Chen Qi cut a bell pepper into pieces, added a little scallion and garlic, mixed with the diced meat, added salt to adjust the taste, and simply stir-fried it with pottery. This is the first filling, because it is not clear what kind of filling will make the stuffed large intestine taste better, Chen Qi plans to test several more schemes.

Chen Qi, the second filling, asked Ka Luo to mash the diced meat into minced meat, mix with chopped cabbage, add a little rice berries, stir-fry and then serve. Potatoes were added to the third portion. Chen Qi went through all the filling methods that he could think of, and even let him make five or six different fillings. However, the main raw materials of all fillings were meat, including the fresh dolphin and dragon meat, the antelope and dragon meat yesterday, and all kinds of pickled meat pickled before winter.

After filling is finished, the brewing work will begin. others can only make filling. when brewing, one person took a large intestine. Chen Qi also gave each person a plate of different filling to make according to their own demonstration.

Chen Qi tied one end of the large intestine with a string of whiskers, then began to pour the stuffing into the large intestine, about 70% to 80%, and then tied the other end of the large intestine with an opening, thus brewing the large intestine well. The production process is simple and convenient, without any technical content. Chen Qi sighed as he looked at the brewed large intestine.

Chen started cooking on the hearth beside the heated kang bed. he put the large intestine into the pan, which was relatively large. Chen Qi was afraid that it would not be easy to cook if it was too full. he put only two pieces of water into a pan, covered the large intestine with water, and began to cook. after the water was boiled dry, he slightly fried the expanded large intestine until the surface was golden.

The sword angle knife is washed clean, slightly scalded in boiling water to sterilize, then the root hair line tied to the large intestine is cut off, the round golden large intestine is cut into pieces and neatly packed in a pottery bowl, and one large intestine is filled with two large pottery bowls.

Considering the cooking with water, Chen Qi specially prepared the stuffing to be salty. At the moment, I tried one piece and the taste was just right.

"how? Is it delicious?" Ka Luo couldn't help it when he smelled the fragrance, but the thought that the material was the large intestine of the porpoise dragon, and his heart was tempted by the fragrance and restrained. when he saw Chen Qi eating a piece, he asked.

Chen Qi smiled at him and did not answer him. Instead, he handed Ali another bowl of pottery filled with cut large intestine. He took a small bowl from the pottery bowl in front of him and handed it to one side. He leaned in and looked curiously at his scene.

Ajing had eaten bark before when he was hungry. He did not have any resistance to the large intestine of the dolphin dragon. He gladly took the pottery bowl handed over by Chen Qi and put it into the mouth with chopsticks. This is the meat foam cabbage stuffing with rice berries. After several rounds of cleaning, the large intestine has no taste, and it still smells like rice after one bite. Cabbage will not make you feel bored.

Ajing gulped down the food in his mouth after chewing it for a few times. He seldom brought a smile on his little face, which had no expression. He picked up a piece with chopsticks and began to eat it again.

Chen Qi flicked the other side's forehead, criticizing: "What's the rush to eat? There is no one to rob you of food, so chewing it a few times before swallowing it is helpful for digestion."

Ajing paused and nodded his head as he swallowed the food. He did not swallow the food until he chewed it carefully. When he finished, he said to Chen Qi, "It's delicious."

"Just after dinner, you can't eat too much even if it's delicious. Don't break your stomach."

Ajing nodded cleverly and agreed that he would not eat Chen Qi's stuffed large intestine after he had eaten it. There were less than half bowls, and if he ate slowly, he could eat it for a long time. Ajing was contemplating.

Chen Qi also filled Aze and Ake with less than half a bowl. Aze and Ake had already started eating by themselves. Only Ka Luo looked at this and that for a while, smelling the fragrance and not daring to try a face of impatience.

Ake put a piece to Ka Luo's lips. "I have tasted it. It doesn't have any strange taste. The filling in it is quite fragrant. Try some."

Ka Luo still hesitated a little, but he gritted his teeth, pressed down the little resistance in his heart and took a small bite with his mouth. Needless to say, it was really delicious. Ka Luo thought as he ate the piece of fermented large intestine that Ake handed over, and glanced at Chen Qi with bitterness.

