Asu explained the situation to the public. Everyone knows that saltpeter melts when it comes into contact with water. Now it is half the way from Luoshui Tribe. We don't want to destroy all the luggage that we have worked so hard to carry for so many days.

I chose a high ground not too far away from the locust tree, which is also a distance from the river. Even if the river swells, it cannot reach this place. Asu led people to directly cut down branches on acacia trees as wooden stakes, and simply built a rectangular trellis. In order to prevent the wind from blowing away, the leaves laid on it to keep off the rain were firmly fixed with ropes.

The top leaves had just been paved, and a strong wind accompanied by a faint scorching smell and closer thunder came over. The sky was getting darker and darker, and dazzling lightning seemed to pass before people's eyes.

Aze frowned, lowered his cattail leaf and flexibly climbed to the top of the acacia tree. When he saw the distant scene clearly, his pupils were slightly dilated. He shouted to Asu, who was carrying the branch to his shoulder under the tree and was going to take it back to cover the shelter."Asu, there is a fire on the plain."

Aze's words were like a switch. As his voice fell, all the Beastmen stopped stiffly and paused for a moment. Ayan and Asu climbed the pagoda tree at the same time. When they saw the situation in front of them, they could not help but frowned.

"Chen Qi, we are leaving here." Asu jumped down with a dignified face and called back the beasts who were still looking for shelter from the rain.

Chen Qi hesitated for a moment. Instead of answering immediately, he asked Aze to carry himself to the tree and look at it.

The distance has been covered by dark clouds, the sky is dark, can't tell whether it is dark clouds or smoke, only a thin orange light shows that the plain is being ravaged by a group of fires.

The fire was still far away from here. Chen Qi could barely see it with his eyesight. If Aze hadn't said there was a fire there, Chen Qi wouldn't have thought about the fire even if he saw it in the tree.

But the wind is blowing from the direction of the fire. The fire is blowing with the wind. It is a matter of time before it comes here.

The sky overhead was also covered by thick dark clouds. Lightning was already close at hand. Heavy rain would come here at any time.

Chen Qi calculated in his heart and found Asu after he got down from the tree. "It will take some time before the fire comes here. It will rain soon. It is still a problem whether it can burn or not. The canopy will be completed immediately. Please get it done again and evacuate." If we leave now, not only this pile of saltpeter, but also the salt that was not easily refined will be wasted.

Asu hesitated a bit, living in the plain he naturally saw the plain on fire, also understand how terrible the fire on the plain, once trapped by the fire, even the female child may not be able to escape, he is afraid of Chen Qi don't understand the horror of the plain on fire, will worry with Chen Qi said.

Chen Qi knew what the other party was worried about and comforted him by saying, "Don't worry, we will leave as soon as we find something wrong." Chen Qi estimated that at the speed of the female, as long as the fire hasn't arrived, it should be enough to escape.

Asu discussed with Ayan, although still a little worried, but finally nodded reluctantly agreed to Chen Qi's proposal. Ayan asked Yu to stand on the top of the pagoda tree and watch the situation of the fire at any time. Once the fire came to the dangerous range, he would send a signal to them.

When the shelter was built again, everyone's actions were more agile. Even though everyone could not hide his worries, his actions were not messy at all and he was still working in an orderly way.

The air pressure in the air is getting lower and lower, and the humidity is getting higher and higher. The clouds seem to fall down from the sky, making people feel difficult to breathe.

Luggage containing salt, saltpeter, gypsum and other items that cannot be caught in the rain have all been put into the shelter. Several solid wooden shelves have been erected in the shelter to separate all the luggage from the ground. Some waterproof cloth bags have been torn off and covered on the luggage. Several layers of cattail leaves have been carefully stacked on the top layer to prevent the luggage from being wet by water drops that accidentally drip.

All around the shelter are tightly closed with leaves, which are fixed with ropes. Even strong winds may not overturn the leaves on the shelter.

Chen Qi asked all the people to clean up the weeds around the shelter shed and make a simple fire belt. Even though the orchards were very fast, when they had just cleared a small piece of open space, Ayu, who was always paying attention to the fire on the top of the tree, sent a signal. All the people immediately returned to the acacia tree and picked up their luggage. Aze picked up Chen Qi and a line of people quickly evacuated the area in a hurry.

A drop of water fell on Chen Qi's nose. Chen Qi stretched out his hand and touched it. He looked up as if he had entered the night sky. Another drop of water fell on Chen Qi's forehead. A flash of lightning flashed across Chen Qi's eyes. Before long, there was a deafening thunder. As if he had received a signal, more and more water drops fell from the sky.

They walked about half an hour's journey and stopped only after they could not see the fire. Asu climbed up a nearby acacia tree to check the surrounding situation and quickly came down.

