Aze stayed at home these two days and took the initiative to do the cooking work. At present, there are only two people in the family to eat. Chen Qi made a short table and put it by the fire to make the dining table. It is very convenient to put it away when you don't need to use it at ordinary times.

Aze put the prepared dishes on the table. Today he steamed some sweet potatoes as the staple food, then fried a piece of meat, cabbage and fried meat cake. The dishes were not many, but the quantity was very sufficient. When they were all finished, they found Chen Qi standing by the window staring blankly. Aze tightened his chopsticks. "Chen Qi, it's time for dinner."

Chen Qi returned to absolute being, waved to Aze and motioned for him to come over.

Aze set the chopsticks and walked over, "What's the matter?"

Chen Qi smiled and pointed out of the window. The snow in the yard had just been cleared yesterday. The reddish-brown ground without weeds was dirty and messy with white snowflakes. Every time after the snow was cleared, the boots of the animals were covered with mud, and the shoes needed to be changed before entering the room. It was very troublesome. "Aze, do you want to pave a stone road in the yard?"

"Stone road?"

"Well, it is to spread stone slabs on the ground so that you don't have to step on the mud all the time." Chen Qi explained: "I remember that Azhang still had a lot of stone slabs left before they built the house, so paving those stone slabs on the ground should be enough to pave a road."

Ake never objected to Chen Qi's opinion. He gently nodded, "Good."

Chen Qi did as he thought. After the meal, he ran to say hello to Azhang and Ka Luo. Everyone had nothing to do. When he heard that Chen Qi wanted to build a flagstone road, they all came out to help.

Chen Qi simply divided the general scope of the road surface. This is a road connecting the three front doors and then leading to the front door in front of the wall, because the stone slab is directly laid on the ground, and even glue fruit is not needed.

Before, the rest of the stone slabs were piled up on the wall of Azhang's sundry room. There were a whole lot of them. A few females could carry several stone slabs by themselves. Chen Qi stood on both sides of the planned road and instructed others how to lay the stone slabs.

Chen Qi has a little obsessive-compulsive disorder. Since he wants to pave the road, he wants to make it as good as possible. Some too large slabs of stone let Aze cut it off. He must make the size of the road almost the same. After such a ordeal, several people actually made a whole day of this not too long road.

Ajing was worried that the pup would dirty his fur when he ran outside. Now in winter, the pup was too young to bathe. He could only stand aside with the pup and watch others busy.

The flagstone road is still a little loose after it is paved, and it will take a while to get strong. Chen Qi walked round and round on it with satisfaction, so that when he visited the next door, he would not get mud on his shoes.

The only lighting tool in this world is fire. Chen Qi used to make torches, but now snowstorms occasionally blow. Torches have little effect in winter. Chen Qi wanted to think and planned to make a lamp to come out.

He tied a rectangular wooden frame with root hair thread. The base was made of wood and cloth was sewn around it. It felt a little unlucky to look at the white cloth lamp. He dyed the cloth again with red fruit dyeing liquid. After finishing it, Aze made a simple bone bowl. He went to the Ali's house and brought some wool cocoon threads to melt a piece of ice grease outside the house.

Rub the wool cocoon thread into a rope as thick as a little finger. After the grease is melted, put it in a pottery bowl. Soak the wick made of wool cocoon thread into the grease. Soak it for about half an hour. Remove the wick and dry it by the fire. Chen Qi found a small piece of cork, made a hole in the middle of the cork, put the wick into it, then poured a little water into the bone bowl and then added oil, carefully put the bone bowl filled with two-thirds of the oil into the wood frame with cloth sewn around it, and then put the wick into it. The wick is very long, and it will not sink into the oil even if it is supported by cork. Chen activated a wooden stick to light the wick in the fire. Cloth transparency is not very good, the light is very dark.

"Aze, help me build a lamppost." Looking at this simple oil lamp, Chen Qi couldn't put it down and hurriedly called Aze for help.

The lamppost is only about half a meter high and is buried in the newly-built flagstone roadside at the door. Then there are two boards on it, one as the base and the other as the cover. In order to keep out snowflakes, Chen Qi puts a cloth lamp on the lamppost. The faint light just shines on a small area under the column.

Chen Qi made Aze six such lampposts, one on each side of the road in front of each house. All of them were equipped with this simple oil lamp. The surrounding ice fence was nearly four meters long. Chen Qi was not afraid that the light would spread to the outside to provoke any terrible creatures.

Ali looked at the oil lamp in a red cloth rack with a slightly reddish light in surprise. "Chen Qi, are these also your customs?"

Chen Qi gently coughed and winked at Ali. Ali hurriedly changed the subject and praised the oil lamp for its usefulness. It would be convenient to go out later.

After Ali gradually lost his ability to turn fur into animals, his eyesight even declined a lot. at night, he could not see things as long as the moonlight was a little weaker. Chen Qi's so-called oil lamp may have no effect on normal females, but for their injured females and males, it gives them an additional choice to travel at night. if the oil lamp can be filled up in the tribe, then even if the females are not there, other people do not need to nest in their own homes at night.

