The second day early in the morning, after the sun came out, the weather became hot again. If it weren't for the stagnant water in the grass, no one could see that there was a heavy rain yesterday.

They checked their luggage, because many things were cleaned out last night to dry, skins and backpacks had to be dried before they could be used. It took a lot of time to put all the things away at the moment. Asu simply caught some more fish in the river and set off after breakfast and lunch were settled together.

Ayan has returned to normal, Chen Qi didn't bother to explain to him again when he looked at his peaceful expression. Who asked him to test himself? Maybe the other party misunderstood and could solve a lot of problems instead.

The previous straw hat was originally made of weeds to cover the sun. It was completely torn apart by the rain yesterday. Now Chen Qi has made two more hats and brought them to Aze before leaving.

After walking through the untouched grass hundreds of meters ahead, the surrounding weeds began to show signs of burning. It was estimated that they were quickly doused by the rain. Only some leaves were blackened by smoke. The further they went, the more serious the situation became until they could no longer see any green plants. What they saw was only bare reddish brown soil and charcoal dust all over the ground, which showed how fierce the fire was.

Looking at the scene before them, all the people were not very good-looking, their hearts were a little scared and a little lucky. If they had walked a little further last night before stopping, the pile of luggage would have been lost.

"Let's go." Asu kicked aside a blackened stone at his feet and walked in front of the crowd, while others hurriedly followed.

On the barren plain where the vegetation is invisible, only a group of Beastmen with skins and backpacks four or five times their size buried themselves in the scorching sun. As the crowd passed by, they raised a long dust.

This section of the road came to a fast sunset and finally walked over completely. Seeing the familiar green vegetation, the expression on the beast's face, which had been somewhat depressed, faded a lot.

After the charcoal ash is dried in the sun, it will be lifted when being trampled by people, and then it will be blown directly onto the Beastmen by the wind. When the Beastmen find a place to rest, they will almost all turn black.

Ashu pointed to Ale because with the hand wipe the sweat on his face and left a few dark fingerprints, smile straight waist, provoked Ale almost want to catch him in a fight.

Amin came over and knocked on Ashu's head to help Ale unload his luggage. "It's not far from the river. Go wash up and get some more water."

Two people should be a sound holding a pottery.

Because it is on the road, there are not many cooking tools. There are only two pottery and only a few pottery bowls. The rest are all replaced by portable bamboo tubes. Bamboo tubes can be used as water containers during the day, which is much more convenient than heavy pottery.

Chen Qi, who had been burying his head behind Aze's back for sleep and Aze was standing in front of him, was the cleanest one in a group. He found Aze a set of clean clothes and let him go to the river to wash. He went to clean up the clearing to help cook and eat. Now the river was bathed by a group of females and he was embarrassed to run over.

"You go and rest. We'll take care of it here." Seeing Chen Qi coming, Ayan was a little nervous.

Asu, who had just brought over the big bamboo tube with water, glanced at him strangely and handed the tube to Chen Qi. "There is not much water left here. You can boil some tea first, and then cook the food when Ale hits the water back."

Chen Qi took the things and nodded. Looking at Asu's dark face, he couldn't help laughing, "You should go to the river to wash yourself."

Compared with Chen Qi, who is relatively clean, Asu is now described as light by travel-stained. It is a bit awkward, almost like climbing out of a carbon pile after a roll. Asu felt a little embarrassed and touched his nose. As a result, a fingerprint was left on the touched place, which looked even funnier.

After handing over the bamboo tube to Chen Qi, Asu said hello to Ayan and went to the river with a clean set of clothes.

Chen Qi put pottery on the fire and poured the water in the bamboo tube. Several bamboo tubes had just half of pottery's water. After the water boiled, Chen Qi put a handful of daisies in, and the already dried flowers soon spread out in the water. Although the sun was going down, drinking a little daisy tea could also reduce the summer heat a little.

Seeing the bamboo tubes that were completely empty on one side, Ayan hesitated for a moment, walked over, pointed to several empty bamboo tubes nearby, and asked Chen Qi, "I'll get some water."

Before Chen Qi could answer, a flexible figure suddenly ran in front of the two men, perhaps because the man ran too fast and gasped slightly, "Uncle Ayan, there is a body of armored dragon over there."

Chen Qi turned to look at the past and found that it was the female of the Flame Hill tribe named Ayu. Every time he found a place to rest, Ayan would suggest to probe the surrounding environment. This was his experience when camping in the wild. In this way, he could not only see if there were any hidden dangers around, but also see if there were edible wild fruits around. Now he would add to see if there were any edible wild vegetables.

A Yu was one of the personnel who went out to explore this time. seeing the fruit of milk and water, he went a little further. unexpectedly, he found a long-dead ankylosaurus with a bite mark on its neck. other places were intact and looked like a fatal blow.

In this plain, where there is no trace of biological activity, a newly dead dragon appears here, and it is still known as the armored dragon with the strongest defense force of dragons, which makes people think much of it.

Ayan frowned, his face became dignified, "are you sure you see ankylosaurus? Are there any other signs of dragons around?"

