Achu pulled up the rest of the jars, and after only one night's work, there was an octopus in each jar. This shows that there are really many octopuses in this water area.

It's a pity that there are not many big octopus like yesterday. Perhaps because of the jar, the size of the octopus caught is similar to Chen Qi's cognition.

After all the octopus was cleared out of the jar, Achu put the jar back into the water again as before, and planned to come back in the evening to see if he could catch it.

In order to thank Chen Qi for providing this simple method of catching octopus, Achu called five or six clansmen to help Chen Qi refine salt stones and deal with dried mussels.

Achu touched a bit of refined salt like sand and licked it with his tongue. he found it was not bitter and tasted better than before. he couldn't help feeling, "I didn't expect you to know so much."The male has only been here for two days. He not only told them a new way to eat food, but also taught them a simple way to capture octopus. If the other side can stay in his tribe for a long time, Achu feels that the tribe will change greatly soon.

Unfortunately, he is not from his tribe. Achu couldn't help but stare at Axu when he thought of this. If only his eldest son could turn over such a good male.

Hearing Achu's praise, Chen Qi smiled and did not answer.

Refining the salt stone is a time-consuming job. Chen Qi cannot stay here for too long after all. In order to speed up the process, Achu asked the tribal people to bring the salt stone home and send it back after refining it.

Chen Qi felt a little guilty as he watched the Achu people keep busy for their own affairs. "At present, the mussels on the beach are at their best. You can also pick some dried mussels and put them for winter food or exchange resources with other tribes when the tribes meet." Chen Qi suggested.

When it comes to tribal assembly, Achu wanted to think, turned around and whispered a few words to Axu. Axu nodded. Axu just straightened up, glanced at several people in Qi Ze City, and finally turned his eyes on Asu. The leader of several people in Qi Ze City this time was obviously this middle-aged female named Asu. If Achu had anything to say about tribal affairs, he could only talk to Asu. Although his heart actually wanted to talk to Chen Qi, it was obvious that Chen Qi was not in charge.

"Regarding the tribal assembly during the first snow, we want to go to Qi Ze City this year. Do you mind?" Of course, in the end, he still has to discuss the details with the rest of the tribe.

Asu was stunned. He put aside the stripped mussel shell. "Aren't you going to the Lion Wolf Tribe?" Lion Wolf Tribe is the tribe with the largest number of people in the neighborhood. Small tribes around it gather there every year to exchange resources and information. If Luoshui Tribe does not go to lion Wolf Tribe's gathering this year, it will lose not only the resources that can be exchanged, but also the events on the plain this year. This is a big issue concerning how the beast people will defend against hyenas attacks in the next winter.

Achu smiled indifferently. How can the resources exchanged by other tribes be comparable to those in Qi Ze City? Just looking at the surprise brought by Qi Ze City to his tribe in the past two days is enough for them to exchange several times of harvest with Lion Wolf Tribe. As for the hyenas, which tribe lives closer to the forest than Qi Ze City?

Seems to be afraid of Asu's refusal, Achu added: "There are still many young males in our tribe. We can go to Qi Ze City to have a talk."

Chen Qi knew clearly that the other party's implication was to hold a tribal matchmaking conference.

Luoshui tribe is a rare place with more males than females, perhaps because of the long-term food supply provided by Luoshui lake and the rock mountain group as a natural defense barrier. the survival rate of males here is very high. except for those who are born weak, they can survive only a few winters and die young, and generally they can live to adulthood.

The number of Luoshui Tribe is not large, and the clansmen of the tribe that have been bred for a long time have a little relationship with each other. Also for this reason, the Beastmen of Luoshui Tribe now have to look for partners, whether female or male, only to other tribes. Some females who are reluctant to leave the tribe can only stay alone.

It is also for this reason that Axu has not been able to find a suitable mate. Otherwise, with his ability, any tribe can become an expert hunter.

Qi Ze City's adult male plus Chen Qi now has only Ka Luo. He had to be moved by Achu's proposal. Next to him, Ale was staring at Asu with bright eyes, afraid that he would not allow it. He couldn't wait to nod directly for him.

Asu also did not dare to nod immediately about the tribal and inter-tribal communication. He looked at Chen Qi inquiringly. Chen used his arm to poke Aze, who was sitting beside him. Aze did not even lift his head. He methodically opened the shell of boiled mussel and took the meat from it. He said lightly: "Before coming to Luoshui Tribe, the chief of the clan will give the decision to you." That is to say, we listen to you and have no opinion.

Asu eyebrow Angle took a smoke, secretly stared Aze one eye.

Axu added: "Even if the people of your tribe and the male of our tribe have become partners, if you don't want to, we won't force you to come to Luoshui tribe."

Asu looked at him in surprise, bowed their heads and thought for a moment, then finally nodded, "Well, we didn't intend to go to the Lion Wolf Tribe at this year's gathering either. If you could come, we would certainly welcome it."

Achu smiled and patted Asu on the shoulder, got up and went out directly to tell the news to others, and discussed the meeting this year by the way.

The power of the practice of Qi Ze City several people are stun. Now that summer is only halfway through, don't you worry?

