There was no accident in the evening. The next day, Asu and Ayan carried the heavy armor to their shoulders and did not let Aze take it. After all, Aze had to carry Chen Qi. If he took these pieces of armor again, the speed would slow down. Besides, they were also curious about what Chen Qi could do with the armor.

There were no more accidents, no more fires, no more rain, and no more dragons in the next journey. They just bowed their heads and walked on in a boring way.

The days are back to the way they were before. As long as there is no day without a month, even at night they will go to the middle of the night again. Soon they will arrive at the Dorsal River.

The Beastmen of the Luoshui tribe who came together this time were all young females. They felt fresh when they first went out of town. It was already noon when they came to the vicinity of the Dorsal River. Amin of the Luoshui tribe came to Asu and asked hesitantly, "Asu, shall we rest here for half a day today?"

Asu, who was putting the unloaded luggage in the corner to clean up the clearing for the fire, raised his head doubtfully. "Why?" Recently, they all went on their way after they had given birth to the fire and had something to eat. Now they are not far from Qi Ze City. Why do they want to stop and have a rest? Is this tired?

Amin was a little embarrassed to go around his head. Naturally, he didn't want to rest because he felt tired. Instead, the young females of his tribe had never seen the Dorsal River before and wanted to see it. They pushed him out and asked others for their opinions. Amin has been to the Lion Wolf Tribe several times. naturally, he has seen the Dorsal river.

"Those little females were attracted by Chen Qi's paintings and wanted to see how Chen Qi painted the Dorsal River." Ayan walked over to help Amin explain that he heard those people when they got together to discuss.

Asu knew that it was almost Qi Ze City anyway. A day's rest was not in the way and he agreed to nod. Ayan did not matter.

When I was in Luoshui Tribe, Chen Qi's paintings had been passed around in the tribe for a long time. Although Chen Qi occasionally painted a little along the way, black and white paintings obviously did not have color to attract the attention of the beast people. When I saw the familiar scenery in the paintings appeared in front of me, the females were all very excited. After obtaining the permission to rest here, they hurriedly gathered around Chen Qi and wanted him to draw again.

Surrounded by so many people, Chen Qi did not feel shy. He picked up his tools and went to the Dorsal River with the females.

The Dorsal River is no different from what Chen Qi has seen before. If it weren't for some more people around him, I'm afraid there would be a feeling that the time has gone wrong.

The females were all very quiet around Chen Qi. Chen Qi was not in a hurry to write. He looked at the crowd around him and said, "Otherwise you stand away and I'll draw a picture for you?"

"Is that okay?" Hearing Chen Qi's words, the women's eyes lit up. They had seen Chen Qi's painting of Aze. They couldn't imagine how each other could draw people into such a piece of paper with nothing.

"of course." Chen Qi nodded his head.

The females scattered with shouts and stood neatly not far away, tense and a little nervous.

Chen Qi's head was full of black lines. He had no interest in writing this stiff shape. He let the animals excited by being drawn into the painting move naturally. Seeing that the animals' movements remained unchanged, Chen Qi took the initiative to come forward to adjust their postures and felt that he had a group of models.

No matter what kind of dynamic females they want to draw, Chen Qi enjoyed the painting this afternoon. He also drew a small head portrait for them to commemorate. As a result, the rest of the journey, even Aze's luggage was divided up by the females, leaving Aze to take care of Chen Qi alone.

Chen Qi was a little embarrassed by this special treatment, but seeing that others were so enthusiastic and could reduce Aze's burden, he did not insist on bringing back his luggage.

A line of people bypassed the Lion Wolf Tribe and arrived near Chishui river in a few days.

On the edge of the big reddish-brown wall, a small figure sat beside the watchtower, staring at the direction of the Chishui River for a moment without blinking. A small white wolf lay quietly beside him, with round eyes staring at the direction of the Chishui River as well.

Suddenly, the tip of the wolf's ear moved. He stood up and bit the sleeve of the man beside him. Then he shouted at the nearby.

Ajing's face showed a look of surprise. He stood up at once and shouted to the people in the watchtower: "Uncle Azhang, Chen Qi, they are back."

The wooden door of the watchtower was opened with a "bang". Azhang rushed out of the direction of the Chishui River. He saw a group of people coming here in a mighty force, headed by Asu.

Azhang's face also flashed a trace of surprise. Then he was a little confused. How did so many people come back together? He hugged Ajing and the young wolf, "Let's wait for them at the gate of the city." Then he climbed the wooden ladder inside the wall and went down the wall.

News of Chen Qi's return soon spread to the tribe. Ali also put down his work and came to the gate. When Chen Qi and his party returned, the gate was already crowded with people.

