In the evening, the females of the Luoshui tribe started hunting prey again when the water receded. Obviously, prey such as big octopus and whale shark are not common. The prey they hunt today looks a bit like seals, only about two meters in size.

When Chen Qi went, he saw Achu explaining with several females in fur, while Axu was trying to drive the seals closer to the shore with a group of females. Because the animal skins are so heavy after being soaked in water, seeing the cloth that Axu wears is convenient, now the females of Luoshui tribe will change into cloth clothes as long as they go hunting. The females who still wear the animal skins should be the people of Flame Hill tribe.

The way the animals are driven is very simple and direct, just like when they were driving whale sharks, standing on a floating wood, beating the water with a long stick and inserting the stick into the water to stop the seals from moving forward. This method is better to deal with whale sharks, which are large prey, but the seals are much smaller than whale sharks, and their movements are faster and more flexible. The females' long sticks do no harm to them at all.

Chen Qi observed for a while and found that the seal rushed out of the crack between the exchanges of attacks by the beast people. In a short time, it rushed into the deep water area and disappeared.

The Beastmen of the Luoshui tribe did not have any disappointed expression on their faces. The Beastmen of the Flame Hill tribe were unable to hide their frustration. A gray-haired female headed by Achu seemed to have said something to Achu. Achu frowned slightly, nodded and shook his head. Achu sighed. Achu patted him on the shoulder twice and looked up to find that several people from Qi Ze City were also coming. Achu and Achu confessed for two sentences and then walked towards Chen Qi.

The use of jars to catch octopus in the past two days has tasted the benefits for the animals of Luoshui tribe. it is now the active season for octopus. the animals can get something as long as they put the jars in the water and wait for two or three hours. Chen Qi suggested that they should not put the jars in the same place. the animals will stretch their battle lines. the positions are completely different in the morning, the middle and the evening. each time they pick up the jars, there will be a head of octopus crowded inside. unfortunately, there are not many jars in the tribe that can catch octopus. achu has planned to send a team of people to Qi Ze City for special exchange when Chen Qi returns.

Seeing Achu coming, Chen Qi nodded slightly, "Did the hunting not go smoothly?"

Achu had no choice but to spread his stall. "After all, now is the migration season. There are not many large-scale prey. It is a bit difficult to find enough prey for the two tribes to eat." Before Chen Qi taught them to eat mussels and catch octopus, even the beasts of the Luoshui tribe had to eat wild fruits to satisfy their hunger.

"The question now is, can't we catch the prey ashore?"

Achu nodded. They haven't learned how to swim yet. The only one who can swim better is Axu, but the duration is not long. Achu also dare not let him go directly into the deep water.

"Chen Qi, do you have any way to get your prey ashore?" Achu asked awkwardly, if it weren't for people from the Flame Hill tribe, he wouldn't have bothered Chen Qi to teach them anything. After all, Chen Qi has taught them too much, and the whole tribe can't give them anything suitable to exchange.

Beasts are used to bartering, but now they feel like taking advantage of Qi Ze City, making Achu feel uncomfortable.

Chen Qi propped up his chin and thought for a moment, "I don't know if fishing nets will do."

"Fishing nets?"

"Mmm." Chen Qi took his hide backpack from Aze's hand and took out a pen and paper from the backpack. Now he will take his backpack with painting tools as soon as he leaves the cave. With a feather pen dipped in black fruit dyeing liquid, Chen Qi thought about the approximate shape of the fishing net and drew it on the paper, "This is what it looks like, but the prey here seems to be quite strong, so try to make it up with ropes." Chen Qi handed Achu the finished paper and said.

Ashu and Ashu have been painting for Achu Cop these two days, but it is a bit difficult for a Beastmen who has never seen a painting to see from a black-and-white manuscript what it really looks like. Achu disturbed his head. "Sorry, I don't quite understand what it looks like."

Chen Qi smiled, "Then I will give you a demonstration if you are free tonight."

Achu a bright eyes, excitedly holding Chen Qi's hand, took him back. What do you say tonight, go and make this fishing net now, the hunting has failed anyway, and it may be used tomorrow after it is finished earlier.

Aze stepped forward and quietly rescued Chen Qi's hand from Achu's thick palm. Achu also didn't care. He called several members of the Flame Hill tribe, and then let those who had failed in hunting dissolve on the spot. A line of people went back to Axu's cave with great force.

Chen Qi first asked them to collect the roots of a batch of banyan trees. The roots are much tougher than the wool cocoon threads and the twisted ropes have strong bearing capacity. If the nets are woven with the twisted ropes, they should be able to withstand the impact of seals of the size just now.

Axu, a rope-twisting worker, studied in Qi Ze City. Chen Qi asked him to teach others how to do it. Then he and Asu studied how to make the fishing net stronger there.

