Even during the migration period, the fish in Luoshui Lake are rarely hunted by the beast people, and they are not afraid of the approach of the beast people. Even some fish will swim to the beast people voluntarily. During the day, the water on the water surface is scorched by the sun. The shadow cast by bamboo rafts becomes the best place for the fish to escape the poisonous sunshine, and naturally they gather a lot.

Axu and Asu almost didn't need to move. As long as they spread the fishing net evenly under the water and waited for the fish to swim in, then slowly pulled the net up from the four corners, they could harvest many big fish. The smaller ones escaped from the crevices of the fishing net long ago, but the beast people didn't care. In less than an hour, they harvested prey that took several days to harvest than before.

Because of the rare harvest, Achu called all the ethnic groups to come out and hold a party in a shady place on the edge of Yanshan to let Ashu teach the ethnic groups how to deal with the newly obtained fish.

Chen Qi has long been attracted by the giant lobster. He asked Ashu to move the largest pottery in his family. Then he found a bamboo sieve with a large gap and put it in a pottery dish. He added a proper amount of water into pottery, washed the lobster clean and put it directly into it, and steamed it.

When Chen Qi drooled at the lobster, Achu came up with a female from the Flame Hill tribe.

Chen Qi met this female, the middle-aged female with gray temples who had spoken to Achu on the bank before. His face looked more mature than Achu's and his face was thin. He could not see the side face clearly before. At the moment, the two men stood in front of Chen Qi and looked carefully, but they felt a little similar between their eyebrow and eyes.

Achu also called Asu to come over. This was when he pointed to the female beside him and said to several people, "This is a member of the Flame Hill tribe and my brother, whose name is Yan." Say that finish and introduce Chen Qi several people to Ayan one by one.

"hello." Ayan to several people slightly moment. Although Ayan looks a little older than Achu in appearance, his actual age is over 100 years old. Of course, this age is still in his prime among the Beastmen who have a long life.

Achu told several people the purpose of bringing Ayan here. In short, the Flame Hill tribe also wants to attend this year's gathering of Qi Ze City and Luoshui tribe.

"Maybe you don't need flint anymore, but if you need something, people from our tribe can help find it." Although the Flame Hill tribe is located on the edge of the forest, it does not have much to exchange. The Flame Hill tribe only brings flint, which is their specialty, to the annual gathering. Since the last time they failed to go to the gathering, there has been a way to make a fire without flint. Therefore, the people of the Flame Hill tribe are having a headache this year about what else they can exchange.

This forced visit to the Luoshui tribe did give Ayan a windfall. Although the time is not long, almost all the people in the Luoshui tribe are talking about a male named Chen Qi, which has forced Ayan to pay attention for a few minutes.

See Ayan o staring at his straight look, Chen Qi hurriedly pushed Asu to several people in front, tribal communication to professional people to do, he still concentrate on cooking his lobster.

"We don't have anything special for the time being. If you want to attend the meeting, just bring flint. Drilling wood to make fire looks like it can make fire, but actually it is a little difficult to make." Asu took the topic.

Ayan withdrew his eyes and nodded. Several people chatted about the meeting. During the meeting, Asu also asked about the current situation of the Flame Hill tribe.

Last winter, the Flame Hill Tribe was almost the most miserable among the nearby tribes. The females who went to the gathering were attacked by hyenas. Besides, due to the absence of the gathering, they could not exchange enough salt stones and pottery. The resources were only given priority to the females who were young and strong and needed to guard the tribe. Many people in the tribe began to suffer from a long-term lack of salt intake, and many injured and elderly people fell down. Although they later took risks to the Luoshui Tribe to exchange salt stones. As a result, the hyenas were encountered in the forest shortly after the summer and many young females were lost. Now the number of people in the tribe is almost half that of the previous summer. The people of the Flame Hill tribe are already considering whether to find a powerful tribe to merge with.

I don't know whether nostalgia for one's native land is a common disease in people's blood no matter which world. Before the most severe time, the people of the Flame Hill tribe have only been wandering around the plan in their hearts for a few times, and have no intention of giving it action. Even if the tribe is short of food and clothing because it cannot hunt now, they are only planning to hunt some prey on this side of the Luoshui Lake, instead of bringing the clansmen to merge into the Luoshui tribe.

Chen Qi broke off a little shrimp meat and dipped it in a special sauce to give Aze a taste. Every time he ate new seafood, he would only give Aze a little until Aze showed no symptoms such as discomfort or allergy before he let the other party eat it without any worries. Don't blame Chen Qi for being too cautious in this respect. One of his former colleagues went to the hospital for emergency treatment after eating some of them carelessly because of prawn allergy. Chen Qi's memory is especially deep. There is no hospital here, so he can only watch out for some of them.

Although he also told other Beastmen to stop eating if they feel unwell, I don't know if the Beastmen are too strong or not allergic to food. Chen Qi has not found anyone who can't eat a certain food for the time being.

