Chen Qi hung the dyed red cloth back to his room to dry. In order to prevent the stained fruit liquid from soiling the underground stone slab, he also laid a layer of dried cattail leaves under it. These cattail leaves were picked by Aze before winter came. They did not break even after being put for so long. They just lost moisture and became extremely dry. They were easy to break if they were stronger.

Chen Qi was already too tired after moving snow all day today. After airing the cloth, he hastily washed and climbed the tempering kang. The kang was warm. As soon as Chen Qi got into bed, he uttered a comfortable sigh, "I really want to hibernate in bed all winter." Chen Qi sighed with emotion.

Aze helped him tuck in and smiled, "You can stay under the covers all the time and I can support you."

Chen Qi looked at him and smiled. He stretched his cold hand into Aze's bed and felt the other's waist. Aze's body stiffened quickly, feeling his face hot and burning.

Chen Qi had a hard time finding the other side's broad palm, with rough cocoons on it, and felt a little distressed. "Aze, I really want to be with you."

Feeling Chen Qi rubbing his fingers lightly, Aze replied softly, "Mmm."

Aze returned to the fire bed earlier than Chen Qi. At this time, his hands were too warm for him. Chen Qi inserted his fingers into each other's fingers and clasped them tightly. The warmth made him have a hard time and soon fell asleep.

Listening to Chen Qi's steady breathing, Aze's face temperature also slowly dropped. He turned his head and stared at each other's sleeping face. He leaned over and touched Chen Qi's lips slightly. He smiled in a low voice, "Good night."

The next morning Azhang and Aze went to cut down trees in the forest. The heavy snow did not affect the speed of the females. Soon they disappeared into the vast snow.

The wall built on the periphery yesterday has not completely frozen, and Chen Qi does not intend to continue to raise it now. The yard is very large. Chen Qi consulted with several people and decided to expand the wall by another meter or so in the yard.

After feeding the pup, Ajing took it back to its nest and told it not to move around. The pup wagged its tail in the nest and growled twice at Ajing, also wondering if it understood.

Although Ajing is young, his strength is much greater than Chen Qi's. The barrel is too big and his hands are too short to hold. He holds a pottery to help melt the snow. Yesterday, Ah Ze cleared a road from the house to the wall. Apart from being trampled a little muddy, Ajing walked very smoothly with pottery filled with water. If it weren't for fear of water spilling out, he could run directly.

Seeing Ajing determined to help, Chen Qi had no choice but to answer and told him to stop and rest when he was tired.

Azhang and Azhang didn't come back until evening. He and Aze each came back with more than a dozen sticks of tall trees over seven or eight meters long. From a distance, they felt that two bundles of firewood were moving fast, and there was no figure carrying them.

"how is it going? Is there anything unusual in the forest?" Chen Qi filled a bowl of ginger syrup for both of them. Ginger soup helps to dispel the cold. Beasts can't stand the taste of ginger directly, so Chen Qi adds a little sugar to the ginger soup every time he cooks it. Water and milk fruits have all been made into sugar by Chen Qi, but now there is no shortage of sugar.

"There is nothing unusual." Azhang shook his head, took the ginger syrup and took a big drink. Warm liquid poured in from his throat, instantly warming his cold body.

"It should not be that something went wrong with the forest that caused the locust dragons to run to the plain." Chen Qi touched his chin and answered after a moment of meditation.

"If you are worried, I can follow the locust swarms and see where they are going." Aze put down the empty pottery bowl.

"No." Chen Qi shook his head. "Locust dragon dragons did not take the initiative to attack us. It would not be good for trade to follow them rashly in case they were found, and we also don't know how far and how long they will go."

Since the reason why Locust dragon suddenly appeared on the plain cannot be found, several people are no longer entangled. The real threat in winter is Hyenas, or it is safer to build the defensive wall as soon as possible.

Several people cut the newly cut wood into sharp stakes. It was already dark after all the wood had been cut, and they planned to continue to work on the outer wall tomorrow.

In the evening, Chen Qi went to check the two cloths dyed yesterday. After airing for a day, the color was a little light. Chen Qi melted the fruit dyeing solution in the fire and dyed it again.

The two red cloths were aired again. Chen Qi opened a black dyed fruit with another pottery dish. The black dyed fruit did not need to be colored. Chen Qi put the prepared cloth into the pottery dish for coloring after opening. This time the cloth was not as big as red, but it was dyed with four pieces.

"Chen Qi, why do you dye so much cloth?"

"Make clothes." Chen Qi also took the dyed cloth back to the room to dry. Before, Aze helped to make several wooden shelves. At the moment, all the dyed cloth was wet. Chen Qi looked at his achievements with satisfaction. After washing in Aze's puzzled eyes, he drilled into the warm bed on the tempering kang and fell asleep after finding Aze's warm hand to hold it.

There was nothing to say all night.

