Although the new house was built according to the original construction method of the Beastmen, the roof was laid according to Chen Qi's method. considering that the house needs to be overturned and rebuilt after the winter, the beam of the roof did not use sword keels, but tree trunks.

The construction of the new house went smoothly. The stone slabs left after the roof was laid were used to lay the floor. The rubber fruit of the newly completed house was not completely dried. Naturally, it was impossible to live in the new house at night. All the people in the tribe had moved to the Lion Wolf Tribe. The escaped hyenas also did not know whether they would come again. It was not safe to go back to the tribe to live now. Chen Qi invited Azhang and his family to live in his house.

Chen Qi's two habitable rooms were too cold because there was no fire, so he got two skins and spread them on the floor of the hall. Fortunately, the space in the hall was large enough to sleep a few people without feeling crowded. The fact that several people slept together always made Chen Qi have an illusion of returning to his schooldays when he went out to sleep together.

Before going to bed, Chen Qi checked Ajing's wound as usual. The gut suture had been removed and the wound had scabbed. Now, in addition to bandages to prevent getting to the wound, there was no more herbs applied.

Chen Qi found several small red scratches on the shaved area beside Ajing's wound and picked his eyebrows to look at Ajing.

Ajing shrank his neck and leaned against the wolf cub's nest subconsciously. his eyes wavered and he dared not look back at Chen Qi. Chen Qi smiled and asked, "does the wound itch?" When the wound scabs, the feeling of crisp and itchy is the most annoying. Chen Qi knew without guessing that the child must have been unable to stand itching and secretly disturbed.

Ajing nodded and shook his head again.

Chen Qi asked curiously: "Are you nodding and shaking your head, itching or not?"

"It itches, but it's fine during the day. If you don't disturb it before going to bed at night, you won't be able to sleep." Ajing will hand behind him, obediently replied.

Chen Qi knew that he was sitting at the fire pit. "Can't you sleep now?" Looking at the head of Ajing, Chen Qi thought for a moment, "Why don't I tell you a story? After listening to it, you can fall asleep, and then you won't itch."

"Story? The story of the beast god?" Ajing askew asked, the old woman who used to live next door to his house also likes to tell stories, but after all, there are only two stories about how the beast god saved people. at first he was curious to hear them several times, but he was bored with them many times.

Chen Qi shook his head. "My story has nothing to do with the Beast God." He used to have a colleague who had a little daughter in his family. Every night, his colleague would tell his daughter a bedtime story. His daughter always fell asleep at the beginning of the story and never listened to a whole story. That's why he thought of telling a story to coax Ajing to sleep.

Chen Qi wanted to think, then told a fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen with the deepest memory. Chen Qi put his tone very gently and his voice was soft. He thought he heard the sleepy rhythm and finished the story. He looked up and found Ajing didn't sleep at all. He also looked at himself with a pair of big sparkling eyes.

"Chen Qi, what is a mermaid?" Curious baby Ka Luo, lying on the edge of the kang bed, raised questions.

Chen Qi looked back and did not know when the Beastmen gathered around him. It seems that several people heard the story just now, "It is a creature that looks like a human being but has a fish tail."

"creatures with fish tails?" Ka Luo cocked his head for a moment and asked Ake next to him, "Do you know what it looks like?"

Ake shook his head.

Chen Qi described it several times in detail, but several people still couldn't understand the mermaid. Chen Qi felt the lack of imagination of the beast people for the first time and couldn't. Chen Qi got up and went to the fire, took a piece of charcoal that was already cold, found a board, drew a simple image of the mermaid on it, and handed it to several people, "It's probably like this."

"I will understand if you draw it like this." Ka Luo smiled and passed the board in front of several people, and then handed it to Ajing on the fire pit. Ajing took it carefully. It was the first time he saw this kind of painted pattern. Although Chen Qi's painting was not exquisite enough, the characteristics of mermaid were understandable at first sight. Ajing looked at it and couldn't help reaching out and touching it. As a result, he felt a dark hand, and the painting on the board was pasted with a large piece. Ajing's upturned lip angle collapsed rapidly just now.

"What's the matter?" Ali found Ajing's expression wrong and asked with a little worry that he was always heartbroken about the child. Unfortunately, the child's temper was as stubborn as that of his father who had passed away, and he had to stick to what he had decided.

Wang Ajing, who was trying to hide the burnt board secretly while others were not paying attention, got a fright, shoved the board into the hide quilt in a panic, shook his head and said, "No, it's nothing."

Chen Qi, who had just finished drawing the mermaid, felt a little itchy. He found a board and quickly drew another one. He used to do art design. He never took a paintbrush after crossing, and almost forgot that he could draw again.

"Chen Qi you draw really good-looking, why do you want to use charcoal to draw? If you paint with dyed fruit, you can keep it all the time." Ka Luo looked at the newly painted mermaid and said sadly.