Ayu shook his head. "Even if there are other dragons that have stayed near here, yesterday's rain washed away their traces. I only found the body of Ankylosaurus. I have not gone deep into the vicinity to probe. I plan to come back and tell you first."

Ayan clapped him on the shoulder in praise. "You should guard the camp first, and I'll call Asu and them back and see how to deal with it."

Say that finish, Ayan went to the river, also not busy conveniently take the empty bamboo tube.

Chen Qi looked at Yu, who was still a little short of breath, and poured the other party a cup of freshly cooked daisy tea. "You should drink some tea first."

Chongqing gratefully took it and took a sip at the bowl. As a result, it was scalded. He could only hold the bowl and gently blow the tea down while watching the situation warily.

There are several other females guarding the camp. There are also females guarding the acacia tree next door. Even if dragons suddenly attack, they can climb to the tree immediately.

Before long, Ayan returned with Asu and his party. Everyone's hair was wet and dripping with water. The camouflage coat on his shoulder was darker than that elsewhere, apparently wet with water drops from his hair. The cloth here does not absorb water very well. It takes a long time to dry the hair. It looks like a line of people were called back by Ayan before they could dry their hair.

Aze handed Chen Qi a towel. The towel had been washed in the river. Even if it was not covered with charcoal dust, the sweat flowing out after a day in the hot sun would make people feel sticky and greasy. Aze knew that Chen Qi would not go to the river to wash for the time being, so he wetted a towel and wanted the other party to wipe his face.

Seeing that several people in Asu wanted to leave after putting down the newly caught fish and the returned water, Chen Qi hurriedly opened his voice and asked, "Can I go and see with you?"

Ankylosaurus, if he remembered correctly, is covered with a layer of hard armor on its back. Since there is an iron character in its name, even if it is not the metal iron he is familiar with, Chen Qi can't help but want to go and have a look. It would be better if the other party has something related to iron.

Asu looked back at him, then at Aze, who was standing beside him. He nodded and said to Aze, "You protect him." Then he stopped talking and took the crowd away.

After walking for about ten minutes, several people came to their destination.

Ankylosaurus fell in a clump of cogon grass, its tall body overwhelming a piece of cogon grass, and because of the strong wind brought by yesterday's rainstorm, a large area of cogon grass was also blown down outside, which made Ayu find it. Otherwise, according to the growth of cogon grass at ordinary times, there is nothing here without coming in.

Ankylosaurus was black and brown with a rhinoceros-like appearance, except that it had no horns and several layers of black armor with cold light on its back. It was an excellent defense weapon, and the general front teeth and sharp teeth could not be scratched at all.

Asu checked the Ankylosaurus, confirmed that the Ankylosaurus was completely dead and then scattered around with others to explore. Although the Ankylosaurus did not attack as fast as the Hyenas, it was also carnivorous, and the Beastmen did not dare to be careless. After all, only the Beastmen were left on the plains, and even if the Ankylosaurus did not have to eat the Beastmen, they would attack the Beastmen if hungry.

Chen Qi asked Aze to put himself down and walked to the side of Ankylosaurus. He stretched out his hand and touched the nail plate behind Ankylosaurus. I don't know whether it is because the other party is dead that it feels cold or because the nail plate is cold.

From his pocket, he took out a sword and a horn knife, tapped on the nail plate, "dang", and a clear and familiar sound of metal impact reached Chen Qi's ears.

As if he couldn't believe it, Chen Qi tapped again, "Aze, is the armor of Ankylosaurus metal?"

Aze had never seen metal before and shook his head blankly when he heard Chen Qi's question.

At this time to explore around Asu several people have come back, just came back to see Chen Qi and Aze squatting beside armored dragon is decomposing the body.

"What are you doing? I can't eat the meat of Ankylosaurus. I have caught fish." Asu went up to him and asked curiously. The meat of Ankylosaurus is not only sour, but also uncomfortable to eat. Moreover, the hardness of the meat is almost equal to that of its armor. Without sharp teeth, it cannot be chewed. Asu does not think Aze will not know about this.

Chen Qi tore down the separated armor. The armor was about half a finger thick and a little heavy. Chen Qi took it with a little difficulty. Hearing Asu's question, Chen Qi explained, "I don't want it, I want it."

"Real? What do you want this thing for?"

Aze pulled down the other two pieces of armor, which were also stained with flesh, but he didn't mind. He took the piece from Chen Qi's hand and carried it to his shoulder. "Chen Qi said this can be used as a tool."

"Yes, although I don't know if I can make it, I met it somehow. It might be useful to take it back." Chen Qi said with a smile. Even if it is not absolutely certain that these pieces of iron are metal iron, it may not be useful to bring them back to the tribe with great efforts, but the unexpected harvest is still very attractive to Chen Qi, after all, it may be a metal thing.

Asu know nodded, didn't ask more, let Aze give him the things, motioned for him to Chen Qi back, here is a distance from their rest camp but, at the speed of Chen Qi is going to take a lot of time.

Even if no signs of other dragon activities were found nearby, the crowd did not dare to be careless. They did not spend the night together on the ground as they did yesterday. Instead, they spread out and found a tall tree to rest in groups of several people.

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