Because of the winter, Ka Luo and Azhang's new house was built according to their original method of building the house. The height of the house was no more than two meters, and the two connected rooms were one, one room was used for living and one room was used for storage. Azhang brought back four locust dragon eye shells just one room, which made the light in the room much brighter.

This time there were a lot of people and the building of the house was very fast. From the time the flagstones were moved from the tribe to the time the frame was built, all four rooms were finished in one day. The rest was to wait until the rubber fruits were dry before laying the roof.

Due to the removal of an ice wall, Chen Qi can only include the newly-built house within the scope of the wall. Therefore, with the area of the large courtyard surrounded by Chen Qi, the present courtyard is almost comparable to a football field.

Azhang built the frame of the house and then left, leaving Chen Qi and not seeing him again for several days. Because of Ake's presence, Aze has cut down many trees outside the forest in the past few days while the snow stopped. The wall is almost one person high. Chen Qi plans to finish the front and rear gates of the wall first.

The wood used for the gate is a whole trunk almost as thick as two fists. Chen Qi tied the trunks together with a rope woven with a string to form the embryonic form of the gate. Then he filled the gaps between the trunks with gum fruit liquid. After the gum fruit dries out, he fixed a wooden groove to the gate. The wood used for the door frame on the wall has been frozen into the wall. At the corresponding position, there are grooves similar to the gate. When the time comes, the gate needs to be closed. As long as a thick stick is plugged into the two grooves, it cannot be pushed open from the outside.

Ajing's injury recovered very well, but he could sit up and eat in two days. Chen Qi added some minced meat foam to the rice paste he prepared, leaving half a root of ginseng. Now the boiled bone soup no longer needs to be put in.

"When can I go back?" After eating the rice paste, Ajing asked Chen Qi. This was the first time he had spoken since waking up. Perhaps because of the injury, his voice was soft, but his tone was firm.

Young Wolf awake time is longer than before in the past two days, now after satiated with food and drink is nest in Aze palm heart stretched out pink small tongue, once licked Aze's fingers to play.

Hearing Ajing's words, Chen Qi was stunned. Ka Luo, who was sitting next to him, answered, "Go back? Where are you going back? Tribe? There has been no one in the tribe for a long time. Uncle Azhang escorted the rest of the tribe to the Lion Wolf tribe this morning." Ka Luo said and glanced proudly at the child half lying on the fire pit. "You can only live here with us now."

O scene inclined Ni gave Ka Luo a look, sipping his lips don't talk.

"You have already urged Uncle Azhang to stay together?" Aze withdrew the finger licked by the whelp and pinched the tip of his ear. The whelp changed to a comfortable position and narrowed his eyes contentedly. Aze though in question, but the tone is affirmative.

"Uncle Azhang said he wanted to stay behind for any encouragement." Ka Luo glared angrily at Aze and retorted.

Ake patted Ka Luo on the head to appease the other party's feeling of exploding hair. "it was indeed uncle Azhang who said he wanted to stay. I just said to uncle Ali that he wanted to stay. uncle Ali thought Chen Qi knew a lot and wanted to stay and learn something from Chen Qi during the winter. Uncle Azhang was worried that Uncle Ali would run away from Chen Qi, so he decided to stay." Ake looked thoughtfully at Aze and continued: "Uncle Ali, as you know, is still a single female."

Chen Qi, who was giving Ajing bone soup, heard Ake's words and his hands shook with fear. The soup in the pottery bowl fell into the fire with a few drops and gave out a sniff. He looked up at Ake and got a fox-like smile from the other side.

Aze body stiff moment, lift eyes looked Chen Qi, see Chen Qi is also nervously looking at yourself, and quickly lower the head.

Chen Qi's heart sank. He glanced at Ake harshly and leaned over to Aze. "Don't listen to Ake's nonsense. He just saw that the relationship between us was sowing discord. I said that as a partner with you, I wouldn't look at anyone else."

"What, do you want to be my brother's companion?" Ka Luo sprang to his feet and pulled Aze behind him to protect him in front of Aze. He looked like an old hen with 11 pairs of food protectors.

Chen Qi couldn't help but have a headache. What's all this? How has it developed into that he and Ka Luo are on the same page? But at this time he naturally did not flinch, nodded and replied, "Yes, I intend to be a partner with Aze."

"Are you saying this because you have only contacted a female of my brother? Are you sure you like him?" Ka Luo naturally likes Chen Qi and hopes that Chen Qi can become his brother's partner, but if Chen Qi does not really want to be with Aze, he will definitely oppose it to the end.

Chen Qi turned positive and solemnly replied, "Yes, I like Aze because I like him."

Ka Luo hesitated. "You know, my brother has no pregnancy marks. He can't give you a baby."

