Chris didn't rush off the court but walked slowly to the edge, then leisurely leaned against the partition to watch Lin Yifei's match.

Lin Yifei's sabre always showed flexibility, which was completely different from the western style that advocated strength. The essence of fencing was never to win by brute force, especially when competing against Lin Yifei. The more you wanted to use force to suppress him, the more ridiculous he could make you lose. In this match, Lin Yifei's opponent's level was obviously higher than Chris's opponent. The child also seemed to understand his level but wasn't giving up despite the gap between him and Lin Yifei. Every one of his move was very serious. Lin Yifei always respected such opponents.

After blocking the other side's attack less than a centimeter away, he suddenly loosened then returned rapid fire. Even the countering angle was the same and hit the other side's wrist. Lin Yifei had already gotten 15 points, while his opponent only had 8 points. Lin Yifei won this match.

Once they saluted each other after the match, the young boy watched Lin Yifei take off his mask and smiled at him.

"Hey, what's your name?" Lin Yifei shook hands with him.

"Ivey Lance." The teenager wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand. "You're awesome!"

"Am I? Do you want to come to our school? Our fencing team is so bad that only one person is needed to bring up our level!" Lin Yifei half-jokingly said to Ivey.

"No way, your school's fencing team can still suck with your level?" Ivey looked incredulous.

Lin Yifei admired Ivey. He hadn't met anyone who could take eight points from him except Chris during this time.

"Yifei." Chris jogged to the sidelines and called his name.

"Hey Chris!" Lin Yifei excitedly turned around and hugged him across the partition, "Look at you. You must have won. Great, we can enter the semi-final!"

Chris was slightly shocked by his catapult. He took a small step back, then hugged him tightly. The faint smell of shampoo permeated the tip of his nose.

"The best thing is that you're in group A and I'm in group D, which means that we can only meet in the final. This is really great!"


Lin Yifei broke free from his arms and said, "Come on, let's celebrate!"

Generally speaking, when Lin Yifei said that he wanted to 'celebrate', it meant going to McDonald's or pizza parlors. He was at an age that's really fond of fast food.

Once they walked to the audience side, he saw Katherine smiling faintly at him. Lin Yifei knew that she must have lost.

Mark and Philip hugged Katherine's shoulder and seemed to have comforted her for a long time.

"You and Chris are great, as if you were born to fence." Katherine lifted up her head and looked at Lin Yifei standing beside her.

"As long as you really like fencing, fencing also exists for you." Lin Yifei reached out and touched the tears that were about to overflow from her eyes. "Little fool, your journey isn't over yet. How can you cry in the beginning?"

Katherine burst out laughing, "Don't be so gentle with girls and don't pretend to be an adult."

Lin Yifei knew that Katherine was stronger than many girls he had met. Indeed as expected, she stretched herself and stood up, "Let's go and celebrate for you and Chris! This is the end of my competition this year, so Lin, you have to work hard instead of me. If you can't win the championship, I'll make you very unhappy in the future."

Everyone went to McDonald's together. Katherine ordered a whole Big Mac set meal. She ate it with a big bite. Lin Yifei ate his apple pie and looked at her with a little horror.

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Halfway through the meal, Katherine suddenly looked at Chris. "Chris, what do you think of our Lin fencing skills?"

"First class." Chris answered unequivocally.

"So, does he have any weakness?" Katherine sat up and looked like a big sister.

"Yes." Chris's answer made Mark and Philip curious. After all, in their hearts, Lin Yifei was already very strong.

"Let's hear it." Katherine raised her chin.

"He's too lazy to carry out physical training. He has good skills, but he's too confident in himself and doesn't coordinate his body and mental response. Sometimes even if his brain knows what to do next, his body just can't react." Chris pointed right to the core of his problem. Lin Yifei was almost choked to death by his French fries.

"I feel that I have no advantages other than good technique…" Lin Yifei looked up to heaven.

"So, in order to give full play to your only strength, I decide to make up for your shortcomings at all costs." Katherine took Lin Yifei's fries. "We'll start systematic training next week. We'll do all kinds of physical trainings and so on!"

"Hah?" Lin Yifei leaned back.

"You're the trump card of our school and represent the reputation of Mark, Philip and me! We must reach the national final!" Katherine's lofty words and ambitions instantly infected Mark and Philip.

Lin Yifei immediately turned to Chris, his eyes full of distress signals.

