Aze was called out by Azhang in the early morning of the next day. When he came back, Zhang Jun's face was flushed bright red, and when his eyes caught a glimpse of Chen Qi, he still dodged a little. Chen Qi asked curiously, "What is Azhang looking for you so early?"

"Nothing was done." Aze waved his hand in panic. "Uncle Ali said he would make a new quilt for me. I'll send the skins first."

Looking at Aze, who picked up the hide and walked away without looking back, if he was right, were those two quilts he built last night? Is it necessary to do it again? Chen Qi shook his head as he looked at the fire bed that had become empty. There was nothing to do in winter. They liked to toss and toss.

After breakfast, Ajing came back with his pup. The pup looked very lively after not sleeping. As soon as he got home, he started to run around. Chen Qi was worried that he would accidentally run into the fire.

"Chen Qi, I can also help clear the snow." Ajing followed Chen Qi closely.

After a continuous week of snowstorm, the wall was covered with a thick layer of snow. Aze was watering the wall, and Azhang followed to help flatten the snow. The snow below was frozen into ice. Chen Qi tried poking it with a wooden stick, but only scratched a layer of snow on the surface. Of course, Aze could even poke a big hole.

Chen Qi looked at Ajing's small plate. Now the snow in the yard is so thick that he could drown half of him as soon as he stepped in. Chen Qi pointed to the wolf cub who was testing by the fire."It's going to run into the fire."

Ajing looked back, frighten hurriedly ran to pick up the young Wolf, young Wolf with big round eyes looked at him innocently, and then stick out your tongue licked Ajing slightly cold fingers.

"You are responsible for taking good care of the pups. How about you help clear the snow when the pups grow up?" Chen Qi touched Ajing's little head and coaxed him patiently.

Ajing's brows knit tightly and finally nodded reluctantly. "Well, I'll take good care of the wolf."

"That's a good boy." Chen Qi praised.

The height of the ice fence can no longer stand under the fence and lift the snow with a wooden shovel. Chen Qi made several wooden ladders, which are directly tied with ropes, but they don't need to wait for the rubber fruits to dry out like a table.

Chen Qi disliked the fact that the skins were too heavy. The prop for snow was a big bag made of cloth. Ka Luo and Ali stood on the fence to pour out the snow and then leveled it with wooden shovels. The other three females were responsible for loading and transporting the snow in the yard to the fence. Chen Qi packed the melted snow water in wooden barrels at home and sprinkled it on the newly completed fence again. This was conducive to reducing the space in the snow and making the fence stronger.

Is helping to see the fire, Ajing small ear tip suddenly moved, lying in his arms young Wolf also rose to stand up and arched body, a white hair blown into a ball, then Chen Qi heard a dull rumbling sound in the distance.

Chen Qi hurriedly put down his barrel, lifted the curtain and went out. He saw others standing outside the fence looking dignified.

Seeing Chen Qi coming out, Azhang hurriedly made a silence gesture to him. Chen Qi calmed Ajing and told him to stay in the house with his pups and not to come out. Only then did he walk over. "What happened?" Chen Qi asked Aze in a low voice that his height was just level with the wall. Even if he stepped on his feet, he could only see the snow on the top of the wall and could only ask.

Aze moved the wooden ladder next to him and motioned Chen Qi to climb two ladders to look out. Chen Qi climbed up doubtfully and looked out. Outside the wall were several tall trees. Except the fig tree, which was always green, all the other trees had become bare, but it was easy to see the situation outside.

About a few hundred meters away, a nearly 20-meter-high acacia tree pole collapsed. A newly grown locust dragon was gnawing at the root of the tree. The other female locust dragon, about half a meter higher than it, wrapped its tentacles around its forelimbs discontentedly and motioned it to move quickly. Around them, hundreds of locust dragons were slowly moving forward.

Chen Qi hurriedly retracted his head under the wall and asked in a low voice with a little worry: "Why did the locust dragon come here? Aren't they vegetarian? There should be enough food in the forest for them to spend the winter."

Aze shook his head. "I don't know why locust dragons appear here, but they are not heading our way. there should be no danger."

Chen Qi nodded, although still a little uneasy in my heart, but there is no way, so many locust dragons, a head of just adult can easily tear down dozens of meters high of the locust tree, if directly rushed them to come over, the fence is estimated to also can't drag them in the footsteps of fraction.

The speed of the locust dragon was very slow. Chen Qi heard another dull noise shortly afterwards. It was supposed that another unlucky tree was just blocking the way of the locust dragon and was pushed down.

The process of waiting for the locust swarm to leave is worrying. A small locust swarm saw the tall green fig tree coming towards this side and wanted to leave the team. Several orcish females in the wall all tightened their bodies and were ready to carry the people around them away as soon as the locust swarm broke through the wall.

