After returning the potatoes and sweet potatoes to the storage room for storage, Chen Qi did not continue to harvest all the remaining crops at one time.

"Ajing, can you help me to pick these sweet potato leaves? Pick it like this." Chen Qi picked up a sweet potato vine to demonstrate to Ajing. He did not want the stem that was too old. He only kept the tender part and intact leaves.

Ajing nodded and took over the sweet potato vine in Chen Qi's hand.

Chen Qi gathered all the sweet potato vines together for Ajing to deal with. These sweet potato leaves can be eaten as vegetables. They may be a little too old and tough because they have grown too long, but they cannot be thrown away in vain.

It was already dark, and several wooden lampstands around the land were equipped with paper lamps for convenient lighting. Chen Qi filled each lamp with oil and lit it with a new wick. The warm light immediately lit up this small area.

While Ajing was dealing with sweet potato vines, Chen Qi dug up the stripped pepper trees and replanted the pepper seeds in the original place where the pepper was planted. The potato vines were piled up in the corner and spread out to dry, intending to be burned when the grass was dried.

He picked out two bags from the place where the charcoal ash was piled up with cloth bags and carefully scattered them on the land where potatoes and sweet potatoes had been dug up. These two things could not be planted immediately, and seedlings needed to be raised. Chen Qi planned to raise the land with charcoal ash first.

After turning over the ashes again, Ajing has already picked all the sweet potato leaves.

Chen Qi found several ropes to tie up the picked sweet potato leaves according to a certain proportion. These sweet potatoes grew well, and the leaves were not eaten by worms or withered and yellow. After all, there were more than 30 bundles. Chen Qi left several bundles for his own use and then gave several bundles to Ka Luo next door. The rest moved to the Ali's house with Ajing.

"So much? Have you dug up all your sweet potatoes? How was the harvest?" Ali looked at the sweet potato leaves with two big backpacks and asked in surprise.

"Well, all of them have been dug up, and the output is good. Besides, there are five or six bags of potatoes. The growth cycle of these crops is not long. We should be able to harvest another batch before winter. Tomorrow I plan to open up the space next to your house and plant some more."

"This harvest is much better than our search on the plain. Tomorrow I'll bring some clansmen to open the land with you. These things don't need to be taken care of. It's better to open the large piece of unoccupied land from this side to the gate of the city so that not only potatoes and sweet potatoes but also other things can be planted in large quantities." Ali suggested.

Chen Qi nodded. He collected a lot of seeds on his way to Luoshui Tribe this time. If there were so many lands, he could plant them all at once.

"Are you in a meeting?" Chen Qi's eyes looked at the rest of the house through Ali. In addition to Azhang and Ayan and Ayu, who originally lived here, the house was full of Asu, Ake and Amin and Ashu from the Luoshui tribe.

Ashu found Chen Qi look over, hurriedly waved to him.

"We are discussing going hunting tomorrow." Azhang replied with a smile, "but I heard that you want to open up the land next door. why don't we change the hunting to the day after tomorrow?" Otherwise, as soon as their young and strong hunting party leaves, they will not know when they will go to such a large area.

"Yes, we haven't finished all the fish we caught in Chishui River today." Ashu raised his hand joyfully. As a member of the Luoshui tribe, Ashu is not interested in hunting in the forest. He prefers fish to animal meat. Of course, he also knows that it is impossible not to hunt.

The others all nodded. Although the time was short, crops were planted more or less in the courtyard of each Qi Ze City. They had already eaten. Although the meat they had been eating for a long time was not attractive, it was not unacceptable. Especially the dishes cooked well were more attractive than meat. They also want to see how the people in Qi Ze City planted it. If they can also plant it in their own tribe, they don't have to worry about not finding food in winter.

"This will upset your plan? We'll just have to do the land reclamation slowly." Chen Qi knows that it is difficult to hunt the game in the forest now. These days, the hunting teams are divided into two groups to enter the forest in turn. Even if the game thus hunted back is barely enough for the family to eat everyday, even there is no surplus.

At present, even the fish in Chishui River can hardly be caught by harpoons after being tormented by the beast people for so many months, and the method of fishing with bait can only depend on luck, after all, no one knows whether the fish will take the bait or not.

"It's okay. For more than two months since you left, we have been running to the forest every day and will be on vacation tomorrow." Seeing Chen Qi's worry, Ake looked at the two big bags of sweet potato leaves that Ali was holding and interjected, "Besides, we are not short of food now. You will also distribute the crops you have planted to us. You can't help even open up wasteland."

Azhang also smiled and looked at Ayan and Amin sitting next to him, adding: "The people of the Luoshui and Flame Hill tribes also want to learn how to grow crops, just let them learn together."

"Indeed, the baked sweet potato we ate yesterday tasted really good. I never knew that the root and stem of this plant could grow so big and still be edible." Remembering that as soon as Asu came back yesterday, he went to the yard to dig a big sweet potato and bake it, Amin could not help but want him to go back and bake some more now.

"Ha ha, those are planted directly. It will take you some time to find them on the plain."

See a few people began to talk about planting crops, Chen Qi is a little helpless, can only promise to let them help open up wasteland, but the land is so big, nature also can't all open into a large piece, still need to make a good plan, it is best to dig a well out, so watering also don't need to always run to the school to fetch water, now the whole tribe only one well can use, or too little.

