After leaving the beach, it was a huge rocky beach, but the rocks on this side were much tidier and larger than those on the side of the tribe. The rocky beach was covered with moss and mussels. However, due to long-term scouring by the lake water, this side was too wet and slippery. The cloth shoes they wore did not have a good anti-skid effect, so they bypassed the rocky beach and walked along the foot of the rocky mountain.

Axu said that the old salt mountain was located at the end of the rocky beach. The two men arrived after about half an hour's walk. White crushed salt stones were scattered nearby, covered with mud and looked filthy. There is also a huge stone cave opening in Yanshan. It is not clear whether it was formed naturally or artificially for a long time.

"Is this the old Yanshan that Axu said?" Chen Qi looked at the situation around him. Only this mountain is bare without any plants, only white salt stones.

"Do you want to go in and have a look?" Looking at the black hole, Aze asked anxiously. If only he is ok, with Chen Qi he always doesn't want the other party to encounter any dangerous things.

The cave in this salt mountain is obviously much deeper than that in the other one. even if the hole is opened very large, the sunlight cannot penetrate into the deep place at all. standing outside the hole, you can't see the inside clearly.

Chen Qi hesitated for a moment. "Let's make some torches and then go in."

Torch this kind of thing when Qi Ze City did a lot of, two people not for a while skillfully done five or six, a torch can burn for about 15 minutes to half an hour or so, Chen Qi don't want to stay in the cave for too long, after ready to ignite the torch went into the cave.

Aze walked beside him, stretched out his hand and took Chen Qi's other empty hand. The five senses mentioned the highest and he was always watching the situation around him. Chen Qi smiled back and inserted his fingers into each other's fingers, clasping them tightly.

This cave has probably been abandoned for too long and has no one to take care of it. Gravel is scattered everywhere. The ground is not wet, but it is not easy to walk. The surrounding of the cave wall is not full of grayish white salt stone like that of the other one, but some reddish brown sandstone can be seen mixed in it. Compared with another salt mountain, there are more salt stone impurities here, and people who are difficult to monster will give up here.

The cave was very deep and the space was very large. There was nothing special around it except the unchanging rock walls. When Chen Qi arrived at the second watch torch, he found a little light in the distance.

"Does this cave connect the whole mountain?" Chen Qi was slightly surprised.

"Be careful." Chen Qi's words just fell. Aze suddenly stepped forward and stood in front of Chen Qi. Then Chen Qi heard the sound of fluttering wings. He hurriedly lifted the rekindled torch and looked in the direction of the sound. He saw that the top of the cave wall was full of dark bats.

Although Chen Qi had no intense phobia, he couldn't help falling out with goose bumps when he saw the scene. He bowed slightly, pulled Aze up and walked quickly toward the light source ahead. "Let's get out of here, please be careful not to be bitten by bats." This thing seems to have rabies virus. There is no vaccine in the world, and if it is bitten, it will be in trouble.

At Chen Qi's suggestion, Aze became more careful in his movements and only took the bat to the ground when he rushed at them.

Although the light source seemed very far away, the distance was not long. Soon the two men came to the entrance of the cave. The bats in the cave did not follow. Chen Qi nervously checked Aze for any wounds and was relieved when he was sure that the other party was really unscathed.

Seeing Chen Qi worried about himself, Aze smiled, "This little thing can't hurt me."

"Of course, my Aze is the best." Chen Qi is not stingy in praising his partner at any time, causing Aze to blush awkwardly.

The hole here is more than half smaller than the one that came in. It looks like it was specially opened for light transmission. The hole is facing a rocky mountain, which is sparsely covered with many green plants, but this bare salt mountain is especially conspicuous.

Looking around and finding nothing special, Chen Qi was a little confused, "Where are the transparent salts that Axu said? We didn't see anything along the way."

"I seem to have seen it just now."

"Where is it?" He walked with Aze all the way. It is impossible for Aze to see what he did not see.

Aze pointed to the dark cave, "where we met bats just now."

". . . . . ."

Chen Qi didn't want to go in and look at the dense bats and the bad smell on the top of the cave wall just now, but he came here and felt a little unwilling not to go in and look.

Chen Qi sighed, "Let's go in and have a look."

Of course, Chen Qi did not intend to go in like this. He found some dry branches and some green leaves nearby, tied them together, lit them with torches and threw them into the cave, intending to disperse the bats with fire and smoke.

Chen Qi found a piece of cloth in his backpack, tore it in two and handed one to Aze, while holding the other to tie his nose and mouth. "The smell inside is too bad. It is estimated that there are toxins in it. It would be better to tie your nose and mouth like me." The bats have not known how many years they have been here. It is estimated that the excrement on the ground is several centimeters thick. They did not pay any attention to it even though they came out just now. It is only natural that they should be fully prepared to enter again at this moment.

