"Heaven and earth xuan huang, universe conceptions. The sun and the moon are full, and the sky is full. The weather is hot and cold, autumn harvest and winter harvest are hidden . . ."Aze's voice is deep and mellow. Although he reads a little haltingly, it sounds pleasant to hear and read.

This snowstorm lasted for a whole week, and several people stayed in the house to study the rest of the day except that the snowstorm stopped in the morning and they had to go out to clear the snow on the roof.

The room was full of rubber leaves with words written on them. The two words "desk" were written on the rubber leaves at the edge of the table, and the chairs were written on the edge of the chairs. Chen Qi marked all the objects in the room and wrote them on plastic leaves, so as long as he looked up and bowed his head, he could know which word the objects beside him correspond to. This was the method Chen Qi used to remember English words.

The mermaid story written by Chen Qi was learned by Aze within a week. Although the speed of others was slightly slower, they could already understand the 7788. Now Chen Qi will write down some ancient prose that he still remembers, and let them try to read it. The purpose is not to let them know how good these ancient prose are, but to let them recognize the characters, and let them list the characters they cannot understand and practice them slowly, and then explain them again.

Although Chen Qi only remembered the beginning of the thousand-character text, the 1,000 words that are not repeated are very good literacy teaching materials, which is much better than Chen Qi's story outline of 300 to 400 words. As a result, about 2/3 of the words are repeated. Unfortunately, Chen Qi cannot remember what is behind the autumn harvest and winter collection. There is no way, Chen Qi can only teach the beginning, and then he has to write other articles silently. Fortunately, the exam-oriented education made him memorize many ancient poems. It is estimated that the original hell model was too profound. Even if Chen Qi did not touch ancient prose for more than ten years, he could still write several Tang and Song poems silently.

"Elder brother, Chen Qi, have dinner." Ka Luo placed the food on a piece of animal skin that served as a tablecloth by the fire. The food was not easy to cool when eating by the fire, so the table that was originally made as the dining table could only serve as the desk all the time.

"Here we are." Chen Qi replied, simply tidying up the things on the table before passing.

The breakfast in the morning is still congee and fried patties. Even in winter, Chen Qi is worried that if he eats too much fried food, he will get irritated. Now he has banned Carleton from frying food. He is only allowed to fry the food slightly. Most of them are still fried.

"We moved back to our new house after dinner, and Ajing moved to my side." Ali handed Chen Qi a bowl of congee and said.

"why? Ajing lives well here. I have a heated kang bed here, which is very warm." Chen Qi frowned. He thought Ajing would stay at his house all the time.

Azhang and Ake went to clear the snow on the roof in the morning after the snowstorm stopped. They found that the rubber fruit of the house was completely dry and they were all right after such a big snowstorm. Several people planned to move back to their homes.

"We have also made an identical heated kang over there, or did you direct us to do it?" Azhang smiled and spoke. During this period of time, he learned a lot from Chen Qi. Now Azhang is very glad that he made the decision to move here.

"then Ajing doesn't have to move with you. he has to take care of the wolf."

After hearing in the morning that Azhang and his family were moving back to their home, Aze felt Chen Qi was in a strange mood. "You don't have to worry. Their home is next door to ours."

Chen Qi looked at Aze, took a sip of his lip and said nothing more.

The food was frozen outside the house and there was not much to move. A fire was lit in the new house in the morning. Ka Luo rolled several times on the heated kang. Although Chen Qi's family also had a kang, it was always used by Ajing. Ka Luo was extremely excited at the thought of sleeping on his kang bed tonight.

Chen Qi piled up a pile of skins in the corner of the room. Looking at Ka Luo still rolling around on the bed, he could not help but ask, "Ka Luo, do you want to come over for dinner tonight?"

Ka Luo looked up, wondering in his eyes, "No, I can cook it myself." Besides, Chen Qi still won't let himself cook his favorite French fries. Ka Luo still wants to cook enough for himself tonight.

Chen Qi answered sullenly and went out to see if Azhang and his family needed help.

Azhang's family has less stuff than Ka Luo's. When Chen Qi passed by, it would have been finished. Ali installed a large amount of clean snow from pottery in the yard and was melting snow by the fire.

While everyone else was busy, Chen Qi pulled Ajing aside, crouched down and asked softly, "Ajing, do you want to continue living in my house?"

Ajing blinked and shook his head. "I'll stay here for a few days. I'll take care of the wolf. you don't have to worry." This morning, Ali and Ka Luo pulled themselves together and mysteriously said that they would move to live with them. now Chen Qi wants to stay. clearly, the three houses are next to each other. Ajing does not understand that it is the same to live in such a close distance.