After all, they all had supper. Chen Qi didn't plan to cook the two prepared fermented large intestines after they were finished. It was already late at night after such a meal was finished. He simply tidied up and took a rest. Before going to bed, Chen Qi told Ajing a fairy tale of Andersen as usual, while the other Beastmen set up their ears under the covers of animal skins to listen. Since I told Ajing a bedtime story, it has become a daily necessity.

The next day was another month without a day. The sky was overcast and there was not a trace of sunshine. The temperature felt to have dropped several degrees. It looked like a snowstorm was coming at any time. Chen Qi also did not suggest Azhang and his family to continue hunting.

In the morning, I cooked all the large intestines that I brewed yesterday but didn't cook them for breakfast. yesterday, Ali beat Chen Qi and he could cook the breakfast himself. the taste is not far from what Chen Qi made.

After breakfast, it snowed, but there was no wind. Chen Qi asked Aze to go to his original home and move the table as a desk. After winter, Chen Qi made a set of furniture and glued a table and chairs with glue. Because the glue dried too slowly, he put it in the original house to dry slowly. Now it has been drying for almost a month and should be ready for use.

Clear out one corner of the hall and place it on the table and chair. The chair has no back rest. It is a simple round pier with three legs attached.

Several Beastmen who saw the furniture for the first time were very curious about it. Chen Qi motioned that they could sit on the chair and carefully demonstrated it to them. There is no need to go out during the snowstorm, and things at home are not too busy. Chen Qi plans to let several people continue to practice calligraphy.

Yesterday, after picking six large bags of gum leaves, Ake moved back four bags alone. Chen Qi took out a stack of leaves. The leaves were very thick and the surface of the leaves was slightly rough. Writing with feather pens might not be very effective. Chen Qi took out the prepared brush pen and handed out one for each person.

The thick fruit dyeing solution was mixed well. Before, several small wooden dishes were made. At the moment, just one person filled them with black fruit dyeing solution. Chen Qi himself wrote a string of words on the leaves with a writing brush to try the effect. Although the handwriting was still too ugly to look directly at, I have to say that the texture of the glue leaves was really similar to the paper. Chen Qi each gave a few leaves. "You should try to review the words learned yesterday with these leaves and I will teach you new words after writing the fruit dyeing solution in front of you."

A few people should be a sound, Chen Qi taught them to hold the brush posture, a few people began to practice seriously. The room was quiet except for the crackle of the fire from time to time.

After lunch, a strong wind suddenly began to blow. The sound insulation effect of Locust Dragon's windows is not good. Sitting indoors, one can hear the cries from the outside. Chen Qi looked at the roof, fearing that the wind would overturn the whole roof.

"It's okay." Aze saw Chen Qi's uneasiness and patted him on the hand. "This house is very strong."

Chen Qi nodded. He is from the south. The number of times he has seen snow in Dalian is very small. It is the first time he has seen such a big snowstorm. Although he is still uneasy, his restless heart has calmed down.

In the afternoon, after the others finished writing their own fruit dyeing liquid, Chen Qi sent them the sand table they had made before. They practiced writing on the sand table with wooden sticks. After writing, they could use it repeatedly after smoothing it with their hands, which was much more convenient than those rubber leaves that used less and less.

Learning is a very boring thing. although Chen Qi disliked his handwriting, he couldn't stand it after practicing all morning. when others repeatedly wrote the names, he ran to dig out some sweet potatoes, pulled out some warm and cool charcoal by the fire, buried the sweet potatoes in the charcoal, then put some red-hot charcoal on top of it and began to bake the sweet potatoes.

Strong winds occasionally force some snowflakes to break through the thick fur curtain. Suddenly, the cold air coming in made Chen Qi shiver. For the first time, Chen Qi regretted not getting a wooden door for his new home. Now we have to build wooden doors only after the snowstorm has stopped. Chen Qi threw a few sticks of wood into the fire to make the fire more prosperous. He found several pieces of heavy wood to compact the hide curtain so as not to let the wind blow it away easily.

"Chen Qi."

Chen Qi, who was standing by the window watching the snow, was lost in thought when he heard someone calling him to turn back and saw Aze coming. Chen Qi smiled and asked, "What's the matter?"

Aze glanced at the white snow outside the window. The yard that had been cleaned up before was covered with thick snow again. "I have learned to write the name of the big family. Please teach me new words."

Chen Qi was a little surprised. "Then write it for me."

