Chen Qi did not actually eat barnyard grass. In the original world, this kind of stuff was directly removed from the rice field once it was found. It was impossible for it to survive, because it would rob rice of its nutrients and was simply the most annoying weed to farmers.

But Chen Qi was very happy to see a barnyard grass in this place without rice. He grabbed Aze's arm excitedly and asked, "Where did you find this stuff? Anything else? How many?"

Looking at Chen Qi's eagerness, Aze soothingly squeezed the other's hand. "Don't worry, it won't run away. I'll show you tomorrow."

Chen Qi nodding, and took a few people said once found barnyard grass.

In order to find rice before, Chen Qi once drew the appearance of rice according to memory. All the Beastmen in Qi Ze City have seen the appearance of rice painted by Chen Qi. But until now, no one has seen the same plants as in the painting. Even on the way to Luoshui tribe, Chen Qi has not found any such things as rice, corn and wheat. Chen Qi once thought that there was no such thing in the world.

Aze stayed with Chen Qi for a long time. Naturally, he often heard Chen Qi say that he wanted to eat rice, but he had never seen what rice looked like. He heard Chen Qi say it was made of something called rice, so he would pay attention to it every time he went out. Unfortunately, he had never seen it before.

Today, he went to Red fruits and chose a place he had never been to before. It should be said that he had never been to another place since meeting Chen Qi. He knew there was a small piece of Red fruits Lin, but to his surprise, a small ditch beside Red fruits Lin was full of such barnyard grass.

In fact, Aze didn't think what he found was what Chen Qi wanted at the beginning. After all, although barnyard grass is a bit like rice, mature barnyard grass and rice are still quite different. In order for Chen Qi to confirm, Aze didn't pick too much, only picked a handful and went back. I didn't expect Chen Qi to see such things so excited.

However, the hunting party that did not return on time that night cast a worried shadow on Qi Ze City. Ali was already a little upset. He was even more worried at the moment. Later, in order not to entertain foolish ideas, he simply stayed in the ironmaking room and used his busy work to get rid of the bad imagination that kept popping up in his mind.

Aze went to find Ake early in the morning the next day. "Uncle Azhang, will anything happen before they come back?" After all, I only planned to go for two days before. This is the third day, but no one came back.

Ake was also a little worried. He shook his head. "Uncle Azhang has a very cautious character. He will definitely not put the hunting party in danger."

"They were afraid that they would encounter any trouble. Should we look for it?" Ka Luo is also worried.

"Wait and see, now it's only a little later than when they came back. We have a small number of people here. It's not wise to rush into the forest to find them." Then he patted Ka Luo on the shoulder, "Don't worry."

Aze thought for a moment, "If they haven't come back tomorrow, let's organize a few people into the forest."

Ake nodded.

Chen Qi just got up when he got home. Because Azhang told him before that he would go for two or three days, they didn't worry about not coming back last night, because he was a little excited by the discovery of barnyard grass. As a result, he fell asleep in the middle of the night. Originally, he wanted Aze to take him to pick it early in the morning, but he didn't get up until now.

After a simple breakfast, Chen Qi urged Aze to leave. Today it was Ake's turn to guard, so only the two of them went.

This time, Chen Qi has never been there before. Behind the original Yanshan tribe and after bypassing the small Yanshan, Chen Qi saw for the first time where the beasts piled up their keels.

Two or three football fields are as big as a huge pit. I don't know how deep it is. It is thickly dotted with bones. The bones are covered with reddish-brown soil. I can't see the original color for a long time.

Around the crater is very desolate, there are about ten meters of rubble, only this piece of grass does not grow, looks very abrupt.

Although Chen Qi was very interested in this huge pit, Aze obviously didn't want to stay in this place and ran to the place where barnyard grass was found after bypassing it far away.

This Red fruits is located about an hour away from the Yanshan tribe. Half of the branches of a dozen tall trees are empty, but the other half of the trees are full of clusters of red fruits. It looks really nice at first sight, while barnyard grass is located in a small ditch not far away.

Chen Qi twisted up a bunch of barnyard grass, and the fruit on it was not very much. A bunch of barnyard grass was about ten grains. I don't know if there were ten catties after the whole piece was harvested.

Let Aze cut and pile all the tares to one side, while Chen Qi Ze carefully cut them down with a sword knife and put them into the prepared cloth bag. This feeling of harvest made him very happy. Although he heard that tares were not delicious before, Chen Qi Ze could already think of what it would look like when cooking rice.

The cutting efficiency of such clusters was not high. The two people worked hard for half a day to finish the work. The roots of barnyard grass were thrown aside at will. These things were useless except for burning. They all used firewood to burn the fire. They didn't need to carry the roots back all the way.

After the barnyard grass was treated, the two men picked off the fruits of two trees full of vermilion trees. Only then did they return with a full load.


"Uncle Azhang, did the giant wolf god really point the wrong way?" The two have been walking for a day and a night. Don't say anything about the forest. They haven't even seen the scenery that they are familiar with.

Azhang, at this time he was not sure whether the giant wolf god would still save him this time, or whether he intended to guide him on a road to death.

Although it was only one day and one night, the wound on Ashu's shoulder had healed by half, the blood was no longer oozing out, and there were signs of scabbing. Azhang was replacing him with the last herbal medicine at the moment, and there should be no need to change medicine again after this time.

