After walking through the rocky beach covered with mussels and climbing over the two rocky mountains, Chen Qi could see some white crystals starting to appear nearby, mixed with soil. he could not tell whether it was stone or salt stone without looking closely.

"there is salt mountain." Axu said, pointing to a rock mountain not far away that is much taller than its surroundings.

The appearance of Yanshan is no different from that of the surrounding rock mountain. The appearance of Yanshan is still reddish brown sandstone, but it is more barren than other rock mountains, and green plants are hardly visible.

Yanshan has a huge cave in the direction facing the Luoshui Lake. The more it goes toward the cave, the more white crystals there are around it. The usual salt stones can already be seen around the cave.

Chen Qi twisted a little bit in surprise and tasted it in his mouth. It was salty, with the bitter taste of the familiar salt stone. He spit out the salt stone in his mouth. Aze hurriedly took out a bamboo tube of water from his backpack and handed it to him. Chen Qi took it to open the lid and rinsed his mouth with water. "Is this mountain full of salt stone?"

Axu nodded, "We usually collect salt stones in the cave. Most of the salt stones outside are stained with mud, but none inside is clean." Axu said as he led several people into the cave.

Even there are so many halite impurities in it. Chen Qi silently spit out 1 in my heart.

After entering the cave, the sight is almost the whole gray salt stone, completely different from the reddish brown sandstone outside. The underground is probably the reason why people are often trampled. It is wet and moist. Although the entrance is very large, the space inside is only half the height of the entrance and the depth is about 10 meters. It looks like it has been excavated artificially.

Axu walked to the innermost cave wall. Beastly fingernails easily dug out a fist-sized salt stone. He handed it to Chen Qi. "These are the salt stones."

Chen Qi came over and looked at it. It was exactly the same as the salt rock he had exchanged at the previous meeting. He asked doubtfully, "This cave looks like it was newly excavated. Is this the only salt mountain you have here?"

Axu shook his head. "There is also a salt mountain on the other side. We used to collect salt stones there, but a few years ago we found that the salt stones there look different, so we moved to collect salt stones here."

"Different?" Is there any difference in salt?

"Well, the salt Yue Shi over there is getting more transparent."

Chen Qi did not have any research on salt, so he did not continue to ask questions. He planned to visit another salt mountain in person when he was free, and then he could know what the so-called transparent salt stones were all about.

There are three females. It is not difficult to dig up the salt stones. Soon they were filled with salt stones filled with three skins and backpacks. Naturally, the females would not let Chen Qi carry anything. Of course, Chen Qi could not carry such a heavy backpack. It was already very hard to walk back to the tribe without Aze carrying it. You know, there is no way to the rock mountain here. The females usually come here to climb the stones and let an ordinary person with little ability walk on this barren mountain. It is not just a matter of consuming physical strength.

After more than a year of training, Chen Qi's physical strength is much better than that of his weak body when he just passed through. Even walking in a rock pile, it is no problem to keep up with the speed of several females.

It was nearly evening when I returned to the beach. As the waters of Luoshui Lake slowly receded, the Beasts began their hunting activities today.

Today, the female who is responsible for hunting is no longer Achu, but a middle-aged female with brown hair. this female Chen Qi once met when entering the Luoshui tribe, that is, the female who was guarding the fig tree outside the tribe yesterday. Chen Qi remembered that the tree called each other Amin.

Whale sharks do not run to the lake every day for food. Today, the Beastmen found a huge octopus, which is different from the small octopus Chen Qi exchanged from Ashu. The octopus is more than 10 meters in size. It has surfaced without being driven by the Beastmen. Its huge claws are waving in disorder and seem to want to drive away the Beastmen who are in the way.

Octopus is slippery all over. It is not so easy to catch it. Amin does not dare to jump directly onto the octopus's back like a whaling shark. You know octopus has eight claws. Its claws are full of suckers and its strength is very strong. If it is entangled with it, it can break the Beastmen alive.

Although the octopus looks stupid, its movements are extremely flexible. Although it looks like the animals are hunting it together, Chen Qi always thinks that the giant octopus is playing with the animals.

The two sides held on for a while, also don't know whether the octopus had played enough, suddenly drill into the water, then spit out a large stream of ink, dyed the whole water black, blocking everyone's view.

Several females hurriedly swung the thick wood into the water to prevent the octopus from escaping, but when the ink on the water disappeared, where was there still half of the octopus?

. . . . . .

Chen Qi saw for the first time that the Beastmen had failed to hunt.

