When Chen Qi and Chen Qi returned home, the child named Ajing had already woken up. Ka Luo hurriedly pulled up the other party as soon as he saw Chen Qi coming in. "Chen Qi, come and have a look. He woke up for a long time. He couldn't swallow the soup you asked me to feed him before, and spilled half of it."

". . . how did you feed it?"

"He is not a stomach injury? I dare not touch him, just let him lie down and drink."

Chen Qi silent, did not answer.

Chen Qi came to the fire pit. The child seemed to feel someone approaching. He gently opened his eyes, glanced at Chen Qi and slowly closed. Chen Qi crouched down and asked softly, "Does the wound still hurt?"

The child ignored Chen Qi. Chen Qi lifted the hide blanket and checked the child's injury first. The wound showed no signs of bleeding. He changed willow leaf foam and artichoke foam again and ordered Aze to cook some rice berries. Only then did he take the warm ginseng ribs soup that Ka Luo had handed over.

Chen Qi carefully lifted the child up a bit. Perhaps Chen Qi's actions were related to the wound. With a snort, the child opened his eyes angrily and stared at Chen Qi with a slightly distorted white face.

Chen Qi smiled ingratiatingly, afraid of hurting him again. Holding the child, he dared not make any more moves. "Sorry, did it hurt you?"

The child looked at him quietly. Ka Luo interjected, "I just woke up and stared at people. I don't know how you were injured by hyenas. but Chen Qi managed to save you." Ka Luo knew that although Ajing was young, he had a stubborn temper. When he met him at ordinary times, he would be ignored by the other party like air. He was thrown back food several times. He was half dead with anger every time, and he did not have the heart to leave such a small child alone in the tribe.

Only then did the child look at Chen Qi. The child probably lived alone for a long time because of uneven diet. His skin color was a little sallow and very thin, but his eyes were big and round, just like the little wolf cub that Chen Qi's family picked up. When looking at others, he could see the hearts of others sprouting.

Chen Qi couldn't help rubbing the messy hair on the child's forehead. He scooped a spoonful of ginseng ribs soup with a wooden spoon and handed it to the child's mouth. He coaxed, "You have been in a coma for a day and a night. You should also be hungry. Drink some soup to cushion your stomach."

The child was silent for a moment. He hadn't eaten anything for a long time before he was injured. At that time, he was already hungry and weak. The child gently opened his mouth and drank the soup that was close to his mouth. The soup tasted very light and a little sweet, but it was the best soup the child had ever drunk.

Seeing the child finally drinking soup, Ka Luo was relieved and turned back to the fire to help Ake prepare dinner.

Chen Qi fed the child soup and watched the child's eyes collapse as if to fall asleep. He gently put him back on the fire pit and covered him with a soft fur blanket.

Young Wolf don't know when to wake up, lying on his nest side quietly looking at the strange child suddenly appeared, Chen Qi worried that young Wolf will get the child's wound, after feeding young Wolf eat milk fruit will move its nest back to the original pottery dish, pottery moved to the fire. Young Wolf seemed unconcerned about the move of his nest. After eating and drinking, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Several people were worried all night and busy all day. After eating dinner hastily, Aze spread several more skins and blankets by the fire. Several people slept on the fire. Chen Qi worried that the child would be hungry in the middle of the night and got up to feed the other half bowl of rice paste, which was very thin.

Yesterday, the snow stopped and it didn't fall again. When Chen Qi got up, Ka Luo had already prepared breakfast. Ake and Aze were not in the room. Chen Qi went to check the child's condition. The wound healed well and helped him change the medicine and bandage. Chen Qi plans to boil another bowl of ginseng soup to make up for the child.

Today's sunshine is a bit dazzling, warm on people's bodies. Chen Qi went out to fetch bones outside the door. He saw Azhang dangling nearby from a distance. Aze and Ake followed him. Azhang saw Chen Qi and nodded at a distance to greet him. Then he whispered something to Aze and turned to leave.

Aze came over and saw Chen Qi holding a pottery bowl and a sword-horn knife. He asked, "Do you want to take bones to make soup for Ajing?"

Chen Qi nodded. Aze turned out a small portion of the ribs cut yesterday and cut some more bowls full of pottery. Chen Qi asked doubtfully, "How did Azhang come here at this time? There should be many things waiting for him to do in the tribe?"

"Uncle Azhang plans to send the people from the tribe to the Lion Wolf tribe. He plans to go to the Lion Wolf tribe today to talk with the patriarch there." Aze paused. "He came here to ask me to take care of the tribe these days."

