In this paper-free world, only local materials can be used to learn to write. Chen Qi asked several females to make several boards, polished the wooden thorns on the surface, and then gave each of them two pieces.

The brush pen was only the one Chen Qi made temporarily in the morning, so Chen Qi found some slender charcoal and asked several people to take the charcoal to write on the board. Chen Qi's choice of charcoal wood is relatively hard, even if it has been burnt into carbon, it will not easily disintegrate. The only drawback is probably that it will become black.

Chen Qi is the first time to teach people how to write, or to teach people who have never come into contact with words. He explained the meaning of strokes to several people, then taught them one-on-one the composition of the strokes of the words they want to learn, and wrote down the sequence with wooden boards so that they could imitate the writing.

The board is not big. After it is full, it needs to be wiped clean with the skins moistened with water and then put by the fire to dry before it can continue to be used. Chen Qi found that Ake's first written word was a card word, while Ka Luo's first written word was a Ake word. When teaching them, Chen Qi felt that he had eaten a mouthful of dog food.

"Chen Qi."Afraid of charcoal soiling the heated kang, Ajing also gathered together by the fire. Chen Qi made cushions of several thick skins for him to lean on, but the little fellow said that his injury had been cured for a long time. he sat firmly away from the cushions and straightened his back.

Hearing Ajing calling him, Chen Qi leaned over and asked with concern, "What's the matter? Is there something you don't understand?"A piece of wood of Ajing was already covered with Ajing characters in a crooked way. Chen Qi rubbed the other side's little head with praise and asked, "Ajing is really good. He has already finished writing. Do you need to stay the words you wrote for the first time? I'll bring you a new board."

Ajing nodded vigorously. Chen Qi replaced him with a new board. Ajing hesitated for a moment. the young wolf nestled at his feet and moved."can you teach me how to write wolf characters?"


"Mmm."Ajing picked up the wolf cub."Aze said it has no name yet. Let me give it a name. It is a giant wolf cub and it is so small, so I call it wolf."

Little Wolf, although the name is straightforward, it is also good, Chen Qi showed Ajing several times how to write wolf characters, and only after seeing Ajing stumbling in writing wolf characters did he satisfactorily rub each other's little heads and stood up to look at the situation of others.

Aze wrote carefully and did not notice Chen Qi coming. When he found out, it was too late to put away the boards. Chen Qi was stunned when he saw the words written on Aze's board. Aze did not write his own name, but wrote an opening word. Chen Qi did not teach him the stroke order of the opening word, so he actually wrote it from right to left, saying it was written, but actually it was more like looking at a painting.

The discovered Aze had reddish ears. Chen Qi smiled and walked behind him. He bent over and grasped Aze's hand holding charcoal."You have written in the wrong order. You should write like this."Chen Qi held his hand and slowly wrote the words one by one. After that, he smiled and asked, "Do you understand?"

Aze raised his head and just saw Chen Qi's smiling face. Perhaps it was too close. Aze felt a bit absent from Chen Qi's smile and wait for a while shook his head.

"Then I'll show you again, and you can watch carefully."Chen Qi grabbed his hand and wrote again until the board was full of opening words. Aze nodded with a burning face to indicate that he could write.

Beasts who learned to write for the first time excitedly did not rest until midnight. They not only learned to write their own names, but also learned to write the names of others. The next morning Chen Qi was afraid they would forget, so he asked them to write it again before they started their busy work today.

Azhang and Aze continued to hunt, while Ali continued to weave with fluffy cocoons. He planned to make everyone a comfortable cloth suit. He would wear the cloth suit inside like Chen Qi, and then put on the fur coat outside. Not only would it keep warm but it would be much more comfortable than wearing the fur coat directly.

The antelope, which was hunted back yesterday, has been disposed of. Chen Qi cooked antelope bone soup today. seeing Ajing sitting and writing for half a day yesterday was all right. Chen Qi also didn't force him to lie on the bed to recuperate. young wolf also didn't know what happened. he didn't sleep for a long time in the past two days. he even started to run around the house in high spirits early in the morning.

Chen used dolphin dragon's hair and made several brushes. Ake went to the bamboo forest and cut down two bamboos. All of them were chopped and Ka Luo made into bamboo chips. There were too many bamboo chips. Chen Qi asked them to make a wooden frame. First, put it outside to dry the bamboo chips, and then put a small part of them directly to the fire to bake.

Today's sun is warm on people. After all, it is inconvenient to write with charcoal. Not only will it make your hands dark, but even if you wipe them with water, they won't be clean. Chen Qi sent Ake to Chishui River to dig a big bag of river sand. Chen Qi plans to make some sand tables for them to practice writing.

There was a lot of mud mixed in the river sand. Chen Qi melted a large plate of snow water. He washed the sand outside the house first, then put the clean sand into the pottery pan, and put pottery into the fire to dry up the water. Chen Qi made several feather pens. While the sand was hot, he inserted the quill of the feather pen into the hot sand and baked the quill hard with the temperature of the sand, which was also much more convenient to use.

Chen Qi made several A4-sized wooden boxes and glued them together with jelly. When waiting for the jelly to dry, he planned to pick some jelly leaves. The jelly can grow on trees for many years, fearing fire but not cold. Gum leaves will turn yellow in winter, but they will not fall. They will start to grow new leaves when summer comes. Before, when Ka Luo and his family built a new house, they had picked rubber fruits. Chen Qi had seen yellow rubber leaves with rough surface but not withering and shrinking like other leaves. It was perfectly suitable to replace paper for writing.