Fortunately, after the little locust dragon walked out of the dozens of meters, its mother pulled it back to the team in time, and also arched its body with its huge head. It had been arching the little locust dragon into the middle of the team before stretching its tentacles around the little locust dragon's tentacles and leading it forward. All the people in the wall secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but still did not dare to relax their vigilance.

The swarms of locusts walked for nearly four or five hours before they finally passed this not-so-far distance. when they saw the long-gone locusts, Ka Luo relaxed his tight body all the time. he was not afraid of the cold snow and collapsed on the snow. "it scared me to death. it was the first time I saw so many locusts and I almost forgot to breathe just now."

"I'll follow him." Azhang thought for a moment and said to the crowd.

"You have to be careful." Ali warned with a little worry that Locust dragon migratoria is almost a solitary creature, so it is really abnormal for a large group of people to leave the forest and appear on the plain.

Azhang nodded and chased the locust dragon away.

Ake looked at the ice fence, which was already one person high. "This fence can't even hold back the locust dragon."

Chen Qi looked up, the width of the wall is only about half a meter, before he only considered the hyenas this small dragon defense problems, such as adult locust dragon this can be as high as four or five meters strength is very powerful giant creatures, is not within the scope of the wall can be defended.

"Let's expand the fence and then install some defensive weapons on it." Clearly aware that the world is very dangerous, he still underestimated the degree of danger here.

"Weapons?" Ake and Aze looked at each other, but he only raised questions. Chen Qi could find a solution immediately.

Chen Qi sent Aze to fetch some wood and sharpen it for later use. Because the half-built wall has been frozen strong enough, it can only be expanded to insert wood into the wall.

Worried about locust dragon will find the movement here, until completely can't see the figure of locust dragon several people open the wooden door to go out, the snow outside the wall is more than in the yard, the expansion fully increased the width of about one and a half meters, each will snow up a height to bury a sharpened stake, stake has thick and thin, Chen Qi worry is not enough, also let Aze to drag back the locust dragon knocked down the trees.

In the evening when several people were busy, Azhang, who followed the locust dragon to check, finally came back.

"How did you go so long? How's it going? Do you see where the locust dragon went?" Ali went up and asked anxiously.

Azhang shook his head and looked a little pale." They crossed the Chishui River and then walked straight ahead. I followed them to the river and watched them all cross the river before they came back."

"At least don't worry about them coming here." Ka Luo patted his chest and said.

Ake said: "After crossing the Chishui River, I'm afraid they will head for the Lion Wolf Tribe."

A few people were silent when Ake heard what he said. Azhang smiled and comforted him: "This does not need to worry. In winter, the lion and wolf tribe will arrange guards nearby to guard against the attack of hyenas. The speed of locust dragons is so slow that the guards can find them." Paused, "and if the locust dragon really attacked the lion and wolf tribe, there is nothing we can do to help."

A few people didn't pick up the words, taking advantage of the last corner of the sunset will continue to raise some ice wall.

Only about one meter high fence used for defense uses a lot of wood. Some dolphin and dragon bones saved before were also put to use by Chen Qi. It is not so easy to polish the bones. Ali and Ka Luo took care of the job directly.

The wall needs to be raised further. It is not enough to rely on the firewood stored before. Moreover, it will get colder and colder in winter. Azhang and Aze plan to get some more firewood to come back while it is not snowing these days.

After a busy day, Ali naturally had no time to sew a new quilt for Aze. Even Chen Qi planned to cook meat or stew meat directly to get rid of it. He didn't know where Ka Luo's energy came from and insisted on cooking a fried dinner. As a result, he was too tired to carry Ake home to sleep.

Aze dug out two pieces of new skins and put them on the bed of the heated kang. He looked up and saw Chen Qi actually taking a pottery to dye the fruit.

"Don't practice calligraphy when you're so tired today. Take a rest for a night." Recently, Chen Qi has to practice for a while every day before going to bed. Aze worries that he is too tired.

"Well, I'll sleep when I finish this." Chen Qi dipped a little of the blended fruit dyeing liquid onto the white cloth, which was quickly dyed into a small piece of light red. Chen Qi added a little thick red fruit dyeing into it unsatisfactorily.

Seeing that Chen Qi did not want to practice calligraphy, Aze made his bed and leaned over, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to make a new quilt."

"New quilt?" What is the relationship between the new quilt and the dyed fruit? Shouldn't it be sewn with skins?

"Mmm." Chen Qi replied vaguely, dropping the newly adjusted fruit dyeing liquid on the other side of the white cloth. This time, the white cloth was quickly dyed into a small piece of beautiful positive red. Chen Qi finally satisfactorily put the white cloth used for color testing aside, picked up a piece of cloth that had been cut out and dipped it into a pottery plate filled with fruit dyeing liquid, and kept stirring it with a wooden stick so that the cloth could be fully colored.

Chen Qi smiled mysteriously at Aze. "You'll know when I'm done."

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