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  1. This is not a mindlessly fluffy BL novel, but it's not a draggy tragedy either.
  2. The MC (Su Fu) is a very traditional Chinese, which means he cares a lot about his parents and tolerate more sh*t from them than many people, especially if it means that they can reconcile with each other. But that gets reciprocated because his parents do defend him back later on and learn to accept his homosexuality.
  3. There's one scene of the MC father's beating him, with a broom like many traditional parents do when they're angry. Warning, possible "domestic violence" trigger here.
  4. The MC's personality is gentle, some even calls him a doormat. So, he's not overly aggressive. If you want someone who will faceslap the bad guys for you, he's not it (except that one scene). But it doesn't mean that he lets everyone step on him forever.

If any of this hit your *trigger*, feel free not to read this novel. What you'll miss out on though is an amazing ML (Tang Sibo) who's a real gentleman and two cute buns.

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In the evening, a very ordinary black Volkswagen was slowly driving on the road and finally stopped at the gate of an old residential area.

At the end of August, it was still very hot in City A. Even in the evening, there were few wisps of cool breeze. Su Fu opened the window on the side of the driver's seat regardless of whether the air conditioner in the car would leak out. With the window of the car completely opened, Su Fu could clearly see a figure standing near the window on the third floor of Building 2 in the old residential area. The figure appeared to be looming and should be busy cooking dinner.

That was his home, ten years ago to be exact. Since coming out of the closet, he had never stepped foot into the house. After living with He Shaoqi, his family had severed ties with him directly. Every time he happened to pass by, he would stop the car and look at it wistfully.

He was homesick, especially in recent days.

Every time He Shaoqi's mother picked on Su Fu and stabbed him, while He Shaoqi took his mother's side and let Su Fu endure, Su Fu became homesick all the more. He had been too tired recently. Sometimes he couldn't help thinking whether the love that he and He Shaoqi believed in for nearly ten years, from going to college, to graduating from college, to working, to coming out of the closet, would be ruined in this married life?

Of course, they did not have a legally recognized marriage. After his parents let him go, he moved into the He family and began this depressing 'married life'.

Mother He was a person who doted on her son. He Shaoqi was gay, but his coming out of the closet was not difficult, because his mother loved him all the more. Even if she didn't like it, she wouldn't embarrass her son. However, He Shaoqi was the only one given his mother's indulgence. All of her resentments for her son liking men were turned around and vented onto Su Fu.

Su Fu and He Shaoqi met when they were in college. They lived in the dormitory next door. They were together in their freshman year, when they were both 18 years old and had just reached their legal age. Their relationship was very stable, even a little too stable. People said that they would break up after graduation. Yet, they were still together after graduation.

After graduation, both went home and came out of the closet. Su Fu was expelled from his house. He Shaoqi fared better, but at that time, mother He did not admit the existence of Su Fu. That year, they were 22, just about to enter society.

After graduation, Su Fu worked as an English teacher at No. 1 Middle School in City A. He Shaoqi worked as an intern at a branch of the famous Duan Group. At that time, the feelings of the two people were the same as before, stable. They lived together, rented a small apartment outside, and fought mother He in a protracted war.

After years of grinding, finally, two years later, mother He let go and let her son take Su Fu home. Su Fu offered tea to father He and mother He, which was regarded as entering the He family. Su Fu was very happy that day. He felt that all those years of hard work and persistence were worth it. But later, Su Fu gradually discovered that mother He did not really accept him in her heart.

In the first two years, it was a little better, there was nothing to pick on. Su Fu always listened to He Shaoqi and endured. Time didn't make mother He accept Su Fu slowly, but she hated him all the more. Last year, when she was clamoring to have a grandchild, Su Fu endured several weeks of supercilious looks. Finally, father He said to adopt a child. At that time, he and He Shaoqi were only 26 years old. The law stipulated that they could not adopt until they were 30 years old. However, the family knew someone in the orphanage. A child was still brought back. It was a boy, and he was only two years old at that time.

After all, the adopted ones were adopted. They're not related by blood. Mother He enjoyed having a grandchild for a few days then became bored within a few months. This year was even more interesting. Just a few days ago, mother He asked Su Fu to go to the hospital for a uterus transplant to give her a real grandson. Over the years, Su Fu's little temper had long been worn away, but mother He's request was not only excessive, but also unreasonable even with his good temper. He refused, which directly led to mother He's indifference to him these days.

The sultry air outside the car blew in, blowing away the original air-conditioning coolness inside the car and made people feel hot. When remembering all these things, Su Fu felt cold and tired.

Su Fu stared at the window on the third floor of Building 2 in a trance. Suddenly, a head appeared out of the window and looked outside. Su Fu was so scared that he drove off at once. His head was still in a daze. He stepped on the accelerator but forgot to turn the steering wheel. He hit the car parked in front of him in an instant.


Due to the sudden shock, Su Fu remained for a while in his seat after breaking out in cold sweat.

The collision was not light. All passers-by looked at them one after another. Su Fu gradually recovered. It was estimated that even if the car hadn't been damaged, it would have scraped off a lot of paint. Su Fu didn't know much about cars, but even so, he only needed to look at the car in front of him to know that it was definitely not an ordinary car. Even if he scratched some paint, it would definitely be a big deal.

The car owner in front of him might not be good. Su Fu had already unfastened his seat belt and alighted from the car.

