Gulu's face was bewildered. He had no idea what had happened, but he wasn't afraid of them. He hid behind Pado's thick forelimbs and shouted, "Why did you say that the Tyrannosaurus rex attacked because of me?"

At this moment, a very strong and extremely angry male Triceratops stood up and yelled, "It's you! The Tyrannosaurus Rex said it himself!"

This male Triceratops was called Nock. He's the most loyal male Triceratops to Pado. He once helped Pado block a Tyrannosaurus rex attack and had half of his head shield bitten off. He had always been very brave and good at fighting. He's Pado's best brother and one of his greatest assistants.

Gulu knew that Nock enjoyed a high prestige in the group, which was on a par with Sika. Sika and Nock were the largest and strongest male Triceratopses in the group after Pado.

In human terms, Sika and Nock were Pado's "right-hand men". Nock was very "upright" and put the interests of the ethnic group above everything else.

In fact, Pado and Babana were still in a daze.

When Mungo sent Gulu to the outside of the ethnic group, Pado heard Mungo's roar and was about to go out to receive Gulu. But he was stopped by Nock. Nock said that there was an important issue relating to the survival of the ethnic group. Pado must be told immediately.

Therefore, Pado didn't go out to meet Gulu and Babana took his place.

Babana didn't even know that the issue of "the survival of the ethnic group" that Nock mentioned involved Gulu. If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have taken Gulu back.

If Babana had known, she would have asked Mungo to take Gulu back to the Tyrannosaurus rex's group for a few more days, then take him back after they checked everything and proved that Gulu had nothing to do with it.

However, to let Gulu remain in the Tyrannosaurus Rex's group, Babana was most worried about their brutal temperament. Now the area was rich in food. They wouldn't think of eating Gulu. When the dry season came and there was no food, Gulu would be in danger.

Therefore Gulu must return to the Triceratops and learned to live in such a large group.

Pado trusted Nock. Nock almost died and got injured more than once to save Pado. Nock was willing to sacrifice himself at any time for the sake of the group and his leader.

Nock's numerous bruises, large and small, proved that he had given all he had for the group. He couldn't tolerate the decline of the group due to Gulu's arrival.

Although Pado believed in Nock, he still roared: "Gulu will never do this!"

Nock also roared back: "Pado, Hongdun's group is in the fern fields nearby. You come with me. Hongdun will let the injured Tyrannosaurus rex tell you!"

(T/N: Hongdun = Red Shield)

Gulu knew that Hongdun was the current leader of Myer's ethnic group. Hongdun was so powerful that the ethnic group gradually migrated from the most barren "flower valley" to the valley not far from Pado's ethnic group. The ferns in this area were the most luxuriant and could be eaten a lot.

Previously, Gulu, Guji and Gudong went to the flower valley to play. Myer nearly killed them with his many small Triceratopses. Gulu was "holding grudges" and remembered this ethnic group. So, he had been paying close attention to its situation.

Pado had always protected Gulu. He let Gulu walk under his tall body. Babana, of course, was also staying by Gulu's side.

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Myer walked beside Pado. He thought it's great to stand beside Pado. His ultimate goal in this dinosaur life was to become the Triceratops near Pado and protect the ethnic group with him!

Now, this goal was about to be achieved by half.

Gulu wasn't very afraid now, because he knew that his father believed him and would protect him.

All Triceratopses of Pado's group followed, turning them into a huge group.

Hongdun's group was in a valley not far from Pado's group. They arrived shortly after.

At the same time, fierce disputes were also taking place within Hongdun's group.

Gulu saw a small Triceratops surrounded by many robust adult male Triceratopses in Hongdun's group. These adult male Triceratopses were very angry and seemed like they wanted to trample the small Triceratops to death.

The arrival of Pado's ethnic group immediately attracted the attention of Hongdun.

Triceratopses didn't fight easily, even for abundant fern fields, but Hongdun was still very afraid of Pado. He's afraid that Pado would drive them away.

Hongdun, as the leader, immediately came to Pado. Although he didn't look afraid of Pado on the surface since they were equal leaders, he was very scared inside.

Gulu saw a seriously injured Tyrannosaurus rex lying not far away. The Tyrannosaurus rex's stomach was punctured by a horn and blood kept flowing out. He might only have one breath left.

Nock spoke to Hongdun, "I want that Tyrannosaurus rex to tell Pado himself."

