Because of his young age, besides helping with housework or tidying up the plots in the courtyard, Ajing only gives the tribal people about an hour of writing lessons every day. The rest of the time is quite free. During Chen Qi's absence, he has one more drawing besides reviewing and practicing calligraphy every day.

It is probably because young people are not as rigid in thinking and cognition as the adult Beastmen, and they are also strong in accepting ability. In addition, they are smart and earnest. Ajing has now become the best learned person in Qi Ze City. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut in painting, and even if he is gifted, he needs to practice slowly one by one.

Looking at his slightly messy picture, comparing with Chen Qi's few strokes, he outlined the majestic verve of the Dorsal River. Ajing bit the pen point, picked up the bone knife next to him and cut the wick. The originally dim light brightened up again, readjusted the color, spread new paper and continued to draw.

Young Wolf moved his ears, looked up at Ajing, and found a comfortable position to arch the corner. Now the weather is hot and the stone walls are cool. Young Wolf narrowed his eyes comfortably and looked up at Ajing again. Only then did he slowly close his eyes and sleep.

The next day when Chen Qi pushed open the door with a clear air, what he saw was the young wolf in high spirits and Ajing with a slightly clicking look.

Chen Qi got a fright, hurriedly pulled each other's hands and asked anxiously, "What's the matter? Is there anything wrong?" Then he reached out and touched each other's forehead and compared his body temperature. No signs of fever were found.

Ajing shook his head. "I didn't draw well."

"what?" Chen Qi has a face of stupid force.

Ajing ran back to his room and took out more than a dozen paintings he had spent the night painting last night. Chen Qi stun, opened one by one to look at.

"It is obviously the same color, but the painting is different." Ajing frowned mysteriously. No matter how many times he tried to draw the picture last night, it was different from Chen Qi's. After getting up in the morning, he found that even the color was different, not to mention how depressed it was.

Chen Qi chuckled and rubbed each other's little heads a few times. "The lamp light is yellow and still so dark. It's very nice that you can draw it like this. Don't draw at night next time, what if you are nearsighted? I can't make glasses." Chen Qi felt a little funny when he thought that when he grew up, Ajing needed to take a pair of thick glasses to hunt.

"Painting this kind of thing need to take your time, not urgent, later must have a good sleep know? Otherwise, you won't be tall."

Ajing got a fright and nodded and agreed like garlic. He didn't want to be a little man forever. Ah Chang said that he could not go hunting until he grew up. Only when he learned to hunt could he hunt food for himself and the wolf. He was a female and he couldn't let Chen Qi keep him.

For the first time in the morning, Ajing ate five milk nuts for breakfast.

Aze was probably really tired. He seldom got up until noon. Chen Qi didn't wake him up either. He warmed his breakfast at the edge of the charcoal fire that had already been removed. After eating, he followed Ajing out to school.

The writing class was scheduled for more than two months before the girls began to work in the morning. Chen Qi needed to see how the others were progressing.

The Beastmen of the Flame Hill tribe and the Luoshui tribe are also very interested in the so-called classes. They followed the owner of their temporary residence to the school to wait early in the morning. Although the classroom area is large enough, there are about 30 tables, just one for each person in Qi Ze City. All the people will not feel crowded when sitting in it. However, nearly 20 people crowded in at the moment. This space is not enough. Chen Qi asked them to come home and bring some futons and put them in the middle of the aisle between the tables. This was barely able to squeeze in.

It took a lot of time for everyone to check their study. After all, there were still many things to do in the tribe. After the check, it was time to finish class. Chen Qi asked them to go back to work.

Seeing that the beasts of other tribes were interested in it, Chen Qi also taught them how to write their own names. After all, the names of the females were only one word. Even so, it was almost noon after everyone taught them again and talked with them.

Aze was not there when he returned home, only a piece of paper was pressed on the table. Ayan followed Chen Qi home. He promised to go to the forest to pick grapes with Aze last night. However, he did not see Aze himself when he arrived. He couldn't help wondering.

"Aze is not here? Do you want to go to the forest today?"

"He has already gone first."

Ayan is a bit startled, "go first? How do you know?" He was with Chen Qi all morning, and he didn't see Aze looking for him.

Chen Qi handed the note in his hand. "He left me a message."

Ayan was surprised to take the note handed over by Chen Qi. There were indeed some words like those Chen Qi taught them just now. Unfortunately, he can barely recognize his name now. There is no doubt that his words and gobbledygook are in his eyes.

I didn't expect a few words can be transmitted to the information, Ayan looked up at Chen Qi, feel this trip is really right, perhaps compared to the Luoshui tribe, Qi Ze City may be more suitable for them.