After there was no bat flying out of the cave, Chen Qi lit a torch and stepped into the cave. Aze led the way in front. There was a fork road not far from the cave. The road was facing away from the direction in which they first came in, so Chen Qi did not see it, but he could not escape Aze's eyes, which could barely see things in the dark.

After turning into the fork in the road, the figure of bats was completely invisible. Chen Qi looked down at his feet and found that gray salt stones appeared again at his feet. The surrounding cave walls were semi-transparent, and torches passed by and reflected light.

"Are these mineral salts?" Chen Qi was surprised to touch the translucent cave wall and felt slightly cool.

After a short walk in, Chen Qi found that besides mineral salt, there were two kinds of things that Chen Qi could barely identify, gypsum and saltpeter, which were symbiotic with mineral salt, and some obviously different ores, but Chen Qi did not know them.

Although it is a happy thing to find gypsum, what surprises Chen Qi is the discovery of saltpeter. It is simply too useful. It can make gunpowder. In this primitive society, there are few cold weapons. If only fire/medicine can be made, what is a mere hyenas? If you dare to come, you can't blow it back.

Chen Qi was so excited that he let Aze dig out a bit of gypsum and saltpeter and put them carefully into his backpack. After all, he was still holding a torch and did not dare to stay in the cave for too long. He packed up his things and left. When he came out, he met a bat that began to turn back and had to fight another escape war.

If you want to come here to collect saltpeter in the future, you have to let these annoying guys move into a nest. Chen Qi, who does not know which bat poured a little excrement on his shoulder, thought bitterly as he cleaned up.

Chen Qi didn't want to stay here any more after he got the unexpected harvest. He looked at the sky and planned to return home. On the way back, Chen Qi didn't need to observe the situation around him any longer. He asked Aze to carry him back, but he still turned on his way to the place where the turtles laid their eggs.

The turtle has long been missing. Only a pile of sand like a new cover was hidden under a tall rock. Chen Qi pulled the sand away and saw it was filled with white eggs, about twice the size of ordinary eggs.

Chen Qi couldn't help whistling, motioning Aze to take off his backpack, take out the turtle eggs one by one, take off the dirt on it, and put it into the backpack. There were as many as 50 or 60 turtles.

"today's harvest is really good. I'll cook eggs for you when I get back." Chen Qi happily carried the backpack to Aze. "Aze, why don't we go to those rocky mountains inside tomorrow and have a look, maybe there will be some surprises." If sulfur can be found, he can get the fire/medicine out, but there seems to be no volcano here, so it is not so easy to find sulfur.

Aze looked at Chen Qi with an excited expression on his face and smiled, "Good."

When they returned, the two men conveniently caught several giant crabs that were running wild in front of them, perhaps because they could easily catch octopus with a jar, or because no large hunting creatures were found when the water retreated today. When they came back, they only saw Ali and a group of young females fluttering in the water, and Ale was still testily pointing out the awkward females. How can these people be so stupid, pointing out that they haven't learned it for most of the day? When Chen Qi taught himself, he soon found the secret. By contrast, Ale couldn't help feeling a little complacent.

Similarly, Ashu, who dived into the water after several dives, was also impatient. He brushed his wet bangs. "You must have taught him the wrong way. If Chen Qi had taught him, we would have learned it."

Ale crooned with a fork in his waist, "Obviously you are too stupid. That's how Chen Qi taught me."

Ashu threw a handful of water at his head and retorted, "I'll let Chen Qi teach me tomorrow. I can definitely learn to show it to you in less than half a day."

Ale, who was splashed with a face, ground his molar teeth and rolled up his sleeves as he walked toward Ashu. He said in a somber way: "Chen Qi said that you can learn it by taking two sips of water. I think it is necessary for you to try it yourself. Maybe you won't have to wait until tomorrow, and then you can swim two laps."

Ashu feel small heart jolted, clearly is a hot day but feel behind a cold, just when two people almost scuffle together next to a female saw the beach slowly crossing the steps coming to the two people, hurriedly shouted Chen Qi's name.

Ale, who had already pressed Ashu's head and wanted to push him into the water, hurriedly let go. Seeing Chen Qi looking over, he smiled wryly, "We are just joking." Say that finish also don't forget to pinch behind the tree's arm.

Ashu turned supercilious look, reluctant to nod, I didn't think Ale was so afraid of Chen Qi, maybe can use it to rule him in the future. Ashu eyes turned, the in the mind quickly calculating.

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