Chen Qi smiled and handed the things to Ajing. Ajing put down the young wolf and wiped his hands on his clothes. Only then did he take them carefully.

However, Ajing did not rush through it now. After entering the room together with Chen Qi, he put the manuscript on the table and took a small piece of clean wood to hold it down so as not to be accidentally touched.

"Chen Qi, do you want to take a bath now?" Ajing put things away and ran to Chen Qi to ask.

Chen Qi put his backpack on a futon, stretched himself, heard Ajing's question, nodded and sighed, "I just want to take a hot bath comfortably now, and then lie back in my comfortable bed to have a good sleep." Even if you don't have to walk on your own, it is very tiring to run on the moors for so many days.

Upon receiving the answer, Ajing turned and entered the wash room. Soon Chen Qi heard a burst of water coming from the wash room. Chen Qi went in doubtfully and saw Ajing standing on a wooden stool, holding a big wooden spoon from a big wooden bucket higher than him, spooning water into the next bath bucket.

Chen Qi hurriedly walked over and took over the wooden spoon in Ajing's hand. "I'll do it. Go outside and look at the picture album." Then he looked at the water in the big barrel with a frown. "This water has been in use for more than two months. It can't be used."

"I called yesterday." Ajing retorted.


Ajing pointed to the clear and bottomed water channel filled in the big barrel: "Ali said that you will come back in the next few days, so I have water every day. the water used to water the crops in the yard long ago." As Ajing's words fell, the young wolf beside him also puffed out his chest and let out a cry as if to prove Ajing's words.

A barrel as big as that, taller than Ajing's small plate, is now full of water. Did he call back all by himself?

Chen Qi looked at him incredulously. A warm current surged in his heart. He rubbed Ajing's hair violently and stopped only after he twisted with his teeth and began to dodge. He rolled up his sleeves and said to Ajing, "Please help me to light the fire and boil the water. I will scoop the water into the bath tub."

Ajing nodded and went to the front of the stove to plug in the dry wood, picked up the flint beside it and started the fire.

Chen Qi did not rush to wash after the water was hot, but went out to call Aze, who was preparing to eat at this time.

The house has probably been cleaned by someone all the time, and there is no dust. Chen Qi took the things in Aze's hand and pointed to the direction of the bathroom. "The water is hot, you should wash first."

"But . . ." This dish is only half cooked.

"It's okay. I'll take the rest." Chen Qi interrupted the other party, then pushed the other party into the bathroom without hesitation. "I'll help you bring in the clothes. Please bubble in the bath tub."

Looking at the wooden door of the bathroom that had been closed, Aze smiled. Instead of insisting on going out to continue cooking, he took off his clothes and washed himself with water casually. Even the figs were useless. He stepped into the bath tub and was surrounded by the warm water. The fatigue of this period seemed to be washed away by the warmth.

After Chen Qi helped Aze deliver his clothes, he found that Ajing had already put half of Aze's meat and potatoes into a pottery dish. He also added a few slices of ginger and scallion and garlic to cook potato stew. Next to him, the porridge boiling on a smaller pottery began to give off heat.

Chen Qi walked over in surprise, "When did you learn to cook?"

"I would have cooked it long ago if you had cooked it so many times." During the period when Chen Qi left, Ali had to make pottery and teach tribal people how to make clothes. Sometimes he had to help deal with the hunted prey and the crops in the two yards. He was very busy every day and did not have time to cook everyday. Later, Ajing took over the task of cooking. Although the cooking was not as good as Ali's and the dishes were too complicated to handle, the simple dishes produced were at least not bad.

I didn't expect to see him for more than two months. The kid also grew up a lot. After praising Ajing for a few words, he saw that there was nothing he needed to do. Chen Qi wanted to think and took a clean set of home clothes into the bathroom.

Because of the hot weather, Chen Qi did not burn the water too hot. The temperature almost removed the fire and only used the residual temperature of the charcoal fire to dry it. At the moment, there was no smoke or moisture in the room.

Aze was lying quietly on the edge of the bath tub, probably because he had driven all day long after the night's work last night. He was a little sleepy at the moment when he was soaked by the warm water, and even Chen Qi did not find him coming in.

Chen Qi walked over and gently lifted each other's bangs. Now there was a faint circle of dark circles under his eyes. He leaned over and kissed each other's canthus heartily.

It seems that he felt someone touching him. Aze looked up and looked a little confused. "Why did you come in?"

Chen Qi stretched out his hand and played down the other side's forehead, criticizing: "Don't you know it's dangerous to fall asleep in the shower? What if it is flooded?"

"I'm sorry." Aze bowed his head and admitted his mistake in a good manner.

Chen Qi did not really blame him either. After putting the clean clothes aside, he began to take off his own clothes. Aze was still unable to respond. He just asked, "What are you doing?"

