"Chen Qi, Chen Qi." Aze patted Chen Qi on the face and whispered to the people who were sleeping on the fire bed. Because the hearth was connected to the fire bed, Aze was afraid that the hot fire bed would wake Chen Qi up. Aze did not dare to cook on the hearth. He stood in front of the fire for half a day on a hot day and broke out in sweat.

Smelling the smell, Aze frowned and ran to the bathroom to simply wash it and changed into clean clothes before coming out.

Ajing has already cleaned up all the things on the desk, and the prepared dishes are neatly placed on the table, with bowls and chopsticks now.

Young Wolf has jumped onto Aze's specially-made chair and has done it properly. However, his eyes are only fixed on Ajing's movements and he waits patiently. The humanized appearance makes people feel that it is more like a human than a beast. Chen Qi always doubts whether the young wolf is so clever because it is the giant wolf god.

Seeing that Chen Qi was still not awake, Aze sighed a little. He stretched out his hand and pinched Chen Qi's face and whispered, "Get up and eat and sleep."

Sleeping Chen Qi seemed to feel that someone was disturbing his sleep. He knocked out each other's hands impatiently, frowned, turned around and continued to fall asleep.

Aze had no choice but to give up the idea of forcibly waking up the other party. It was a bit painful to see the other party tired like this. He walked back to the table and said to Ajing, "Eat first if you are hungry." Looking at Chen Qi like this, we can only wait for him to wake up before eating.

Aze found several clean pottery bowls and set aside some for Chen Qi for each dish before greeting Ajing for dinner.

Ajing first put a piece of antelope meat on the pottery dish of the young wolf, and then ate it while taking care of the young wolf. well, Aze's craftsmanship was indeed better than his own.

In the middle of the night, Chen Qi was awakened by hunger in his stomach. A dim oil lamp was lit in the hall. He just sat up and Aze, who was sleeping beside him, felt the movement around him and opened his eyes almost instantly. There was not a trace of emotion in his eyes when he just woke up. "Wake up? Are you hungry? I'll get you hot dishes." Aze said as he got up.

Chen Qi's consciousness was still a little confused. His eyes glanced at Aze without focus. He seemed to hear each other's question and then nodded stupidly. Aze chuckled, raised his hand and pinned the opponent's hair a little too long behind his ear. "It will be ready soon."

Aze first went to the storage room and took a shea butter. The previous shea butter had all been made into sugar. Now some of the shea butter at home were picked back when they entered the forest in the past two days. He took out a handful of rice berry powder, added water and kneaded it, made it into a ball shape, then pulled it into small pieces, gently kneaded it into a ball shape, and put it into the boiled shea butter.

The fruit itself has a sweet taste. Aze cut two more pieces of wild ginger into it and stirred it. When he saw beautiful little balls floating on it, he took the fruit out of the fire and then heated all the dishes specially left before. A pile of delicious food appeared on the table immediately.

See Chen Qi still sitting on the bed staring blankly, Aze is a little funny, he walked over and looked at each other's eyes, "haven't wake up? Not hungry?"

"Hungry." Chen Qi returned to absolute being, with a coquetry in his tone, "I'm too hungry to get up."

"Then, I will carry you over."

"Good." Chen Qi naturally held out his hand to each other.

Aze bent down slightly, Chen Qi rushed to the other side's back, unexpectedly the other side would suddenly jump up Aze staggered under the sudden momentum, fortunately, the reaction was firmly established in time, conveniently stabilize the other side.

Chen Qi buried his head deeply between Aze's neck and fossa, and only when he smelled the familiar smell of the other party did he feel relieved.

Seeing Chen Qi's performance, Aze tentatively asked, "What's the matter? Is it a nightmare?"

"Mmm." Chen Qi voice jar spirit should be a cry.

Aze slowly carried the other side to the front of the table, but did not rush to put him down. He asked tentatively, "Do you want to tell me?"

Chen Qi shook his head reflectively.

"Then, have something to eat first?" Aze was a little disappointed, but he still said kindly. It was the first time that he had known Chen Qi for so long that he saw that Chen Qi actually lost control of his emotions because of a dream.

Perhaps Aze's voice is too gentle, or it is too mesmerizing. Chen Qi, who has not recovered from the feeling of heart pain after waking up, finally raised his head. He looked at Aze's hard-edged side face and asked for a long time, "Aze, will you always be by my side?".

"Of course."

Chen Qi thought for a moment and decided to tell the other party about the nightmare. "I just dreamed that I went back to my hometown without you. I looked for a long time before I finally found you. But you didn't know me and just left. No matter how I called your name, you ignored me." What happened afterwards? Chen Qi was tired and went back to his small rented house. He passed his life in a daze. He was even discovered long after he died. He just stood by and watched himself rot away bit by bit.

Chen Qi actually knew that he was dreaming, so he didn't make any drastic reaction at the moment he woke up, but his dream thoughts were still brought out, making him unable to return to his mind for a long time.

