Chen Qi saw this group of people huddled together to learn swimming when he was out of the house. Unexpectedly, one afternoon passed and he was still there. The line of sight swept over Ale's white-soaked hands, reminding him: "The swimming thing is not urgent. You have been soaking in the water for so long. Go back to bed early today."

Ale answered the call, and Ashu tidied up the two battered life buoys and said hello to the other females. They agreed to go home with Chen Qi after they continued tomorrow.

Seeing that Ale's wet hands wanted to reach over and take over his backpack, Chen Qi hurriedly avoided the other's movements. "I have saltpeter in my backpack. Your hands are full of water. Don't help me with it."

"Nitrate? What is that?" Ale withdrew his hand doubtfully.

Chen Qi blinked. "A very useful thing."

Without explanation, Ale could only press down his doubts. A few people had just returned to the cave entrance when they saw Axu coming back with a large backpack of salt. Chen Qi opened it and looked at it and found that it was all refined.

"Now all the people in the tribe know how to refine the salt stone. Leave the salt you need to us, and we will help you refine as much as you want." The last thing they need is salt. Axu handed Chen Qi his backpack and grinned.

Chen Qi was moved and asked Aze to put away the refined salt and thanked Axu.

The dried mussel outside the cave has also been retrieved. Asu plans to go to the beach to collect some more tomorrow. Chen Qi told them that there are also many mussels growing on the beach on the other side of the beach.

"Why haven't you cooked it after cooking for so long?" Chen Qi frowned and poked with chopsticks the turtle eggs that had been boiled in water and dropped into the pottery bowl, soft or semi-liquid.

After soaking in Luoshui Lake for a whole day, Ali and Asu were covered in sticky and greasy salt flakes and ran to the river outside to wash them.

The water in Luoshui Lake is salty and cannot be drunk. Tribal people can only get water from a tributary of the Dorsal River in the distance. It takes nearly two hours for the female to return and return. This shows how far away the river is from here. Probably the most inconvenient thing for the beast people in Luoshui Tribe is the problem of water use.

Turtle eggs are soft and do not form when cooked like eggs. Chen used chopsticks to touch them and tasted the taste, one word, fishy.

Sighed, cut a little bit of Jiang Mo and wild onion, add a little bit of meat and salt, going to directly make stewed eggs.

After Ale and his wife returned from their bath and water, Chen Qi and Aze had already finished their dinner. At the moment, Chen Qi had already started to take out the saltpeter collected, because he wanted to try the effect first, so the quantity collected this time was not very large. A small dish of water poured out of the freshly beaten pottery jar. Chen Qi took pottery away from the fire and was a little nervous with saltpeter in his gloved hand.

Turtle eggs have been cooked by Chen Qi as dipping sauce for barbecued meat, with ginger and scallion fried to remove the heavy fishy smell. For Ashu, who is used to eating prey in the water, he likes it very much. Ale is very subtle in the taste. After two bites, he still only nibbles at the barbecued meat.

The two men were curious about what Chen Qi was going to do, but Chen Qi wouldn't let them all surround him, lest their breath make the surrounding temperature too high. Although the two men didn't understand, they could only crouch by the fire and eat while watching Chen Qi working at something in the corner of the room.

Chen Qi broke some of the saltpeter into enough water depth to submerge the saltpeter in the pottery dish. That was why he put the saltpeter in. Because he was worried that the amount of saltpeter was not enough, Chen Qi added it while looking at it. After waiting for a while, the water in the pottery dish turned into ice.

Chen Qi looked at it quietly again and felt that the ice had completely condensed. He reached out and touched it in surprise. He started to get cold through the cloth gloves.

"Aze, come and help me see if this has really turned into ice." Chen Qi excitedly waved to Aze, who had been rushed to one side by him to stay. Aze hurriedly walked over and saw that the water in the pottery dish had become translucent solid. His face was also unable to hide his surprise.

Ashu and Ale looked at each other, will hand to eat half of the food down, also hurriedly walked past. As soon as they approached, they felt a chill. Ale could not help but stretch out his hand and broke off a little. Perhaps the temperature in his palm was too high. The translucent ice began to melt slowly as soon as it arrived in his hand. Ale stuck out his tongue to lick it. Chen Qi knocked it off hastily. The ice fell to the ground and rolled twice. It was not long before it was completely turned into water.

"This stuff cannot be eaten." Chen Qi said with a straight face.

"why?" Ale rubbed his was Chen Qi clap red hand, unexpectedly Chen Qi strength so big.

Chen Qi gave him a look. "If you want to have a few days' tummy, try some."

Ale swallowed and did not dare to speak. Ashu looked at him gloatingly, making him want to put everything in his mouth and not afraid of eating out of order.

