In the dense forest, a group of females dressed in camouflage quickly shuttled between the trees, each carrying an empty hide backpack, only the one headed by the backpack bulged out a small piece, which seemed to contain something.

Azhang stopped in a place with few vegetation. The grass there was obviously depressed by some animals. Azhang squatted in the grass and stared at the footprints left by the animal that could not see clearly. The females who followed him stopped.

Amin went up to him, looked down and asked, "Can you see what dragons left behind?"

Azhang shook his head. "This trace was left over at least three days ago. Now even if you look around, you may not be able to find it."

"We want to continue to go deep? Or do you want to look around?"

After looking at the surrounding scenery, Azhang stood up. They were far away from the usual hunting area, but the area they came to now had fewer traces of dragon activities than before. It took them most of the time to enter the forest and only found the footprints left over from a few days ago.

"It should be the same even if you go further. If you want to hunt prey, you have to go further." Azhang hesitated for a moment, then forward is not their Beastmen often hunting category.

However, Azhang did not consider how long. The matter of going deep into the forest was discussed with the female members of the tribe yesterday. It is still so difficult to hunt in the forest in summer. If winter comes, it is much more dangerous than it is now. No matter how dangerous it is to go deep into the forest, it has to be done once.

Moreover, this hunting is equivalent to an early detection, which is no longer the same day back and forth as before, but lasts for two days. If you can hunt prey in these two days, you will follow this frequency in the future.

He waved to the people behind him, "Let's go."

The crowd nodded and stepped forward, followed by the first to rush to the depths of the forest.


Looking at the tofu that had been frozen to the ground, Chen Qi found a lighter pottery and a bamboo sieve. He spread a clean cloth on the bamboo sieve and took out a wooden spoon to scoop the tofu on the upper layer into the bamboo sieve. Chen Qi looked at the white and tender tofu in the large pottery jar and smiled happily. He did not expect it to be finished for the first time.

He scooped a spoonful of the sugar that had been broken long ago into a pottery bowl, then scooped a large spoon of tofu into it and handed it directly to Ayan. He pointed to the clean spoon beside him. "Please stir it while eating."

Ajing, who was doing his homework, did not know when he had stopped writing and came along. Chen Qi also scooped up a bowl for him and gave a share to the young wolf behind him. finally, it was his own.

Stir the sugar, a mouthful of warm bean flower entrance, familiar taste, sweet and smooth, without more chewing has slipped into the belly, Chen Qi happily narrowed his eyes.

Looking at the little wolf cub who also got a small bowl of bean flowers beside Ajing eating happily, Ayan stared at the little wolf cub while eating, and saw the little wolf cub look up and grinned at him, "I didn't expect you to dare to raise even the giant wolf god." Ayan sighed.

Although the giant wolf god is harmless to the Beastmen, he is not close to the Beastmen either. this is the first time he has seen someone raise the giant wolf god beside him. will he see Chen Qi raise the dragon and stegosaurus etc. next time? Ayan couldn't help shuddering at the thought of the latter possibility. The little people in my heart rejected this sudden idea directly.

"The wolf is my family. I don't care who keeps it." Chen Qi answered naturally and Ajing nodded.

Find the wooden food box that has not been used several times, put two bowls of bean flowers in it, and then leave two bowls on the table. Chen Qi sent Ajing to shout Ka Luo and Ali to have a taste. Chen Qi, the remaining bean flower, scooped it all onto a bamboo sieve. Then he wrapped the bean flower in a square shape with cloth and put a clean board on it to hold it down. The dripping water then dripped through the bamboo sieve onto the pottery plate below.

After doing this, Chen Qi went out with a food box containing two bowls of bean flowers.

Although it is not close to noon yet, the sun is already very sharp, shining brightly on the bare road, making people's eyes ache. Chen Qi thought as he walked, should he plant some shade trees on both sides of the road? Otherwise, the big summer is also too uncomfortable.

The wooden ladder along the wall climbed to the top. Aze was responsible for the watchtower at the main entrance. Chen Qi saw a tall figure squatting quietly on the wall, saying it was guarding it. It looked more like a daze.

Chen Qi climbed up the wall, Aze's ear tip moved, looking back to see Chen Qi, hurriedly stood up and walked over, conveniently took off his straw hat and put it on each other's head, "why are you here? Is there anything at home?"

Chen Qi waved the food box in his hand and smiled, "I brought you delicious food."

Although it was very hot outside in the sun, the observation tower was not ventilated and the heat inside could not be dissipated. Chen Qi naturally did not want to go in.

The two chose the shady side of the watchtower and did not sit down. They just squatted down. After all, the ground was too hot. Even the stools were scorched and not comfortable.

Chen Qi opened the food box and appeared in front of the two with a little warm glistening bean curd inside. Chen Qi proudly picked up a bowl and stirred it with a spoon before handing it to Aze."I just made the bean curd, do you like it?"

Before Aze could eat a shadow, Chen Qi looked up and saw a pair of big black and white eyes. Ale stared at the earthenware bowl in Aze's hand and swallowed. "Chen Qi, did you make anything delicious?"

Chen Qi smiled and handed him another bowl in the food box. Ale took it gladly. He had already scooped a large spoon into his mouth before Chen Qi reminded him to stir and eat the sugar inside. Although the bean flower with little taste is tender and smooth, the taste is not good. After stirring it according to Chen Qi's advice, the next bite will make the bean flower sweet.

