At this point in time, Lin Yifei had technique and experience, but his coordination and physical strength couldn't keep up.

Meanwhile, Chris was not skilled enough and didn't have Lin Yifei's experience. Although he was often defeated by Lin Yifei's sabre, he always improved at an amazing speed. Every sabre move of his became exceptional.

Occasionally, his sabre struck with terror, making Lin Yifei flushed.

On that day, they took off their protective gears and laid on the grass watching the sunset.

"Yifei, it's time for you to exercise." Chris said flatly.

Lin Yifei rolled over and yawned, "Forget it, I'm so lazy."

"Don't you want to be a world champion?"

"I…" Lin Yifei frowned. When he went to Washington to prepare for the Olympic Championship, he wanted to talk to a coach whom he admired very much. At that time, Chris insisted that he would persuade the coach for him, but he had to say it himself. Just after staying in Washington for a few days, Chris had an accident. "I don't want to be a world champion."

"Why?" Chris was a person who seldom asked questions.

Lin Yifei suddenly sat up, "Chris, you must become the Olympic champion of the sabre event in the future. I will be your teammate."

"But I want you to be my opponent."

"Ah?" Lin Yifei raised his eyebrows. "I don't want to compete with you at all."

You don't know how sharp your eyes were when you met me on the court, as if they were cutting me off from the rest of the world.

"In this way, you will look at me without distractions."

Just then, the train passed by on the bridge deck. There was a loud rumbling sound. Lin Yifei turned his head and looked at Chris. "What did you say?"

"Nothing. I'll take you home." Having finished saying that, he got up and went to push his bike.

Summer passed just like this.

Just when Lin Yifei felt that he and Chris would grow up in this leisurely manner, that fated turning point finally arrived.

During autumn, the leaves on the branches fell. Chris cycled over the dead leaves on Lin Yifei's street, making rustling sounds.

"Chris, your rear frame seems a little loose? Will it suddenly fall?" Lin Yifei was a little nervous.

"It's because you have grown taller. You have become heavier." Chris continued to ride steadily.

"Really? No wonder I think that set of protective gear is a little tight recently." Lin Yifei was delighted. When he was 22, he was only 1.78 meters tall, but Chris was already 1.85 meters tall.

When they came to the door of Chris's cafe, the two boys were shocked.

A black car was parked there. Lin Yifei knew at a glance that it was valuable. Such cars should not be found around here.

The two people got off the bike. There were already people around to watch the scene. Their eyes were strange. When they saw Chris, their expression became envious.

"I'll go up and have a look!" Chris ran upstairs.

In the narrow room, his mother sat on the bed with her head against a man's shoulder crying.

Chris walked in slowly and coldly stood watching. He knew who the man was.

His side face was very stiff. His lip line was firm.

When he turned around and saw Chris, there was a longing in his eyes, "Are you Chris? I'm your father. I'll take you home."

"…" Chris suddenly turned and ran out, ignoring Mrs. Lynn's cry. While Lin Yifei was still thinking about what was going on with the bicycle, Chris, who rushed downstairs, grabbed his wrist and ran out.

It was painful to be dragged, but Lin Yifei had no time to shout.

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It was not until his heart beat faster and his breathing became too difficult did he stop. He knocked hard against his chest and was out of breath.  

"Chris, I can't run…I can't run…"

At this time, Chris also had his hands on his knees and lowered his head to breathe. Soon, Lin Yifei found tears dripping from his chin.

"What's the matter? Chris?" This was the first time that he saw Chris shed tears. Lin Yifei panicked.

Chris didn't speak, but pressed hard on Lin Yifei's wrist, as if someone was trying to take away the most important thing from him.

Their breathing gradually steadied. Lin Yifei remembered the expensive car and looked at Chris's reaction. His heart suddenly understood.

This was the last year of elementary school. During this year, Mr. Osborne should pick up Chris and Mrs. Lynn to Washington.

Lin Yifei reached out to wipe Chris's tears, but the other party suddenly caught his wrist, then straightened up and hugged Lin Yifei tightly.

Chris had always been unable to accept Mr. Osborne. He abandoned Mrs. Lynn 12 years ago for the sake of inheritance. He turned a blind eye to the two mother and child for 12 years. After 12 years, he wanted kinship. In Chris's view, this was selfish and greedy.

