleeding. This is not the time to ask. Chen Qi recalled the first aid knowledge he had seen on TV or in books before and began to order: "Ka Luo, burn two pots of clean water, there is still half a plate of hot water. Put it on the fire until it boils. Aze, mash up the artichoke and willow leaves you picked back before."

Willow leaves have analgesic and antiphlogistic effects. Before Aze went to the forest, Chen Qi asked him to take a large handful home for later use. I didn't expect to use it so soon.

The two men assigned the task moved quickly. Chen Qi went back to his room and dug up the pin. Before winter came, Aze hunted back many antelope. Chen Qi left several pieces of sheep intestines washed, dried and preserved. He never thought about the usage of this stuff. At this time, Chen Qi chose the smallest piece of sheep intestines and then took the ginseng he found by chance to come outside.

Chen Qi boiled the spicule in half a plate of hot water that had already begun to boil. Then he cut a piece of clean cloth and passed it through the boiling water. Then he fished it up and wiped the hair around the child's wound. The cloth was quickly flushed with blood. Chen Qi cleaned the cloth several times before cleaning up the vicinity of the wound.

The child was in a coma and naturally could not retrieve the fur. Chen Qi carefully shaved off the hair around the wound with a saber.

After shaving the hair, Chen used chopsticks to take the bone needle out of boiling water, then put it on the fire to dry, tied the sheep intestine to the bone needle, and Chen Qi planned to sew up the child's wound.

Although Chen Qi is not a medical student, he also knows that a wound as big as this cannot stop bleeding without suturing. He is very glad that the child is in a coma now. If the child is awake and cries because he can't stand the pain, Chen Qi can't even put his hand down and sew the child without anesthesia.

Stitching is a delicate job. Ka Luo and his wife can't help but sit by and watch Chen Qi work nervously.

Chen Qi was worried that the goat intestine thread could not be absorbed by children. All he did was sew up the epidermis, which would make it easy to disassemble later. Aze has already set aside the willow foam and artichoke foam for standby. He looks anxiously at Chen Qi who is fully absorbed.

The child was quiet and did not struggle except for a stuffy snort when the first bone needle pierced the skin. Chen Qi was still a little stiff at first. After a few stitches, he let go, and his movements were quick.

After the wound was sewn up, Chen Qi used cloth strips to clean up the blood oozing from the wound. Then he applied a layer of willow foam to the wound first, and then applied artichoke to the willow foam. Only then did he bind the wound with bandages. The bandage was the same shirt and bandage Aze had used before. Chen Qi changed the child into a cloth shirt, then wrapped it in a clean fur coat and carried the child carefully to the fire pit.

Chen Qi cut a small piece of ginseng and pressed it under the child's tongue. Then he cut a few more pieces and put them into a pottery bowl. He went outside and found a pork rib of dolphin dragon. He asked Aze to cut it into the appropriate size and put it into the pottery bowl already filled with ginseng. He filled it with water, covered it with another pottery bowl as a lid and stewed it in a pottery.

Chen Qi breathed a long sigh of relief after everything was finished. Seeing the blood stained all over the place by the fire, Chen Qi reacted in hindsight that it was human blood and his stomach rolled. Chen Qi hurriedly ran to the door and vomited all over the floor. Chen Qi had black hair. He never knew that he would faint. Fortunately, this symptom did not occur when he treated the child's wound.

"Chen Qi, are you all right?" Aze, who has been paying close attention to Chen Qi's movements, chased him out. Seeing Chen Qi squatting on the ground, he threw up and hurriedly reached out to caress each other's back to help smooth the air.

Chen Qi raised his head weakly, and his face was not clear whether it was frozen or pale after a long night of ordeal. "No, it may take Aze to kiss him to get better."

Chen Qi also made it easy to say that he was going to make a joke and say nothing to Aze. Apparently Aze didn't find himself being molested. Before Chen Qi could react, he leaned over and kissed Chen Qi's lips. He also asked anxiously, "Are you all right now?"