The method of weaving fishing nets is very simple, in fact, it is similar to the method of weaving cloth by beast people, except that the gap in the fishing nets is left a little larger. After studying for a while, the two men knitted one piece. While someone was responsible for twisting the rope, someone was responsible for weaving. Soon after the sun set, a fishing net about 5 to 6 meters high and 3 meters long was woven.

Chen Qi tied long wooden sticks on both sides of the fishing net. After stretching straight, he let Ale jump up and down without any sign of losing the rope. Only then did he nod with satisfaction.

"If you want to lengthen this fishing net, just weave another piece and tie it to the outermost wooden stick." Chen Qi collected the fishing net and handed it to Achu.

Achu took it carefully, fearing that his rude actions would break the fishing net.

Chen Qi looked at his movements with amusement and continued after thinking: "The floating wood you are using is too small to stand on and it is easy to slip. Why don't you try to make a raft?" Chen Qi, the hunter of the past few days, has seen the beast people fall into the water more than once. Fortunately, they are all tied with vines and driftwood. Otherwise, because the beast people can't swim, they don't know how many drowned long ago.

"raft?" Achu looked at Chen Qi pleasantly surprised, although I don't know what this thing looks like, but since Chen Qi brought it up naturally is a useful thing, contact down these days, Chen Qi this male will only provide surprise to him again and again.

Chen Qi nodded, but rejected Achu's idea of making a raft right away. Axu's cave was halfway up the mountain. Even if Chen Qi felt it was uneconomical to do it here, he might as well wait until tomorrow morning to move the materials to the lake and do it directly to push the water into use. Why bother to do so again?

Achu pressed down the idea of pulling Chen Qi directly to the river bank, silently jotted down the materials Chen Qi needed to make a raft, and then made two fishing nets. The crowd dispersed.

The next day, Achu came running before dawn. Even if he could see a faint black rim of the eye under the corner of his eye, he was not half tired. Rather, he was very excited. Before anyone arrived, the bright sound woke everyone in the cave.

Aze watched Chen Qi, who was rubbing his brow and unwilling to climb up, calmly looked at Achu and wondered if he would throw the other out of the cave.

When they finished washing and eating breakfast, the sky was only slightly bright. When Chen Qi went to Luoshui Lake, he found many Beastmen already waiting there, with thick bamboos as high as a hill beside them. Chen Qi could not help smoking out the corner of his eye, wondering if Achu had brought people to cut down the entire bamboo forest.

Since the material is bamboo, it can only be made into Azhu rafts. The making of bamboo rafts is also very simple. As long as a hole is opened at both ends of bamboo, bamboo is connected in series with a long wooden stick, and then tied with ropes. In order to prevent the bamboo rafts from being too long and scattered, several wooden sticks are added in the middle to make beams to fix them.

After completion, they were pushed into the water. Even if several people sat on it, there was no sign of sinking. Moreover, the range of movement of the females was much wider. They no longer had to attack their prey and worry that they would slip under their feet and fall into the water as before.

Chen Qi taught fishermen how to use fishing nets according to the fishing methods they had seen before, because he was also the first time to fish. Having theoretical knowledge does not mean that he can practice well. Still, Aze and Asu, two people who knew him better, groped for the usage of fishing nets after he gave directions several times and finally caught the fish after failing several times.

The gap in the fishing net is very wide, so the fish caught are not too small. Although the people of Luoshui tribe eat all kinds of fish in Luoshui Lake, most of the fish they eat are mollusks like octopus or huge creatures like whale shark. There is a characteristic between these prey, no bone or less bone.

In the past two days, Axu and the beast people of Qi Ze City occasionally caught some fish when they went to wash in the river outside the tribe. The beast people of Luoshui tribe had eaten the food made of fish and knew that there would be no danger if these things were handled properly. At the moment, they saw that the fishing net woven with the rope easily fished up a pile of fish. All of them were surprised. Even Axu, who helped to pull the fishing net, froze and forgot to collect the net, allowing many fish to escape.

"Axu, pull the net." On the other side, Asu, who was also in charge of the net pulling, called out to him. Axu hurriedly recovered and joined forces with Asu to drag the fish back to the shore.

Because the fish itself is relatively large, it suddenly looks like a lot of fish, but if you count it carefully, there are about a dozen fish.

To Chen Qi's surprise, he saw one of the dragon lobsters, which was more than half a meter long. He pointed to the lobster and asked Achu, "Achu, can I have that lobster?"

Achu picked up the lobster, but before Chen Qi could stop it, the other party broke off the lobster's two huge pliers, which could hurt people. before he handed it to Chen Qi, "take whatever you want." Without Chen Qi, they could not have caught their prey so easily.

Chen Qi heartache to Achu threw aside the two huge pliers picked up, Achu but break off, pliers and a lot of tender meat, Chen Qi can loathe to give up waste.

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