After paving the road, Ka Luo and Ake went back to their room. Chen Qi spent a long time outside messing with the lamppost and neither of them came out. Chen Qi was worried about what sports they were doing and was embarrassed to pull them out to watch the lights at night. Ajing was still very young and fell asleep in bed after feeding her pups with food and drink.

After lighting all the lights, Ali saw that the other party was already busy. he leaned over to Chen Qi's ear and asked in a low voice, "I have already made the clothes you asked me to make. do you want to try them on first? If there are problems, I will revise them."

Chen Qi nodded and turned to Azhang and said, "Azhang, aren't you curious about this oil lamp? Aze has already done it for me, let him teach you."

When Chen Qi finished, he found an excuse to enter the room with Ali, but Aze held him back."It's very late tonight, Uncle Azhang is tired, and I can teach him tomorrow."

Chen Qi looked at Azhang doubtfully. Azhang took a puff at the corner of his mouth. he lived with Ali and naturally knew what Chen Qi and Ali were doing in secret. he stepped forward and said to Aze, "it's okay, isn't it very simple? I will learn it tonight."

Aze paused, slowly let go of the hand holding Chen Qi sleeve, sipping his lips no longer speak.

Chen Qi was anxious to see the finished product. He did not find Aze in a wrong mood. He smiled gratefully at Azhang and left with Ali.

Only when the thick hide curtain was lowered did Azhang pat Aze on the head and criticise him: "Are you worried about Chen Qi being abducted? I don't want to think about how old uncle Ali is, and if Chen Qi has any bad idea, I can let him in."

Aze looked at the thick hide curtain with a tight face. He stood still for a long time before turning back. "Let's go, I'll teach you how to make oil lamps."

Azhang sighed secretly in his heart. At first he thought Chen Qi's plan was quite good, so he helped the other party hide from Aze. Now look at Aze's expression. Don't you think yourself into a blind Ali? It seems necessary to remind Chen Qi not to go too far. It is also possible to continue to do things even when the plan is announced.

When Chen Qi came back, Aze had already gone to sleep. This was the first time Chen Qi saw Aze fall asleep in advance without waiting for him. Although the distance between several houses was very close, Chen Qi came back from the outside with a chill. He threw some firewood into the fire to make it burn brightly. He didn't take off his fur coat and climb to bed until his body was warm with the fire.

Aze had replaced the hide quilt they had covered with a big quilt enough to cover the two grown men, which he secretly sewed with Ali. Tonight, the other party actually changed back one quilt.

Remembering Azhang's words, Chen Qi stopped lifting the quilt. "Aze, are you angry?"

Aze turned his back on Chen Qi. Chen Qi could not see each other's expression and did not know whether he was really asleep or not. Chen Qi climbed into bed, half of his body propped up on Aze, and felt the familiar smell approaching. Aze's eyelashes moved unconsciously. Chen Qi chuckled, got out of bed and went to Aze's room to find out the big quilt that had been replaced, warmed the big quilt by the fire, and then replaced the two quilts on the heated kang bed that were only enough for one person.

Aze let Chen Qi move, stiff body continue to pretend to sleep.

Chen Qi got into bed after it was finished. This time he didn't hold Aze's hand again. Instead, he changed his hand to Aze's lean waist, where the lines were tight and the hand felt very good. Chen Qi could not help but linger for a few times and ate a handful of tofu. He felt Aze's body was getting stiffer and stiffer. He soon pretended not to be able to sleep before stopping.

Chen Qi chuckled contentedly and leaned his head against Aze's neck socket. He almost held Aze half in his arms. The warm breath made Aze feel itchy in his neck. "I'm sorry that you misunderstood."

Hearing Chen Qi's words, Aze's body moved.

"originally I wanted to give you a surprise when I had it all ready, but I didn't expect to fail the first time I did such a thing." Chen Qi remembered that a colleague had placed a heart-shaped candle in the company's downstairs to propose to his girlfriend, and then held a handful of red roses in his arms. When people were busy coming off work, he stuck in the doorway and said loudly to the girl to marry him. At that time, Chen Qi felt that this kind of behavior was quite unprincipled, but he still remembered the girl's smiling expression of consent.

I didn't think I wanted to do this kind of behavior, but it was stillborn. His ideal proposal scene would be to prepare a delicious meal on a sunny day, half kneeling in front of each other with a ring, and ask him if he wanted to marry him, instead of two people lying in bed with each other still angry like now.

However, Chen Qi also does not like what Aze misunderstood. He did those things without telling the other party just to make the other party happy. If he put the cart before the horse, it is not what he wants to see.

Chen Qi became a little nervous after thinking it over. He sat up half-propped up and straightened his face. Only then did he seriously ask, "Aze, do you want to be a partner with me? With me for a lifetime?"

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