Before taking shelter from the rain and on his way, his clothes were stained with a lot of mud. Even if the marks on the camouflage clothes were not obvious after being erased, Aze went to the river to wash the clothes of the two men. The cloth shoes could not be worn long after being drenched. Aze took them off directly, washed the mud off the cloth shoes, and then returned to the place where the shelter shed was located with bare feet, holding his trousers.

Chen Qi picked up a few relatively flat stones, piled them by the fire and dried them a little, then sat them down as stools.

Jiang Tang has begun to emit hot air. Seeing Aze come over, Chen Qi beckoned him to sit next to himself, and another fire was raised next to him. After the fire was raised, he took Aze's wet clothes and put them on a wooden stick to dry by the fire.

Most of the beast people can't stand the spicy taste of ginger soup. when the ginger soup is cooked, Chen Qi adds a little sugar to it, and then fills a bowl for Aze. "are you all right after all this rain? Drink some ginger soup to warm yourself." Now it is dark, the rain has stopped completely, probably because of the rain, the temperature is a little cold.

Aze shook his head and looked at Chen Qi anxiously. "Are you feeling unwell after being drenched for so long?"

Chen Qi smiled and squeezed his hand comfortingly. "I'm fine. Now my body is much stronger than before. A little rain won't make me ill." The pottery bowl filled with ginger soup was stuffed into Aze's hand. Chen Qi got up and went to the shelter to get the other people's pottery bowls. By the way, Asu and them all came to drink ginger soup.

Around the shelter, the animals lit several fires, mostly to dry clothes, backpacks and food that were wetter than water, as well as wet branches that were prepared for the fire. Because the branches were soaked thoroughly by the rain, the usable branches were all wet. Even if they were slightly dried, black smoke would come out when they were put into the fire. Only sitting farther away would they not be choked by black smoke.

After a day's rush, and then most of the rain, everyone was already too tired to take a rest. After dinner, we arranged the night watchmen to take turns.

Chen Qi moved one of the fires away. The place was completely dry because of the fire. He covered it with a thick layer of dried cattail leaves, and then covered it with a layer of cloth. After finishing it, he patted it satisfactorily and said to Aze nearby, "Aze, sleep here."

Aze looked at the bed that was only suitable for one person. "What about you?"

Chen Qi smiled. "I'm on duty at midnight, and I have to deal with those wet things. I won't sleep for the time being." Before, I was worried that the wildfire would burn to the shelter. When they left, they almost brought with them all the things that were not afraid of rain, including those dried mussels that were not easy to dry, as well as various dried flowers such as kapok. Even if they were packed in waterproof cloth bags, these things would inevitably get wet. Chen Qi could only bake them with fire, hoping that they would not lose too much.

Looking at Chen Qi, who spread the dried mussel on the cloth around the fire with a face of heartache, Aze stepped forward to take what was on the other side's hand, but Chen Qi avoided it.

Chen Qi sighed helplessly and said with a tone of consultation: "Aren't you rotating to the night shift? Can you sleep for a while and I'll go back to sleep when you're on duty?"

Aze reluctantly shook his head. How could he let Chen Qi go to sleep while he was working alone?

Seeing Aze like this, Chen Qi glared at him. "You've been running behind my back all day, and your body is not made of iron. If your body is damaged due to bad rest, who will be responsible for carrying me back the rest of the way?" Chen activated his chin and pointed to Ali and Ashu, who were curled up beside him and slept deeply. "Don't say you're not tired. Look at them. I've been too tired for a long day. On the contrary, I've been taken care of by you and haven't suffered any fatigue. In the first half of the night, you will obediently listen to me and go to sleep, and then rotate with me in the second half of the night, okay?"

Aze sipped his lips and looked at the obstinate Chen Qi. He nodded softly for a long time. "I'll rotate with you in the middle of the night."

Chen Qi raised his hand and rubbed each other's hair, which was a bit fluffy after being wet by rain and dried by fire, and nodded with a smile.

Aze didn't return to lie down on the Pu Ye bed laid by Chen Qi until he closed his eyes. Before long, his breathing slowly calmed down and he fell asleep.

Looking at the faint dark circles under the eyes of the other party, it is false to say that it is not hard to travel day and night these days.

In fact, Chen Qi, as a male, did not need his vigil at all, but he was already the easiest person to do at least all the way. He was embarrassed to do nothing one day and sleep at night, so even if Asu did not arrange his vigil, he would take the initiative to keep up the midnight.

Picking up the camouflage clothes that had been dried on one side, he gently covered Aze, and then returned to the fire to take out the wet things and spread them one by one.

Ayan patrolled nearby and returned to the camp after finding nothing. In fact, there were also females guarding the acacia tree next door. There was a high position and a long view. As long as the females in the tree did not find anything, it was generally not dangerous. Besides, it was still the migration season and there were no animals on the plain.

Upon returning to the camp, I saw Chen Qi drawing something with a pen and paper. Fish soup was boiling in the pottery dish beside him. Several brilliant red kapok flowers rolled in the boiling soup. From a distance, I could smell an attractive fragrance. Even though I had just eaten dinner before long, Ayan could not help but swallow saliva and involuntarily gathered in the past.