Even though Nock wasn't a leader, his size was larger than Hongdun. Within Pado's group, many robust male Triceratopses could easily become leaders in other ethnic groups.

If it wasn't for Pado's prowess, he wouldn't have been able to hold down so many strong Triceratopses.

In the world of dinosaurs, power was used to talk. Since Nock was larger than Hongdun, he didn't have to be polite at all.

Pado walked to the front of the Tyrannosaurus rex. This Tyrannosaurus rex, who was going to die soon, saw Pado and shivered instinctively. There was no Tyrannosaurus rex that wasn't afraid of Pado.

Nock: "Tell Pado. How did you know that Pado wasn't in the ethnic group?"

Tyrannosaurus Rex: "Gulu said, we heard Gulu…"

Gulu: F***! What enmity do I have with you? You want to frame me like this!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex died when he finished speaking. Gulu ran over and hit him, "You don't die. You make it clear that I don't even know you, I…"

Pado looked at Gulu and Gulu hurriedly said to Pado, "Dad, I didn't. You believe me. I really don't know this Tyrannosaurus rex. I only know the Tyrannosaurus rex of Mungo's group and no other, really…"

At this time, all Triceratopses of Pado's were very angry. They gradually approached Gulu.

Babana immediately rushed to Gulu's side and shouted, "You must not hurt my cub!"

Pado also let out loud roars and kept Gulu completely under him.

At this time, Hongdun's group also became restless.

A female Triceratops desperately guarded a Triceratops cub and roared like Babana: "You can't hurt my cub!"

But Hongdun's Triceratopses were so angry that they wanted to kill the little Triceratops immediately.

The female Triceratops walked to the front of Hongdun to protect her cub and begged, "Please, save our cub. He didn't bring the Tyrannosaurus Rex here. He definitely didn't…"

Hongdun remained completely unmoved.

The young cub also kept rubbing on Hongdun's stout forelimbs and cried, "Dad, it's not me. I didn't do it. Dad, please help me, please. I won't run away to play again. I will listen to you, Dad…"

In the next scene, Gulu was blindsided. Hongdun crashed into the belly of little Triceratops with his horns and tossed it up.

The female Triceratops didn't even react, but the cub was already knocked away. She ran to the cub and constantly rubbed it: "Wake up, don't die! Mom only has you…"

Triceratopses of Pado's group all looked at Pado, waiting for him to kill Gulu in front of them just like Hongdun.

Gulu looked at Pado. He anxiously said: "Dad, give me one day, I will find out and catch the dinosaur that wants to harm me. I really don't know this Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo can testify…"

At the mention of Mungo, Triceratopses in the group became even angrier. They noisily called out:

"You just told us to listen to a Tyrannosaurus rex…"

"You want Mungo to testify for you? Mungo will help you, of course. You grew up in his Tyrannosaurus rex group. You're not a Triceratops. You'll help them to prey on us…"

"How did the Tyrannosaurus Rex know Pado went out yesterday?…"

These male Triceratopses were furious and rushed to state all of Gulu's "crimes".

From these messy narratives, Gulu roughly understood what happened.

Triceratops leaders occasionally took the strongest male Triceratopses out in search of lush fern fields for the group to eat. Triceratopses were most vulnerable to carnivorous dinosaurs when the leader wasn't in the group, so they would disguise the leader as being always in the group.

For example, after Pado went out yesterday, the Triceratops closest to Pado in the group would stay in the position belonging to Pado with many strong Triceratopses surrounding him. As the result, carnivorous dinosaurs couldn't see from a distance that he wasn't Pado.

A Triceratops group, even with only a few hundred members, needed to eat many, many ferns and tree leaves. An adult Triceratops weighed more than ten tons. Such a monster needed at least one ton of food a day to maintain its body's needs.

The leader couldn't take the group to just anywhere to eat. It's necessary to find sufficient food sources to ensure that the ethnic groups could have enough food. Otherwise, these big guys would starve to death.

Large ethnic groups like Pado needed very large and luxuriant fern fields to eat, or most dinosaurs wouldn't have their share. Even if there's enough for dinosaurs in the front, there wouldn't be enough for those in the back to eat.

The task of going out to find a feeding area was very dangerous. If they encountered carnivores, they would be attacked. Therefore, the leaders and the strongest male Triceratopses would go out to look for food. Once they left, they would search for a stable food source. It should be enough for the group in the next period of time.

Pado, as the leader, had done a good job in this respect. He always found the most luxuriant fern fields in the shortest possible time, thus preventing his ethnic group from starving.