"You are too careful. Why can't you eat food?" Ashu can no matter so much, a look at Chen Qi has already begun to tear lobster meat over there hurriedly grabbed a large piece of come over, stained with a little sauce into the mouth, than those fried fish slices or fried fish balls with rice berry powder taste better, Ashu hurriedly grabbed a large piece of meat and handed it to sitting next to chat about the rise of Achu.

Aze glared at him and left Chen Qi's share while others were not paying attention. He was not greedy for food. Although he thought the lobster was really delicious, he had no idea that it must be eaten, because he knew Chen Qi was worried about him, which was more important to him than any food.

Chen Qi did not rush to eat the lobster after treatment. Instead, he picked up a big fish they had eaten and fried it for Aze. He found a thin slab of stone, washed it and put it on the fire. He fried it with a piece of fresh fish fat and then put the sliced fish on it. While frying, he smeared the sauce on the meat with a feather brush. After frying, he put it into Aze's pottery bowl and let him eat it while it was hot.

Aze was worried that the lobster would not taste good when it was cooled down, so he took chopsticks and Chen Qi fried fish slices for him while he fed Chen Qi shrimp meat. The natural action made Ashu couldn't help holding his pottery bowl filled with food to move in the direction of Ale, because it was too close and Ale pushed it away with abandon.

In fact, although Chen Qi's hands are busy, his ears are pricked up to listen to the three people talking about things. A few people in Achu also don't know whether they don't worry about others hearing their chatting content or intentionally telling Chen Qi. His voice just stays within the range that Chen Qi can clearly hear.

Asu has never been to the Flame Hill tribe, so he asked more detailed questions about the Flame Hill tribe. Chen Qi listened and finally could not help but interjected: "The place where your tribe is rich in flint is a mountain with lava?"

After hearing Chen Qi's question, Ayan turned to look at him. "yes, flint produces fire by absorbing the kindling from Ayan mountain."

Chen Qi thought for a moment, "Do you have a kind of stone with strong taste and pungent taste?"

Ayan shook his head. "I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention to this. I can let the clansmen look for it on Ayan mountain after returning."

Chen Qi's eyes brightened. "If there is no one on Ayan Shan, you can look around. Maybe the stone is yellow." If sulfur stones can be found in the tribes of Flame Hill, the materials for making fire/medicine will be collected. Unfortunately, the Flame Hill tribe is too far away from here, and it is almost a month's journey from the Flame Hill tribe back to Qi Ze City. If it is delayed for such a long time, it is likely that the next winter will come. Although Chen Qi would like to see if there is really sulfur there in person, the traffic here is so bad that he has to give up.

Ayan nodded and silently kept the matter in mind, intending to command the clan to find what Chen Qi needed first after returning.

The so-called gathering of the beast people is just to eat and eat together. There are no entertainment activities such as singing, dancing and playing games. After filling their stomachs, the crowd began to stir up their desire to continue fishing operations, because the operation method is so simple that even the males of the tribe who have never hunted are a little eager to try.

Achu actually didn't want the males to go into the water at first. After all, they were all in the water for simple hunting. If they fell into the water, it wouldn't be a fun thing. Later, Chen Qi let them put on a life buoy and tied a protective rope around their waist to keep the females watching. Achu finally nodded and agreed to their action.

Once people who have never hunted their prey with their own hands, the mood is simply indescribable. A dozen young males completely snatched the job of fishing and cheerfully rotated from noon until the tide ebbed.

Every day when the tide ebbs, some large creatures linger by the lake. The males can only reluctantly go back to the shore. However, it is obvious that today there are no giant creatures worthy of the female's hand. In the afternoon, they also reap a lot, so they packed up and went home.

Because enough prey was found, considering the current situation of the Flame Hill tribe, Achu let people simply dispose of all the prey and let the people of the Flame Hill tribe take it back first. Ayan and a young female stayed, and the two planned to take this opportunity to look at the situation in Qi Ze City first.

Chen Qi several people stayed in the Luoshui tribe for about three days, during which he took Aze around the Yanshan group. There was no special harvest except the discovery of two wild ginseng trees, but Chen Qi was very surprised to find the wild ginseng.

Asu and Ale were caught by Luoshui tribesmen every day. They either taught how to make bows and arrows, make torches, tell stories or learn to swim, etc. They were allowed to come back in the middle of the night. By contrast, Chen Qi and Aze seemed to be on vacation. Later Chen Qi also felt very sorry. After all, Luoshui tribesmen took away all their jobs. Finally Chen Qi could only teach them how to make sugar and sugar water in return.

When they decided to return to Qi Ze City, Asu and Ale both secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The people of the Luoshui tribe were too enthusiastic and they were also a bit unable to stand it. However, the atmosphere of the people on this side of the Luoshui tribe was silent a lot. For the first time they came into contact with so many new things. Although it would take some time to fully digest them, they somehow felt a little dependent on several people in Qi Ze City, as long as they did not understand anything. As long as find Qi Ze City beast people will be able to find a solution, for a period of time, has produced a strong sense of not give up, then heard that the heads of the fathers to organize a small group of people to help carry things to Qi Ze City, the young females also secretly fought to grab places.

The result was a small team of only six people when they arrived and turned into a large force of more than 20 when they returned.

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