Although both dried mussel and refined salt stone are what Chen Qi hopes to do, Chen Qi, who teaches the Luoshui tribe how to deal with dried mussel and refined salt stone, did not do it himself, but handed them over to Asu and Ale. Axu and Ashu also learned a lot in Qi Ze City before. Along the way, they also learned a lot with Chen Qi. It is not an overnight thing to teach all these things to the tribe.

Ale, who had learned best in swimming before, was also dragged by Ashu to Luoshui Lake to continue to learn swimming. In less than a day, he almost became one with the young females of Luoshui Tribe. It was also because of Ale's fish-like swimming style in the water that the females of Luoshui Tribe were envious and gained a lot of admiration.

The task of turning over mussels was handed over to Achu's partner Lu Se and his two sons for help. Chen Qi, who was idle, planned to go around with Aze.

After checking their painting tools, Chen Qi and Aze left Ashu's cave.

The two men did not walk up the rocky mountain, but walked along the Luoshui lake in the opposite direction of picking salt stones before. because there was no destination, Chen Qi was not in a hurry and took Aze's hand and walked slowly along the lake, feeling quite like a vacation by the sea.

Slightly salty wind blew from the surface of the water to disperse the surrounding heat. Aze was wearing a dark green camouflage coat and a straw hat on his head. His trouser leg was slightly rolled up, leaving a neat row of footprints on the golden sand behind him.

Chen Qi looked at the nondescript straw hat with his head slightly sideways, stretched out his hand and pinched each other's tanned skin, "I should make you a better hat next time."

"This hat is very nice."

"Where is good? Not yet. Look at you. Your face is tanned." Chen Qi pinched Aze's face again. Well, it feels really good.

Aze just smiled, as long as Chen Qi did, he felt good-looking.

Aze's skin is not actually black. What he wants to say is that he is healthy and good-looking in wheat color. Instead, Chen Qi has tanned a lot this summer. Because of wearing long sleeves for a long time, the part of the skin that was not blocked when he took off his clothes is extremely obvious. Fortunately, he is not a girl either. He doesn't need to pay too much attention to these things, but every time he sees it, he still feels a little depressed. Why is the skin color of the animals tanned so evenly? He also wants such skills.

Even if Luoshui Lake is not a sea, perhaps because the water is salty, the creatures growing here are not very different from those in the sea. Chen Qi can see all kinds of shellfish and corals washed up by the water on the beach. Some crabs seem to have no scruples to roam freely on the beach because no Beastmen have grabbed them as food with their hard shells. Unfortunately, they met Chen Qi who knows how to turn them into delicious food today.

Since Chen Qi tried to catch the crab, he was caught accidentally and almost broke his skin. Aze did not dare to let him start work. Chen Qi took the initiative to catch the cancer that passed by in front of the two without consciousness with a look in his eyes. With a hard finger, the two giant tongs that could hurt people were easily broken off.

"The crabs here are really big." Chen Qi looked at the giant crab almost the size of his whole face and swallowed. How much meat will be in it?

The two found some branches nearby to light the fire. Aze would carry his backpack with him before going out. He added some water to the pottery bowl and boiled the whole crab. It was just enough to fill a pottery bowl. Chen Qi couldn't wait to peel the shell and eat it when the crab turned beautiful red.

Although it wasn't long after lunch, the two still ate two cancer crabs. Of course, most of them were in Aze's stomach. Chen Qi still felt very satisfied and touched his slightly propped stomach. "I knew I wouldn't have eaten before coming out." Chen Qi helped destroy the fire and said regretfully slightly.

"If you like it, we'll catch some more when you come back later." Aze indulged in taking out a bamboo tube filled with water and gave it to Chen Qi.

"This can be."

The beach may only be a dispensable place for animals who only know how to hunt large prey, but it is a treasure for Chen Qi. Chen Qi not only discovered crabs but also many conches. when he was about to leave the beach, he also encountered a huge turtle, which was more than one meter high and was as thick as Chen Qi's legs.

Chen Qi pulled Aze by the sleeve in surprise. "Aze, is that a turtle?"

Aze has never seen a turtle, but he has seen a tortoises and feels that the two things are not different in appearance. He nodded uncertainly.

Afraid of scaring the turtle, Chen Qi excitedly pulled Aze to hide in the rock pile beside him, his eyes staring at the turtle brightly. Behind the turtle, there was a huge cave dug. At the moment, he was lying on the beach with his head and neck stretched out, his mouth slightly open, his eyes fixed on the nearby water surface and his eyes sliding down a line of tears.

"I didn't expect turtles to shed tears when laying eggs." Chen Qi commented with relish.

"Is it because of the pain?" Aze was silent for a moment and asked softly.

Chen Qi thought for a moment and shook his head. "I don't know, maybe it's because the lacrimal gland is too developed." He doesn't have much research in this area.

Aze didn't speak again, but his fingers unconsciously caressed the less obvious scar on his right wrist.

Turtles lay eggs very slowly. Chen Qi and Chen Qi had just laid their first egg when they arrived. They watched for a while. Chen Qi made a mark nearby and took Aze away from behind quietly, intending to return to look around the neighborhood after visiting.

I don't know if turtle eggs can be eaten, but he hasn't eaten eggs for a long time. Chen Qi licked his lip angle thought.

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