Ajing's wound was just right. Chen Qi could not bear to let him go out. He let Ah Ali stay at home with him while he went to pick gum leaves with Ake and Ka Luo.

Even if the weather gets warmer, the snow shows no signs of melting. Walking in the knee-high snow is a physical activity.

"If you need gum leaves, I'll just pick them myself."Looking at the two male turtles, Ake could not help but suggest that he could run back and forth several times at their speed.

Chen Qi shook his head."Gum fruit trees are not far from here and there is no danger nearby. I haven't been out of the door since winter. This time I just came out for a walk."

"Yes, there's nothing urgent to do now anyway. Let's just walk slowly."Ka Luo answered.

Ake had no choice but to follow behind the two men and walk slowly towards the direction of the gum tree.

Several people went out early after lunch. As a result, it was nearly evening when they got home after picking. Ka Luo collapsed on the fur blanket by the fire and shouted, "I didn't expect walking in the snow to be so tiring. I don't want to move any more."

Chen Qi was better than him. He checked the feather pen first, took the feather pen out of the cold sand, and was going to pour the sand into the wooden box on one side. The wooden box was not big, so he didn't need to wait until the jelly was completely dry before using it.

"Are you back? Have you seen Ajing?"Ali hurriedly came in from the outside and saw several people hurriedly asked.

"No, why?"Chen Qi put down the sand in his hand and asked doubtfully.

"I just put too much effort into weaving and didn't pay attention to him. I was just planning to cook dinner when I found Ajing missing."Ali explained ruefully, "I've looked around, but I can't find it. I don't know where he went, and even the young wolf is missing."

Chen Qi patted Ali on the shoulder comfortingly."Don't worry, the outside of the wall is covered with snow. It hasn't snowed in this period of time. If Ajing leaves, he should leave traces."

"Yes."Ali patted himself on the forehead."I was really confused just now. let's go and have a look."

Several soldiers were divided into two routes. Chen Qi and Ali went to the front door, and Ake and Ka Luo went to the back door. Because the front door was moved to build a house before and because it was usually used for hunting, many potholes were stamped on the snow and there was no way to identify whose footprints were.

The two men walked a long distance along these tracks, only to find a small footprint. If they walked on, they would find that the footprint was heading for the tribe.

"The child does not want to return to the tribe, does he?"

Chen Qi shook his head with a headache. He explained to each other many times that no one in the tribe is unsafe now. I didn't expect that Xiong Haizi would sneak back while they were away."Let's go back to Ake first and let him go to the tribe."

Ali nodded. He was better, but it would be too risky to take Chen Qi in the direction of the tribe. He was looking back when out of the corner of his eye he saw a small black spot moving toward this side. Ali grabbed Chen Qi by the sleeve and said, "Chen Qi, look at that over there."

Chen Qi looked along the direction of Ali's fingers and saw a small figure moving slowly in the distance. He was still wearing a fiery fur coat made by Chen Qi specially for Ali. It was especially conspicuous on the white snow. Who else could it be but Ajing?

Ajing's speed was very slow, and Ali caught up with him in three or two steps. He tore at his head and said, "You son, don't you know that it is very dangerous in the tribe now? Why did you run out without saying a word?"

Ajing was carrying a hide backpack about his height behind him. The hide backpack seemed to be full of things. The little wolf cub in her arms heard the voice of Ah Ali and called out a few times to Ah Ali discontentedly.

Ajing stroked the hair on the young wolf's head to make it quiet. only then did he look up and say to Ali, "I didn't disturb you when I saw you busy."

Chen Qi also caught up at this moment. He was running in the snow with unstable center of gravity. He also fell and his clothes were covered with snow that had not been taken before. He saw the backpack behind Ajing."You went back to the tribe to pack up."

Ajing nodded, put the pup on the ground, took off his backpack from behind and handed it to Chen Qi."this is the food I have collected for the winter. I'll give it to you."After thinking for a while, he added, "There are still some milk nuts in it. Those are for the little wolf."

At the feet of the young Wolf let out a cry, seems to be in response to the Ajing said.

Ali wanted to teach Ajing a few words, but when he heard Ajing's words, he swallowed them back.

Chen Qi crouched down and touched Ajing's little head."Even if you want to go to the tribe to get something, you can't leave without saying hello. We will be very worried."

Ajing looked at Chen Qi and then at Ah Ali."Did you come out to look for me because you were worried about me?"

Chen Qi nodded."Ali has searched the neighborhood for you. You don't know how worried he is."

Ajing held the pup back in his arms, perhaps because of too much force. The pup twisted uncomfortably and looked straight at Ah Ali."I'm sorry, I'll never leave without saying hello again."

Ali's lips and jaw moved a few times, and finally he sighed and raised his hand to pinch his little face."Look at you, it's freezing after coming out for so long. Let's go home first."

"I will be beast, not freezing."

Ali choked, picked up the hide backpack on the ground and turned away. Chen Qi originally wanted to recite Ajing, but Ajing naturally did not want to. Finally, he took Ajing's little hand and several people headed for home.

A string of long footprints were left on the white snow.

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