Ale's food property was already known by Chen Qi on his way to Luoshui Tribe. He knew that he would guard the city wall with Aze today, so he brought an extra bowl. Indeed, he did not have to call each other to come forward.

Ale ate very fast, three or two times to get rid of their own share, handed the pottery bowl back to Chen Qi and did not disturb their time alone.

Seeing Ale leave, Aze scooped up a spoonful of white tender bean flowers to Chen Qi's lips and Chen Qi opened his mouth to swallow them.

Watching Aze eat one mouthful, Chen Qi cocked his head and looked at him with a smile in his eyes, "Is it delicious?"


It's sweet.


After passing through the familiar hunting area, the Beastmen came to the foot of a mountain. A waterfall fell from the top of the mountain and formed a lake at the foot of the mountain. The wind passed through the waterfall, caught in a stream of water vapor, and blew on the Beastmen to instantly disperse the heat all over the body.

Azhang observed the situation around him and found that there were no signs of animal activity. He planned to lead the crowd to take a rest here.

In order not to attract dragon's attention, they can not make a fire after entering the forest. Azhang's backpack has enough dry food for them to eat for two days, plus wild fruits that can be picked on the road, so the beast people do not lack food. However, water is different, heavy and consumes more, and can only be replenished directly by rivers in the forest.

Before the Beastmen came near, Azhang suddenly pulled the tree ahead of him back. At the same time, a huge figure appeared in the lake, with something almost the size of it still in his mouth.

"Giant Wolf God?" Amin exclaimed aloud, hurriedly with other Beastmen pulled back a distance.

Azhang put Akihito behind him and his face was slightly surprised. He had seen this giant wolf god before, but for it, he would not have been able to come back alive in winter.

The tall adult giant wolf god lowered the ichthyosaur in his mouth and shook his body to shake off the water droplets on his hair. only then did he slowly bite through the ichthyosaur's fur and began to tear at the white meat inside.

If there weren't even a rabbit dragon around here, it wouldn't have run into the water to catch a fish dragon to eat. If black dragon had known that he would have to eat this prickly and disgusting thing back in the forest, he wouldn't have been laughed at for decades. At the thought of that stupid black dragon, the expression of the giant wolf god tearing at the fish and dragon became ferocious. It scared a group of Beastmen and they couldn't help stepping back a few steps. Only Azhang stood and watched the giant wolf god eat quietly.

Obviously, the giant wolf god didn't care about the Beastmen. the ichthyosaur only ate half of them, then it dumped its tail and stood up, leaving slowly. from beginning to end, it didn't really leave the Beastmen.

Ashu relieved, clearly Chen Qi also has a giant Wolf god, he thought all giant Wolf god is that kind of gentle character, but now this head has given him a very dangerous feeling, as if the next moment will jump up and bite off your throat.

"The wolf is still cute." Ashu sighs.

Looked at the giant Wolf god ate half of the ichthyosaur, Amin walked to the front of Azhang, "what now? Do you want to rest here?"

Azhang thought for a moment and shook his head. "Pack up the water and we'll leave." Their bamboo tube has been empty for a long time. If they miss this water source, they will not know when the next replenishment of water will take place after they leave.

Everyone answered and took out their bamboo tubes to fetch water at the waterfall.

Ashu couldn't help being curious and ran to the ichthyosaur where the giant wolf god was still. he had not eaten ichthyosaur. it was better to say that the beasts had not eaten ichthyosaur. in the view of the beasts, ichthyosaur and the fishes on the plains were also inedible.

However, Ashu, who has been fed with food made from various strange and strange things that Chen started, first thought when he saw the ichthyosaur was, can this thing be eaten? Is it delicious?

Ashu thought about turning the animal into a fingernail and cutting off the other half of the whole meat. He planned to take it back and let Chen Qi try how to do it. Just put the meat into the backpack, a gust of wind fell from the sky, the tree just wanted to duck and felt a pain in the shoulder, then his feet rose from the ground to the air.

Azhang, who has been paying close attention to the situation of all the people, was the first to find pterosaur approaching, but he could not make any noise to remind and saw the tree was caught by pterosaur's sharp iron claws.

Too late to think about it, Azhang's body caught the pterosaur's tail in a flash. Before he could do anything about it, the giant wings of the pterosaur swooped and brought up a whirlwind. Azhang was almost blown to let go and lost his chance. The pterosaur took advantage of the gap and flew into mid-air, seemingly oblivious to the fact that a Beastmen hung from its tail. As long as in the sky that is its territory, just Beastmen, pterosaurs are not afraid.

When the others came to their senses, they found that pterosaurs had already flown away with the two.

"What now?"Some females who entered the forest for the first time panicked when they saw this situation. If they were in the water, they could still try to rescue them. After all, after such a long period of time, one or two females always had good water quality.

But now Akihito and Azhang are caught in the sky by pterosaurs. Even if their speed is faster, they cannot catch up with the flying pterosaurs.

Amin's face darkened, and now he is the strongest in this group and the leader of the Luoshui tribe.

He didn't think too long, "go in the direction of pterosaurs."

Take the scattered backpacks of Ashu and quickly catch up with others.

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