A few people had just returned to the front door when they saw Ake hurrying towards this side behind Ka Luo's back. When they saw Ali, Ka Luo shouted, "Uncle Ali, have you found Ale?"

Ali waved his hide backpack and pointed behind him. "The little fellow ran back to the tribe to move."

Ka Luo looked behind Ali and saw Ajing standing next to Chen Qi. The stone in his heart finally fell down, patted Ake on the shoulder and motioned for the other party to put him down.

"They are also worried about you." Chen Qi lowered his head and whispered to Ajing.

Ajing looked at Chen Qi and then at Ka Luo, who was coming towards him. after a moment's hesitation, he let go of Chen Qi's hand and stepped forward. he looked at each other straight in front of Ka Luo's mouth and said earnestly, "I'm sorry to worry you, but I will never leave without saying hello."

Ka Luo originally wanted to criticize each other, but after hearing Ajing's apology, he froze. He had never thanked him for sending so much food to each other before. He even apologized to himself when he came back from leaving this time. The scolded words rolled around his throat for several times, and finally he swallowed them back, raised his hand and rubbed Ajing's little head. "Remember what you said today, and I won't go looking for you next time I leave."

Ajing nodded, "You don't need to find it, I can come back."

Ka Luo paused in his hand, and instead of rubbing each other's small head, he slapped him on the head with a slap, ground his molar teeth, lowered his face with a snort, turned to pull Ake, and said loudly as he walked, "Ake, are you hungry? Go back and I'll make you something to eat."

Ajing looked at Chen Qi doubtfully. "Is he angry?"

Chen Qi did not know how to deal with the current situation. He looked at Ali for help, only to find that he had already entered the room with his backpack behind Ka Luo. Helpless, Chen Qi can only vaguely pull open the topic, "he is not angry, you walked so far also hungry? Let's cook dinner."

Ajing nodded. Although he was not too hungry, the wolf must have been hungry for most of the day. He also wanted to go back to feed the wolf earlier.

When the two entered the room, Ali had already picked up his unfinished piece of cloth for the final finishing. Ka Luo was there. He and Ake would have to do the dinner. Seeing that there was nothing for him to help with dinner, Chen Qi went on to make the sand table.

Ajing found a piece of cloth and carefully wiped the snow on the four little hooves of the little wolf cub. Then he put it on the fur blanket by the fire and put the special Xiao Mu dish for the little wolf cub in front of it. Only then did he pick up the backpack he brought back, carefully took out all the milk inside and packed it with a pottery.

Milk fruit is not much, only 20 or so, Ajing took one and scratched it with his fingernails. He poured half of the milky liquid into the Xiao Mu dish. The young wolf shook his tail happily and turned around for several times before he could not wait to eat it.

Little wolf pup still keeps the appetite of one and a half milk fruits. Ajing wraps the opened milk fruits with cloth and carefully puts them into the pottery dish. After putting the milk fruit away and waiting for the pup to finish eating, he wiped the milk fruit liquid on his mouth and saw that there was nothing he could do to help, so he got a piece of wood, took a piece of charcoal from the fire that was no longer warm, and practiced writing. he has learned how to write scene and wolf characters. now he is learning kai characters. yesterday he saw Chen Qi teach Aze how to write, but now he has not made any mistakes following his memory.

Aze and Azhang came back late today and carried back two adult male dolphin dragons, each about three meters high, piled up in the yard like two hills. They were carrying a backpack in front of and behind each other. Wild fruits had already been brought back a lot yesterday. This time, the two brought back only rice berries that could be stored for a long time, and milk fruits that had not tasted very good just to fill the backpack space and were picked back by the way.

Beasts have recently fallen in love with fried food. For dinner in the evening, Ka Luo cooked French fries, croquettes, hash browns and croquettes, roast meat and stew, which are the usual foods eaten by beast people, have not appeared on the table for a long time. When eating, Ali told Aze and Azhang in a low voice about Ajing's sneaking back to the tribe. Azhang didn't think it was a big deal to sneak back to the tribe. when he was younger than Ajing, he dared to run to catch fish in chishui river in winter. of course, his dad chased him around the tribe and beat him on his way home.

Aze took Ajing to his room while the others were tidying up after the meal. He also did not know what to talk about. When he came out, Ajing drooped his head and climbed listlessly onto the tempering kang.

Chen Qi asked Aze curiously, "What did you tell him?"

"If you don't have the ability to take the wolf outside, it will kill him."

Chen Qi choked, "Ajing is still young."

"He is already sensible."

Well, Chen Qi has no experience in educating children, so he didn't discuss this topic any more.

It was already dark, and several people planned to deal with the two dolphin dragons in the courtyard. Although some of their internal organs had been left behind when dealing with their prey, the intestines and other things were wrapped in animal skins and thrown into Chishui River. There were a large number of fish in Chishui River, some of which had sharp teeth, and they could even eat the fur and bones of animals.

"Why do you want to stay large intestine? So dirty." When Chen Qi told Aze not to throw away the dolphin's large intestine, Ka Luo was the first to frown against it.

