The next morning Chen Qi took his bone hoe and started off with Aze after breakfast. Ali did not follow him to class. He had studied with Chen Qi before, and later he had always had Ajing to start a small kitchen. The progress was much faster than that of others. Naturally, he did not need to go to school every day for big classes.

"Why so early? They are all still in class." At this moment, the genius is just on. Ali is going to fetch water from the water well next to the school. He used the water brought back by Azhang last night to irrigate the land. At this moment, the bucket is empty, so he needs to pick some for cooking at noon.

"I plan to find another water source and dig a well here, otherwise I would be too tired to carry water from the school every day." Chen Qi gave Ali a brief explanation.

After hearing this, Ali nodded, "Oh, I'll go with you." Ali returned to the house with a bone hoe, closed the wooden door of the courtyard and went with the two to the wasteland next door.

When the tribe was first built in this wasteland, the weeds around it were treated again, but they have not been seen for more than two months now, and the weeds have grown as high as calves.

Looking at this large area of weeds, Chen Qi has a headache. If possible, he really wants to set a fire to it, but he is afraid that he can't handle it well. After all, people who have just experienced a plain fire still have a little fear of the fire and can only slowly dispose of these weeds with the old method.

After the beast people came over from class, Chen Qi and several other people just finished browsing the area. This time, the water source was just in the center of the wasteland.

Chen Qi simply explained the water well to the foreign beasts. Ayan thought that the water well near the school was an existing water beach. Unexpectedly, people in Qi Ze City dug it themselves.

The Beastmen in Qi Ze City have already had the experience of digging a well, but this time the well started to take water only when it was obviously deeper than the last one.

Beasts from the Luoshui and Flame Hill tribes were surprised. Although Chen Qi had explained it just now, it was the first time they saw anyone actually dig up water on the plain. They had never even thought about such a thing before.

After the wells were built, the people began to dispose of the wasteland.

Chen Qi divided the wasteland into several parts around the water well. Like building a house, the wasteland is horizontal, flat and vertical, leaving a suitable road in the middle, so it will be much more convenient to carry crops in the future.

In each large portion, a small portion will be set aside and the weeds will be removed. However, these two steps took a full day. This was the result of the help from Luoshui and Flame Hill tribes. After all, the sun had already set. Chen Qi was too tired to move and still leaned on Aze to carry him home.

Can't, this piece of wasteland is really too big, to be able to all the ground in one day has been the female superior performance.

"The bone hoe is really useless." Not to mention bluntness, the quality is still too light. It takes a lot of effort to dig the ground. Chen Qi feels that his arm is no longer his own.

Aze is helping Chen Qi rub each other's rough and slightly red palms. He remembered that when he first saw Chen Qi, the other's palms were clearly tender and tender. Now they are even rougher than his own. Clearly, he said before that he could support him, but Chen Qi is too severe. I'm afraid he doesn't need to support himself to live well.

Aze slender fingers across from each cocoon, "didn't you say before that the real armor of ankylosaurus was used as a tool? Can it be used as a hoe?"

"Yes, I almost forgot about it." Chen Qi sat up. After the armor was taken back, Aze had it placed in the pottery-making room, because he was busy with various things and did not remember this time. Chen Qi said and wanted to go out.

Aze pulled the other back, "It's so late now, let's do it tomorrow."

Chen Qi nodded and got up to cook dinner. Aze pulled him back again and put him on the stool. "You have a rest and I'll cook it tonight. What would you like to eat?"

"pancakes." Chen Qi ha ha smiled and quoted the name of the dish.


"Aze, I want sweet potato syrup." directly stand on the bed of the fire bed Ajing slightly side head to prepare into the storage between Aze shouted.

"Awoo."On one side of the young Wolf raised his head, followed by cried.

"The wolf said he would eat sweet potato syrup."

Before Aze agreed, Chen Qi directly refused: "No, eating too much sweet food at night can cause tooth decay."

Ajing watched Aze eagerly. He saw Aze come into the room with only rice berry powder and pickled meat. He lowered his eyes a little sadly. He held the little wolf cub and rubbed it hard. There was no sweet potato syrup to eat tonight.

The next morning Azhang took the original hunting party of Qi Ze City, Ayan of Flame Hill tribe and half of the females of Luoshui tribe into the forest, while the rest followed the beasts of Qi Ze City to learn other skills in the tribe.

Acheng was very happy, and finally someone helped him pound the paper pulp. This work is a hard work. It is a bit difficult to pound the small bones of old bones and Aku. Even if other females occasionally come to help, the paper produced is still in short supply.

After all, it costs a lot of paper every day.

Ayu and the daughters of the two Luoshui tribes came to help Chen Qi till the land.

Although he wanted to get the iron out first, Chen Qi still had no idea how to make iron. After thinking about it, he put aside the iron armor and planned to plant all the crops in the wasteland first. After all, if he missed the sowing time and the crops were not ripe before winter came, he would be in vain.

Aze also left with the hunting team today. Ajing also brought two females with him after class. Together with Ali and Ka Luo, the number of people planted was 8/9.