"You don't have words haven't finished? Besides, I still have many stories to tell. How about I tell you a new story tonight?" Chen Qi continued to persuade.

Ajing frowned and was a little tangled. Chen Qi's bedtime story every day is now the most anticipated thing in his day. but when he thought of Ali's request, it was only a few days. Ajing bit his lower lip and shook his head firmly." I'm going to stay at ah Zhang's house for these two days." After a pause, he was afraid Chen Qi would not tell him a story and added: "I can go back to live in two days."

Chen Qi sighed a little dejectedly, pinched Ajing's little face and said with a look of hatred for iron but not steel: "Well, you remember to take good care of the young wolf and then move back in two days."

Ajing hurriedly nodded.

Because they moved and did not study any more today, Aze and Aka cleared the snow around several houses, while Chen Qi stayed in Ali to tutor others to make some furniture.

The tables and chairs need to be dried after they are finished. There are not many things in the new house. After Ali finished the tables, he piled them up to the corner. Chen Qi found some pottery pots and surrounded them to prevent Ajing from accidentally touching them.

It was getting dark fast in winter and the wind was blowing in the evening. Chen Qi could only say goodbye to Ali and went home slowly. Ka Luo and Ake learned to make furniture and ran home early to figure it out for themselves. When they passed by their house, the thick fur curtain was so tightly covered that they could not even see the light.

The yard is too big, the snow has only cleared the surrounding part of the house, perhaps it has been trampled too many times, the snow mixed with reddish brown soil at the foot has become dirty.

Chen Qi bypassed the road and stepped on the snow-white snow nearby. His boots did not enter the snow directly. A cold wind poured into his neck. Chen Qi shivered and hurried home a few steps closer.

Opening the hide curtain, Aze was cooking bone soup by the fire when he saw Chen Qi come in. Aze asked, "What would you like to eat tonight?"

"Whatever." Looking at the empty house, Chen Qi replied weakly.

Aze cut a few potatoes to make a plate of potato stew, then baked a few sweet potatoes in the fire, cut a plate of meat and fried a cabbage. Aze's learning ability is very fast, and the dishes now made are even better than those made by Chen Qi.

However, even if the prepared food tasted better, Chen Qi still felt that he did not know what to eat. Aze brought him a big chopstick and comforted him: "They will be next door and will see it tomorrow." Looking at Chen Qi's depressed mood since he moved, Aze knew without guessing that Chen Qi was reluctant to let them move away.

"I'm fine, but I'm not used to it."

In the absence of Ajing and Little wolf pup, Chen Qi moved back to the bed of the heated kang. after he had packed up his things, Aze spread a fur blanket by the fire to sleep. he looked up and saw Chen Qi rolling on the heated kang, apparently showing no sign of falling asleep. Remembering what Azhang secretly said to himself in the morning, Aze gave himself a silent pep talk and asked Chen Qi in bed tentatively, "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

Chen Qi stopped his tumbling action, his eyes brightened, and he hurriedly moved to the back. He patted the vacant place beside him and said, "Then sleep together."

Aze's ears were reddish and he picked up his hide quilt and climbed onto the kang.

I said I slept together, but I didn't sleep in the same bed. The hide quilt was not big enough to cover only one person. Aze considered whether Uncle Ali should help to sew a big quilt for two people tomorrow.

"Do you think I'm strange?"

Aze, who was calming his heart, which was pounding wildly because he was lying in a bed with Chen Qi, was stunned when he heard the words of the people nearby. "No."

"Such a big person is afraid of parting." Chen Qi chuckled, "I used to feel sad for a long time every time I graduated. Every time I left home, I would dally with my reluctance to leave. After seven or eight years of work, I stayed because I had feelings even though my salary was not high. Later, I gradually stopped making friends and going home for fear of parting, and then it was not difficult to pass. This suddenly makes me feel very melodramatic."

Aze didn't quite understand what Chen Qi said. He turned to look at the person sleeping beside him. Chen Qi quietly looked at the ceiling. Aze couldn't see each other's mood at the moment.

"But." Chen Qi continued: "I am not sad to be here. I feel relieved to leave the familiar world."

Chen Qi turned his head and put his hand into Aze's hide quilt. He took Aze's slightly cold hand and smiled gently. "How lucky I am to meet you."

Chen Qi's beautiful eyes became extremely bright because they reflected the fire nearby. Aze looked at him steadily and suddenly leaned over to give each other a gentle kiss on the lips. He said earnestly, "Me too, thank you for letting me meet you."

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