A few insects chirping in the grass, colorful birds hopping between branches, if you can ignore their bared teeth and cracked teeth, this dense forest is not much different from the ordinary forest.

Several females who had gone deep into the forest for the first time were worried, but their movements did not stop at all. They stopped on the branch of a tall camphor tree. Amin turned to ask a female beside them, "Is there anything wrong with the direction?"

The female counseled his nose. His sense of smell was the best among the group. He took out a cloth sachet from his pocket and sniffed it. Then he sniffed it into the air and nodded. "Yes, the smell came from this direction."

This kind of cloth sachet has one for each female. It was accidentally made by Chen Qi when dealing with various dried flowers. Later, it was found that although the fragrance is not strong, it can still exist in the air for a long time. Chen Qi planned to make a sachet out of the beast's sensitive sense of smell, so as long as he got lost and punctured the sachet, the incense powder inside would become the best signpost, allowing his companions to find themselves. For this reason, Chen Qi and Aze also tested for a long time before finally determining the present fragrance.

Azhang punctured the sachet that he had been pinned to his waist at the moment he hugged pterosaur's tail. Amin followed the scent, but after all, the flying height of pterosaur was too high and the powder spread too fast by the wind. It was difficult to determine the exact position. All the people could only find the approximate direction.

The women who got the answer set off again, their bodies nimbly passing through the trees, leaving only a rustle and no shadow.


Azhang walked ahead to open the way for Azhang. There were not many tall trees in this area. The ground was covered with gray-black rubble. He could not hear the birds and insects and could not tell the direction in which the two were now. But Azhang could not help but endure a bad feeling in his heart. This was not a good sign and he could only plan to leave as soon as possible with a little uneasiness.

Ashu's hands did not have much strength because of the injury to his shoulder. The wound was accidentally scratched by a branch that brought about troubles. He gasped with pain. Azhang turned back anxiously. "Are you all right?"

Ashu shook his head pale. "It's okay, let's go."

Azhang nodded and told him: "Be careful, this place is too quiet. We'd better not make too much noise."


Because he could not tell the direction clearly, Azhang could only choose a direction according to the position of the sun. Out of the place where the trees were low followed by a dense forest, where the sun was covered by tall trees. Azhang could only walk a distance and then turn to the top of the tree to make sure that he had not gone wrong before continuing.

After half a day of walking like this, the two men heard a faint sound of water. Both of them had more joy in their hearts. There were few wild fruits to eat in this forest, and their water was only a little bit left. Fortunately, Azhang's backpack still contained a lot of food, which prevented them from starving, but water needed to be supplemented by some means.

Two people still dare not relax, when near the underwater sound, Azhang suddenly pulled the tree stopped, motioned for each other not to make any noise. Two people hiding behind a fig tree, Azhang pupil miniature, a full face of surprise to see what happened in the distance, can't believe what I saw.

A huge but thin white wolf is eating a Beastmen who has no breath.

Before Azhang recovered from the shock, the other giant wolf emerged from the grass slowly. The giant wolf, still eating, looked warily at the direction of the sound and found it was a familiar beast and relaxed.

"I didn't think you were still alive." The new giant wolf god looked down at each other's emaciated body and hissed.

Ashu was frightened by the sudden noise of the giant Wolf god, clearly is the beast why can speak?

Azhang quickly covered each other's mouth, shook his head gently and motioned each other not to make any noise. Before the tree answered, Azhang turned his eyes again to the direction of the giant wolf god.

The emaciated giant wolf god did not answer it, but slowly devoured all the Beastmen and licked the blood stains on the corners of his mouth before opening his mouth, "aren't you not dead?"

"I said, don't beat the attention of the beast people, it seems that you don't take my words to heart."

The thin giant wolf god ignored it and turned to leave. suddenly, the giant wolf god pounced on the other side and threw him to the ground. his sharp teeth almost pierced the other side's throat. his low voice threatened him. it seemed that he would tear his throat if he dared to deny it. "didn't you hear what I said?"

The thin giant wolf god was not afraid of it, and there was no stir in his calm eyes. "you are no longer our Ajing."

"But I want you to die before tomorrow."

It seemed like hearing some big joke. The thin giant wolf god suddenly burst out laughing. It took a long time before it stopped laughing. "Are you willing to give up?" He asked softly.

"They will not let you go when I die. No matter how strong you are, they will tie you back here. They will send the captured Beastmen to you to continue your life and make you inseparable from the Three Chen River." The thin giant wolf god said slowly, "isn't that why you ran away? Chen."