Looking at the obsidian thrown aside and covered in mud, Chen Qi couldn't help but still couldn't help but ask Ka Luo, who had already started rummaging around for seeds, "is it okay for you to throw him aside like this? We're almost staffed now. Why don't you take him home?" Although the morning sun is not too hot, it can make people feel uncomfortable before noon. Even with a small cloth hat, Chen Qi couldn't help feeling a little distressed.

Ka Luo waved casually, "It's okay. He usually plays alone at home. There are so many people here now."

Chen Qi stared his one eye, father. How on earth did Ake feel relieved to let him take the children alone?

Ka Luo pointed to the pile of seeds and asked doubtfully, "All these seeds are not suitable for this field. What else do you want to plant?"

Chen Qi picked up cotton seeds, "potatoes and sweet potatoes."

Ka Luo stare big eyes. "All of it?" This batch of seeds can only be planted on about half of the land at most. How many potatoes and sweet potatoes can the remaining half be planted? Enough for the whole tribe to eat for a year?

Chen Qi nodded. He only set aside a small portion of the crops he had harvested for food. Plus, the two bags of the Alleys have all been used for breeding. They can be planted in about two days.

Ali brought several wooden barrels with ropes strung on both sides of the barrel, so he didn't have to worry about getting dirty when carrying it with a pole. He called Ayu and a female to help pick compost. Ka Luo coughed and hurriedly picked up the seeds and walked beside Chen Qi to help open and insert the seeds.

Because there are not many seeds, only one seed is put into each inlay. If the seeds are not germinated and replanted later, Chen Qi and Ka Luo will demonstrate to others first, and the speed of one inlay is still very fast.

Other people saw that they also picked up cotton seeds and hoes in a similar way and began to work on the prepared ground.

Ajing sent the pup to watch Ayao, not letting him walk around, and then he also picked up a handful of seeds to help.

Ayao and young Wolf two small eyes at each other, suddenly grabbed a handful of soil thrown on young Wolf, too late to duck young Wolf a white hair instantly be dirty. It bared its teeth and gave out a low threat. Obsidian was stiff, and the danger of subconscious made him dare not touch again.

Little Wolf cub was satisfied with this, leisurely lying on the ground, too lazy to ignore this kid, anyway, don't have to look at it also know what the other party is doing, as long as you ensure that he doesn't walk around even if completed the task.

Just after planting a few plots of land, Ali also returned with the man who was going to pick up the fat. an unpleasant smell came head on. the female who was not caught picking up the fat frowned. "what did you pick up?"

"Fat." Ka Luo gloated to reassure him.

A Yu felt like crying. he never knew that these so-called fat smells so bad, and the contents still flowed out of the city and piled up for several days. can this kind of dirty water really be eaten? Think of these days I have been eating things may have poured this smelly water, Chongqing feel a little uncomfortable in my stomach.

Ali went back to fetch some casks and sent the other two females to fetch water from the middle well. The newly planted seeds could not bear too much fertility. It would be better to dilute some with water and pour it again.

After the water was beaten back, Ka Luo went to help hide the soil from the seeds that had already been left behind. Ali followed and poured the diluted water on it. Several foreign females who saw it for the first time looked at each other. Yu took a deep breath and then spit it out slightly. He gave himself a pep talk in his heart before rolling up his sleeves and hurriedly went up to help.

A few people did not work in the big sun. Chen Qi took out the cotton during lunch break, taught Ali how to make cotton pieces, and sewed a thin cotton coat.

Because the cloth is made of wool and cocoons, the cotton-padded clothes feel very good through the thin cloth, and can be directly worn by Aze in winter. Chen Qi happily put away the newly-made cotton-padded clothes.

After the temperature dropped a little, a few people went out to continue their work. They did not plant all the seeds until the sun was about to set. Finally, Chen Qi also sprinkled a thin layer of plant ash on all the seeded land. Today's planting work was completely completed.

This time Chen Qi was really tired and paralyzed. He finally realized the meaning of the saying that every dish is hard.

When Aze came back, he saw Chen Qi completely collapsed on the fire bed and Ajing preparing to cook.

Because of the heat, Aze did not close the door, but opened it for ventilation. He walked over and handed the newly obtained meat to Ajing. "Don't eat pickled meat today, stir-fry a piece of meat for a while."

Ajing nodded and took the meat of the antelope and dragon and went to deal with it.

Aze walked beside Chen Qi and gently lifted the bangs that covered his eyes. Chen Qi gently closed his eyes and breathed for a long time, apparently asleep.

Holding the pup down from the bed of the fire bed, he could not help but frown when he saw the reddish brown on the white fur of the other party. He was so dirty that he dared to run to the bed.

Feel the Aze abandon eyes, young Wolf with tail rub to Ajing for comfort.

Aze walked beside Ajing and rubbed his little head. "Are you tired today? Leave it to me. I'll do the rest." After a pause, he asked, "Do you want sweet potato syrup? I can make you some today."

Ajing looked at Aze with sparkling eyes and nodded. He ran into the storage room and carried out four sweet potatoes, one just right.

After handing the sweet potato to Aze, Ajing pointed to the white cotton-padded clothes on the bedside, "Chen Qi said that the clothes were made for you."

Aze froze, then bent his lips and smiled, "Mmm."

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