The next day, he went to the outside of the wall to bury the pointed wooden stake in the wall and raise the wall. It was not a good day today. Azhang and Aze didn't go to the forest again. Chen Qi asked Azhang to cut down a few bamboos in the small bamboo forest not far away. The bamboos grew very thick. After being broken, they were sharpened and could play a defensive role just as the pointed wooden stake and dolphin dragon bones were staggered and buried in the wall.

When all the extended walls were flush, it began to snow again, but this time it was no longer a snowstorm. Chen Qi found that the temperature would drop several degrees as soon as it snows. Now the wall is almost two meters high. The rest just needs to wait until it freezes slowly and then slowly heightens later.

When the weather was not good and there was no need to build a wall, the animals began to gather at Chen Qi's house to continue their study. Chen Qi had opened two big pottery fruit dyes for dyeing cloth. He placed a black plate of fruit dyes on the desk, then generously took out a large bag of gum leaves and said to several people, "Try to write a diary from today."


"Yes." Chen Qi patted and said to several people with more than half of pottery's fruit dyeing liquid: "Just write down what happens every day. Here is a large plate of fruit dyeing liquid, enough for you to write."

"Why did you prescribe so much fruit dye?" Ka Luo asked.

Chen Qi smiled and patted Ka Luo on the shoulder. "This plate of fruit dye will be handed over to you. After the diary is written, you can show it to me. If I find any wrong words, I will copy them 100 times. There are still two big bags of gum leaves. If there is not enough fruit dye, there is still a plate of red."

Ka Luo looked at Chen Qi in disbelief. "Are you going to let us finish writing these two large plates of fruit dye?" They had practiced for more than a week before and had used less than half of the pottery.

"Diligence can make up for weakness." Chen Qi shook his head at Ka Luo. "Look, your brother has already learned thousands of characters. You are still learning mermaid stories. You can catch up with your brother's progress by using up these two plates of fruit dye."

Ka Luo choked and choked. The one who said it was a thousand words actually didn't have thirty words, and he could learn it at Aze's speed in one day. Moreover, the appearance of Chen Qi clearly only wants them to consume the two big pottery fruit dyes, so why do you need to open so much fruit dyes?

Chen Qi told several people and ran to one side to continue to stir things up. Aze watched Chen Qi pull a few times on a small bone with a sword and horn knife. He picked up a pen and drew something on the gum leaves. He occasionally frowned at the thought of some difficult problem, and sometimes suddenly grinned silently from lip angle. Aze asked Chen Qi what he was busy with recently, but Chen Qi smiled and did not answer every time. The feeling of being kept from something made Aze a little uneasy.

After more than half a month of such a day, the yard was cleared of snow after several snows and the wall was a lot higher. Now it is more than three meters high. Chen Qi made many wooden ladders and placed a circle along the inside of the wall, so no matter where he wanted to climb the wall, he didn't need to move the ladder around again.

The swarms of locusts came back a month later, sweeping down almost all the trees blocking the road, leaving behind an unusually clear path. They look much more excited than they did a month ago. Some minor grasshoppers occasionally stay away from the team. The female grasshoppers will no longer hold on to them. At most, they will only shout loudly outside the attack range of the grasshoppers. When they hear the call, the small grasshoppers will return to the team.

The route taken by the locusts on the return trip was a little offset from the way they went, and it was far from Chen Qi's home. Even if there were small locusts who were out of line and playing, they would be called back by the mother locusts. Azhang followed them after the locusts had passed completely and followed them secretly until they watched all the locusts return to the forest.

Although the locust swarms scared the animals a lot this time, fortunately, they were only narrowly missed. Even if the locust swarms attacked, the solid ice wall more than three meters thick was enough to stop the locust swarms and win enough time for their evacuation.

Aze found that Chen Qi began to frequent Ali's house. After the good black cloth from piece dyeing was dried out, Aze and Azhang also gave it directly to Ali. On fine days, Aze and Azhang would enter the forest to cut down wood. Previously, when they came home, they could see Chen Qi working at home and cooking various delicious food for him. Now when they came home, they would find that the fire in the house had been cool for a long time. Until Aze found Ali's house, Chen Qi packed up his things and went back with him in a panic.

Looking at Chen Qi and Ali, who are glued together every day, Aze's heart is getting more and more sour. He wants to ask Uncle Ali what he and Chen Qi are doing several times. He is afraid that he cannot accept the answers he gets. Every time he turns to his mouth, he silently swallows them back into his stomach.

Aze's time out of the house is getting shorter and shorter, and he comes back earlier and earlier. Azhang looks a little helpless as he hurries home every day.

Look at the way Aze doesn't want to go out anymore. Chen Qi only said that the other side is because the weather is getting colder and colder. Chen Qi now needs to put on three or four heavy fur coats to go out. He wraps himself up like a zongzi every day and wishes to stay by the fire all the time.

Aze did not go out to Chen Qi and did not look for Ali. Looking at Chen Qi wandering around the house, the uneasiness in his heart finally subsided.

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