"take a bath." Chen Qi answered very naturally. He originally made the big bath tub according to the size that can accommodate two people. When will it be used if it is not used well?

Aze's ear tip was slightly red, then spread to the root of the ear, then to the neck. He turned his head and stopped looking at Chen Qi.

Chen Qi smiled gently, threw off his clothes and stepped across his feet into the bath tub.

After taking a bath and eating, it began to get dark. Ajing had already moved his things back from the Ali family. Chen Qi didn't want to go to bed immediately after eating. after walking around the yard, he saw the tall fig tree. this reminds him that the wine buried before should have been fermented for such a long time.

Chen Qi went to the house and asked Ajing to call Ali next door. After all, there was also some wine made by Ali inside. Naturally, he should also know what it was like now.

Heard that to dig wine, not only is Ali, even Azhang and live with them, Ayan and Yu have come over, carol's house and Chen Qi's house is separated by a wall, with Ake's ear force after hearing the noise here and carol holding the obsidian, the results heard is to dig wine, are very curious to gather together.

Chen Qi, holding a bone hoe, looked at the crowd around him in a slightly speechless way. Fortunately, there was no one living in the school next to him. Otherwise, he was really afraid that the whole tribe would come and watch.

Chen Qi found the wooden board with the earliest recording time, pulled it out and began to dig down along the place. In more than two months, a finger-long weed had grown in the place, and the soil became stronger, fearing that it would break the jar. Chen Qi dug carefully.

After digging out the jar, Chen Qi was a little nervous. He brewed fruit wine for the first time. Although he had checked the method of making fruit wine when doing the project related to the manor before, he was not sure whether his steps had gone wrong.

Opening the seal on the jar, a strange smell came head-on. Chen Qi's heart thumped and he had a bad feeling.

"Is this wine?" Ka Luo asked, pinching his nose, worried that he might smoke Obsidian, and took a few steps back.

Other people smell this smell and their expressions are a little subtle.

Chen Qi frowned, did not answer Ka Luo's question, but a little closer to the smell, although there is the smell of alcohol, but it is not very rich, and mixed with the smell of alcohol and a sour taste, there is also a trace of mud smell, just like things put for a long time before some taste.

Let Aze help dig out all the other jars of wine, all of which are of this strange taste.

Looking at Chen Qi's unhappy face, Ali anxiously asked, "What's the matter? Is there anything wrong with this wine?"

Chen Qi shook his head. "I don't know whether there was a problem in the brewing process or the method of burying the wine. This wine doesn't smell like wine."

"Wine that is not like wine?" Ali was confused by him. What was that?

Chen Qi came back to the house and took a chopstick. He touched some of the wine jars and then stuck out his tongue and licked the liquid stained on them. As soon as the liquid entered his mouth, Chen Qi "bah" hurriedly spit it out. He frowned and picked up the tea that had been soaked on the wooden table next to him and rinsed his mouth. How do you say, the taste of the wine is like a good jar of wine mixed with a pile of rotten mud.

The others watched Chen Qi's movements and waited for him to tell the results.

Chen Qi looked around the crowd and lowered his shoulders. "Sorry, this wine has failed to be brewed."

Ali was stunned. The brewing process seemed simple, but it took a lot of time. Unexpectedly, the brewing process failed. "Do you know the reason for the failure?"

Chen Qi said to him the taste he tasted, and then described the taste of the real wine. After hearing Chen Qi's description, Ake hesitated, "Since there is the taste of soil, can these jars be flooded? Does this wine have to be buried underground?"

". . . . . . Chen Qi replied somewhat arduously:" No, not necessarily buried in the ground. "He won't tell these people that he was a jerk at the beginning. He felt that those people on TV would find a place to dig a hole and bury it every time they made wine. In too many years, they would be able to harvest a jar of mellow and delicious good wine, and he did the same. Is it because the matter itself is wrong or because the brewing materials are different? Is there any essential difference between wine brewed from grain and wine brewed by oneself?

For Chen Qi, who has never been addicted to alcohol, he usually only drinks a few beers at most. He was often teased by his colleagues that he is a good boy who does not smoke or drink. Therefore, he was dragged to drink too much at the party when he came here. I didn't expect to be drunk for the first time in his life.

Looking at Chen Qi's silence, Aze thought that the other party had been hit by the failure to brew wine. After all, nothing Chen Qi had done was wrong. He reached out and squeezed Chen Qi's hand and comforted him: "I'll pick some fruit tomorrow and come back, and then brew it again."

Although Ayan didn't know what the so-called wine was, he also said, "I'll help find it tomorrow. what kind of fruit are you looking for?"

"This wine is made from grapes."

"At this time of year, there should be many grapes in the forest. How much do you need? It can be picked back in one day."

Seeing all the people trying to comfort themselves, Chen Qi smiled, "Well, let's brew it again tomorrow, and I'll buy you some wine after the next brew."

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