Ajing said that he would take care of the pup. That night, he moved their nest to his pillow and watched it sleep until they were full.

After the snow stopped, it did not fall again. There was no snow in the yard. Chen Qi also did not plan to go outside the yard to make snow on the wall. Ake returned to the tribe early in the morning to move the food he had stored here. Aze still did not agree with them to stay, but he didn't stop them either. He also saw Ake move things with each other in turn.

After winter, the drying speed of rubber fruits became very slow. Usually, it only takes about one day to dry them. This time, it took five days for Ka Luo's new home to start laying the roof.

While waiting for the new home to dry, Chen Qi took the rest of the people to clean up the weeds in the newly enclosed yard. Because of the surprise of finding ginseng before, Chen Qi paid special attention to the situation in the grass this time. Of course, ginseng is not ubiquitous either. After the whole yard was cleaned up, nothing useful was found. Chen Qi was not a bit frustrated.

There were more than a dozen bundles of weeds neatly tied with ropes. Chen Qi rolled up his sleeves and carried a bundle of weeds back to the hall. He said to Ka Luo, "Come on, I'll make you something to eat." Turning grief into food intake is Chen Qi's regular job. Of course, there used to be a whole food street that could be solved only by going downstairs and turning left. Now he can only do it himself.

In order to keep the temperature of the fire pit, the newly-built stove in the house has been on fire, with bone soup burning on it. There are more than a dozen boxes of dolphin bones alone, enough for Chen Qi to cook for a long time.

Chen Qi moved pottery, who was cooking soup, to one side, replaced it with a new pottery, poured half a plate of water into it, took some potatoes from the storage room, washed them and boiled them in a pottery pan, then covered the lid. The pot cover was cut directly from a thick trunk. Chen Qi not only made the pot cover from the trunk, but also made chopping boards and wooden bowls. The wooden bowls needed polishing and took a long time and patience. Until now, Chen Qi has only made two. It is probably the reason why I spent some time thinking. These two wooden bowls are also the most exquisite among all the wooden products in the family.

While cooking potatoes, Chen Qi asked Ka Luo to go outside and take a large piece of pork belly to defrost. After defrosting, he asked Ka Luo to cut it into two portions, one diced meat and one minced meat for later use. Chen Qi took out the scallion and garlic that were already a little withered from the storage room, patted a piece of wild ginger foam, melted a spoonful of dolphin and dragon oil and mixed them together.

Ajing's wound was still not healed. Chen Qi did not dare to give him hard food, so he planned to make a mashed potato. Mashed potatoes are very simple. First cook the potatoes and then let them cool and peel them. Chen Qi found a pottery bowl, put a peeled potato in it, and use a spoon to make them mashed. The firewood in the stove had been removed by Chen Qi, who ordered Ka Luo to use the weeds collected in the yard to directly burn the fire. Chen Qi put a little dolphin dragon oil in the pottery pan used as the pan. After the oil was heated, the previously prepared ginger, onion and garlic were put into the pan and stir-fried for a while before the mashed potatoes were put into the pan and stir-fried until they were golden yellow.

Chen Qi fried a bowl of mashed potatoes with ginger and scallion, then another bowl of mashed potatoes with minced meat. After frying, he handed a spoonful of soup to Ka Luo, who was already greedy for food. Ka Luo could not wait to scoop a spoonful of ginger, onion and mashed potatoes. It was soft and waxy. Although it smelled delicious to Ka Luo, who was used to eating meat, it tasted a bit strange.

After Ka Luo swallowed the food in his mouth, he scooped up another spoonful of mashed potatoes with minced meat. Perhaps it was more fragrant. Ka Luo's eyes glistened as soon as the food entered. "Chen Qi, I like this." Ka Luo said as he scooped another large spoon into the entrance.

Chen used a wooden bowl to hold less than half a bowl of ginger, onion and mashed potatoes and handed it to Ajing on the fire pit. Ajing hesitated and took it over. He looked at Chen Qi, who smiled and rubbed his little head. "Try and see if you like the taste."

Ajing nodded cleverly and ate quietly with spoons and spoons. Ajing had no expression on his face and Chen Qi could not see whether he liked it or not. When Ajing ate all the mashed potatoes in the bowl, Chen Qi took the empty bowl and asked, "How is it going? Is it delicious?"

Ajing nodded, "delicious."

Chen Qi filled another half bowl of mashed potatoes with minced meat for him, and Ajing finished it quietly bit by bit.

Chen Qi made the remaining boiled potatoes into mashed potatoes, with four large bowls. Then he took out some potatoes from the storage room. This time he took some more sweet potatoes, cooked them all and peeled them. Beasts all like meat. This time Chen Qi mixed the diced meat and minced meat into mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes. Then he kneaded the mashed potatoes into cakes. Pottery added oil and heated them. He put the mashed potatoes into the cakes and fried them until both sides were golden. Potato cakes are fried crispy. Ka Luo prefers the taste of potato cakes to mashed potatoes.

Azhang came in the morning of the day when the rubber of the new house dried out. This time he came along with Ali, whom he hadn't seen for a long time. The tribal females who helped build the house didn't come with him.