Approached only to find that Chen Qi was drawing a circle of sleeping animals around the campfire. The light was not good at night and the color deviation was large. Chen Qi did not paint the color, but simply painted black and white. After drawing the group, he drew a single person. He also drew a close-up of Aze's face when he was sleeping nearby.

A black shadow was projected onto the paper. Chen Qi raised his head and saw Ayan bow slightly and look at the paper in his hand.

"Sorry to disturb you?" Looking at Chen Qi who stopped, Ayan asked apologetically.

Chen Qi shook his head. "No." He put the paper aside and picked up a clean pottery bowl. "You came at the right time. I cooked fish soup. Do you want some?"

Ayan was attracted by fish soup, heard Chen Qi's question and nodded.

Chen Qi filled a bowl for him, then sprinkled some salt on it before handing it to the other party, telling him: "It's a little hot, you should be careful, if the taste is not enough, add some salt yourself."

The fish was caught by Aze by the river before the heavy rain came. Chen Qi only set aside a small piece for cooking soup, and the others were all taken away as dinner.

"It's delicious." Ayan took a sip at the edge of the pottery bowl. It had no fishy smell, and it also had the faint scent of kapok.

Chen Qi smiled, "Drink more if it tastes good, and I'll cook another dish later. They can drink it when they wake up." Chen Qi pointed to a nearby pottery and said.

"You are really a special male." Ayan sat next to Chen Qi, stirring the soup in the pottery bowl with wooden chopsticks, "knows a lot."

Chen Qi stun, turned to look at each other.

Seeing Chen Qi's face on alert, Ayan smiled, "I don't mean anything, you don't have to be nervous." After that, I couldn't help sighing, "I wish I could meet you sooner or have more males like you." In this way, they can have a better life.

Although it was only a short period of contact, Ayan learned a lot from Chen Qi, almost more than what he had been exposed to in the past 100 years. he never knew that fish can be eaten, flowers can cook delicious water, salt stones have no bitter taste, and ice can be made in summer. . . . . . .

In the past 100 years or so, Ayan has only been in contact with hunting prey, guarding the tribe and defending against attacks by hyenas. If he can meet a person like Chen Qi when he is younger, and if such a person is in his tribe, will his tribe be reduced from a medium tribe to a small tribe with only about 100 people now in less than 100 years?

"I just happen to know something." Chen Qi picked up a piece of wood and threw it into the fire. By the way, he collected the dried mussels that had been almost dried next door.

When he came to the world, he had already received the news about the world. Naturally, he knew that even though the beast people looked strong, their life was not easy. On the one hand, he had to deal with various external threats and on the other hand, he had to deal with bad weather. Therefore, Chen Qi planned to change their current situation when he decided to stay here and live. He hoped that the people he loved could live better. Therefore, he taught them everything he knew without stint.

Fortunately, the Beastmen are smart enough to learn, and they can understand even if their teaching methods are at sixes and sevens. Otherwise, Chen Qi is afraid that he will lose patience if he does not understand them all the time.

"You already know a lot. I heard Axu say that you proposed to do many things in your tribe. I wonder what kind of tribe can teach a male like you."

Ayan lowered his head slightly. Chen Qi could not see each other's expression clearly, but Chen Qi could still hear each other's tentative tone. he smiled, "my tribe is much more powerful than mine, and our tribe is also very large. unfortunately, no one from my tribe will come here except me. of course, no matter who, including me, will not be able to go to my tribe again."

"why?" Ayan raised his head, eyes somewhat anxious.

Chen Qi blinked. "Have you seen anyone who has been to the place where the Beast God lives?"

Ayan stun, then looked at him with a face of disbelief.

"I'm lying to you, but don't take it seriously and tell others." Looking at Ayan's expression, Chen Qi covered his lips with his fist and giggled. he patted Ayan, who was stiff. "you can call others to drink fish soup. this soup is not good to drink when it is cold."

Ayan nodded stupidly and staggered away. Even though Chen Qi said he was lying to him, the impact of the news still left him unable to return to his mind.

Chen Qi shrugged helplessly. These Beastmen are really too simple. I didn't think it would be so easy to believe them. It seems that I have to weigh them before I joke.

He sighed and looked up at the hollow moon, perhaps because of the rain. It was clearly the 4th of the month, and the moon was almost as bright as the 1st of the month.

It's probably too long since I remembered what happened in my original world. At the moment, I suddenly talked to people. The familiar faces of my relatives, colleagues and friends, who were almost forgotten by me, came to mind one by one. Deep in my heart, I felt as if I had been punched by someone. It was dull and painful.

Chen Qi reached out his hand and touched the position of his heart. He murmured in a low voice: "Maybe there is really a world where the beast gods live." Even if I want to go back again, I can't go back, just like the beast people blindly worship the so-called beast god, but I will never see it.

Fortunately, Chen Qi has given up the idea of going back. He has met the person who will accompany him all his life here. Even if the door of going back is opened in front of him now, maybe he will stretch out his hand to hide it. After all, Aze is not like himself. Aze may not live in that world.

Aze, who was sleeping, opened his eyes slightly. He turned over and pulled up the camouflage coat he was wearing. Then he closed his eyes slowly.

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