After returning home, Chen Qi found that Aze had already returned.

Aze went out with the hunting party, but after entering the forest, he did not find any grapes and separated from the hunting party. he walked a long way into the forest by himself and finally came back after picking up a bag of grapes, so he came back late.

Chen Qi did not know that Aze went deep into the forest alone, nor did he know exactly who went hunting today. He thought Aze came back with the hunting team. After all, when he left Azhang's house just now, he just saw a female come to Azhang and planned to let him distribute his prey.

"This time the grapes seem bigger." Chen Qi twisted up a grape and looked at it. It was round and beautiful. Its color was darker than that of the previous batch of grapes, and there were more white frost on it. He just wiped his hand casually and got dust on it. Chen Qi frowned. Can it really make wine?

Although a little skeptical, Chen Qi won't give up the wine easily. After picking out the intact grapes, they were processed according to the previous procedure and then put into the storage room to ferment slowly.

Aze picked a lot of fruit this time, and fully brewed three jars. The rest was eaten directly as fruit, a little sour, but obviously sweeter. Chen Qi stole a kiss on Aze lip corner like a reward.

Ajing quickly covered his pup's eyes and whispered in his ear, "pup, you can't learn this."

Hearing Ajing's chanting, Aze couldn't help his ears getting red.

Chen Qi and Aze briefly talked about the reclamation of land tomorrow and the drilling of another well. Aze knew that he was going to go hunting with the hunting team tomorrow. Although there was no hunting in these two days, Aze felt that he had not paid anything for nothing and it was still a bit awkward.

Because of the newly harvested crops, Chen Qi baked sweet potatoes directly at night and did not even cook any other food. Aze and Ajing were very happy. The newly dug sweet potatoes were very delicious to roast. As a result, Ka Luo next door saw by the window that Ake, who had just returned, also ran over to eat them, causing Aze a dirty look.

"Bake it yourself." Aze wrapped the last baked sweet potato with cattail leaf and stuffed it into Chen Qi's hand, then threw some raw ones to Ka Luo.

It's really my brother. Ka Luo curled his pie mouth and could only endure the smell of baked sweet potatoes while turning over the charcoal ash to bury the sweet potatoes. Then he spread a layer of charcoal ash on it and then spread the red carbon on it. This can prevent the sweet potatoes from being burnt.

Chen Qi peeled the sweet potato in his hand with pleasure, then handed it to Aze's mouth to let the other side bite it first, and then brought it back to eat. As a result, he looked up and found that the fat Obsidian was staring eagerly at the steaming baked sweet potato in his hand.

Chen Qi blinked and handed the sweet potato to Aze's lips. Obsidian's big eyes followed the movement of the sweet potato and looked at it. Seeing Aze bite again, he could not help but feel wronged and flattened his flat mouth.

"Ayao can eat these things now?" Chen Qi asked Ake.

Ake buried the other two sweet potatoes in the charcoal ash and replied, "Yes, now he can eat meat."

Chen Qi put the sweet potato in front of the obsidian, the obsidian eyes a bright, hurriedly opened his small mouth and stretched his arm to take the delicious food. Chen Qi found several baby teeth in Ayao's mouth.

Chen Qi did not pass the food directly to Ayao, but waved proudly in front of him and smiled with a bad face. "Good Ayao, will you give you a bite when you cry Qi Qi?" He hasn't heard this kid talk for so long, and he still misses it.

Ayao looked at the delicious food in front of him but couldn't eat it. his small mouth was flat again, and his big eyes seemed to be foggy. he looked back at his father and dad. Ka Luo's whole mind was on the baked sweet potatoes in the fire, and he didn't even notice his son's small expression. Ake went to pour boiled tea. Eating too much baked sweet potatoes is also greasy. Just drinking some tea can not only reduce the fire but also relieve the greasy.

Seeing that neither his father nor his father paid attention to himself, Ayao turned his eyes to Chen Qi. Chen Qi saw that the child was ignoring himself with his mouth flat and threatening to take back the baked sweet potato. "if you don't scream, I'll eat it myself." After that, he really took a big bite, smashed it, smashed it, and commented, "delicious."

Ayao "ho" to stand up, rushed to the front of Chen Qi, hands clasped each other's arms, don't let him try to bite the second bite, bite again, delicious food will be gone.

Chen Qi looked at the child's movements with amusement and handed the potato, which had already been half eaten, to the child. "You can eat it with a cry of Qi Qi."

Ayao looked at the baked sweet potato and then at Chen Qi, then at Chen Qi and then at the baked sweet potato. he had better move his lips a few times and cried softly, "Qi Qi."

Chen Qi was stunned. He drew his ear closer. "I didn't hear you clearly just now. Please shout again."

"Qi Qi." This time the voice of Ayao, provoked others to look over here, and then is to see Chen Qi a face of surprise to pass the baked sweet potatoes to Ayao, also can't help but will Ayao up greatly suck up in each other's chubby face.

Ake, with black line on his head, took Ayao from Chen Qi's arms, tapped his little head lightly and scolded, "A baked sweet potato gave in. You are still my son."

Ayao can no matter so much, picked up the baked sweet potato is not so hot, greatly bite.

Well, it smells good.

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