Azhang did not immediately busy paving the roof for his new home after he put down Ali. instead, he called Chen Qi several people to come over. several people were sitting by the fire in Chen Qi's hall. Azhang sat straight. the expression on his face was serious that Chen Qi had never seen before. he looked Chen Qi straight in the eye and said slowly, "Chen Qi, I hope you can be the chief of the Yanshan tribe."

After hearing Azhang's words, Chen Qi was not only surprised. Even Aze and Ka Luo, who were sitting next to him, looked at Azhang in shock. Only Ake and Ali still had the same expression. It seemed that Azhang had already known what he said.

"Uncle Azhang, why should Chen Qi be our patriarch?" First of all, Ka Luo raised the question.

This is also Chen Qi's question. He can count the number of times he goes to Yanshan Tribe with one palm. Azhang's deputy chief of the clan has done a good job. Why do you suddenly want to do it yourself?

"I have already discussed this matter with the rest of the tribe." Azhang looked around at the crowd and continued, "although I don't know from which tribe Chen Qi moved here, you know a lot of things that all of us can see for ourselves. The Yanshan Tribe is no longer a Yanshan Tribe. It is just a colony for those of us who do not want to leave. As you can see, the defense capability of the tribe is too weak now. The last time only two hyenas attacked, almost half of the tribe was destroyed. The child of Ajing was so badly injured. At that time, I actually thought he could not survive. I just hoped Ake would bring him here with a try. I didn't expect Chen Qi to save Ajing." Azhang said here, his eyes and tail were a little red, and he bowed deeply toward Chen Qi.

Hearing Azhang mention of his own scenery, Azhang looked at the side and stroked the belly of the young wolf. He also slowed down and listened with his ears to the words of several people by the fire.

"From making traps, refining salt stones, drilling wood for fires to building houses, to building ice walls as you suggest, all these things we have never thought about and done before. You can make people in the tribe who are no longer capable of hunting hunt food and people who are not capable of fighting stay in a safe place, so I hope to move the tribe here and Chen Qi you can be the new chief of the clan."

Chen Qi turned to look at Aze, then turned his eyes back to Azhang. Instead of responding to Azhang's words, he asked, "Have the people in the tribe gone to the Lion Wolf Tribe?"

Azhang shook his head and explained: "They have only been to the Lion Wolf Tribe for this winter. Tribal migration is not that simple. The rest of the tribe are old or females who have been injured and lost their ability to become animals. After all, this is a wilderness. It is difficult for them to survive the winter without enough houses to keep warm. There is a special place for single old females in the lion and wolf tribe, and there are also people from the former Yanshan tribe to take care of them. I'll discuss with their heads of families and bring them back after winter."

Chen Qi was a little tangled up. Aze didn't want to live in the tribe before moving out. As a result, Azhang now wants to move the tribe. Chen Qi hesitated for a moment and said, "You need Aze's consent to move the tribe. This is Aze's home."

Azhang turned to Aze. This is a child he grew up watching from his childhood. Azhang naturally knew his temper. He didn't immediately transfer the people from the tribe. Azhang also considered Aze's reasons. Azhang hoped that he and Ali would move in and let Aze adapt to a period of time. After all, Aze would not reject him and Ali.

Aze shook Chen Qi's hand. "uncle Azhang wants to move the tribe, so move it. but after all, this is a wilderness, and its defense capability is not good. if hyenas attack, they may easily attack it."

Azhang was a little surprised. He had made a good plan to spend a winter persuading Aze to accept the idea of the tribe's transfer. But Aze agreed without thinking.

"Aze, do you really think it over? Although we plan to transfer the tribe, I hope you will not force yourself." Ali cut in a little worried, and hurriedly explained, "The people of the Yanshan tribe who are staying now will not reject you just because you have no pregnancy marks, nor will they blame you just because something happened to the tribe."

Aze interrupted Ali: "Uncle Ali, I understand everything you say. I have been back to the tribe a lot these days, so I don't exclude living with people in the tribe." Aze turned to look at Chen Qi. "I like the tribe very much, and I like the people in the tribe very much. If the tribe wants to move here, I won't object."

Hearing Aze's answer, Azhang breathed a sigh of relief, "Will Chen Qi be the chief of the clan?"

Chen Qi shook his head. "No, I am not fit to be a patriarch." Azhang was a little disappointed, and Chen Qi added: "I think it is most appropriate for Azhang to continue to be the tribal chief. If you have any questions that need my help in the future, I will do my best to help as long as I can."

Azhang wanted to say something more. Seeing Ake winking at him and shaking his head, Azhang swallowed his words of persuasion.

So the problem of tribal migration was settled after the end of winter.

Chen Qi came to the bathroom after breakfast to clean up the bowls and chopsticks. Aze was squeezing the fig juice into the greasy pottery dish. "Aze, did you really mean that you didn't mind the tribe migrating here?"

Aze stopped his action and looked up to see Chen Qi crouching beside him. He smiled. "I met some unhappy things in the tribe before. I said I didn't mind that it must be a lie to you."

"Then why do you still promise Azhang's request? Azhang wants my help. I can help them to plan the original Yanshan tribe's place, and I can also complete the tribe's defense."

Aze shook his head. "I don't hate tribal people. I didn't live in a tribe before and I didn't want Ka Luo to stick to me all the time, and." Aze paused and leaned close to Chen Qi's ear. The warm breath made Chen Qi feel itchy at the tip of his ear. "Chen Qi always smiles beautifully when there are many people."

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