"We didn't find any dyed fruits before. It's winter now. I don't know if there are any." Before Aze went to the forest several times, Chen Qi didn't ask him to look for the dyed fruit specially, and he didn't know whether the place Aze went to was not suitable for the survival of the dyed fruit. He never found the dyed fruit. Chen Qi needs to record everything directly by taking a piece of charcoal and then a piece of slate or board. However, he did not find it inconvenient.

"When I burned pottery before, there were still a few dyed fruits, but they were black. Do you want them?" Asked Ali. These dyed fruits have not been used because of color problems. It is not easy to find dyed fruits in winter, so they have not been thrown away.

Chen Qi saw the dyed fruit for the first time. The dyed fruit looks a bit like the milk fruit. It is also hard shell and has some round black spots on it. These spots are used to judge the color of the dyed fruit. If the dyed fruit is red liquid, the round spots on the surface will show red.

Chen Qi felt a little strange. He found a clean bamboo tube and opened a fruit dye. The fruit dye was a bit thick and dark, but it was a bit like ink. Chen Qi poured out a little and added some water to mix it up. After thinking for a moment, he found a bird feather that had been basked in for a long time. He found a relatively hard feather tube, cut it into the shape of a steel pen head with a sword horn knife, stained it with a little mixed fruit dye, and quickly drew it on a new board.

The feather pen had not been treated, and the effect of water discharge was not very good. The painting was a bit intermittent, but Chen Qi was very satisfied. Before long, a new picture of mermaid was finished. Chen Qi handed the wooden board with the picture of mermaid to Ali."Ali, can you give me those dyed fruits?"

Ali froze, took the board over and smiled, "Take it if you like. Black dyed fruit is of no use to me."

"then I'm not at all welcome." Chen Qi put away the intact dyed fruits. With these dyed fruits, there is quite enough ink. Make a feather pen or try to make a writing brush some time. Then there will be writing tools. Chen Qi smiled and began to think about all kinds of usage of dyed fruits in his brain.

Aze saw Chen Qi's joy at the fruit dyeing. He was a little annoyed that he had not found it earlier. He leaned over to Chen Qi and said, "If you like fruit dyeing, I'll look for it again these two days?"

Chen Qi waved his hand. "No, these dyes are enough for me to use for a long time."

Aze nodded, his heart still decided that if he went out these days, he must find some dyed fruits to come back.

The dyed fruit dries quickly and does not fade to the touch. It is more like paint than ink. Ali handed the newly obtained mermaid picture to Ajing and whispered to his ear, "Can you save this picture for me? I'm afraid I'll break it."

Ajing looked at him doubtfully and then at the beautiful picture of human and fish. He felt a little moved. "Then put it here with me first, and remember to ask me for it when you want it."

Ali looked at Ajing's bright little eyes after he took the board over and couldn't help rubbing each other's little heads. In fact, he wanted to give the painting directly to him, but Ajing would return the things he sent back every time, so he could only change his story.

Chen Qi couldn't help thinking about the tools that can be used to write when he got the dyed fruit. His first thought was bamboo slips. There were still some bamboo that had been cut back before. Chen Qi cut the bamboo to a suitable length and moved it back to the room. After all, it was at night. He was worried that it would affect other people's sleep, so he found a corner to break the bamboo into a finger-wide length.

Chen Qi naturally wanted to help Aze when he was busy. After building a house for a long day, Chen Qi wanted to send Aze to bed early. Seeing Aze insisting on helping, Chen Qi had no choice but to give the broken bamboo chips to the other party for polishing. Others saw Chen Qi making new things and didn't feel sleepy. They all leaned in to help.

Several people started work, and several pieces of bamboo were soon completed. Chen Qi put the bamboo pieces by the fire and planned to bake them overnight at the temperature of the fire. The binding work will be carried out tomorrow morning.

Chen Qi sent several people to sleep after the bamboo chips were finished.

The next day the weather was clear, the temperature felt a little higher after no snow, not as cold as a few days ago. Ali had already prepared breakfast early. Before that, he followed Chen Qi to learn how to cook for a few days. Now the dishes he has prepared are even better than those prepared by Chen Qi.

For breakfast, we made congee and potato cakes. Ali's potato cakes were added with some rice berries. The rice berries were a little sticky. The potato cakes won't come loose in one clip like Chen Qi's. They can be eaten directly in hand. Chen Qi ate cakes while drinking porridge. His heart could not help but sigh with emotion once again that Ali's practical ability was just as good as fate.

After breakfast, Azhang needs to go back to the tribe to move back some of his remaining things. The dolphin and dragon hunters let him hand over some to the heads of the lion and wolf tribe, some to the people who stayed in the lion and wolf tribe, and the rest is just some skins and daily necessities.

Ali stayed at home, Aze and Ake also went to help, while Chen Qize began to tie wood chips made yesterday into bamboo slips.

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