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Close to the car body, Su Fu carefully looked at the logo of the car. With only one glance, his heart sank, Rolls-Royce
He carefully looked at the collision site again. Indeed, as expected, he scratched off a little paint, but it was not very serious. Su Fu heart became a little relieved. In contrast, his car was a little dent.

At this time, the owner of the car opened the window.

Su Fu bent down to look through the window and apologized, "I'm sorry. I was distracted. Are you guys all right?"

You guys, not you. There were two people in the car, the owner of the car and a four-or-five-year-old boy. Interestingly, there was no expression on the faces of both the large and small ones. There was neither anger from their car being hit nor the aggressiveness of demanding compensation.

The man sitting in the driver's seat was wearing a white shirt. His shirt looked clean and meticulous, but his neckline was loose, revealing a little leisure and laziness. The man was very handsome, with a natural air of dignity. Su Fu thought, it's no wonder that he's driving a Rolls-Royce. Rich people were almost always like this, unsmiling, and love to pretend to be serious.

However, to Su Fu's surprise, the man did not have facial paralysis as he imagined. Instead, he nodded in a friendly way. Although there was not much smile on his face, it was soft and did not give people serious pressure.

"The people are fine."

His words may mean that he didn't know if there was anything wrong with the car.

Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed and hurriedly said: "The car had some paint scratch. I'm sorry, I'll compensate."

Perhaps he thought that Su Fu's attitude was very good, the man smiled lightly and opened the door to get off. He went around to the back of the car and took a look at his and Su Fu's car.

"Just a little problem. It's good that people are all right."

The man came around and stood by the car door.

Su Fu didn't expect him to be so accommodating. At that time, he became a little stupid. Then he hurriedly returned to his car to find a notebook. He took a pen to write down his name and cell phone number, then tore it off and handed it to the man.

"I'm really sorry, this is my cell phone number. I'll take care of the car repair. You can text me the card number and the amount."

Su Fu didn't know whether the man's words just now meant to not hold him accountable, but for Su Fu, it was kindness for others not to hold him accountable. But it was a matter of personal principle whether he was responsible or not.

The man looked at the note in his hand, then at Su Fu. He didn't refuse but nodded then headed back into the car.

It's estimated that they were waiting for someone. Su Fu wouldn't disturb them anymore. He nodded and prepared to drive home.

Perhaps it was because there was a child in his family that the serious little face of that little boy in the back seat attracted Su Fu's attention. Weren't all children this age soft and cute? Su Fu couldn't help laughing when he remembered that his family boy was always good and clever with a voice full of milky sound. The little boy's serious face was exactly the same as that of the man. Nine times out of ten, they were father and son.

The little boy in the car noticed Su Fu's line of sight and glanced at him coldly. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. One little hand was holding the other little hand behind him. He was secretly kneading it.

Su Fu saw this small detail with sharp eyes and the boy's serious but forbearing expression. He guessed that the boy's hand was injured when the two cars collided just now.

Returning to the driver's window, Su Fu knocked on the closed window.

The man turned to look at him and pressed down the window button.

"Was the child's hand hurt?"

The man looked back at the child sitting in the back seat. "Xiao Ke, what's wrong with your hand?"

The little boy glanced discontentedly at Su Fu and hid his hands. He remained serious and pretended not to talk.

So, the man got out of the car, opened the back door, took the child out and placed him on the ground. He took his hand and asked him where it hurt.

The little boy became even more dissatisfied with Su Fu, as if he was very unhappy with Su Fu's meddling.

Su Fu smiled and squatted down. He pulled his left hand and gently rubbed his wrist. "Does it hurt here?"

There was a flicker of surprise in the little boy's eyes.

Su Fu's smile grew bigger. No matter how serious he was, he was still a child.

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"Children's bones are very fragile. If you don't say anything about a broken bone, the consequences might be very serious. Now uncle asks you, is it painful here?"

Obviously, the little boy was not used to the tone of coaxing children. He pulled back his hand and held the man's hand. He answered coolly, "Hurt."

Su Fu was somewhat frustrated. Clearly, it was very effective to do this at home. Why didn't it work for this little friend?

The man did smile and picked up the child with satisfaction in his voice, "Little man, it's okay. Let your aunt have a look later."

Hearing the man's praise, the little boy proudly held up his small head and said to Su Fu: "Children who can be coaxed are childish."

The young voice had fascinated composure but sounded a little rebellious and a little cute. Su Fu smiled and shook his head.

"Boss, I'm here, I'm here! All blame my mother. She gave me so many things and made you wait for so long! These are everything my mother let me bring to you. They're absolutely delicious. My mother personally made them. Boss and little boss can eat them!"

The young person who ran out of the community gate carried large bags and chatted incessantly. The man opened the trunk, and the young man put bags of things in it, not forgetting to introduce them one by one.

What a sunny man! Su Fu sighed with emotion in his heart and went back to his car silently. He sat in the driver's seat and watched the young person danced around and got on the car with the man.

It suddenly occurred to him that he forgot to tell the man that he was also responsible for the child's medical expenses. He hurried out of the car to say so but the car in front had already started to leave.

Su Fu held the car door. He looked at the distant shadow of the car and let out a sigh of relief. Forget it. How could anyone who drove a car worth millions care about medical expenses? Maybe he wouldn't even text him the car repair fee to let him compensate.

He got into the car and craned his head to look at the window on the third floor of Building 2. Seeing no one there, he finally drove home.

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