Obviously, the beast people of Luoshui tribe did not fail for the first time, and their facial expression was not half depressed. Everyone tidied up their things in an orderly way. Even if they failed once or twice, they did not lack food in summer. Even if they could not hunt prey for several days in a row, they could go outside the tribe to pick wild fruits to eat.

"octopus is not easy to catch." After watching the whole process, Ali and Ashu saw several people coming up here. Ale also conveniently took Asu's backpack.

"Didn't you bring a big bag of octopus to exchange with me last time?" Chen Qi always thought that octopus should be easy to catch.

Ashu curled his pie mouth. "It took me two months to catch that bag of octopus."

". . . . . ."

"Unfortunately, I can't eat octopus today." Ashu is a little frustrated.

"Do you like octopus very much?"

"Of course, octopus has no bones. People in the tribe like to eat it."

Chen Qi wanted to think and found that most of the prey hunted by the Luoshui tribe were mollusks. Even fish hunted huge fish like whale sharks. These prey were not like the big freshwater fish in Chishui River, which were full of fine bones.

"Are there many octopuses around here?" Chen Qi.

Axu nodded. "There are many octopuses in Luoshui Lake, but octopuses are usually very cunning. It is not easy to catch them."

Chen Qi smiled thoughtfully. "I know a relatively simple way to catch octopus, but I haven't tried it. I'm not sure if I can catch it. Do you want to try it?"

"What method?" Ashu eyes looked at Chen Qi shine.

"I need to go back and find some props."

Chen Qi simply explained the method to several people. Several people could hear the face and forehead. So simple, can they really catch the octopus?

After returning to the cave, several people put away the salt stones collected today, and the dried mussel has already done about the same. Chen Qi plans to dry it again in two days, so as not to harden the dried mussel meat. It is already evening now, and the sun will set soon. The work of continuing to make the dried mussel can only be continued tomorrow.

Many of the pottery brought in this time were jars. Chen Qi took five or six and made a simple rope net with ropes to tie the jars to the net, so that the jars would not face down when lifted directly.

Before it was completely dark, several people came to the waters where the octopus mentioned by Axu was more common. They put the jar under the water, and the rope was fixed to the floating wood on the water surface. The floating wood was fixed to the rocks on the bank with vines, without fear of being washed away by the water.

Several people were busy following Chen Qi's instructions with suspicion. The next morning, they couldn't wait to pull Chen Qi to see the results.

However, Chen Qi was not in a hurry. Instead, he let them collect all the mussels that need to be aired today. It was almost noon when they cooked them, peeled them and spread them out one by one to dry them at the entrance of the cave. Ashu and Ale were impatient. They asked Chen Qi every once in a while if he could go and see if the octopus had been caught in yesterday's jar.

Finally, with a wave of his hand, Chen Qi spread his feet and ran to the lake.

Last night, Axu told Achu that they wanted to catch octopus. At the moment, Achu took Lu Se and followed them curiously to the lake.

"Chen Qi, can I pull it up?" Ashu squatted on the driftwood, his hand grasping the rope was a little nervous. He asked Chen Qi softly on the bank, fearing that his voice would frighten away the octopus he might catch.

Chen Qi nodded and motioned for the other party to pull up the jar. Ashu took a deep breath, carefully slowly pull up the rope, try not to make too much noise.

After the jar was pulled out of the water, Ashu looked into the mouth of the jar and looked at it for a long time. when all the people on the bank thought that they had not caught anything, Ashu suddenly ran back to the bank on the floating wood, put the jar in front of Chen Qi, and said excitedly with a face, "I caught it. it's really an octopus."

As Ashu's voice dropped, Ale on the other side ran back excitedly holding a jar. "I also caught this one. It was really an octopus. The whole jar was packed with it." With that, Ale was a little tangled up again. "But this octopus can't be caught. Do you want to break the jar?" This is also too wasteful, you know pottery is not so easy to fire, especially in Luoshui tribe, there is no pottery clay that can fire pottery.

Chen Qi took out a piece of salt stone from his pocket and asked Aze to crush it. Then he took the jar from the musicians and put it on the ground. He sprinkled the broken salt into it according to the mouth of the jar. The octopus, which was still confined in the jar, began to move slowly. When it leaned out of the mouth of the jar, Aze's sharp fingernails directly pierced the octopus's skin and lifted it up.

Although the jar does not look very big, the octopus is two or three times as big as the jar when it is lifted.

Achu was amazed. "I didn't expect the octopus to be caught so easily. If the jar were bigger, could the big octopus like yesterday be caught in this way?"

Chen Qi patted the salt on his hand and said, "It should be possible to catch octopus. Octopus likes to drill into hollow vessels. It is much easier to catch octopus with this method than directly holding it in front, and there is no danger."

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