Chen Qi was stunned. His imaginary first kiss should have taken place under the romantic atmosphere of the month before the flower, rather than just after casually flirting with him just because he wanted to liven up the atmosphere like now. Chen Qi said with difficulty, "I just finished vomiting."

Aze paused, only to reflect what he had just done.

The current environment is not suitable for two people to talk about love. Chen Qi and Aze went back to the house after he recovered. Ka Luo had already put the blood-stained animal skins and blankets into a ball and was taking a wet rag to clean up the blood stains on the ground. He needed to keep himself busy so as not to think about what was happening in the tribe.

There are not many hyenas coming to attack the tribe. There are only two. One of the hyenas is still injured. With the fighting capacity of the females in the tribe, it should be able to cope with the two hyenas.

Chen Qi asked Aze to cook some ginger soup, while he took two figs and a pottery hot water to go to the bathroom. He was a little tired of being stained with so strong scent and needed to be cleaned.

When Chen Qi came out after changing his clean clothes, the outside was almost cleared. Ka Luo was sitting by the fire pit looking at the child who was still in a coma and did not know what he was thinking. Aze saw Chen Qi come out and picked up the skins dyed with blood and went into the bathroom to clean them up.

Chen Qi handed Ka Luo a bowl of ginger soup. "You don't worry too much. The child will be fine and Ake will be fine. You've been tired all night, so drink some ginger soup to warm yourself."

Ka Luo looked at Chen Qi with red eyes, took the ginger soup and just took a sip. A warm feeling poured in from his throat. Ka Luo choked to tears. Chen Qi panicked. It was the first time he saw a big man crying so sadly in front of himself. He didn't know how to comfort each other. He rushed into the bathroom and dragged Aze out.

Seeing Chen Qi panicking, Aze thought it was the child who had just stopped bleeding and the wound opened again. When he came out, he found that Ka Luo was sitting on the fire pit wiping away tears.

Ka Luo shed tears for a while and began to talk to the two about the incident.

The people in the Yanshan tribe moved to the foot of Yanshan except Ka Luo, who still lived in the original tribal center. The two hyenas sneaked around to the back to sneak attack. There was no early warning before. There might have been early warning, but after several days of continuous snowstorms, there was no sign of hyenas approaching.

The only thing to be thankful for is that Hyena Kong Lung was found near the settlement. In addition to hurting Ajing, the child now lying on Chen Qi's fire pit, the others were safely evacuated to the ancestral home. Ajing was so badly hurt that Ah Zhang asked Ake to bring him to Chen Qi to see if he could be saved. This is the current situation.

"You mean one of the hyenas was injured?" Chen Qi hesitated for a moment and asked, "Are your eyes and legs injured?"

"It was too dark at that time. I only saw it from a distance, or Ake said one of the hyenas was injured."

"Aze, do you think it is the hyenas we met on the plain before?" Chen Qi turned to ask Aze.

Aze thought for a moment and shook his head. "Let's wait until Ake arrives. It's pointless for us to speculate here. You two have been busy all night. You should be tired. Let's get some sleep first."

Chen Qi nodded. After checking the child's condition, he planned to take a rest on the new blanket by the fire. Ka Luo was completely awake. He would run out to check out any movement outside the door, fearing that Ake was coming.

In the early morning, Chen Qi slept a little. he was woken up in a daze. when he opened his eyes, he found Ka Luo looking at himself anxiously. "Chen Qi, Ake is injured. get up and help him."

Hearing of Ake's injury, Chen Qi's sleepy head was scared out of his wits. He got up at once and saw Ake sitting calmly by the fire, looking completely unhurt.

Seeing Chen Qi's puzzled eyes, Accra raised the sleeve of his left hand. He had collected the fur from the beast on his arm. There was a palm-sized wound on his bare arm. Blood was still oozing from the wound. Although it looked very serious, it was only a skin cut, not deep.

Aze has mashed a handful of artichokes, holding a piece of steaming wet cloth in his hand, and cleaned up the blood next to Ake's wound. Only then will the artichokes be applied to each other and then bandaged.