Chen Qi frowned. "Do you need to move to the tribe these days?" There is still a seriously injured person in the family. Chen Qi is unlikely to leave. He is a little disappointed to think that he may be separated from Aze for a few days.

Aze shook his head. "No, it's only good to go over and help guard during the day. At night, they will change to Asu to guard."

"then you have to be careful."

"Well, you don't have to worry. Ake will stay here to protect you."

Aze went to the tribe after breakfast. Chen Qi several people cleaned up all the snow in the yard on the wall while it was not snowing today. Ajing's condition is also better than yesterday. He can eat half a bowl of rice paste early, middle and late, but he sleeps most of the time. At first Chen Qi was worried about whether the wound of the child would be infected with fever. Obviously, the body of the Beastmen child is much stronger than Chen Qi imagined.

Azhang came back the next night, and I don't know how fast he traveled. When he arrived, he took half the weather to recover. After whispering something to Ake, he quickly left. Chen Qi was confused. He always felt that Azhang's behavior in the past two days was mysterious.

At dinner in the evening, Ka Luo said to Aze in a familiar way: "Elder brother, Ake and I have decided to move in with you."

Aze paused for a moment and refused without thinking: "No, you and Uncle Azhang are going to the Lion Wolf Tribe."

"We will build a house next to it tomorrow, just like yours." Ka Luo jammed a piece of fried meat into his mouth, ignoring Aze's words. He used to listen too much to Aze before he moved out of the tribe.

Aze turned his eyes to Ake. Ake shrugged his shoulders and said that he only listened to Ka Luo. Ka Luo did not want to go. Naturally, he would not go.

"Now the land is frozen hard and the foundation is difficult to dig. Why don't you move in and live together? There is a fire pit in the hall and the rooms are empty now." Chen Qi interjected.

Ka Luo looked at Aze triumphantly and was thinking of agreeing.

Ake asked doubtfully, "Why don't you live in the room?"

Chen Qi's action of chopping vegetables froze and he said with embarrassment, "The room is too cold. The problem of burning a fire in the room was not taken into consideration when he built it. Sorry, I didn't think of it just now."

Ka Luo was a little disappointed. "Let's build another one next to it."

Aze looked at the three men who were talking to each other. "Your child will be born this winter. What will happen if you stay away from the tribe?"

"What can happen with my brother and Chen Qi?" Ka Luo grunted discontentedly.

"Have you ever thought that Ake can't get out of bed for three days after the production? This period of time there is no experienced female to help take care of one thousand fall ill?" Aze sink a track: "You are going to be a father, do you know how cold winter is, your child is to be born in deep winter, in case it is a male child, if he has any problems, where will you find an experienced female to help you? In such a wilderness, have you considered how to feed your children?"

Ka Luo threw the bowl on the ground with a "bang" and the bowl cracked. "You are always so reasonable. It was when you insisted on moving it out. It was when you left me alone in the tribe. It was the same when you wanted to drive me away. You are my brother. Even if our dad is not alone, you will always be my brother. What's wrong with living with my brother?" Ka Luo said with red eyes and tail, stood up and walked to the door, shook off the thick fur curtain and went out of the house without looking back.

"He has always wanted to be with you as before." Ake stood up. "You don't always want to push him away. His dad's business has nothing to do with you. Ka Luo sees it better than you do."

Ake went out and Aze also put down the bowl and chopsticks. Chen Qi leaned in anxiously and took Aze's hand. Only then did he find Aze's hand was unusually cold.

"I'm fine." Aze withdrew his hand and got up to clean up the dishes.

Aze and Ka Luo started the Cold War after their quarrel, and they were unwilling to talk to each other even face to face. The second day early in the morning, Ka Luo sent Ake back to the tribe to start moving slates. Unexpectedly, Aka also brought several females from the tribe to help. Ka Luo circled a piece of land outside the wall. Aka did not know where to get four locust dragon eye shells. Seeing that several people were going to start construction directly, Chen Qi could not help but help plan it. He knocked down one of the ice walls and then asked Ka Luo to build the house next to the open space beside his house. Ka Luo was naturally filled with joy at the suggestion, while Aze silently watched as he neither helped nor stopped it.

Chen Qi looked at a row of cleared places. The area of the cleared space was twice as large as his house. Looking at the beast people who were busy moving stone slabs, Chen Qi could not help but exclaim, "Are you planning to build two houses when you have made such a large piece of land?"

"Yes." Ka Luo replied naturally: "I have one building with Ake, uncle Azhang and uncle Ali, just two."

". . . . . ."

Is Ka Luo having a problem with his expression or his hearing? When will Azhang join the fun? Is this a plan to move the tribes to his neighborhood?

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