Look at Aze's absence, Ayan didn't stay much. He said hello to Chen Qi and left. After class, Azhang took people from the Luoshui and Flame Hill tribes to visit the tribe. He happened to catch up with Azhang at the moment and they took people to climb the wall.

At noon Chen Qi cooked a large plate of mung bean porridge, then baked several pancakes and Ajing hastily settled the lunch. After all, when the weather became hot, his appetite became weaker.

In the afternoon, I went to check the luggage piled up in the school together with Ali. I was even more surprised to see Chen Qi making a large plate of ice with a few stones on a hot day.

"Unfortunately, these saltpeter stones are not enough for all tribal people to use. I plan to keep them until then to make fire/medicine, so I won't be afraid of hyenas next time." Although the people of the Luoshui tribe who come to the assembly next time will bring some saltpeter, the Luoshui tribe is too far away from here after all. this batch of saltpeter will be used until next winter. Chen Qi is not willing to carry it back so far just to get some ice cubes for use, which is too expensive.

Ali hesitated, "The sulfur you said will be found near the forest next time Azhang and his team hunt. There are many mountains in the forest, and maybe one of them will find what you need." If the fire/medicine is really as powerful as Chen Qi said, it will be safer for a small tribe like them to have it.

"Is it not safe to look in the forest?" Chen Qi is a little worried.

Ali shook his head. "There are many mountains outside the forest. Although they are all hunting in a fixed area now, they have not been able to hunt many prey recently. Azhang is planning to widen the hunting area to find something called sulfur."

Chen Qi nodded. "As long as it's not dangerous, go and find it."

Ali took down the matter and planned to talk to Azhang at night. He opened another hide backpack beside him and found it was actually fluffy white stuff. He pulled out a piece with a little surprise, "What is this?"

"This is cotton, which can be used to make clothes, quilts and fabrics." Chen Qi explained.

"Weaving?" Ali looked at a handful in his hand. How does this stuff weave? There is no connection.

Chen Qi looked at the bag of cotton with headache. He really didn't know how to turn it into cotton thread. He could only study it slowly when he was free.

Taking out a small bag of cottonseed from another backpack, "although I don't know how to weave this cotton into cloth at present, if it is used to make cotton-padded clothes or quilts, the insulation effect in winter is still good." At least it is much better than those skins with rough tanning technology.

"I plan to plant some cotton after harvesting my family's crops later, but there is really a little less land in the yard, and there are still lots of vacant lots in the tribe. then I will open some more land in those vacant lots and plant some crops with short growth periods, so that another batch can be harvested before winter."

After the last planting experience, Ali Yi has already got a certain understanding of the growth of crops. These methods of harvesting in his yard are much more convenient than aimlessly searching the plains. Moreover, the harvest is also considerable. Even if he cannot find enough food in the forest this summer, he should not starve this winter.

Chen Qi explained some dried seafood to Ali one by one. When all the dried seafood was sorted out, he put away the saltpeter. Chen Qi took the food and seeds belonging to himself and Aze back, while the others let Ali distribute them to others in Qi Ze City.

It was only in the evening that Chen Qi was so busy that he began to deal with the mature crops in the yard. The crops grew very well. Even when they were mature, they had no yellow leaves at all, and I don't know whether it was the growth characteristics of plants in this world.

Ajing, who was studying in the house, saw Chen Qi go out with a hoe and a bamboo sieve and followed him out at once. Chen Qi first picked the red peppers that were already full of branches. There were about ten or so peppers planted, but he could not bear its high yield. After picking all the peppers, he piled a small pile on the bamboo sieve.

Chen Qi spread the chili directly on a bamboo sieve to dry. He is not a spicy person. He grows chili for winter. After all, even people who are not spicy can drive away some chill even if they eat a little chili.

Chen Qi dug up the potatoes and sweet potatoes after picking the peppers. He fully harvested five or six bags of the two plots. Usually he could only find one or two at a time outside. At most, there were only a dozen or so. After seeing so many this time, Ajing could not help swallowing. "Chen Qi, can we make chips and sweet potatoes again this time?"

Since Chen Qi left, he hasn't eaten these two kinds of food for a long time. Occasionally Ka Luo greedily cooks some, but because he doesn't find many materials, he can only get a little each time, and he has to give half to the pups, which is not enough to eat.

Chen Qi was also very happy to see this harvest. "Of course, we will make a pile of snacks tomorrow." Don't say it's Ajing, he's a bit greedy even if he hasn't eaten for so long.

Ajing gave a whoop of joy and couldn't help holding the young wolf for a turn. he was so frightened that the young wolf gripped his hand tightly with his front paws and cried out discontentedly.

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