Water droplets wet his hair long ago and slipped down his hair to his face. Asu wiped the water droplets off his face casually. "It's too raining to see where the fire is going, but there should be no problem around here."

"Then what now? Do you want to find a tree foot to take shelter from the rain?"The rain is getting worse and worse, and it is getting more and more urgent, hitting people in the face and causing them pain.

"No, you can't take shelter from the rain under a big tree." Chen Qi shook his head. "Lightning may strike the highest object. It is not safe to take shelter from the rain under the tree."

Chen Qi took off a piece of cattail leaf. The nearby cattail leaf was not big and could barely cover his head. He handed it to Asu and continued: "You let them find a place far away from the trees to squat down and try not to become the tallest object in the neighborhood. Although these cattail leaves are not big, they can barely keep out of the rain."

Asu does not understand why there is clearly a ready-made shelter from the rain. He had never seen lightning strike a tree. Naturally, he could not understand what Chen Qi said and was about to say something.

As Chen Qi's voice just fell, another flash of lightning flashed across. The lightning drew closer and almost lit up the surrounding area as bright as day. After the flash of lightning passed, there was another loud noise. The noise was relatively dull, but it sounded like exploding in the ears of all the people. Then there was a scorching smell. They looked in the direction of the lightning's disappearance and saw a tall locust tree split in two hundreds of meters away. Originally, the green leaves had become blackened, several flames appeared on the trunk, which were quickly doused by the heavy rain. A thick cloud of smoke rose along the trunk and was blown away by the wind in the rain.

Asu swallowed saliva and looked at the acacia tree he had climbed just now with a little terror. The acacia tree was just a few meters away, and everyone was all away from the place.

"Just do as you say." Asu looked a little pale and gave orders to the others.

The crowd immediately took action and squatted down in a relatively empty place. Although the hide backpack had some water resistance, it was wet through early in the rain. The beast people were not all crowded together, but scattered in groups of two or two. As the rain was getting heavier and heavier, the cattail leaf used as a hat to keep off the rain had no effect for a long time.

Chen Qi took off his camouflage clothing. He was also wearing a vest made of wool cocoon cloth, which was much softer than camouflage clothing.

Chen Qi waved Aze to squat down to his side, and then blocked the huge hide backpack in front of the two people, anyway, the contents are wet, it is better to block the wind for them.

After Aze squatted down, Chen Qi put a piece of cattail leaf on each other's head, then put a piece on his own head, and then propped up the camouflage clothing to cover the two heads. The rain that had hit the life pain was immediately blocked outside. "Although it is useless, it can at least keep out the rain." Chen Qi pulled Aze to his side and said apologetically. I have never seen rain before. I thought there was no such thing as rain in this world. I knew he should have made an umbrella.

The two men were so close that when Chen Qi spoke, his breath could be sprayed on Aze's face. Aze was drenched by the rain long ago. At the moment, as Chen Qi spoke, he felt itchy on his face with each breath. He stretched out his hand and took Chen Qi's camouflage clothes and put them together in the direction of the other party. Unfortunately, the camouflage clothes were not waterproof at all. There were still raindrops falling on Chen Qi. Aze could not help but frowned.

The heavy rain blocked people's sight. Apart from the sound of the rain, there were bursts of thundering sound. Everyone squatted in the grass and silently watched the lightning passing near and far. They were worried when it would strike again nearby. Fortunately, until the rain stopped slowly, the lightning strike just happened again.

The rain fell for more than three hours at least. Looking at the slowly dissipating clouds, the thunder was too far away to be heard clearly. After a brief clean-up, all the people went back to the canopy they had built. Because of the heavy rainfall, the water that had no time to flow away in the grass accumulated and could splash a layer of water with one foot down.

The canopy built by the beast people worked very well. Except for some branches and leaves at the top, which were blown over by the wind, there was no sign of falling apart. The fire was extinguished by heavy rain several hundred meters away from here.

Because the rain had not stopped completely, Chen Qi only opened a small hole in the canopy. The luggage inside was not wet because it was far away from the ground. He dug out a set of dry clothes from his luggage and changed them. Then he took some dry wood and wild ginger and earthenware trays and went out to let others change their clothes in the shelter. He chose a place where there was no accumulated water. He lit a fire and poured a large amount of water that pottery had not been able to use before. He put it on the fire to boil, added the chopped wild ginger and drenched it with water.

Asu took people to count the wet luggage, mostly some plants picked on the road, worried that the rain would be spoiled after soaking for so long. He spread clean cloth under the locust tree and put all the wet things on it to dry for a little while. Today, he can't continue his journey any longer, at least he hopes to dry the things.

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