Azhang didn't have many things left in the tribe, plus the stuff of Ali family, the three of them had already moved out after two trips. Azhang planned to go hunting in the forest after moving out. Ake's stomach had started to move a little recently. The previous prey was enough for him and Ka Luo to finish the winter. Although he felt that it did not hinder hunting, everyone was not at ease, and finally only Aze decided to follow Azhang.

Loya forest does not wither in winter like Dora plain. Except for some wild fruits that are easy to freeze, the forest is almost the same as usual except for some more snow. It still maintains a lush scene.

Aze came to the forest not for hunting, but for picking wild fruits and wild vegetables. The cabbage he had picked back before had been eaten up. Because of the congee made every morning, there were not many rice berries left. Aze brought out several skins and backpacks this time, intending to pack them all up and tie them together to carry them back. This method can only be done by their strong females.

"Uncle Azhang, is that a dolphin dragon?" Aze is squatting on a tall branch and whispering to Azhang nearby. They are looking for dolphin dragons. It has been almost a month since winter. Dolphin dragons have begun to expand their activities to the periphery of the forest to avoid hungry predators deep in the forest.

Although the dolphin dragon is huge in size, it is actually very daring. It will spread its hooves and run as fast as it hears any movement. The impact of the running dolphin dragon is huge, and even the females will suffer a lot from frontal attack. Therefore, when hunting the dolphin dragon, it is mostly to confirm the approximate range of its movement first, then hide in the tree and wait quietly for the dolphin dragon to enter the attack distance, and subdue it before the dolphin dragon starts to escape.

Azhang looked in the direction of Aze's fingers. There was a small pool in that place. Ice had begun to form in the middle of the pool. Only there was a gap at the edge of the pool where gurgling water under the ice could be seen. A creature with huge antlers looked almost two meters tall and was leisurely standing at the edge of the pool drinking water. When Azhang looked past, the creature just looked up and flashed a little streamer in its beautiful turquoise eyes.

Linglong is quite far away from the two men. Like cheetahs, dolphin dragon is also the Ajing of speed in Loya Forest. dolphin dragon does not run at full speed for tens of seconds like cheetahs. It can raise its speed to the highest in an instant and can keep running at the highest speed until fleeing predators.

"It found us." Azhang shook his head. Beasts also hunt antelope, but only if the distance is close enough and the antelope does not find them.

Aze wanted to think, said to Azhang, he left first and quickly jumped off the tree trunk. Instead of walking to the pool where the dolphin dragon was located, he ran out of the sight of the dolphin dragon in the opposite direction before turning around and coming back a long way.

Linglong has a weakness, that is, they are too confident about their own speed, so that they often miss the best chance to escape.

The antelope at the edge of the pool only looked at the animals on the tree lightly, then bowed their heads and continued to drink water leisurely. This distance was enough for the animals to run away when they swooped down, so it was not afraid.

After a period of time, the water sources in other parts of the forest except the Sanchen River and its three tributaries will begin to freeze. dolphin dragon needs to supplement enough water before the water sources are frozen as much as possible. After all, Sanchen River has been occupied by those ferocious predators. With dolphin dragon, a creature with only speed and no attack, it will undoubtedly become someone else's food as long as it is near Sanchen River.

Aze fell quietly in a tall bush near the pool. His movements were very light and he could easily approach his prey without making any noise. However, the antelope was too alert, so he did not dare to get too close. He planned to wait until the antelope left the pool after drinking water.

The antelope drank slowly. Aze squatted for more than ten minutes before seeing the antelope leave. The direction it left was the tall grass in Aze.

Aze breathed lightly, his muscles tightened, and his fingernails were completely animalized, waiting quietly for the dragon to come.

Linglong obviously didn't find itself in a dangerous place. It walked leisurely with its head held high with beautiful giant antlers, and gracefully planned to find a place with sufficient grass resources to have a good meal.

At the closest distance between the antelope and the tall grass, Aze suddenly dived out, riding on the back of the antelope with one hand holding the angle of the antelope and the other five fingers gathering together. Sharp fingernails easily scratched the soft neck of the antelope, and the snow at the foot of the antelope was dyed red quickly.

Ling Long screamed loudly and struggled for a few times. Her fingernails cut off her throat. Soon her tall body fell to the snow and smashed snow all over the floor.

When Azhang came over, Aze was cleaning blood stains on his hands with snow. Azhang looked at the fallen antelope and had to admire Aze's hunting speed. "Let's hunt here first today and go back as soon as we have picked wild fruits."

Aze nodded.

Because the hunting was finished ahead of schedule, the two men came back earlier. The gate on the ice fence was opened a lot wider to facilitate the handling of giant prey. Chen Qi made the wooden door into two, one closed at ordinary times, and the gate would be fully opened when hunting back large prey.