Chen withdrew his claws and the thin giant wolf god slowly got up. It looked at the little pool of dried blood on the ground with a little disgust, saw that the other party was going to leave, and finally asked the hidden question, "Did you reveal the news?"

"What news?" Thin giant Wolf god stopped.

"Don't riddle me." Chen grumpily waved his huge claws and scratched a scratch on the ground. The blood on the ground was covered by the turned-up mud.

The emaciated giant wolf god curled his head and thought for a moment, then he seemed to realize suddenly, "do you mean that those stupid dragons are circulating in the world, so long as you eat enough Beastmen, you can have the same wisdom as them?"

Azhang's body froze, and Azhang looked at each other. What was the situation? The giant wolf god who can spit at both ends is enough to shock them. what is the news?

Now is not the time for two people to explore carefully, two people breathe lightly, quietly listening to the two giant Wolf god chat.

"Is what I said? What if I didn't say so? What else can you do besides verbally threatening me?"

"Do you know what will happen if those stupid guys listen to this rumor?"

"Consequences?" The emaciated giant wolf god smiled, "at most, it is not just like us, it is genocide."

Chen's eyes darkened, and the thin giant wolf god seemed unwilling to say more to it. he shook off his tail and turned to leave. When it got into the grass, it suddenly stopped again, "go, don't come back." With that, before Chen could answer, he disappeared.

Looking at each other's direction of departure, Chen suddenly turned his eyes to the fig tree from which Azhang and Azhang were hiding. "This is not the place where you can come. You can go straight along this river and then go back. Don't enter the forest again."

Azhang was taken aback. Unexpectedly, Giant Wolf God discovered himself long ago. He came out from behind the fig tree, his face full of alert. "Why?"

"Don't know what you shouldn't know. You can't fight against the whole forest." Chen said, tall body directly across the river, ran to the distance.

"uncle Azhang, can the giant wolf god speak?" Ashu has not recovered from the shock.

Azhang sipped his lips and did not speak. He ate the Beastmen's giant wolf god and the talking giant wolf god. After eating the Beastmen, he would have rumors of being as wise as the Beastmen. This information exploded little by little in Azhang's mind, black and cold. Did the hyenas who knew how to dig caves and break in with other Beastmen in the last winter, or did the hyenas who knew how to wait quietly for their prey to enter the ambush, eat Beastmen?

Although it is difficult to get specific information from the simple dialogue between the two giant wolf gods, he is afraid that not only hyenas will become the threat of Beastmen, but also other dragons will become the threat of Beastmen.

Seeing Azhang's gloomy face, Azhang looked at him nervously and asked in a low voice, "uncle Azhang, what now?"

"Leave here first." Now is also not the time to consider these things, wait back to the tribe to discuss it with others, when necessary, the news even to inform all the Beastmen tribes. Azhang's eyes were filled with worries that the plains and forests would upset the balance.

"Do you walk along the river according to the God of the giant wolf?" Ashu asked in fear and trembling.

Azhang nodded, "We are not allowed to wander around here."

Ashu is a little worried, "is it credible? After all . . ." They just saw one of them eat a Beastmen.

"It's okay. It should be harmless." Paused, "It saved me once."

Said the lunch first step and went out.

Ashu stun, hurriedly follow the footsteps of Azhang.


Deep in the forest, a thin giant wolf god slowly walked into a small mountain depression, which was thickly dotted with strong hyenas. seeing the giant wolf god coming, hyenas took the initiative to get out of the way.

A head of adult male hyenas more than twice the size of other hyenas are throwing several Beastmen who have lost their breath for a long time. Sharp claws stab into the chest of the Beastmen, snatching out the red heart and gracefully swallowing it.

After it finished, it raised its head slightly, and several hyenas around it looked in awe of the ground. They dragged down several Beastmen corpses and were soon divided into clean portions.

The giant wolf god walked beside the male hyenas, chose a comfortable angle to slowly get down and gently closed his eyes.

"I heard Chen is back." Male hyenas have hoarse voice and speak slowly, just as an unaccustomed person is learning how to speak.

The giant wolf god did not even open his eyes. he replied lightly, "why do you ask me if you know?"

The male hyenas licked the blood on their paws, and there was a sharp flash in their eyes. "I don't know what your Ajing tastes like." He looked down at the giant wolf god and said slowly, word for word: "it must be delicious."

"Are you willing to eat it?" The giant wolf god opened his eyes slightly. "without it, the sanchen river would be destroyed."

The male hyenas made a terrible sound of lotus and did not speak again.

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