"I don't like Aze because of pregnant stripes. Whether Aze has pregnant stripes or not, as long as he is the Aze I know, even if he is a male, I will probably like him." Chen Qi said, turning to Aze.

Aze is also looking at him at this time. From Ake's words just now, Aze guessed that the only friend who grew up together should have seen the relationship between himself and Chen Qi long ago. He did not dare to look back at Chen Qi just now. It was not that he did not believe Chen Qi, but worried about what Ka Luo would see. Although he confirmed the relationship with Chen Qi, it was only known between them. He was not sure whether Chen Qi wanted to disclose the matter to others. If Chen Qi didn't want to say it, he naturally had no such thing. I didn't expect Chen Qi to announce their relationship directly in front of Ka Luo and Ake.

"Do you like male?" Ka Luo exclaimed and stepped back. "I look so much like my brother. you don't like me. I already have a partner and will soon be a father."

Chen Qi's head is full of black lines. Is this the focus of this person? And looking at Ka Luo's small round face with childlike features, and then at Aze's well-defined mature man's face, where did Ka Luo come from to say that he and Aze look alike? Chen Qi couldn't bear to say, "Even if I like male, I only like male like your brother."

Ka Luo patted his chest and sat back in his original position. "then I'm relieved, but although I don't object to your being with my brother, if you dare to bully my brother, I will definitely not let you go." Ka Luo bared his teeth and made a menacing expression that he thought ferocious. But to his small round face, Chen Qi could only turn over a supercilious look and say to himself one hundred times that this was his brother-in-law.

Ake pulled Ka Luo back to his side and smiled and smoothed his hair.

Chen Qi changed dressing for Ajing at night and found that the other side's wound had begun to heal. The gut was sewn on the surface and the absorption effect was not good. Chen Qi considered whether it should be removed and worried that the wound would crack again after removal. After thinking about it, he decided to stay for a few more days.

How about the analgesic effect of willow foam? Chen Qi did not try. Naturally, he was not clear. Every time he changed medicine for Ajing, Ajing bit his lower lip and frowned. However, he did not hum a word and cleverly let Chen Qi toss it around. Looking at Ajing's patience at an early age, Chen Qi felt a little distressed and his actions would be lowered subconsciously.

"When can I go back?" Chen Qi wrapped the bandage and Ajing asked another question he had asked before.

"Ka Luo is not to say that there is no one in the tribe? Why do you want to go back?" Chen Qi sat down at the fire pit and asked softly.

Ajing was silent for a moment. "I am seven years old. I am a female and I can support myself."

"Then how do you feed yourself?"

Ajing thought for a moment, "I can find food by myself. I picked a lot of wild fruits before, which is enough for me to finish the winter."

"Did you always rely on wild fruits to finish winter alone?" Before, I heard Ka Luo say that the child's parents were killed in the hyenas attack three years ago and had lived alone for several years.

Ajing shook his head. "Ali sometimes sends me food, but he can't hunt himself, so I send it back to him." After thinking for a while, he continued: "The male named Ka Luo will also give me food. Dad said that I am a female and need to take care of the male, so I can't have Ka Luo's things either. I am seven years old and can find my own food. I can catch rabbits now."

Chen Qi felt a little sad. He grabbed Ajing's small body into his arms and rubbed the other's small head. Ajing struggled for a moment and pulled to the wound. He could not help but scoff. "What are you doing?"

Chen Qi apologetically let go of the other party. At this moment, Aze came up with his sleeping pup. Chen Qi said to Ajing, "Do you want to help me with my work? I can give you food and let you live here. There is no one in the tribe. It is not convenient for you to live there alone. How about helping me?"

Ajing looked at him doubtfully. "What can I do for you?"

Chen Qi pointed to the young wolf in Aze's arms and said: "Have you seen the young wolf Aze is holding?"

Ajing nodded.

"As you heard just now, Aze and I are partners, but we may not have children. We picked up this young wolf. I plan to raise it like our child. It is still so small. We have a lot of things to do at ordinary times. Can you help us take care of it, and of course we will also provide you with food."

Ajing looked at Chen Qi and then at Ah Ze. His eyes moved to the pup who was falling asleep. "Do you trust me to take care of it?"

"Of course, you are already seven years old, it should be easy to take care of a young wolf, and aren't you a female? You can protect it and let it grow up healthily."

Ajing thought for a moment and finally nodded, "ok, you saved me, then I will help you take care of your child. how old should I take care of it?"

"Since you have grown up at the age of seven, then you can take care of it until it reaches the age of seven and then it can feed itself like you."

Ajing straightened his chest and promised, "I will take good care of him until he is seven."

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