"Good, I'll find my coach and talk about Yifei to draw up a training plan." Chris's answer pushed Lin Yifei into the abyss of despair.

"How can you do this to me?"

"I just don't want you to waste your talent." Chris turned his face to look at Lin Yifei. His eyes reminded him of the time when he once said the same words to him.

It was one day before his rebirth. Chris pulled Lin Yifei, who had been chasing girls in the school library, to the fencing hall. He threw the protective gear on him, fought against him, then beat Lin Yifei overwhelmingly. It was the first time that Lin Yifei thought Chris was going to kill him.

Chris gently waved his sabre and Lin Yifei's eyes ached.

"I don't want you to waste your talent by living in a dream."

At that time, Chris was wearing protective equipment. Lin Yifei couldn't see his eyes clearly.

In this moment, Lin Yifei looked at Chris. His eyes were calm, but there was a warmness that couldn't be refused.

"Good." Lin Yifei nodded his head.

This became the beginning of his tragedy. Because it was always easier to make a promise than to keep it.

At six o'clock in the morning, Katherine had already arrived downstairs of Lin Yifei's house. Mother Lin shook Lin Yifei awake and said that his female classmate from the fencing club was waiting for him.

"Ah…what…" Lin Yifei couldn't get up at all.

"Don't let a girl wait for you!" Mother Lin dragged Lin Yifei up. Before his rebirth, the Lins didn't take Lin Yifei's participation in fencing seriously. In the beginning, they thought that it was very expensive to buy protective equipment and sabre, but he was their son, so they couldn't help it. It wasn't until Lin Yifei was admitted to a first-class university for fencing with a large scholarship did they regret not spending more money to hire a personal coach for him like the parents of other children.

Since it wasn't suitable to eat breakfast before morning exercise, mother Lin gave Katherine Lin Yifei's breakfast. Lin Yifei was dumbfounded when he stood at the door. Katherine came here on a bicycle. Obviously, she just wanted Lin Yifei to jog to school, which was akin to killing him.

"I…I can't make it to school…" Lin Yifei shook his head.

Katherine turned over a supercilious look, "Chris knew that you don't have the stamina! The training plan he gave me is that you have to run for 20 minutes every morning. After 20 minutes, no matter where you get to, you can go the rest of the way to school by bus."

"So you rode your bike here just to make sure I'm jogging for 20 minutes?"

"Yes. Or do you prefer Chris to watch you?" Katherine laughed, "Chris is a serious guy at first sight. You won't even have a chance to be lazy."

"All right…all right…I'll go…" Lin Yifei thought about getting up so early every day. He estimated that he just needed to hold on for a few days, then it'd be over.  

Lin Yifei started jogging along the street while Katherine was riding beside him, humming a song. It almost made Lin Yifei mad.

The morning air was really fresh. The birds were chirping on the roadside branches.

Only Lin Yifei was too tired to enjoy it. He jogged for five or six minutes, then stopped to pant.

Katherine's bicycle parked beside him. This girl was really well equipped and even had a timer ready.

"Dear Lin, according to Chris's training plan, your time to stop and breath doesn't count toward the 20 minutes." Her voice was somewhat harsh. If it weren't for her being a girl, Lin Yifei might have hit her.

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After two minutes, Lin Yifei recovered and continued to jog.

Katherine followed him.

Morning exercises were only the beginning of Lin Yifei's nightmare. After school ended at 4 o'clock every day, Lin Yifei must practice basic movements with Katherine and them in the fencing club's activity room. Those familiar and unfamiliar technical movements of Lin Yifei, such as sabre wielding, thrusting, continuous forward and continuous backward movements, had to be repeated under the supervision of these children. For the first time, Lin Yifei questioned why he bothered to reborn again? He should just directly reincarnate into his next life.  

The next day, the person waiting for him to get up downstairs of the Lins' house was replaced by Philip, who was always a chill guy. Lin Yifei deliberately didn't get off the bed. Mother Lin was helpless with him. Philip simply sang "Lazy Pig Get Up" downstairs. Lin Yifei had to get up and do morning exercises to stop him from singing louder. His face was smelly.

"Are you trying to kill me…"

Philip was riding Katherine's bicycle. "We love you with enough determination to kill you."

On the third day, Mark was waiting for Lin Yifei to get up. That guy was much lower-key than Katherine and Philip. He directly went upstairs and pulled Lin Yifei down. Even mother Lin lamented at his amazing efficiency.

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