Aze nodded, and the two men walked to the table. Aze sat down, took a new leaf, and wrote the name of the big family on it one by one with a writing brush. Chen Qi looked down and found that even the name of the little wolf cub had been written.

"Aze, you are really good." Chen Qi praised, "How long has this been learning to write?" Aze went hunting for a day yesterday and didn't have time to practice at all. The fonts he wrote now are not only better than those written by Chen Qi, but as a beginner, these names are quite complicated. Aze wrote them all without any mistakes.

Hearing Chen Qi's praise, Aze's ears turned reddish and he smiled with his lips closed.

Chen Qi wrote a simple string of Arabic numerals 0 to 9 on a leaf and explained it to Aze. Although the Beastmen did not understand the words, they could understand the meaning of the words. Chen Qi only said it once and Aze understood it.

While Aze was practicing, Chen Qi went to check the situation of others and found that besides Ka Luo and Ajing, others had already been able to write down everyone's names skillfully, and could also distinguish the pronunciation and meaning of each word by shuffling the words.

Chen Qi taught them simple Arabic numerals one by one. Seeing that everyone else was immersed in calligraphy practice, he estimated that the baked sweet potatoes should be ready, and took a wooden stick to rummage by the fire.

"Chen Qi, you ate alone." Smelling the smell of baked sweet potatoes, Ka Luo dumped his slightly sour hand and growled discontentedly.

Chen Qi smiled Xi Xi and threw a still hot baked sweet potato directly to Ka Luo. Ka Luo hurriedly put down the writing stick and scrambled to catch it. As a result, he was so hot that he let out a cry.

"Write for most of the time are you hungry? Do you want to have afternoon tea before continuing?" Chen Qi turned over all the baked sweet potatoes and piled them to one side. He picked up one of them and broke it in half. He blew on the steaming orange sweet potato meat and took a bite. The sweet potatoes that had been put out for a long time in winter were sweet. Chen Qi said to those who were sitting at the table while eating contentedly.

Several people at the table looked at each other, all put down their things to the fire, one picked up a hot baked sweet potato to eat, hot sweet potato entrance, the whole people feel warm from inside to outside.

"Aze, here you are." Chen Qi handed the half baked sweet potato to Aze, who sat next to him. Aze smiled and took it and peeled off the slightly burnt potato skin and took a bite.

After eating, everyone began to practice calligraphy, while Chen Qi began to work out how to teach them how to read.

Chen Qi, who had just learned to read in primary school, had long forgotten the memory. Chen Qi also wanted to start teaching like the ancients from the three-character sutra and the thousand-character text, but the three-character sutra only knew beginning of life, and the thousand-character text only remembered heaven and earth. He had no choice but to give up.

Chen Qi has no experience in teaching people, and he is not sure how to make others not feel boring in learning. He wanted to think that since the beast people like to listen to his stories so much, they should start teaching them from the words in the stories. Fortunately, these Beastmen students have great enthusiasm for learning and are smart enough to let Chen Qi, a half-time teacher, toss and turn at will.

Chen Qi simply recorded the story of the man and fish he told them for the first time with rubber leaves, just for the sake of reading characters, so he only wrote a synopsis of the story, with several wrong words in the middle. Finally, he could only transcribe it again. Although the story was not long, it was full of two rubber leaves.

Today, I have already taught new Arabic numerals, so I don't plan to teach anything else. I will put away two pieces of rubber leaves that have been used to write stories. Chen Qi also picked up a pen and continued to practice calligraphy.

The snowstorm showed no sign of stopping until the next day. The wind was much less. The roof was already covered with thick snow. Chen Qi was worried that the roof would collapse and asked Aze to clear the snow from the roof. At that time, Chen Qi knew that the beast people had no habit of clearing the snow.

"The snow on the roof has accumulated all winter. Aren't you afraid the house will collapse?" Chen Qi asked with black line.

Several people were silent for a moment. Azhang asked, "Why did the house collapse if the snow was not cleared?" He only knew that several houses in the tribe would be destroyed every winter. He always thought it was the cause of the viscosity failure of the jelly, but he never considered the problem of snow.

"Of course, snow also has weight. Before the snow freezes, clean up the snow on the roof." Chen Qi forehead way.

A few people looked at each other and went separately to clear the snow from their new house. You should know that their new house has just been built and the rubber fruit has not completely dried up, so they cannot be destroyed because they have not cleared the snow.

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