Gulu looked at Pado. He didn't dare to imagine how miserable he would have died if he didn't have such good Dad as Pado who unconditionally trusted him. He might be even worse off than the son of Hongdun. After all, he was raised by Tyrannosaurus Rex. It went without saying that Triceratops hated Tyrannosaurus rex a lot.

Pado let out roars one after another, telling all Triceratopses in the group that he would unconditionally protect Gulu, because Gulu was his cub.

However, the ethnic group was still very angry. This kind of anger must be appeased with blood.

Pado roared. He's telling all members of the group that he was the father of Gulu, Pachi and Dudu first, then the leader of the group. If he couldn't protect his own cubs, he wouldn't be the leader!

In an instant, the ethnic group was quiet, but these Triceratopses still motionlessly surrounded Gulu.

Pado never considered himself a good leader. His reputation was given to him by other dinosaurs. He wouldn't place the interests of the ethnic group above everything else. In Pado's mind, the younger ones and Babana were the first and the ethnic group second.

Babana rubbed Pado's neck. She was saying silently that she supported all of Pado's decisions.

Pado was also shouting to all members of the ethnic group: If you kill Gulu today, I will leave with my three cubs and Babana. If you can beat me, you can kill Gulu. If you can't, then don't bother wasting your energy.

As the most powerful Triceratops leader, Pado possessed this courage. Even if he was against the largest Triceratops in Yukan, he wouldn't have the slightest fear. The same was true when facing these many strong male Triceratopses.

During this moment, Pado was really planning to give up his leadership. Even though he personally expanded this ethnic group from less than 500 Triceratopses to more than 3,000 and paid a lot of painstaking efforts while nearly giving his life several times, he didn't feel that it was a pity.

Pado knew that many Triceratopses would follow him voluntarily after he left the group. Soon, he would create the most powerful Triceratops group in Yukan again. This old group would surely die out soon since it was too large to maintain after he left.

As the best Triceratops leader, Pado had such boldness of vision.

Gulu didn't know which blessing he did in his past life to meet such a good Pado. Pado would fight against his own ethnic group and even all dinosaurs for him. He would protect him under any circumstances.

Gulu stared up at Pado. He thought that Pado was his Triceratops's God!

At this time, Pachi and Dudu also came running. They desperately squeezed between the limbs of giant Triceratopses layer after layer to Gulu's front.

The two cubs completely protected Gulu behind them and shouted, "Don't you bully our brother! Our brother is the best and won't harm the group. It must be this Tyrannosaurus rex talking nonsense. You big dinosaurs are too stupid. You believe a Tyrannosaurus rex…"

Siyi also squeezed in to stand in front of Gulu and yelled, "Gulu won't harm the ethnic group. You aren't allowed to hurt him!"

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Then more and more small Triceratopses crowded in. They automatically formed circle after circle to protect Gulu in the innermost part, saying: "Gulu is great. Don't hit him. Tyrannosaurus rex definitely didn't come because of him. They definitely didn't…"

Many of their parents believed that Gulu led the Tyrannosaurus rex to them. They harshly scolded these cubs: "Come back quickly. Don't protect this Gulu. He has harmed the ethnic group…"

However, these young cubs were unmoved. They didn't know anything. They only knew that Gulu was great. Such a good Gulu would definitely not harm the ethnic group, certainly not.

All dinosaurs in the group knew that if they wanted to kill Gulu, they must kill Pado first. Obviously, no Triceratops dared to challenge Pado's majesty.

Moreover, all Triceratopses in the ethnic group also understood that they couldn't live without Pado. Without him, this huge ethnic group would soon be completely hunted. Without his protection and leadership, such a large ethnic group couldn't exist at all.

Only Pado had the ability to lead such a large ethnic group, not any other Triceratops.

In the middle of a standoff, Myer suddenly stood out and spoke solemnly, "Pado, I, I can prove that the Tyrannosaurus rex wasn't attracted by Gulu."

Gulu looked at Myer.

Myer continued: "I was originally a small Triceratops in Hongdun's group. I came to Pado because I didn't want Gulu to be wronged. The injured Tyrannosaurus rex was deliberately setting up Gulu. I overheard the injured Tyrannosaurus rex saying to himself that he didn't like Gulu. Because of Gulu, Mungo always helped Pado's group and made them have no food…"

In fact, Myer didn't lie. It's this injured Tyrannosaurus rex who framed Gulu. Now all Tyrannosaurus rex except Mungo's group were disgusted with Gulu because Mungo always attacked various carnivores to protect Gulu, which made them very uncomfortable.