Azhang looked at the sun hanging in the sky and thought for a moment, "Let's give up this stream and follow the direction of the sun." Although they were brought by pterosaurs from the sky, but according to their speed, it is impossible to still can't walk out, he did not dare to bet on giant Wolf god is really helping them.

After confirming the next trip, the two men simply ate something, filled the bamboo tube with water, cleaned it up and left the riverside to walk deep into the forest.

The dense forest can't see any sunshine. The tall trees seem to be trying their best to grow up in order to capture the sunshine, covering the whole sky tightly. Walking on the ground is like walking in a huge green cage.

Fortunately, although the trees here are tall, each one is far apart, because there is no sunshine, the weeds on the ground are not high, so it does not affect the two people on their way.

Shortly after leaving the riverside, the two men heard a roar and the ground shook for a moment.

Ashu slightly nervous to see Azhang.

Azhang stirred up his nose and seemed to smell a familiar smell. He did not have time to explain it to Ashu and said in a low voice, "Let's go and have a look." Then he ran to the direction of the sound source.

Since entering this dense forest, animals that could not be seen outside the forest began to emerge one by one, but most of them were carnivorous dragons. They did not dare to confront them casually. They just came to find people. If they were late, in case Azhang and Aku were killed by pterosaurs or were taken back to their nests and eaten, Amin felt that he did not need to stay in Qi Ze City any longer.

However, after entering this dense forest, it seems that they did not go smoothly all the way. Although they were careful not to make any noise to let the dragons find out, this morning, they did not expect to encounter the most unlikely dragon, stegosaurus, in a place that was still on the periphery of the forest.

Back channels with a bad luck. Amin did not dare to fight with the stegosaurus. he could only run away with the other Beastmen while he was behind. but I don't know if they provoked the stegosaurus. the stegosaurus followed closely behind them. he found that the forest here was getting bigger and bigger and the distance between the trees was getting wider and wider. Amin's heart sank to the bottom of the valley. this was the site of the stegosaurus.

Such a place is not suitable for the beast people to rely on the cover of trees to escape. although stegosaurus is relatively clumsy and its running speed is not as fast as that of the Beastmen, it is very tall and its pace is very large. it is not difficult to catch up with the Beastmen.

Amin tried to block the opponent's speed with an attack, but his fingernails could not pierce the fur of the stegosaurus. The stegosaurus threw him out with a strong swing.

At ordinary times, a newly grown stegosaurus needs more than 20 strong females to cope with it, but now this is clearly a male stegosaurus that has grown up for many years. This type of stegosaurus only needs 40 or 50 females to bring it down.

The stegosaurus saw Amin being thrown to the ground with his front paws raised high, as if to make meat pie. Amin hurriedly rolled to the side, and stegosaurus looked at it with an empty air. he raised his pace and chased after it, leaving an inch-deep footprint in the original place.

Chongqing grabbed Amin, who was still on the ground, and flew out for a distance. Stegosaurus saw that he had failed again and seemed a little irritable. He rushed forward regardless and broke a camphor tree as thick as a few people's arms with brute force.

Azhang and Ashu saw this scene when they arrived.

Ashu saw familiar companions could not rejoice, then saw the stegosaurus followed.

"What should I do?" Why did stegosaurus appear here? And isn't stegosaurus vegetarian? Why run after the Beastmen?

Azhang took out his rope from his backpack and whispered to Ashu, "You take them to the river and don't cross the river when you reach the river. Do you know?"

Ashu hurriedly nodded.

Azhang looked at the surrounding environment and went around behind stegosaurus. Ashu quietly ran to the front of his companions and called them to run to the riverside.

Seeing that it was Ashu, they did not hesitate to turn around and followed Ashu to the river.

The Beastmen's sharp turn halted the stegosaurus's movement. at this moment, Azhang appeared behind the stegosaurus. the thick rope bypassed the stegosaurus's thick hind legs, tied a knot quickly, and then went around to the front of the thickest trunk next to the stegosaurus. he made half a circle, using the trunk as a fulcrum, and pulled hard.

This method was learned when Chen Qi was carrying much heavier things.

Just ready to lift the stegosaurus suddenly unstable center of gravity, was scared to stumble by this sudden change, Azhang how could it give time to react, the whole body muscle tight, exert the greatest strength, stegosaurus a hind leg was finally pulled up high, seven or eight meters high stegosaurus like a hill, body type a slanting can no longer control, fell to the ground.

Azhang's original intention was not to take the life of the stegosaurus. The fur of the stegosaurus was too thick. The Beastmen had to spend some time to hurt it with their fingernails. Pulling the stegosaurus down did not mean that the stegosaurus was solved. It was not a fragile creature like a giraffe that would die when it fell down. It was only a matter of time before it got up.

He looked at the rope that broke after pulling down stegosaurus. Azhang threw the rope and quickly left the area.

Tall stegosaurus eyes latosolic red, intensely staring at the direction of Azhang left, after a loud roar quickly got up, it is hard to imagine how such a huge body shape is fast.

Stegosaurus pushed down the huge wood that had been used by the Beastmen, and then hurried after the Beastmen in the direction of leaving.

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