Because he made tofu in the morning, Chen Qi asked Ajing to call Ali and Ka Luo over for dinner. Ayan rubbed against Chen Qi's house to help with the cooking. he only felt how good Chen Qi's cooking skills were. it was clearly just a kind of bean. but after Chen Qi's hand, he not only drank soybean milk, but also ate bean flowers, and all kinds of things he did not understand, such as brewing tofu and mapo tofu, which dazzled him and made him more hopeful about Chen Qi.

"Ajing, what happened to your head?" As soon as Ka Luo entered the door, he saw Ajing hiding in front of the small table at the corner, sipping his lips and saying nothing. Young Wolf rubbed his feet comfortingly.

Ka Luo felt very strange. after putting Ayao on the ground for himself to play, he ran over and rubbed Ajing's head, which had been cut by Chen Qi, "a little stinging." Ka Luo touched his chin and commented.

Ajing angrily knocked off his hand and turned away from him.

Ka Luo giggled and got closer.

In the end, Chen Qi could not open his voice to clear his way. Chen Qi put some food into the food box and waved to Ajing. "Ajing, can you help me deliver food to Aze and Ake?"

Aze's guard work will continue until evening. Ake teaches the Luoshui tribe's Beastmen to learn arrows in the school. Compared with other Beastmen who concentrate on learning skills, Ayan feels like traveling here. He often comes to Chen Qi's house to eat and drink with nothing to do, and often walks around Chen Qi. If it weren't for his age, Aze would like to pack each other and throw them outside the wall.

Ajing glared at Ka Luo and ignored him. He ran to pick up the box and left.

The whole tofu banquet was very fresh to several Beastmen, but Chen Qi always felt that the delicious tofu was discounted without rice. Speaking of which, he hadn't eaten rice for more than ten months. He didn't feel like eating it every day before, and he still missed it after not eating it for such a long time.

Ali was unusually quiet today. after dinner, Chen Qi, taking advantage of the gap between ayan and Ka Luo in tidying up the dishes, gathered around Ali and asked with a little worry, "Ali, what's the matter with you today? Why do you look a little uneasy?"

Ali recovered and shook his head. "I'm fine."

Chen Qi poured him a cup of tea and asked tentatively, "Is it because Azhang and his family entered the forest?"

Ali paused and nodded hesitantly. "I don't know why, today my mind is always a little restless. This time they are going deep into the forest. I'm afraid they will have an accident."

Chen Qi patted him on the back of his hand in a soothing way and smiled: "It's okay, you don't think much. They will be back as soon as tomorrow night and the day after tomorrow at the latest. If I see you so worried, Azhang will not die of heartache."

Hearing Chen Qi's words, Ali felt a little hot in his face and forehead. he glared at each other and scolded, "what are you talking about?"

Seeing that Ali's gloomy face had subsided a lot, Chen Qi felt a little relieved. He changed the subject and asked, "I want to plant some fruit trees on both sides of the road. I wonder if Ali has any ideas?"

"Fruit trees? What are you doing planting on the roadside?" Ali wondered.

"The sun is too hot now, but the distance from here to the gate of the city is uncomfortable. If some fruit trees are planted, the weather like this can shade the sun and get fruits. Isn't this the best of both worlds?" Chen Qi pointed to the sun outside and said in a tangled way that he did not even have the interest to go out in this weather, which is really too uncomfortable.

There is a wild tall fig tree in his yard. Its spreading branches and leaves can just cover more than half of the house in its shadow. Even in summer, it won't feel too bad to stay indoors, while others are not so good. The hot sun directly baked the house hot, even if the doors and windows are fully open, the heat can't spread out. Chen Qi ran to Ka Luo's house at noon before and was directly fumigated by the heat wave. I don't know how the beast people put up with it.

Chen Qi sometimes wondered if there was also a reason why Ayan used to drill in his own home.

After listening to Chen Qi's explanation, Ali nodded, "You can plant it if you want." After thinking for a moment, "if you want to plant, plant Red fruits. although Red fruits's fruit is a little smaller, the trees themselves are tall enough to shade in summer."

Red fruits here is a kind of red fruit with a somewhat litchi-like appearance. Its growth characteristics are a bit special. When summer comes, it is full of green leaves. After a month, the leaves fall off, and then it is full of pink flowers. In January, the flowers will turn into brilliant red fruits. If the fruits are not picked as soon as possible, they will naturally fall off in a month and grow green leaves again. It can be said that Red fruits is a special time-measuring plant in the world.

Now is the time for Red fruits to mature. Among the wild fruits that Aze has picked over the past two days, there is this kind of fruit called Red fruits. Chen Qi also thinks Red fruits is very suitable after hearing Ali's proposal. It has both ornamental value and practical value. It is much better than other fruit trees.

"Then choose Red fruits."

Chen Qi was a man who could do it as soon as he thought of it. He immediately ran to the storage room and took out all the Red fruits, distributed them to several people to eat, then left the seeds behind, and went out with his bone hoe on his shoulder as soon as the sun went down.

