Nitrate and salt alone accounted for almost two-thirds of the luggage. In order not to affect the traveling speed of the females, everyone's hide backpacks were tied together with strong thick ropes. Apart from Aze, who needed to carry Chen Qi, almost everyone else carried luggage with three large hide backpacks. The luggage was heavy and large. Looking behind him, it felt like a giant hide was walking with legs. Chen Qi had to sigh with emotion about the strength of the females and was afraid to carry half a bag of saltpeter.

Axu didn't follow the crowd to Qi Ze City this time. Only Achu, who had been pestered by the tree for several days, reluctantly agreed to his request to go to Qi Ze City again. Amin was the female leader of Luoshui Tribe, and only Ayan and a young female named Ayu were on this side of Flame Hill Tribe.

The dried mussels are preserved for a long time after being processed. Chen Qi brought back almost half of the mussels from the rocky beach. However, he did not bring much other seafood, which was enough to give the tribe a few fresh meals.

A line of people had already been prepared at first light. Chen Qi planned to leave early and see if the flowers on those kapok trees had opened. Then he would collect some and take them back. Axu and he had already popularized the science in advance so that he could dry the tea and drink it or use it to cook soup and porridge, and told the other party to pay attention to proper amount and not to eat it every day, especially pregnant females.

Chen Qi packed his backpack and walked out of the cave. He found that the outside was crowded with people.

Axu stepped out of the crowd and pointed helplessly at the people behind him."They all said they wanted to send you."In fact, Axu was reluctant to come into contact with Chen Qi during this period of time, but he still had to teach the tribal people what he had learned from Qi Ze City. He could only endure the urge to follow them.

Chen Qi glanced surprisedly at the Beastmen around the entrance of the cave. Several male Beastmen who were not yet adults had red eyes. During this period of time Chen Qi would tell them fairy tales and made some swings for them. Have the children of Luoshui tribe ever heard and played such interesting things when they were so big? In a few days Chen Qi almost captured the hearts of all the children. The children liked Chen Qi even more than adults. The thought that they could not listen to the story made them feel more sad.

Axu sent several people to the gate of the tribe. The Beastmen from the Luoshui tribe and the Flame Hill tribe have gathered there to wait. Everyone has put on the newly-made camouflage uniforms. Even with huge luggage on their backs, they stand upright and orderly, just like a well-trained army. It is spectacular.

The other beasts of the Luoshui tribe were only sent to the gate of the tribe and stood a few meters away from the gate. They did not gather together to give a parting hug to several people.

"I will go to Qi Ze City when the meeting starts." Axu said with some reluctance.

"Don't worry, brother, I'll be waiting for you." Ashu stood behind Chen Qi, grinning gleefully at Axu.

Axu has ground his molar teeth and plans to teach his younger brother a lesson next time.

Chen Qi glanced at the children closely following Axu, smiled softly and turned to Axu and said, "I have put a collection of stories that Ajing transcribed before in your cave. You can read it to them when you are free." Chen Qi knew that Axu abruptly memorized the thousands of words according to Ale's stupid method. Although he could not recognize all the words by looking at the story collection, he could read the story slowly.

Several children heard Chen Qi's words and their eyes lit up. They eagerly looked up at Axu, hoping that he would go back to read the story to them now.

Axu's head is full of black lines. He hasn't had a free day since he went to Qi Ze City. He learns one or two words a day. Up to now, he can write fewer than 100 words. He has seen so-called textbooks copied by Ajing in Qi Ze City before. The horizontal and vertical lines above see him as a head or two big. He doesn't know what the other party has written. Moreover, every word is different. It is better to let him read stories to the small fart children in the tribe. It is better to let him soak in Luoshui Lake.

Axu crustily skin of head nodded, and said a few words to Asu after a line of people left vastly.

The sun had just climbed out of the horizon, pulling the shadow of a line of people very long, but at the speed of the females, it soon disappeared in the eyes of all Luoshui tribe.

Achu patted Axu on the shoulder and led the crowd back to the tribe. He was required to arrange the supplies to be exchanged with Qi Ze City and the hunting activities every day at the upcoming gathering.

Axu stood still for a moment, then turned back until he could see nothing on the horizon.

The kapok trees outside the tribe were already in full bloom. From a distance, you can see tall red trees standing in a large green grass.

Asu knew Chen Qi was going to pick the red flowers back, so he let the people rest here first. Some people began to prepare food, and the rest began to help with cloth bags. The picked flowers were first put on cloth to dry in the cleared space for a while to remove moisture. They were not received in the backpack until they set off again, because they were afraid of the flowers being crushed. Asu and Aze went directly with their backpacks full of flowers.

Going back is not like drawing scenery and looking for food slowly when you come. Except for the rest time, everyone is almost on the road. Even at night, it takes moonlight to go to the middle of the night to stop for a rest.

A line of people will only look around at rest to see if there is anything they can use. If they find it, they will pick it and walk away. If they don't find it, they won't run away to find it. This saves them a lot of time on their way.