Aze didn't go to the door when he heard a cheer from the inside. He looked at Azhang doubtfully and put several skins and backpacks full on his back into the yard. Only then did Azhang and Azhang lift the curtain into the room.

"Chen Qi, is this my name?" Ka Luo asked excitedly, holding a piece of bamboo.

Chen Qi nodded and handed a piece of bamboo with a Ake written on it to Ake next to him. The bamboo chips were baked all night. Except for a few pieces that were placed too close to the fire and were a little scorched, the other bamboo chips were baked very well. Several Beastmen polished them very carefully last night. The bamboo chips had an unusually smooth surface. Chen Qi simply made a brush out of wool and couldn't wait to try the effects of these props. That's why this scene is happening now.

"What are you doing? I heard your voice from afar." Azhang came over and clear voice asked with a smile.

Ali handed him a piece of bamboo with a clear character written on it, "Chen Qi helped us write the name, and this word is your name." Ali waved the bamboo chip in his hand again. "Look, it's not the same name as me."

Beastmen have no written language. They can understand numbers and some complicated words, but they have no written records. For thousands of years, they have all passed information by word of mouth.

"Name?" Azhang looked at his bamboo chip, then at the bamboo chip in Ali's hand, with some black crooked marks on it. Azhang could not understand the words. He looked at Chen Qi doubtfully.

Chen Qi felt a bit embarrassed and touched his nose. He only grabbed the brush pen in his childhood art class and never studied it systematically. Therefore, the words he wrote were a little crooked and even he could not bear to look straight at them. Only Ka Luo, who had never seen words before, would be so excited with his own words.

"This is a character. What you have in your hand is a clear character, the same pronunciation as your name."

Azhang looked curiously at the bamboo chip in his hand and asked, "What's the use of this word?"

"You can write it down. Even if you forget what you wrote down later, you can read it back as long as you write it down no matter how long." Chen Qi explained.

"Can you understand this text?" Azhang asked.

Chen Qi nodded. If he couldn't understand it, how could he write it down? However, considering that they all saw the writing for the first time, they explained: "There are many such things as writing. Each word is different, and the meaning of each word is different. They can also be combined into one sentence with other words." Chen Qi handed the first piece of bamboo chip written at the beginning to Aze at the back, then picked up the brush and wrote four words on another piece of bamboo chip. "For example, the name of Aze, I only wrote a word on this piece of bamboo, it only represents the name of Aze. And on this piece of bamboo I wrote "Wenrun Er Ze (T/N: gentle and smooth)." Chen Qi looked at Aze and smiled. "Although there is the word Ze (T/N: lake) on it, it is not only a name but also another meaning."

Aze tightened his grip on the bamboo chip. "What is your name?"

Chen Qi was stunned. He bent down to write his name on another piece of Hsinchu and handed it to Aze. "Chen is above and Qi is below. These two words are my name."

Azhang held the bamboo chip in his hand and lost in thought for a long time. He asked, "Can you teach me this word?"

"Do you want to learn?" In fact, Chen Qi knew that when they didn't have any words, he moved the idea of whether to teach Aze to read. However, he had been busy preparing for the winter. He didn't take time out. Unexpectedly, Azhang moved the idea of learning when he saw the words.

Azhang nodded solemnly, "In the past, a lot of things were handed down orally by the old people. Their memories are not clear, and many of the things they said are not accurate. If they can record them, they can pass them on. They are not afraid of forgetting or making mistakes."

Chen Qi was a little surprised. I didn't think Azhang had already started to think about this kind of thing. it is no wonder that he can become a tribal chief. "if you want to learn, I can teach you."

"Chen Qi, can we learn too?" Asked Ali.

"Yes, yes, Ake and I want to learn." Ka Luo said earnestly, holding his hands high.

"Awoo." Little Wolf nest in the hand of the Ajing found side together booing all followed cried, Chen Qi turned just to see the Ajing burning eyes.

Chen Qi smiled and looked at Aze nearby. "Do you want to learn Aze?"

Aze, who was staring at the bamboo chip with the words Chen Qi, heard the question and raised his head. "I want to learn."

"all right." Chen Qi clapped his hands. "Then I'll teach you how to write tonight, and learn to write your names in the first lesson."

The crowd cheered. In order to celebrate their ability to learn to write, Ali and Ka Luo directly took on the task of cooking tonight. Aze handed the piece of bamboo with Wen Run Er Ze written on it to Chen Qi when Azhang and Ake were handling their prey and asked, "What do these four words mean?"

Chen Qi smiled, stretched out his hand and grasped Aze's hand holding the bamboo chip. He said softly: "The gentleman is better than jade. He is gentle and smooth, and benevolent."

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