Chen Qi has already burned several large snowy waters in pottery for standby. Aze heard Chen Qi say that he wanted to keep the large intestine of the dolphin dragon and silently put it aside. He asked Chen Qi what to do with the large intestine after the whole dolphin dragon was disposed of and packed into wooden cases.

Dolphin dragon is too big, and its large intestine is several meters long. Chen Qi asked Aze to cut the large intestine into several sections, then turn the whole large intestine over and clean up the dirt inside. Ka Luo took his nose and walked far away when Aze started to deal with it. Ake could not stand the smell and went back to the room early to continue learning to write. He could already write his own and Ka Luo's names and planned to learn others' names as well.

Azhang was not too dirty. He also took a cut large intestine and learned the appearance of Aze. He listened to Chen Qi's instructions and began to deal with it.

After the dirt in the large intestine was emptied, Chen Qi asked them to clean the large intestine with water. Then they went back to the house and took a bamboo tube of salt out. They scooped a large spoon of salt onto the cleaned large intestine in Aze's hand and asked Aze to rub it with the salt several times. Rub it and wash it with water, then add a spoonful of salt, and the fat adhering to the inner wall of large intestine will be treated together.

The large intestines of the two male porpoise dragons are full of two pottery, and it took a lot of time to complete them.

After moving the finished large intestine back to the hall, Chen Qi was worried that the taste on the large intestine could not be removed. He ordered Aze to blanch all the large intestine and then rub and wash it with salt. During this period of time, he went to check what Aze had brought back in the past two days.

Chen Qi took several empty wooden boxes out of the storage room. Now, except for some cold-resistant things that will be put in the storage room, foods that will be frozen, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, are packed in wooden boxes and piled up in the corner of the hall. Altogether, there are only two boxes. The apples that he used to eat often are gone, and all the fruits of water and milk have made Chen Qi sugar. Now there are fully two bamboo tubes.

Also thanks to Ali made a lot of backpacks before, yesterday and today Aze fully picked up as many as ten backpacks, Chen Qi cleared out the milk fruit and rice berries, these two things accounted for half of the amount, there are more than a dozen cabbage, also don't know why this thing will grow in such a cold day? The rest is some ginger, onion, garlic and the like that Chen Qi often uses, as well as several bell peppers. Some wild fruits have been seen by Chen Qi, and some have not. It is strange that they have not been seen before. Aze said they can eat them. Chen Qi took a green wild fruit that is a bit like a gong pear, washed it clean and took a bite, which was unexpectedly sweet.

"Hey? Mung beans?" When turning to the last hide backpack, Chen Qi found most of the bags of beans and mung beans. The beans were mixed together. Chen Qi grabbed a handful and looked at them. They were really similar to the mung beans and soybeans he knew.

"This kind of bean is not delicious, but it is very resistant to hunger." Hearing the voice of Chen Qi, Ajing, who was teasing the little wolf cub in bed, looked over and found Chen Qi sorting out the backpack he had brought with him and opened his mouth to explain.

Chen Qi discovered that his backpack was smaller than other backpacks by a circle. It was small backpack that Ali had specially made for Ajing before. Chen Qi packed the mung beans and beans into a pottery dish. There were even less than half of them. Chen Qi happily carried pottery to the heated kang. "Ajing, can you help me separate the beans from the mung beans?"

Ajing lowered the young wolf down and nodded, "yes."

Chen Qi touched his little head. Ajing's hair was soft and comfortable to touch. Chen Qi brought him two clean pottery bowls to store the beans.

After finishing, Ake helped to move the wooden box filled with things into the storage room. Aze had already finished the large intestine. Chen Qi was ready to start making stuffing and he was ready to make a stuffed large intestine.

The stuffed large intestine was made by my grandmother next door to my hometown when I was a child, and it tasted delicious in my memory, but Chen Qi did not know how to make the stuffing in it. However, even if I knew he could not make the same stuffing here, after all, this is a world without seasoning.

Not long after dinner, Ka Luo saw Chen Qi preparing to cook again, and he couldn't help wondering, "Chen Qi, are you still hungry?"

Chen Qi smiled and shook his head. "No, I'm just going to get something you haven't eaten."

Hearing that it was uneaten food, Ka Luo's eyes lit up and he leaned in, "What kind of food do you want to make? Let me help you."

Chen Qi pointed to the large intestine that had been treated by Aze, "I am going to brew the large intestine."

See Chen Qi is going to do large intestine, Ka Luo's enthusiasm was doused by more than half, a face of excitement was praised down, "why do you want to eat this stuff? This thing is so smelly and dirty."

Ali did not mind, seeing Chen Qi preparing new food, hurriedly put down his work and rolled up his hide sleeves to help. Ka Luo said that although he disliked the large intestine, he did not leave. Chen Qi ordered the two men to take some dolphin meat and cut it into diced meat.

Apart from Ajing being sent to distribute beans, others were very interested in Chen Qi's new food and came to help.

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