Do you want to be a partner with me? A couple with me for the rest of my life? Every word Chen Qi said was like a heavy hammer, hitting Aze's fragile heart with one blow.

Aze could no longer pretend to sleep. He lifted his eyes slightly and saw Chen Qi's serious and slightly nervous look. He looked at each other quietly and his mind was blank.

Chen Qi saw that Aze was finally willing to open his eyes to see him, and his heart was slightly relieved. He reached into the bed and felt Aze's warm palm. He held it firmly. Chen Qi's palm was slightly cold due to nervousness and even a little shiver, but he still waited patiently for Aze's reply.

This is probably the first time in nearly 30 years that Chen Qi has felt the long time. Every beat of his heart has been enlarged infinitely. In this short period of time, all kinds of worst thoughts come to mind. For example, if Aze refuses, can he continue to get along with each other like this? Will Aze move back to his original house? Would it be too hasty to propose to the other party so rashly? Indeed as expected should find a sunny day, the success rate will be higher? Chen Qi's thoughts even turned back to the experience he had heard from his colleagues.

I don't know how long it took, Chen Qi's thoughts have returned after several rounds. Aze still looked at him quietly and didn't speak, but the waves in his eyes could see that he didn't seem calm. Chen Qi hesitated for a moment, but decided to break the silence first. "Aze, are you willing?"

Aze lips moved, "life a pair? Do you have only one partner in your life?" After his chaotic and complicated mood these days, Aze found himself unable to tolerate the presence of others in Chen Qi's eyes, but he did not have pregnancy marks. Will Chen Qi really be willing to spend his whole life with himself? Even if we are willing to do so now, what will happen later? At the thought of this possibility, Aze felt the pain in his heart.

Chen Qi smiled, stretched out his hand and caressed Aze's forehead and brushed away the black hair that covered his eyes. "In my hometown, if I marry a partner and think about being with other people, I will be spurned by everyone. I have lived in such an environment for nearly 30 years, and the concept of monogamy has been carved into my bones and blood. Even if one day anyone between us likes other people, I will have a good dissolution of the partnership with you. I am a timid person. I can't do anything out of line. I just want to live by the rules. I can't promise what will happen in the future, but one thing I can promise you is that I will only have you as my partner during the period when the partnership is maintained."

Chen Qi knew that the matter without pregnancy marks was something Aze could not get past. He knew each other's worries. He also had enough patience and time to accompany him to let him know that he really didn't mind this matter. The proposal was not decided by his hot head. He and Aze have not known each other for a long time, and it has not taken him more than half a year. However, he knows clearly in his heart that Aze is the only one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Chen Qi does not want to waste a minute or a second after thinking about this. He only wants to have a good relationship with each other and live a good life. Aze cannot be kidnapped without his knowledge.

Especially before Azhang and his family moved away, Chen Qi made up his mind to become a partner with Aze. He could not tolerate Aze not being with him one day. As long as he thought of this possibility, Chen Qi felt empty in his heart, as if he had been dug a huge gap and couldn't wait to fill it.

Hearing Chen Qi's earnest and solemn promise, Aze's eyes and tail turned red. He knew that danger still wanted to stay in the wilderness with his Chen Qi. Chen Qi, who knew that he had no pregnant stripes and still professed with himself, promised to talk to Chen Qi all his life. Everything was mentioned by Chen Qi first. How could he, the beast god, let him meet Chen Qi.

Chen Qi took out a piece of cloth from his coat pocket and carefully opened it. Inside was a pair of bone rings." There is a custom in our hometown that two people exchange rings if they want to become partners. I carved the rings for a long time. It's a pity that I don't remember what the flowers look like, so they don't look good. But I always remember that the flowers have a flower phrase, the hand of the son, and the son grow old together."

Chen Qi put the cloth with the bone ring in front of Aze so that Aze could see clearly what was inside, "meaning, I want to live with you all my life."

Aze looked at the bone ring before him. The bone ring was polished very smoothly. On the surface was a pattern of budding flowers. Aze sat up, stretched out his hand and gently stroked the slightly rough lines on it. It was a flower that he had never heard of before. "What color is this flower?"

"pink." There are many colors in rose. Each color represents a different flower language, but only the pink flower language is firmly remembered by him.

Aze silently wrote down the flowers of this color, trying to say what he found in the inner ring of the ring were two small words, one engraved with a Ze character and the other engraved with a Qi character.

Chen Qi saw that Aze found the two words with a little red face and a little embarrassed and touched his nose. The two words were carved a little crooked and very ugly. They almost became the failure of this ring. At the beginning, he was determined to carve the name of the other party on his hand with a small mind. "The Qi character is carved according to the size of your ring finger, and the Ze character is mine."

"Why isn't the Ze character mine?" Although he also likes the ring with Chen Qi's name.