Without saying a word, Lin Yifei just let Chris hold him. This might be the only time in his life that Chris would show his vulnerability.

Chris refused to go home. Lin Yifei couldn't help but take him to his house.

Mother Lin saw Chris coming and thought that he was just playing at their home as usual, so she fried an extra plate of eggs and vegetables for him.

Chris didn't eat much. He went to Lin Yifei's room and sat on his bed without talking.

Mother Lin also saw something was wrong with Chris. Lin Yifei just smiled at her and said that he would comfort him.

But in fact, Lin Yifei was just sitting next to Chris. It's useless to say anything now.

It was a long night. Lin Yifei looked up slightly and could see the black car parked outside the window with two bodyguards standing at the side of the car. With Mr. Osborne's ability, it wasn't difficult to find out where Chris was. The reason why Mr. Osborne didn't come up was actually very simple. He couldn't bring Chris out when he was in this mood. Otherwise, it'd make it more difficult for their father-son relationship to recover.

Chris never slept. He just hugged his knees with his eyes open.

"I think you should go with your father." Lin Yifei said.

Chris looked at Lin Yifei with an incredulous expression.

"Your mother loves your father very much. In fact, she has been waiting for your father to come back and pick her up. Otherwise, a woman as good as her can be loved by another good man. Why did she raise you alone?" Lin Yifei said simply.

Chris didn't respond.

"Mrs. Lynn will be very sad to see you like this." Lin Yifei stretched out his hand to hold Chris but was cast aside.

"You want me to go, don't you?" Chris looked at Lin Yifei with a look that said liar should die.

"No." Lin Yifei quivered and lowered his head. Suddenly in his mind, he thought of the picture of himself seeing Chris's body in the church. His calm brows and chest no longer moved. He would never say his name in that cold but gentle voice again. "I don't want to send you away more than anyone else."

Chris stretched out his hand and raised Lin Yifei's face, only to find that he had already cried.

"Then why do you want me to leave?"

"Because you can't stay." Lin Yifei naturally sobbed, "That man is your father. That person can make your mother happy, let you live a good life, and can also give you the best fencing coach…"

"But I just want to live with you." Chris said.

Lin Yifei wiped tears from his face. "Are you an idiot? That's your father. Our family can't support you if you don't live with your family. Think about your mother. She has suffered a lot for you. Now it's not easy for her to be happy. Do you want her to shed tears for you?"

Chris was silent again.

"You know my address and my phone number. You can call me or write to me, alright?" Lin Yifei also hugged Chris, "True friends don't lose their friendship because of distance."

Although this sentence was very simple, Lin Yifei firmly believed in it.

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When they looked out of the window again, even Mrs. Lynn had come to stand downstairs without knowing how to go up.

Lin Yifei pointed out the window, "Chris, do you know? We are only 12 years old. What does this mean?"

Chris looked at Lin Yifei and said nothing.

"It means that life has just begun. We can still do many things to fulfill our unfinished wishes, but we are not strong enough to resist fate." Lin Yifei held out his hand to hold Chris's face. When he first saw Chris, this guy was already very strong, giving people an illusion that they could only look up to him. But life had started over again. Lin Yifei felt very satisfied to be with Chris on his most difficult days.

"It seems that it is time to let you go." Lin Yifei got out of bed, took Chris by his hand, opened the door, and went downstairs. "Lift your head and don't let Mr. Osborne look down on you. Remember to make Mrs. Lynn feel proud of you."

Sunlight appeared in the sky, brightening the block with shallow colored light.

Mr. Osborne stepped out of the car and watched Chris come to him with a disdainful look.

"I can't choose who my father is."

"I promise I will be a good father." Mr. Osborne wanted to give Chris a pat on the shoulder but was brushed aside.

"I am only 12 years old, and I cannot resist my fate."

"You have a destiny that no one else has. You are the favored one. You are my son, so you will have everything that no one else can." Mr. Osborne smiled, as confident as ever.

"Don't try to control my choice for me." Chris bypassed him and walked directly to Mrs. Lynn, hugging her in the car.

Mr. Osborne was slightly stunned. He glanced at Lin Yifei standing downstairs, turned and got into the car.

The car gradually disappeared at the end of the block.

Lin Yifei shallowly smiled.

"Goodbye, Chris."

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