Ka Luo still looked nervous. "Don't you need to sew up this wound?"

"I'm fine, this injury is not serious." Ake patted Ka Luo on the head to calm the other party's panic. This was the only way to tell everyone about the current situation in the tribe.

The two oncoming hyenas are obviously single hyenas or hyenas that have been driven out of the hyenas group. When they happened to pass by the Yanshan tribe and found there were only a few Beastmen, they decided to take a chance to see if they could hunt a delicious meal. After all, once they had eaten a full meal of Beastmen, the hyenas could survive this winter without hunting any more. This is a lot of temptation for the single hyenas.

Azhang killed one hyena with the females, but let the other one escape. Now the tribe is gathered in the ancestral home. The Beastmen who can move are on guard in turn, fearing that the other hyena will rally other hyenas to continue attacking.

"Is there anyone in the tribe injured?" Chen Qi.

Ake shook his head. "Everyone else is fine except me." At that time, the hyena's tail swept toward his stomach. Ake put out his hand to block the newly formed steamed stuffed bun in his stomach, which hurt his arm.

Aze had already cooked the broth, and several people simply ate a little of the stew, which had been cooked to no taste. Ake was planning to visit the tribe when Aze was there. Chen Qi looked at the child named Ajing. Seeing that the other party would not wake up for a while, he planned to follow Aze to visit the tribe. Although it might not be helpful, he could at least give some suggestions based on his knowledge of the advanced Beastmen. Aze agreed after thinking.

Chen Qi brought the newly-made wooden bow with him before going out. Chen Qi used to think that apart from some intact houses in the center of the Yanshan tribe, other places were not generally broken. This time, he found that many houses collapsed and there were signs of fighting in many places. Almost half of the houses that were unoccupied were buried under the snow because of the snow.

As soon as Chen Qi and the two approached the tribe, a Beastmen jumped down from a nearby acacia tree that had become bare and stopped in front of them. Chen Qi saw that it was Ale.

Seeing that it was Chen Qi, Ale said, "Uncle Azhang has taken the clansmen to his house. If you want to find him, don't go to the ancestral house." Ale said and climbed back to the acacia tree to continue the alert.

Aze and Chen Qi looked at each other and turned toward the tribal center.

Azhang and Ali's houses are not far apart. The number of people in the tribe is already small. The females who can still move have been dispersed to guard. It is just right for the rest to be dispersed into the two families and they will not feel crowded.

Chen Qi and Chen Qi had just arrived nearby when they saw from a distance that dozens of wooden boxes were also packed beside Azhang's house, much like the wooden boxes used to store dolphin and dragon meat outside Chen Qi's house.

The two men entered the room, Azhang was not there, and Ali was cooking a barbecue. There were several old people and two children who looked in their teens in the room. After a night of anxiety, several people were too tired to sit by the fire and close their eyes to rest. I was obviously a little surprised to see Chen Qi and Ali, "Why are you here?"

"Let's see what we can do to help." Chen Qi went over to unload his backpack, which contained some wild ginger and pepper as well as hemostatic artichokes and willow leaves. Chen Qi took out a piece of wild ginger and handed it to Ali. "Today's weather is colder than it was a few days ago. A little ginger soup can dispel the cold."

Ali gratefully took it over, separated some of the boiled broth with another pottery, washed and chopped the wild ginger, mixed it into the broth, boiled it for a while, and then filled a bowl for everyone in the room.

Aze said hello to Ali and went out to find Azhang. Now there has just been an accident in the tribe. As a female, he should have something to help.

Aze found Azhang near his ancestral home. The killed hyenas have been thrown into the Chishui River. Aze discovered at this time that the reason why the tribe did not stay in the ancestral house was that the ancestral house had collapsed in half. Azhang and the female named Kyon were cleaning up the contents of the ancestral house.