Chen Qi picked up the opening ring and slowly slipped it onto Aze's ring finger on his left hand. The embarrassment he had just felt was gone. He sipped his lip and smiled gently: "Because I want to wear your name on my finger."

Aze felt pain in the rim of the eye and blinked his eyes to let out moisture.

Chen Qi helped Aze finish wearing the ring, and then stretched out his hand in front of him. "So Aze, would you like to be my partner? Allow me to accompany you for a lifetime? If you agree, please put that ring on my ring finger."

Aze took a deep breath to calm his over-excited mood, picked up the bone ring engraved with his name, just like holding the most important thing in the world, carefully and slowly slipped it into Chen Qi's ring finger. "I am willing to be your partner, and I am willing to be a couple with you all my life."

Chen Qi grinned like a Cheshire cat and could not help but gather together in the past and gently touched Aze's beautiful lip angle. Originally, he was thinking of being on the verge of a split. Unexpectedly, Aze suddenly hugged him back and deepened the kiss.

When the two were separated, they both gasped a little. the pink color spread from the tip of the ear to the neck showed Chen Qi's throat was sore. he touched his nose and coughed softly, "it's very late. let's go to bed early."

Aze looked away and nodded in response. Just now he was too bold.

After the talks, Chen Qi did not prepare anything secretly without Aze's knowledge. Early the next morning, he dug out the bird feathers that had been saved before, picked out the soft parts from the inside, and then took out the two dyed red pieces of cloth. These two pieces of cloth were specially woven by Ali and were two meters long.

Chen Qi took out a handful of golden wool cocoon threads. Only one of the dyed fruits Aze found was golden. He used all of them to dye the wool cocoon threads, fully dyeing nearly half of the wool cocoon threads. Then he kneaded the wool cocoon threads into a suitable size, took out the long-made glued leaves, and carefully sewed them into the middle of the red cloth with large braids on it.

After the glue leaves are fixed, Chen Qi's bone needles are sewn along the edge of the fontanelle one by one. The glue leaves will not be taken down carefully until the fontanelle is formed.

Birds do not have many feathers. Chen Qi spread the feathers into quilts and sewed them together with thread. In order to ensure the same thickness of feathers everywhere, the position of the feathers must be adjusted at all times.

Chen Qi didn't use any thread to sew quilts this time. Instead, he dyed the wool cocoon thread red and slowly kneaded them one by one into ropes of suitable size. It took him a whole day to sew these ropes.

Chen Qi carefully placed the once sewn feather in the middle of the red cloth, then sewed the feather into the cloth along the planned route, finally sewed the opening around the quilt, and a big red font was formed.

Don't blame Chen Qi for being melodramatic. In such a different world, Chen Qi hopes that a little bit of the atmosphere in the world before his wedding is good.

Aze went out of the door early this morning and brought back an adult male antelope only when it was dark. The antelope had already been disposed of. Only the flesh and blood were left. Chen Qi remembered that the antelope, which had been hunted back, had thrown away everything except a little hair to make a writing brush. It is reasonable to say that the beast people are now able to accept internal organs and there is no need to waste it.

Dinner is full of antelope and dragon banquet. Aze directly built a fire in the yard, and turned the whole antelope and dragon head over the fire. Chen Qi's head was black, so the antelope and dragon were not as big as dolphin and dragon. Otherwise, there was no difference between them and roasting a mountain.

"When confirming a mate, the females will invite all the fallen people to eat a prey. The volume of the hunted prey is large enough for all the fallen people to share, proving that the stronger the female is, the more capable she is to feed her other half." Before the dragon was roasted, it smelled of blood. Ake could not stand the smell and walked to Chen Qi, who was far away from the fire.

Chen Qi knew, "Why did Aze throw away the fur and internal organs of the antelope? Is the viscera very bad?" Chen Qi asked the question just now.

"Don't you know?" Ake was slightly surprised and looked at Chen Qi with deep and deep eyes. "Dragon fur cannot be preserved for a long time, and staying is just waiting for it to rot slowly. As for internal organs, most of the internal organs of dragons are toxic and cannot be eaten after hunting."

". . . . . ." Chen Qi said silently," It seems that we ate the viscera of dolphin dragon last time."

Ake smiled. "dolphin dragons are at the bottom of the dragon food chain. Everyone needs them to feed themselves. If it is poisonous, even dragons will be extinct by more than half."

Chen Qi took a puff at the corner of his mouth. Is there any such setting?

After the dragon was roasted, Aze cut off the freshest part of the dragon and handed it to Chen Qi. His eyes were full of tenderness. Ake smiled at the grown-up man and gathered around Ka Luo to find food.

Chen Qi raised a piece of antelope meat to Aze's lips and said, "You too."

Aze gently opened his mouth to bite off the meat slices. His mouth was full of meat flavor and tender and sweet.

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