Ali has a lot of things to do. Chen Qi also handed over the pieces of iron armor to him. but Chen Qi did not know how to make iron. he only knew a little about the so-called ironmaking seen in small blast furnaces and TV plays. he explained it to Ali and did not know whether the other party could understand it. finally, he had to get the shape out first. the iron would melt at a certain temperature anyway. then he would slowly study it and see if it could be reused. Chen Qi was not worried.

After Chen used clay to make several molds for Ali, he completely handed over the ironmaking work to the other party and left it alone. after all, the temperature in the newly built ironmaking room was not acceptable to the average person. even the female had to take off his clothes to dissipate heat. Chen Qi's male was not convenient at the scene. As a result, Ali left after a quick meal and naturally did not have time to accompany Chen Qi in planting trees. At this time, Ayan, a free labor force, could be of great help.

In Chen Qi's opinion, Ayan, who is over 110 years old, is almost the same age as his great grandfather, but his face is so young that he has no feeling of being an old man. Chen Qi is quite comfortable in sending him.

Of course, Chen Qi will not casually drop the tree species and even make a job. He found a rope to measure the distance. He must be horizontal, even and vertical, which is almost to the point of obsessive-compulsive disorder in aesthetics.

The roads were all built with mud bricks. Chen Qi chose to dig loose the soil along the road. Like other plants, he planted it and poured diluted fertilizer on it. Then he surrounded the seeds with sharpened bamboo.

Ayan didn't take part in the planting yesterday. It was the first time he came into contact with compost. He felt that the whole person could not breathe. How could such things be poured on the food he wanted to eat? Ayan couldn't understand at all. Ka Luo, who was still gloating, explained the reason to him again. Of course, this is what Chen Qi told him at the beginning, and he will just repeat it now.

Ayan frowned, still a pair of unacceptable appearance.

After planting both sides of the road, Chen Qi planted another circle around the wall. Aze, who came back from shift, and Ake, who came back from class, came to help when they saw the seeds. The seeds were actually quick, but Chen Qi had to measure the distance every time and put up a bamboo fence after planting, which slowed down the progress.

This time Red fruits's seed was not enough to plant the whole circle of the wall. seeing Chen Qi's dissatisfaction, Aze said, "why don't I go outside tomorrow and find some more Red fruits to come back."

Chen Qi clapped the mud on his hands. "That's fine. Plant the rest tomorrow."

After that, Chen Qi looked at Ayan, who had picked out compost for half a day and even smelled it, patted the other on the shoulder and told him, "Please remember to pick more fig fruits and wash up tonight."

". . . . . . Can I not attend tomorrow?

As a result, Ayan did not come back the next day. He was caught by Ali to help make iron. Chen Qi threw it down sadly.

Ajing has been a bit weak and weak since Chen Qi cut an inch of his hair. Chen Qi made him a cloth hat to shade the sun. now he doesn't want to take it off with him everyday. Chen Qi is also a little helpless. he can only keep praising how nice his new hairstyle is and how convenient and cool it is to wash his hair. but Ajing doesn't appreciate it at all. later, Chen Qi fried him with fries and snacks for a week before finally coaxing the kid.

Aze went out early in the morning to find Red fruits for Chen Qi. this time, Ake was also with him. because he did not enter the forest, in order to exercise Ajing's ability, the two brought Ajing and young wolf with them.

Ka Luo is going to the sewing room today to make clothes with other animals. Since Chen Qi designed various styles of clothes and dyed them in various colors, everyone in Qi Ze City now wears no heavy clothes.

Everyone has their own things to do, and it is rare that no one comes to Chen Qi. Chen Qi is not used to it.

After thinking, Chen Qi decided to rearrange the vegetable plot in his yard.

There are many cabbages planted in the vegetable plot, as well as a few lettuce and lettuce. Unfortunately, they have grown too long and have become old. Chen Qi picked the seeds and saved them. However, he is not willing to throw away all the good leaves in vain. Finally, he decided to pickle all the leaves of all the vegetables and dry them in the sun, so that he can eat some of them if he has nothing to eat in winter.

After all the crops were harvested, the land was turned over again and plant ash was sprinkled on the soil.

Water for watering the land needs to be picked from the water well in the next school, but Aze picks up the water every morning. In order to make it convenient for Chen Qi to water the plants in the yard, Aze also made two large wooden buckets to put on the edge of the vegetable plot. Chen Qi can directly use the water by scooping it out of the inside with a small wooden bucket, which is very convenient.

After watering all the land, Chen Qi added sugar to the wine he had brewed and stirred it again. This time he was worried that the cocktail party would fail. He had to check it several times a day to make sure there was no strange smell before he felt relieved.

That night, when Aze returned, he brought Chen Qi something very surprising. Although it was not rice, it was very much like rice. In this place where there was no rice at all, barnyard grass could be used as staple food.

"Is this what you want?"

Chen Qi looked up and down at this familiar thing, a full face of surprise.

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