After eating the delicious bean flowers, Chen Qi did not rush to leave, but squatted quietly beside the wall with Aze. Aze stood aside, shielding him from the scorching sun with his shadow.

"Why don't you go home first? It's too hot here." Looking at the sweat falling from Chen Qi's neck, Aze urged.

Chen Qi shook his head. "I'll stay a little longer."

Chen Qi only looked for a moment and then stood up and walked beside him. Then he held his chin as if he were thinking about something. Aze quietly accompany beside him, also don't make any noise to disturb.

"You said." Chen Qi pointed to the wall below, "shall we dig a moat?"

Aze looked at him with his head on his side. Aze heard Chen Qi mention the moat when the tribe started planning. He was originally planning to bring water from Chishui River. Later, an incident occurred in E Long. After the tribe was completed, a well was opened next to the school. The moat was never mentioned again.

"Didn't you say the water in Chishui River can't be used?"

The moat should not be small in scale, and the depth should not be too low if dragons are to be prevented, so the demand for water will be very large. The water from the two wells alone is simply not enough. It is not realistic to rely on human resources to draw water from the Chishui River if water is not drawn from the Chishui River.

Chen Qi shook his head. "No, we don't need water."

Chen Qi gave Aze a brief account of his thoughts.

The new moat can't actually be said to be a river, but rather a huge trap, because Chen Qi's idea is to use it as a defense for more than one line. Dragons entering the plain can't fly. Even though they are huge in size, they are not flexible in movement, and once trapped, it is difficult to climb up. Hyenas are much smaller than other dragons. As long as they are a trap that can prevent locusts from climbing up, the highly trapped Hyenas are more than excellent.

Second, Chen Qi also plans to build another ice wall outside the city wall as a double defense this winter, so that even if dragons attack, they can break through the first wall and the moat, even if they can climb out and the second wall is blocking, the Beastmen are not quietly waiting to be beaten. Such a long time is enough for them to get rid of the invaders. Anyway, they have already built the ice wall once and it is not difficult. There is probably nothing but snow in winter.

However, the melting of the ice wall in summer is also a problem. If such a large flow of water directly impacts the mud brick wall, it may destroy the wall in a few years. If there is a moat at this time, it can accommodate this flow of water.

Thirdly, there are many females in Luoshui tribe now. Aren't they supposed to learn technology? Digging a moat is also a technology. I used to think that people in my tribe had no extra energy to do such a big project because they had to hunt and work. So Chen Qi vetoed the moat, but it was another matter if there was a lot of labor in vain.

Chen Qi counted the advantages of having a moat. Even if there was no water moat, Aze could hear his eyes shining. According to Chen Qi's idea, this would indeed add another layer of security to the tribe.

He reached out his hand and pinned Chen Qi's hair behind his ear. "We'll talk to Uncle Azhang about this matter when he comes back."

"Mmm." Chen Qi nodded and smoked his own hair, which was a bit too long. Strangely enough, his hair style has not changed much since he came to this world. It took more than ten months to grow by about a finger. Although it still seems to be out of the way, Chen Qi thought about whether he should have his hair trimmed.

If you look at Aznar's almost constant hairstyle, can the beast's ability to automatically retrieve the fur also control the length of the hair?

After returning home and looking at Ajing's soft hair, which was much longer than in winter, Chen Qi could not help but ask for an answer.

Ajing smoked his long bangs and solved Chen Qi's doubts. "females can't control the growth rate of their hair until they reach adulthood, because they can't grow at that time. But I'm still growing up now, so the hair will grow up too, and when I withdraw it next summer, I can make it shorter."

"This function of yours is quite convenient." The trouble of haircut is completely avoided.

"Well, it's still inconvenient to grow up." Recently, bangs have grown so long as to block eyes that it is inconvenient to study every time. Chen Qi has now started to teach Ajing to learn elementary mathematics.

As soon as Chen Qi's eyes lit up, he blinked and looked at Ajing. "Ajing, do you want to have your hair cut?"

"Can you help me cut it?"

"of course." Chen Qi took out a sword with a big smile.

As a result, when Ajing appeared with an inch of his head, he really wanted to be able to refuse Chen Qi's request. Hiding in the room, holding the little wolf cub for comfort all night can't make up for his injured little heart.

Young Wolf licked Ajing's white and tender face sympathetically. Fortunately, he ran away tactfully when he saw Chen Qi looking at himself with a sword.


Azhang grabbed Pterosaur's tail and spent a lot of effort to get his suspended body onto Pterosaur's back. He quickly pulled out a rope from his backpack, and before he could carry the backpack well again, Pterosaur, which had been flying smoothly, suddenly turned over and wanted to drop Azhang to the ground.

At this height, the underground trees have already become a little bit smaller. Even the strongest female cannot survive if he falls down at this time. He will only be thrown into a pool of meat pie.