The injured Tyrannosaurus rex belonged to Haite's group. Yesterday Haite's group attacked Pado's group. Because Pado came back in time, none of the nine males that they killed could be eaten. Instead, five Tyrannosaurus rex died.

Haite's group was so hungry. They urgently needed to eat, so this morning they attacked Hongdun's group again. This time, they hunted a large adult Triceratops from Hongdun's group, but one Tyrannosaurus rex was pierced by Hongdun.

The Tyrannosaurus rex, whose belly was punctured by Hongdun, knew that he would die and thought that it would be nice to kill Gulu before he died.

The dying Tyrannosaurus rex let out loud roars and succeeded in attracting Nock. Nock was going to trample the Tyrannosaurus rex to death, but he didn't expect to hear the news that made him very angry.

Unfortunately, Triceratops was generally not smart, and Nock believed it.

The reason was that Gulu grew up in a Tyrannosaurus rex family. All adult Triceratopses were actually very defensive of him from the heart and didn't trust him.

Nock went back and told all Triceratopses in the group.

Myer overheard the Tyrannosaurus rex talking to himself before he realized that he could use this to please Gulu and Pado.

Myer had always been very upset about his bad eyes before when he wanted to crush Gulu. If he had known that Gulu was Pado's son, he would certainly have done everything to please him.

Later, he couldn't find an opportunity to "please" Gulu. Now, wasn't this an excellent opportunity? Only by pleasing Gulu could he join Pado's group. As long as Gulu didn't forgive him, he couldn't enter Pado's group.

After hearing Myer's words, all Triceratopses of Pado's were shocked. They didn't expect the whole group to be fooled by a dying Tyrannosaurus rex.

Nock, in particular, felt that he was simply the dumbest dinosaur. He's so angry that he stepped on the dead body of the Tyrannosaurus rex crazily.

At the same time, Nock also felt very sorry for Gulu and even more sorry for Pado. He didn't know how to "atone".

Gulu listened to Myer's words and he believed them. No matter how fierce Myer was or how shrewd he was, Myer was, after all, just a small Triceratops. No Tyrannosaurus rex would listen to him.

Myer spoke to Gulu with great sincerity: "Gulu, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that to you before. I regret it. I've always wanted to make it up to you. I know that Pado's ethnic group is in a dangerous state right now, but I still want to tell Pado the truth. I didn't want you to be wronged…"

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Gulu: Although what you said sounds very sincere, I'm sorry, but I can't accept that you use this kind intention to scheme for other purposes!

Myer felt that Gulu must be very touched and moved. He thought that his entry into Pado's ethnic group was a matter of fact. He's very happy, but he restrained himself from showing it.

Gulu looked up and spoke to Pado, "Dad, can I stand on your back and talk?"

Pado immediately took a step back, then lowered his big head to the ground. Gulu stepped on Pado's big head, climbed over his head shield then stood on his back.

Gulu shouted at all Triceratopses in the group: "Pado has let me into the group. I am one of you. But you have never really accepted me. When something happens, you doubt me! I will say one last time. I was raised by Tyrannosaurus Rex, but I am also a Triceratops. My parents and my siblings are all in this ethnic group. I will never harm this ethnic group, never!"

Gulu was too small. His voice was also very small, but his words sounded deafening to all Triceratopses. They looked up at Gulu for a long time, staring at him standing on Pado's back.

All Triceratopses realized that Gulu at this moment was very much like Pado, which made them feel daunting.

Myer didn't know why. He sensed that Gulu had turned into another Pado, making him afraid to look up at him.

Gulu shouted, "One day, I will become a Triceratops as powerful as Pado!"

All Triceratopses knew that Gulu's last sentence was "threat", which meant that one day, I will become a Triceratops as powerful as Pado. If you dare to bully me again, even if you kneel at my feet and call me Dad, I won't forgive you!

Pado and Babana were very proud of Gulu. Pachi and Dudu felt that their elder brother was really like their father, as powerful as their father!

On the other side, Hongdun's cub who was dying asked, "Mom, why does Gulu's Dad protect him, but my Dad won't protect me? Why does Gulu's younger brother and sister help him, but not mine? Mom, I'm so sad…"

The female Triceratops rubbed her cub and consoled, "It's okay. You have Mom. Mom will protect you. Mom will help you."

The little cub said: "Mom, it must be that Triceratops Myer who told the group that I drew the Tyrannosaurus rex. Why is Myer so bad? I really didn't, Mom…"

Myer knew that if Pado didn't let him into the group, he would surely die today. Hongdun wouldn't let him go.

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