In addition to a few people in Qi Ze City and Ashu who have been here once, both the Beasts of Luoshui and Flame Hill tribes are a little surprised to see the tall mud brick wall. There is no natural rock mountain here. The people in Qi Ze City actually abruptly built such a large wall on such a plain, and it seems that the wall is not completely made of stone. How did they do it?

Asu introduced both sides to each other and gave Azhang a brief explanation of the reason why the two tribes came this time.

Azhang smiled and ordered others to welcome the Beastmen into Qi Ze City.

Walking on the clean and tidy road, looking at the tall and translucent houses and the beautiful ghost needles and flowers all around the house that were neatly arranged and in full bloom, all of them were stunned.

Qi Ze City has not specially built a place to entertain guests. Azhang can only let them pile up all the luggage they have carried back to the school, and then arrange the Beastmen to other clansmen with empty rooms in the tribe. Qi Ze City welcomed so many guests for the first time. Everyone was very enthusiastic and went home with them.

Chen Qi's two rooms were occupied, but no one went to their house. Amin was led home by Asu, and the daughters of two Flame Hill tribes, Ayan and Ayu, went to Azhang's house.

The Beastmen were handed over to Azhang for arrangement. Chen Qi and Aze returned to their home, which they had not returned to for several months. When they opened the gate, they saw the familiar buildings. Chen Qi finally felt at home.

Ajing followed him closely with young wolf cubs. there were so many people just now that he couldn't talk to Chen Qi. Ajing's little frown was tightly knit, and his face was unhappy. young wolf cubs licked the back of his hand anxiously.

Next door Ka Luo came out holding Ayao and saw Chen Qi with a face of surprise."Elder brother, Chen Qi, you have come back. How did you go so long? I miss you so much."He pushed open the gate and came running.

Just now he heard that Chen Qi had come back, but at that time he was feeding the obsidian. He couldn't find the body to meet them at the gate of the city. He didn't expect to see the two men have returned to the gate just after he opened the door.

Ayao nest in Ka Luo's arms, big eyes curiously looked at two people, the child's memory is not very good, Chen Qi two people left for more than two months, Ayao would have forgotten who these two people are.

See Ka Luo Chen Qi is also very happy, stretched out his hand to pinch Ayao more and more fat and tender little face, the results Ayao see Chen Qi hand over, hurriedly buried his face in Ka Luo's arms.

Chen Qi was stunned. "Does he not remember me?"

Ka Luo rolled his eyes. "You don't want to think how long you've been gone."

Chen Qi withdrew his hand wryly. He remembered that this kid used to open his hand every day and cried out to himself. Now he doesn't even want to pinch his little face, and he's a little upset.

At this moment, Ali, who had helped Azhang arrange other people together, also came back. Seeing several people still standing at the gate of the courtyard, he smiled. "The crops in the courtyard are ripe, and I haven't collected them yet. I guess you will come back these days. I think I'll wait for you to come back and have a look."

"so fast?" Chen Qi was pleasantly surprised to enter the courtyard. He saw that the open ground was covered with lush crops, and the branches like chili peppers were already covered with red fruits. At first glance, it was very eye-catching.

Chen Qi could see that these plots were well taken care of. Even though he had been away for so long, Ali would take time to help weed and fertilize every day. Now the compost outside the city wall can be used, but the taste is not very good, but the fertilized crops are obviously much more than the wild fruits outside, but the size has not changed.

Chen Qi couldn't wait to take out his bone shovel and dug up a sweet potato. The root of the root was full of sweet potatoes thicker than his fist. There were more than a dozen of them. He planted a whole plot of sweet potatoes. If all this was the harvest, I'm afraid I could eat them for a long time.

"Do you want to deal with these crops now? Don't you have a rest?" Ali looked at Chen Qi's interest in digging potatoes next door and said something to stop him.

The potato is bigger than what they dug in the plain outside, and the number of fruits per tree is also larger. Chen Qi stopped when he dug out one. he smiled and said, "well, harvest it tomorrow. you can show me the growth of crops recorded during this period."

Chen Qi has made a book to record the growth of crops every day since he went down to make the species. When he and Aze left, he gave the book to Ali and asked Ali to help him keep the record. As long as he knew the growth cycle and growth characteristics of crops, he would have experience in planting later.

Ali nodded, and Chen Qi they chatted for a while and then went back. Ka Luo looked at the two people's travel-stained appearance and did not disturb them to rest. When Ali left, he also went home with Ayao and planned to come back tomorrow.

Chen Qi only discovered at this time that the two standing on the side looked at their little ones piteously. He took out the sketches and notes he had drawn along the way from his backpack, raised his eyebrows and blinked at Ajing. "I drew a lot of things along the way. I wonder if Ajing is interested in seeing them?"

Ajing's eyes glistened on the paper in Chen Qi's hand. The awkward mood that had just been ignored had long since vanished and he nodded repeatedly at Chen Qi.

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