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Triceratops's leaders would try to hide themselves when they go out to find a feeding area. They wouldn't let carnivorous dinosaurs find out to prevent them from launching fierce attacks while the group had no leader.

Pado usually left the colony for half a day to "patrol" every seven days to check the distribution of all possible feeding places nearby and the surrounding herbivorous dinosaur groups. Through this half a day observation, he could basically determine where the group could eat in the next seven days.

Although Gulu wasn't in the group yesterday, all Triceratopses in the group knew the rules of Pado's patrol. Gulu had lived in the group for more than half a month before, of course, he also knew.

Yesterday afternoon, after Pado left for some time, a carnivorous team composed of more than a dozen adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex attacked Pado's ethnic group. Their group had no leader and suffered heavy losses.

Although Pado came back in time, many dinosaurs had died in the ethnic group.

Pado was very angry and killed five Tyrannosaurus rex in a row. The rest of the Tyrannosaurus rex managed to escape.

These male Triceratopses were very angry. They didn't care whether Gulu was Pado's son or even the leader's son. Those who put the ethnic group in crisis deserved to die!

In their view, just because of Gulu's disclosure, nine very strong male Triceratopses and more than a dozen cubs died. This was an unforgivable mistake.

The dozen or so Tyrannosaurus rex that attacked Pado's group yesterday were still adolescents. Adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex would live in groups for a short time because of difficulties in hunting alone. They would live alone as adults.

There were few adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex as powerful as Mungo.

The adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex group that attacked Pado's group yesterday was called "Haite". To be precise, their leader was called Haite. The Tyrannosaurus rex of Haite's group were all thin and weak. They were small in size and weak in fighting capacity. They dared not hunt Pado's group at ordinary times.

Against these adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex in Haite's group, Pado could kill every one of them without any effort. When Haite's group saw Pado's group, they would dodge from a distance, let alone daring to attack.

However, when Pado was absent yesterday, his Triceratopses were in a moment of panic. Although Haite's Tyrannosaurus rex were weak, they had a large number of 15. They naturally caused extreme panic among Pado's members, resulting in such a big loss.

After listening to what happened, Gulu felt that he couldn't argue.

Triceratopses in the ethnic group were getting angrier and angrier as they spoke.

Strong male Triceratopses were angry at losing countless brothers who "fought side by side" and "lived and died together". Female Triceratopses and cubs were angry at losing such strong shelter. Parents and brothers of the trampled and dead Triceratopses were angry at losing their little love ones.

Even the leader's son had no right to make the ethnic group suffer such great losses.

Pado, as the leader, had the most heartache. The dead nine male Triceratopses were always with him. They resisted countless carnivorous dinosaur attacks together. They fought together and were brothers for life!

If Pado hadn't have enough "prestige" in the ethnic group, Gulu would have been killed already.

But even with Pado's obstruction, many robust adult males still couldn't help trying to kill Gulu. Their horns were almost on Gulu's body.

Pado let out a loud roar, some of the male Triceratopses slightly backed away.

There're too many dinosaurs around, the air wasn't circulating and Gulu felt a little suffocated. Although the scene was terrible and Gulu was indeed frightened, he knew that Pado and Babana would protect him and would believe him.

Gulu roared loudly: "I went into the sea yesterday afternoon to play. Mungo took me there. Mungo can prove it for me!"

"How can a dinosaur on land go into the sea? You should make up a better reason when lying!"

"Mungo is also no better. Can he go into sea? No way!"


He couldn't blame these Triceratopses for not believing it. Gulu himself scarcely believed that he really went into the ancient sea to play.

At this moment, Gulu saw the little Triceratops who was hit by Hongdun climbed up to the front of Hongdun again and plead: "Dad, it's not me. It's really not me. I will never run out to play again. Don't be angry, okay?…"

Gulu was really worried about this little cub. The issue wasn't about him running out to play.

Hongdun kicked him away.

Gulu thought that the cub looked familiar. He remembered that this cub seemed to have bullied Myer that day!

That day Myer nearly killed him, Guji and Gudong with many small Triceratopses. It's because this little cub came with other small Triceratopses that Myer spared them. Later, this little cub let those small Triceratopses beat Myer.

Gulu looked at Myer hiding behind Pado. He suddenly felt a chill!

Pado covered Gulu completely under his body and roared, "I want to see who dares to touch my son!"

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