Azhang did not hesitate, quickly zoomed in on his fingernails, grabbed the backpack with one hand and inserted it directly into the thick skin of pterosaur. pterosaur did not have scales to protect itself. the claw went down and fell firmly into the skin. Azhang's hand was stained with blood, causing pterosaur to scream with pain.

Azhang dropped his hand in a measured way, and his strength was only controlled to the extent that he could not drop it and would not cause pterosaurs to drop the tree reflexively in pain.

After grasping, Azhang stopped controlling how pterosaurs flew. He cleanly carried the backpack back to his back, tied the rope to his waist with one hand, and threw the other rope to Ashu under his claw.

Ashu hands even if pain as if lost strength also dare not loosen pterosaur iron claw, see Azhang dropped the rope, stretched out his hand to reach enough, enough to catch a few times. The rope was quickly tied to his waist, and Ashu was relieved to know that if pterosaurs caught alive prey, they would find an empty place, and would bring the prey back to the nest only after they had fallen alive.

Since flying to the sky, Ashu has been worried about when pterosaurs will throw themselves down.

After temporarily solving the safety problem of Ashu, Azhang will have to consider how to get down from the sky. Pterosaurs are creatures that live in a family. As long as there is no difference, they will always live together as blood relatives.

Azhang did not dare to bet on whether this pterosaur lived alone. He had to get out of danger with Azhang before the pterosaur returned to his lair.

"You are grasping pterosaurs." Azhang shouted at the tree.

Ashu nervously grabbed pterosaur's iron claws harder, probably because it has been catching large prey, pterosaur's iron claws are very sharp, and very hard, with the Beastmen nails don't hurt it, of course, Ashu also dare not hurt it at this time, one thousand it loose claws, that his life is confessed here.

Ashu nodded to Azhang. His face was pale with pain, breathing was a little difficult in the high air, and the wind speed was high. It almost took Ashu's energy just to keep himself from falling down, and I don't know if Azhang could see himself nodding, but he didn't have the energy to answer each other aloud.

Azhang took out a piece of cloth he had just pulled out and slowly climbed up along pterosaur's back. Each step, pterosaur's back was pierced by sharp fingernails through several blood holes. No matter how strange it flew, it could not throw down the Beastmen on its back and could only bear it abruptly.

Climb to the neck of pterosaur, Azhang also didn't intend to hurt it, but holding the cloth, pocket head a covered pterosaur eyes, can't see things pterosaur face panic, frighten claws loosen, Azhang was Ashu suddenly fell body strength to stumble, but he soon stabilized the body shape.

Azhang's face was tight, staring at the ground all the time. The cloth covering pterosaur's eyes was pulled tightly to prevent it from seeing the slightest trace in front.

After being released, Ashu finally felt a little strength in his hand, but now his condition is not optimistic at all. Although one hand is still tightly holding pterosaur's iron claw, the other hand is dangling, and he can only stabilize his body shape by holding the rope tied to his waist.

Before Le Song breathed a sigh of relief, pterosaur is a flip, and then a dive, the speed almost make the tree grasp instability, originally wanted to take advantage of the pterosaur loosen yourself like Azhang climbed to the back of the pterosaur, now can only continue to like a fallen leaf involuntarily floating in mid-air.

As the ground gets closer, Ashu's heart is in his throat.

Azhang kept a close eye on the distance between himself and the ground. When he was about to hit, he removed the cloth covered with pterosaur's eyes and saw the ground close at hand. Pterosaur got a fright and hurriedly fluttered his wings to stay steady. How could Azhang give it a chance when he was going to jump into the air again?

Beast of ten nails directly into the pterosaur throat, pterosaur without resistance can only be unable to wave wings, then slam on the ground.

Azhang jumped ahead of time when the pterosaur was about to fall, hugged the tree in mid-air, and then grabbed the branches of a tall branch to unload the falling force and landed on the ground gently and skillfully.

"thank you." Ashu slightly sorry to lower the head.

The pterosaur was obviously staring at the ichthyosaur abandoned by the giant wolf god. if he hadn't gone to fight the ichthyosaur, he wouldn't have been captured by the pterosaur. as a result, Azhang was almost in danger.

"It is good that people are all right." Azhang didn't blame him, looked at his bleeding wound, Azhang took out a bamboo tube filled with water from his backpack, simply cleaned the wound for him, then found some herbs he knew around him, mashed them and applied them to the wound of the tree, then dug out a piece of cloth from the backpack, the cloth had long been made into the size of a bandage, which was specially woven by Ali to prevent any of them from being injured and could be used directly.

After wrapping up the wound, Ashu asked, "Can you still walk?"

Ashu nodded. Although the wound on his shoulder was still painful, his feet were fine, and walking was not a problem.

Azhang looked at the surrounding environment, and his face instantly sank again. Without feeling of being left behind, he took on a rare look of dignity. "We'd better get out of here as soon as possible."

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