A large cluster of dark clouds rose from the horizon, only a trace at the beginning, and slowly began to fill half of the sky, accompanied by lightning and thunder appeared on the Dora Plain.

The white giant wolf god's sharp teeth bit through the armor of a head of ankylosaurus, directly pierced the other side's throat, his front paws firmly pressed the huge body of ankylosaurus to the ground, and he could not move even if he struggled.

Around a few head of hyenas and real locust dragon are showing the look of retreat, but even if again afraid still have no intention to turn around and leave, also did not want to rush forward to attack, only at a distance around a safe distance, watching his companions under the giant Wolf god sharp teeth gradually lost their breath.

The giant wolf god spat out a dark red spray of blood, "your blood is still as hard to drink." He lifted up his head slightly and looked at the dragons around him like an elegant nobleman, with a deep voice and a chill. "If you want to drive me back to the forest, that's not enough."

A head looks like this group of mixed army leaders general hyenas stepped forward, like afraid of giant Wolf god angry, slightly low head, make a gesture of obedience, low roar twice.

The giant wolf god hissed, just then a loud thunder exploded from the sky. originally, there was a commotion around the dragons, and soon it quieted down.

The giant wolf god looked up at the dark clouds in the sky, which were mixed with lightning and spread to the plain. he gave a light tut and was too lazy to waste his breath with this group of dragons who only follow stupid orders. he turned around and ran towards the forest.

Led by hyenas saw the direction of the giant Wolf god leave, silently breathed a sigh of relief, looked at the horizon of dark clouds with fear, face upwards roar loud, greeting the dragons around also follow closely behind the giant Wolf god leave, not for a moment, in addition to the head has fallen to the ground of ankylosaurus body, the surrounding became quiet again, in addition to the occasional rustle of wind blowing grass leaves, no trace of biological activity.


As the middle of summer passed, the weather began to get hotter and hotter. Chen Qi, who was wearing a straw hat and didn't have to walk on his own but had been basking in the great sun, felt that the temperature was unbearable. In order to get water conveniently, Asu led the crowd along a tributary of the Dosa River without going around a long way.

This day they were looking for a big tree that could be used to rest and shade at noon. Suddenly a strong wind was blowing head on, driving away the heat around them. This change made all the people who had already driven to the road early in the morning happy. Only the oldest Ayan frowned slightly. After choosing a place to rest, he climbed the trunk of the acacia tree onto the highest branch without time to unload the luggage. He stared at the direction of the horizon with a dignified face and looked around. Only then did he nimbly jump down.

"What's the matter?" Seeing Ayan's abnormal movements, Asu, who had just put away his luggage, came along.

Ayan shook his head. Asu walked behind him and helped him unload the huge luggage taller than people. "It will rain later." Ayan said anxiously.

"Rain?" Asu looked at each other's facial expression, it seems that the other party is not worried about rain, but. . . . . .

Asu wanted to think, "Let's talk to Chen Qi."

Ayan nodded.

After putting down his luggage, Chen Qi rushed to the river to wash his face. The cold water made his head a little bit dazed. Aze had caught some fish with a simple harpoon. His clothes were wet with the splash from the big fish, but he didn't care. The humidity was not as much as his sweat, and it would soon be dried by the sun.

Chen Qi hurriedly stepped forward to help raise a few less, perhaps because there were no Beastmen living here. The fish were fed less. Compared with the big fish in Luoshui Lake and Chishui River, Chen Qi was much smaller in size and could pick up one.

At this time, two black heads emerged from the water. Ali and Asu were holding a giant shrimp one by one. In order to prevent being hurt by the giant shrimp's pliers, they directly carried the two giant pliers to carry the giant shrimp out of the water. Since the last time they ate delicious lobster, once they learned how to dive, the two men plunged into the water to catch shrimp at rest everyday. Fortunately, this kind of shrimp lives in shallow water. It is not difficult to find it. Otherwise, Chen Qizhen worried that they would accidentally run to the deep water area. Although the surface of the river looks calm, the underwater current is very urgent, which is enough to easily wash away an adult.

Looking at the two men dressed in wet clothes, Aze frowned. "Change the wet clothes later and don't get sick."

Vomited to stick out tongue, two people hurriedly took giant shrimp headed for the direction of the camp.

A dull noise came from a distance. Chen Qi looked down the broad river. Dark clouds rolling on the distant horizon were spreading around in a mighty force. The wind blew ripples out of the water on the river. Chen Qi frowned. He had never seen rain since he came to this world. Is this the rhythm of rain?

Asu and Ayan walked to come over and told Chen Qi briefly about the current situation. Aze handled the last fish and carried it directly to his shoulder.

"Are you worried about lightning?" Chen started his hand and asked, nodding his chin. He was not worried about lightning, but about the pile of saltpeter they were carrying. This stuff can't touch water, and it will be wasted if it touches water.

Chen Qi frowned at the approaching dark clouds. "Let's get something to take shelter from the rain first." If there is lightning, those big trees are not a good place to live.

A few people nodded, Asu will Chen Qi didn't finish processing fish took it, after three or two processing, and a few people back to the rest place.

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