Since he came to this world, Chen Qi has never had a dream. Even the people in that world seldom think of it. After all, people who used to be separated from each other only by a city are now separated by a world. What does those people have to do with themselves? Those people's lives will no longer have their own shadow, their own life will no longer have those people's intervention.

Chen Qi took a deep breath, calmed down his thoughts, shook off those annoying feelings, jumped cleanly from Aze, touched the belly that rang out in due course, "What dish did you make, it smells good." Chen Qi twisted up a piece of antelope meat and ate it for two times, boasting, "Aze, your craft is getting better and better."

Aze quietly looked at Chen Qi, who had returned to normal. He tightened his face, stepped forward and held each other's head in his hands, letting him look straight at himself. His deep eyes reflected a firm light, full of Chen Qi's shadow.

Chen Qi was scalded by such eyes and subconsciously wanted to escape. However, Aze was so strong that he did not give him the chance to escape. He opened his mouth gently and his warm breath was sprinkled on Chen Qi's face. He felt a little itchy. "I will never ignore you. As long as you need me, I will appear in front of you. As long as you call my name, I will definitely respond to you. No matter when, no matter where, I will always be by your side."

The heart that had been hanging like it was finally held in the palm of one's hand fell into place. Chen Qi picked up a piece of meat and stuffed it into Aze's mouth. His lip angle raised a big radian. "Hmm."

The young wolf, who was going to get up at night, had just walked to the door when he saw Chen Qi and Aze sitting at the table. each bite of Chen Qi and then he fed Aze, occasionally gathering up the imported food Aze had just eaten and snatching it back directly with his mouth, while Aze was sitting next to him with a full face of helplessness and spoiling.

Young Wolf see whole body stiff, haven't wait for it to have a reaction, Aze a bad eyes swept over, young Wolf got a fright, hurriedly ran back to the room, arch directly to the Ajing's arms, will be sleeping Ajing  to wake up.

"What's the matter?" Ajing stretched out his hand and gently feathered the whelp, and the comforted whelp got a little tighter.

As a result, the next morning, Ajing looked at a big wet lump on his chest, then looked at his pup with ingratiation, finally, he packed himself and his pup together and threw them into the bathroom.

Not only was he urinated all over his body, but the wolf was still young and could not be angry with him. even Ayao got on Ka Luo several times. this was the first time that the wolf had been very good. Ajing, while looking for reasons to exculpate the young wolf, did not reduce his actions. He did not even let go of some unspeakable parts. A young wolf cried piteously after taking a morning bath. People who do not know this thought that someone was abusing small animals here.

Today Aze does not need to go hunting, but instead shifts to guarding the city wall.

Today's hunting party was replaced by those who stayed in the tribe yesterday. Azhang, being the chief of the clan, plus the people from the Luoshui tribe and the Flame Hill tribe, were all entering the forest for the first time. He was not at ease and still followed.

Ayan came to Chen Qi's house early in the morning and asked him very actively if he needed any help. Chen Qi looked at his expression full of inquiry, but did not say much. The labor force delivered to the door need not be used for nothing.

Chen Qi took out the previous stone mill, handed the soaked soybeans to Ayan, and then showed him how to grind them once.

Looking at the milky white serofluid slowly turning from the originally granulated beans, Ayan was very surprised, "what are you doing with this?"

"tofu." Very not easy to get gypsum, Chen Qi has burned a small piece of plaster of Paris in recent days, already can't help but want to make tofu, with gypsum soya-bean milk can solidify, so you can also eat sweet bean flower, Chen Qi slapped Ayan on the shoulder, smiled expectantly, as if the other side's face was already filled with tender and delicious tofu, "this soybean milk grinding work is left to you, this step is very important."

Looked at the half dish of soybeans that had been soaked, Ayan nodded solemnly.

This batch of soybeans was also picked by Chen Qi on his way to Luoshui Tribe. Not many of them were picked. Chen Qi set aside less than half a bag as seeds. There was already a large area on the wasteland where potatoes and sweet potatoes could be planted. Chen Qi planted soybeans and mung beans on the two plots that he had planned to leave to grow potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Yesterday, a small portion was planted in the wasteland. If these two plants are not used as staple food, but are occasionally used to make tofu or mung bean syrup once or twice, it will be enough for a winter.

Ayan diligently pushed the stone mill, but because the stone mill was too small and the soybean milk was not delicate enough, Chen Qi made him grind it once more. Only then did he pour the soybean milk into a large pottery dish and cook it satisfactorily.

Ayan followed Chen Qi step by step, cooking tofu, filtering tofu, then getting a handful of bean dregs, finally putting gypsum and other steps in mind one by one, and planning to try it himself next time.

Chen Qi added sugar to less than half of the soya-bean milk left in advance and scooped up a small bowl for Ayan to taste.

Ayan took it over, drank it both times, licked the soya-bean milk stuck on the lip corner, and commented, "No water and milk tastes good."

". . . . . ."

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