In summer, the ice is not easy to maintain. Chen Qi, who looked at the ice that has begun to melt slowly, thought for a moment with a frown. He remembered that the cotton bag he collected on the way back had been picked out by him. It was originally intended to be used to make cotton-padded clothes, so it had been pressed into pieces in advance.

Chen Qi took out the pressed cotton and asked Aze to make a small wooden box. Then he sewed a layer of cloth coated with gum fruit liquid on the cotton, hoping that when the ice melts, it will drip down to achieve a simple waterproof effect.

Chen Qi stuffed the prepared cotton into the wooden box. Even the top lid was tightly covered with cotton. Then he put the ice cubes in the pottery tray into the wooden box. In order not to let the ice cubes melt too quickly, the wooden box was moved to a corner away from the fire. Chen Qi took out several ripe red berries, washed them and filled them with the pottery tray. They were simply covered with a layer of cattail leaves, and then put them into the simple version of the refrigerator. After the two of Ale had finished their dinner, Chen Qi took out the red berries. The frozen fruits were sweet, cool and refreshing.

Even Aze, who doesn't like sweet fruit, couldn't help eating a few more. The heat in his whole body seemed to disappear when he ate something cold and icy.

A few people were enjoying the ice-cold red berries when Axu and Asu came back looking tired. They had just brought back the refined salt and were called away by Achu's team. They did not expect to go for several hours.

The fire was still warm with food. As soon as Ashu saw them coming back, he snatched the last two red berries from the musicians and shoved them into Ashu and Asu's hands. Both of them were surprised when they came into contact with the cold fruits. "What is this?"

"Chen Qi has made ice. This fruit has been frozen in the ice and is delicious." Ashu licked his lips, a face of wanting more to explain, now the Xiao Mu refrigerator has the second batch of red berries, such as ice after he want to take to dad and father also try.

Asu looked curiously at the red berries of the cold ice and took a bite. It tasted much better than usual. Axu did not seem interested, his eyebrows tight knit, as if he were worried about something.

"Have you met anything?" Aze filled them with a cup of scented tea. Axu took it and thanked them.

"People from the Flame Hill tribe are here."

"Flame Hill tribe? How did they get here when they were so far away from us?"Ashu packed the roast meat and Chen Qi's turtle egg stew for the two and handed it to them.

"They said there was no way to hunt prey in the forest. They wanted to hunt in the Luoshui Lake, but they had no experience in hunting in the water, so they came to Achu and asked him to teach them." Asu replied.

"Is their tribe very close to here?" If you can't hunt in the forest since the beginning of summer, then the food they had stored before winter should have been consumed in the past few months. why did you think of this time to ask for help from Luoshui tribe? Chen Qi thought this way and asked for the exit.

"Their tribe is closer to here than Qi Ze City, but it is only two or three days away."

"They did not fail to get into the forest at the beginning. It seems from their point of view that a group of hyenas lingered around it not long after summer. They had already lost a lot of people, so they had no choice but to change the hunting place and planned to visit our tribe." Ashu, holding his forehead in a headache, continued: "The people of the Flame Hill tribe all want to hunt their prey early, but hunting on our side is not so easy, and large-scale prey cannot be met every day."

Chen Qi is clear. A few people didn't discuss the Flame Hill tribe again. After the meal, they simply washed and took a rest.

The ice in Xiao Mu's refrigerator melted early the next day, because the red berries were placed in a pottery bowl but did not get wet by water. The cloth coated with gum fruit liquid had a good waterproof effect. After soaking all night, the cotton inside was not damaged.

Chen Qi turned the rest of the saltpeter into ice and put it back into the refrigerator in Xiao Mu. He also found some mung beans on the way to the refrigerator. At the moment, he boiled a plate of mung bean syrup directly and took it out to eat when it was frozen in the refrigerator. It was a sharp weapon for relieving summer heat.

Achu also knew that this kind of stone could make ice. He took several females with him early in the morning and led them down to the old salt mountain to collect a lot. Chen Qi told them to pay attention to some matters, especially told them not to eat the ice made of saltpeter casually, but to use it to reduce the temperature and ice.

Chen Qi also plans to make edible ice, but the heat conduction effect of the pottery bowl is not good. After several attempts, he can't condense the water in the pottery bowl into ice. It seems that he can only try again when he has the chance to make a metal vessel.

Because Aze had to take Achu several people to collect saltpeter, today their treasure hunt in Yanshan had to be cancelled. Salt stone has now been collected by Luoshui tribesmen. When it was brought to Chen Qi's hands, it has turned into bags of refined salt. Chen Qi was embarrassed to let them work in vain, so he did a lot of food and frozen sugar water to entertain them. The beasts of Luoshui tribesmen worked harder to help Chen Qi.

Chen Qi is not stingy with his skills either. As long as anyone comes to ask him about his snacks or where he got the raw materials for those snacks, he will patiently explain them one by one. Within two days, Axu's small cave became the most bustling place in the Luoshui tribe.

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