The two men were obviously a little surprised to see Aze, but they didn't say much and ordered Aze to help together. Only some wood and food temporarily put in the ancestral home were put in for emergencies like last night's, and they were soon cleared up. Azhang also led the two men to find accommodation for others in the tribal center, helping them to move the family's belongings at the foot of Yanshan to their new home.

After the hyenas attack, they also understood that it is not necessarily safe to lean back on Yanshan, but it is better for everyone to live closer.

Chen Qi has seen the messy state of houses in the tribe. The defense capability of such houses is not high. Seeing that Azhang has settled the clansmen, he suggested, "Do you want to try to build a wall?"

Ali was the first to react, "Is it the same ice fence as yours?"

Chen Qi nodded, "As long as the wall is built thicker, even if it is only an ice wall, its defense capability should be good. When it is built to a certain height, some sharpened wood or bamboo chips can be placed on the top, so that even if the hyenas come again, they can block it for a while, so that others can have time to evacuate."

Ali naturally supports this proposal, but Azhang is now the chief of the Yanshan tribe. He turned to Azhang to see his opinion.

Azhang looked at Chen Qi thoughtfully. He only said that he would consider the proposal for the ice fence, but did not say that he would do it immediately.

The two stayed in the tribe until the evening before returning home. Chen Qi was lying on Aze's shoulder. The knee-deep snow did not seem to have any effect on Aze.

"I will protect you."

Hearing Aze's thoughtless words, Chen Qi tilted his head a little doubtfully. His present posture could not see Aze's expression. "Aze." Chen Qi gently called out the name of the other party.

"Mmm." Aze replied.

"Are you afraid?"

Aze's action paused and said nothing.

Chen Qi leaned his chin on his shoulder and smiled gently. "We should be lovers now. Although I am not as strong as you, I am not as weak as you think, so you don't need to be afraid."


"You have seen the power of the wooden bow I made. Although it is not as powerful as yours, it is also useful when in danger."

"I won't let you run into danger." Aze interrupted Chen Qi said.

"Uh-huh, I know, I'm just assuming." Chen used his head to rub Aze's back neck and soothed the other party's sudden feeling of being blown up by his words. "There is also that fence, although it is still very short now, when I build it to more than ten or twenty meters high, even if hyenas have strong jumping ability, it cannot jump up. Then we will make two heavy wooden doors and install them. Once the doors are closed, we will be safe inside."

"Let's go back now and build the fence."

Chen Qi smiled, stretched out his hand and pinched each other's ear. Aze turned his head doubtfully. Chen Qi took the opportunity to break each other's head with his hand, looked Aze in the eyes and said earnestly: "Aze, I mean that although I am not as powerful as your female son, I can come up with ways to protect myself and make myself safer, so you can have more confidence in me, don't worry about it alone, and don't be afraid alone. We are partners. I want to be with you for a long time. I won't let anything happen to me until I grow old with you. I don't want to be under your wing all the time. You can protect me and I can protect you. Partners should support each other, right?"

Aze looked at Chen Qi in shock. Chen Qi waited patiently for the other party to digest his words. For a long time, Aze lowered Chen Qi, turned around and hugged each other tightly, burying his head in Chen Qi's shoulder socket, "Chen Qi, why are you so good? I won't let you go." Even if you look at a female with beautiful pregnancy lines, you will not let go.

Chen Qi funny patted Aze's back, "why do you want to let me go? I'm not going to let you go either. Since we want to be partners, we naturally want to be together all our lives."

"A lifetime?"


Aze didn't speak again, just holding the Chen Qi motionless, Chen Qi seems to feel place what warm liquid across, stun, let Aze holding.

The vast wilderness plains, in addition to a few sparse bare tall trees, only endless white. The afterglow of the sunset merged the shadows of the two together and projected them onto the snow for a long time, which was extremely conspicuous in such a snowfield.

It was not until half of the sun was buried in the horizon that Aze picked up Chen Qi again and headed for their home. Chen Qi glanced at Aze's red eyes. His heart was so soft that he knew that he was really stuck in it this time. For Aze, it was probably himself who could not let go.

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